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Chris Trevino

2 years ago

If you care about your pet you'll take them somewhere else, or do the work yourself as it amounts to the same thing.

Mohamed Elgazar

2 years ago

DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE. Absolutely horrible customer service. Two days before my appointment I get sent a confirmation and I confirm it for my appointment time but when I go to it, they tell me that it has been pushing back by 10 days even AFTER they sent and I confirmand the appointment time. And when I confronted them about it and asked them why, they told me that it must have been a glitch and don't offer any other explanations or solutions. Completely unacceptable and unprofessional do not go to this place.

Benjamin Dominguez

2 years ago

My sister just went there and ask for a care Package and they was extremely rude with her, tell us that they don’t do that anymore and send us to find another place! Totally disappointed ????

Erick Jurado

2 years ago

Very understaffed far as I'm concerned I wait on the Sunday waited too long they don't answer phone calls Staffing is important which goes down to management

Alexander Frias

2 years ago

I left my pet first thing in the morning (8:30am) for basic checkups and vaccines. Thinking it will be done by noon at the latest. Come 2pm and nothing. I called to find out the status. And was told that he hasn't been seen yet. Because of the overbooking and their only doctor in service tied up in surgery. So I furiously went to pick him up and supposedly they attended him in 10 minutes of me being there. So what they didn't do in 8 hours of my dog being there. They did it in 10 minutes. Not to mention the racial profiling by giving me an attitude over the phone by my accent. And a completely different attitude once they saw me in person and called me the "American" is here for pick up. Unbelievable!!!

allison p

2 years ago

The team at the Springfield Banfield Pet Hospital is great. They communicate, treat everyone with respect and take great care of our pup. We recently transferred to this location from the Woodbridge location after we had some issues over the summer & we are happy to make the drive down 95 for better care. Thank you!

American Motors

2 years ago

I take my pet at this location for treatment but they are very unprofessional, my pet comes home very thirsty all the time. I got a call today from there because they were inquiring about how my pet was doing the day after appointment but when I asked the lady (Vanessa) a question she replied back that she does not know anything to answer that question so my point is, what was the purpose of that call? I called the hospital and they put me on a long long hold

Collin Jenkins

2 years ago

My dad had horrible experiences taking his last dog here but for some reason took his next dog here as well. My dad can no longer afford to pay for their monthly subscription and now they won't approve his flea and tick preventative without another visit. They clearly put profits before the health of the pets.

Maria Susana Carrasco

2 years ago

They've taking care of my cat Pisco for about 10 years. Love this place, reason why I gave them an extra star. They are very nice with my cat, who's getting old and cranky. Thank you all!

Danielle Mcgee

2 years ago

Absolutely love Dr. Edwards. I've been going here for years. Totally trust her with my pups. The staff is kind and helpful sometimes a bit slow but it's understandable. But if you need great pet care this is the place to go.

Lindsey Hakanson

2 years ago

First off... I LOVE Banfield. JUST NOT THIS ONE. We stopped taking our dogs to this location after we moved here because the staff is rude, they are always over booked and I just don't feel like they give the best care for my pets or myself. Being put on hold, waiting in line when I'm there while other staff members are chatting to one another... Don't take your pets to this location, find another!!! We now use the Fairfax location and they are FANTASTIC!! Friendly, attentive, not over booked and everyone there is knowledgeable and helpful.

Amy Ennamorato

2 years ago

Very stressful picking up my dog. Needed to talk to the doctor who treated him but as I was trying to check out they brought the dog, handed me his stuff and walked away. The girl was on the phone trying to check me out and couldn't answer my questions because she was on the phone.

Sarah Thompson

2 years ago

Should have been closed down yrs ago! Has worst drs and service here

Kristina Scott

2 years ago

Do not get your animals spayed here! After surgery another $400 at we vet! Because they don’t know what the hell they are doing!

Maricel Abcede

3 years ago

Love this place for my pet dog.

Shannon Jones

3 years ago

Always friendly, clean, and fully stocked

Jaeda Mohr

3 years ago

My complaints are as follows: * Our appointment was at 2:30pm today, we got here at 2:15. It’s 5:00 pm and we’re still here. This appointment was made 6 weeks ago for a annual check up * The tech was more interested in signing us up for the monthly health plan than actually explaining what was included in the service. * These cats have been tested with negative results for Feline HIV, the tech said the Dr wanted to run these tests after we told them the tests have been run and the cats are negative and not needing these tests (with copies of the test results and records present) * We went into a room (the tech brought us in) because the lobby was so loud (and crowded) we couldn’t hear him then after being in the room for an hour + a different tech opened the door on us and asked if we had permission to be in the room- as if we just helped ourselves into some random office then proceeded to tell us we had to leave the room and could wait in the lobby with the other people or inside of Petsmart because of covid we needed to get 6 feet away from... this is the part I don’t understand? 6ft away from who? The other people outside of the office room we were sitting in? I’m here with my friend who’s blind and owns the cats. We were all safe inside the room and we’re pushed out to a crowded waiting room. My friend was told she would drop off the cats and be called when it was time to pick them up instead we were locked inside the room and then told to leave after an hour of being stuck.

Vi Win

3 years ago

First off, I wouldn’t even give this place 1 star - they do not deserve it. I don’t even know where to begin... DO NOT TAKE YOUR PETS HERE. My dog was scheduled to be neutered, was dropped off at 7:15am, and lo and behold was pre-medicated without even being operated on. They called us at 4:30 (they close at 6pm) because they didn’t have time for him?!?! If I could post more detailed photos of where they shaved him anyone would be mad looking at it - bleeding around his privates and clipped skin on his inner thigh. My dog was so sedated at home that he plopped down in the back patio and just fell asleep. Not even an honest apology from anyone in this place. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE HORRIBLE. This Springfield Banfield location is seriously one step closer to a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Ciara Petry

3 years ago

Do not bring your pet here for vet needs. Especially surgery!! Too many reports of poor sweet puppies dying from malpractice. (Latest event was from Nicole Edwards)

Tracy Sutton

3 years ago

A neighbor took her 10 month old dog there to be neutered and they badly botched it . Then tried to cover it up . They removed the dogs prostrate ? Caused the owner & dog a lot of pain & suffering . The dog after allot of pain & suffering had to be put down . Please do not EVER LET NICOLE EDWARDS operate on your animal . She lied to the owner . Never went out to meet the owner either before or after surgery and didn’t listen to repeated calls that there was a problem .

Aarofit Training

3 years ago

Dr Edwards and staff are awesome

Andres Fernandez

3 years ago

Very customer service and good care if my pet

Carrie Li

3 years ago

Yesterday, I dropped my dog off for her follow-up spay appointment check up. When I went to pick her up, her tail seemed limp and something looked injured. I called to tell them that it seemed like she injured her tail at her appointment. The vets and vet technicians wanted to assess her the next day but told me I was not allowed to enter the building due to covid. I was extremely upset they possibly injured my dog and mishandled her. She is a skittish dog so she fights by attempting to escape from strangers. I assume this is how the injury occurred on her tail. I am scared to bring her back for assessment, unless I can watch her and the vet/vet technicians do their work. Otherwise, I am scared to let them mishandle my dog again. Now she has a limp tail. The assistants rudely told me to take her to another vet clinic or pet medical emergency hospital if I wanted to try to see if they let owners walk in.

Erika Janifer

3 years ago

My new puppy had really bad diarrhea. Banfield had the first available appointment, so I decided to take him to there for treatment. The vet gave him a round of antibiotics, but my dog still has diarrhea. I looked on the internet, and the antibiotic is supposed to be administratered for 10 days. My dog was.oy given five days of antibiotics; so, we are right back where we started with a sick unhappy dog. Since I left the Banfield Springfield office on the 10th, I have called their office 5 times, and left messages with the front desk and on the answering machine and have not received a phone call back. I'm going to call tomorrow and make a formal complaint to corporate to give them a chance to rectify the situation. If they do, I'll adjust my rating. I hate to start over with another vet.

Ivan Marcelo Espinoza Fabric

3 years ago

Really bad experience, not just manager ZeZe was getting really impotent and telling me instead of going there next time to find a new location to take him to, but I also had to pay $41 for pretty much a bath they did to him. My dog was there for about 4-5 hours and his appoiment was at 12:30 . He wasnt even fully dried nor brushed so i dont really know what to say about the experience but that it was bad. And i find it really disrespectful the way she told me to find a new location and didnt even really explained why i had go pay $41.

Katherine Heislup

3 years ago

Very nice staff. Great with my dogs who can be unruly when visiting the vet.

Kesha Lowe

3 years ago

Warm, welcoming and friendly staff

Sarah Young

3 years ago

Took them 7 hours to do an exam and 1 shot, while my dog sat in a kennel all day. Then I had to wait 15 min for them to just bring my dog to the front. Poor service. Will not be coming back.

Rebecca Young

3 years ago

I like the overall company but some of their bets are very rude. Once you find a great vet stick to that facility.

Rusty Lingenfelter

3 years ago

With all the CV19 pets, it was the only place in the area to get my dog neutered this month. As with all our Banfield doctors, the care was good. The was the only Banfield that has required an intake visit before treating our pet. It was inconvenient, but it was the only game in town. The drop off and pick up is a cluster that took too long. Not my favorite BF, but I appreciate that they are seeing patients in a reasonable amount of time

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