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LaToya Gross

2 years ago

My dog Echo is 5 1/2 years old and has been going to this vet his whole life, but after avoiding it a few years I now know it's time to find a new doctor for my baby. I loved it when he 1st starting going, but the Vet he saw left after a year or 2 and it just hasn't seemed to have the same quality since. This a.m. I called because I have a death in family and have to go out of town and need to get Echo a bordatello shot so I can put him in a kennel. Melissa answered and I explained (in tears). She was very incompassionate. She abruptly said they didn't have time to give him a shot (even for an emergency) that takes less than 5 minutes and they can do from the car. If I can't call them when I need them during an emergency then they don't need my $.


2 years ago

My dog had to have bladder stone surgery in August with a 5 day ER stay afterwards. A few weeks after the surgery, she started showing symptoms that I saw before the surgery. After taking her to my vet, we found out that she had a resistant UTI and that the only medicine to treat it has a risk of leading to kidney failure/death. I wanted to pursue alternative treatment before taking this antibiotic. I Googled "acupuncture for dogs" and found Healing Paws Veterinary Wellness Center. It has literally been an answer to my prayers! Dr. Levitsky really took the time to listen to my dog's history and background information, she prescribed a course of treatment (ozone and Chinese herbal medicine), and my dog's last urinalysis showed no signs of infection at all! I still can't believe it. I am beyond grateful. Everyone I have dealt with at Healing Paws have been very kind and pleasant. The technicians who take my dog to her ozone treatments are so happy to see her, which makes me feel happy and comfortable. The front desk has always been very courteous and responsive. Dr. Levitsky is very easy to talk to and has a wealth of information. She has taken the time to listen to what I have to say and answers all of my questions. At my dog's exam today, she didn't even know she was being examined because instead of being put on an exam table, Dr. Levitsky got on the floor and examined her on a dog bed. There is not even an exam table in the room. My dog kept going back to Dr. Levitsky for more pets which also made me feel happy. I truly feel so blessed to have found Healing Paws Veterinary Wellness Center and Dr. Levitsky.

Leigh M

2 years ago

Healing Paws was responsible for the health and wellness of our 3 dogs for 4 years. All I can say is avoid this place unless you want to pay high vet bills for botched surgeries whereas in the same day you have to take the same pup to a veterinary emergency clinic to have them perform corrective surgery. Dr Levitsky, using Dr lightly, will offer every excuse to cover for her gross incompetence and lack of empathy. We also had another pup allegedly being treated for Lyme disease which never resolved under the so called care of Levitsky. We have been with EverHart for a couple of years now and very happy with the care they provide are furry family members!!

Matt S

2 years ago

I was notified via my lost dog's microchip service that it was seen at a vet at this location. For those of you wondering or unaware, a lost microchip means absolutely nothing for having an owner be able to follow through on the finding: front desk constantly hung up, Melissa put me on hold for 5+ minutes to take someone else's call because she wasn't willing to answer my questions and hoped I hung up. This clinic saw a dog that is lost and returned it to the person who waltzed them in the door, leaving me (as the actual owner) with no info other than yes we saw your dog on this date: no way for me to action finding the lost dog, no info for who brought them in when I'm over a thousand miles away, no patience or a will to want to understand. If this was a vet down the road from me, I'd drive miles and miles to entrust my animal elsewhere.

Andres Flores

2 years ago

As a former employee I highly recommend the holistic route offered by Healing Paws and the excellent service the doctors provide to your furry friend. I personally saw the care and respect given to each pet and their owners as well. I have been to a few other vets and cannot recommend them as much. The vaccination protocol and information provided for your puppy is top notch and you are paying for more than just a service. From chiro, to acupuncture, and several other treatments; many pets came in and left in better health conditions than before. There is a reason so many people want to come here as opposed to their regular vets or the local ER. Also a plus of healing paws: woman owned and supported, supports equality of employees regardless of race or gender, etc etc.

Michelle Cohn

3 years ago

They are taking great care of my furry family and have for years. Nice staff and a clean and welcoming environment. This is a great place for an elderly pet because they offer laser therapy, acupuncture, and chiropractic. Traditional vet care is available as well. They are great people.

Mary Frances Dael

3 years ago

You guys are the best! Love how professional and responsive you are every time I call. The Vets, techs and front desk staff are all fantastic! I always leave an appointment or end a phone call knowing you all have Mabel & Myrtles best interest at heart. Thank you for all you do!

Dana Clark

3 years ago

Dr. Levinsky and her staff provide exceptional veterinarian care in an atmosphere that is relaxing and conducive for treatment. Healing Paws is also one of the few practices that provides an integrative holistic option in support of the overall well-being of your pet. I highly recommend this practice if you are truly looking for a caring and supportive staff that cares about your pet and your needs.

Chelsea Nope

3 years ago

I've trusted healing paws with the health of my pup for 6 years now. The staff was always nice enough, but I got bounced around between vets, there wasn't much consistency Most recently I spent nearly 700 dollars getting a senior wellness exam for my dog. They said everything was normal and gave me $140 worth of supplements. I knew something wasn't right, i took him to two other vets for a second opinion and he's really sick. He has cavities that cause him pain, he has a tumor, and an adrenal issue. I feel betrayed and haven't been able to contact their office.

Ashley Congdon

3 years ago

I have taken my cat Diego here twice now and it has been a great experience both times. They are very helpful and patient with answering my questions and I leave feeling confident my cat has had great care. Dr. Levitsky’s recommendations have definitely helped improve my cats quality of life. Highly recommend!

Lynn M

4 years ago

I love this veterinary clinic. My 10 year old dog was seriously injured in a dog park by a happy bouncing large dog & I was as terrified that my dog would not walk again due to injuries in neck, back & rib cage, neurological issues. Chewbacca was immediately taken care of through multiple alternative medical care including laser treatment and chiropractor treatment and pain management. It’s been 7 weeks since the injury and my dog is back to his happy go lucky self Thank you Healing Paws Team! I can t thank you enough

Ronald Heacock

5 years ago

I have two dogs and I have been taking them to Healing Paws for almost three years. The vets and techs have always been responsive and top notch. The provide great routine care as well as surgical care. Would not go any where else.

Alex Tougas

5 years ago

Love the vets and service here! My only critique is that they are often running behind and the support staff are very busy so can be a little short with customers.

ronandkim callison

6 years ago

We have had nothing but wonderful care for our pup from Dr. L to all the staff from front desk to the techs. Excellent all around!

Kristy Ford

6 years ago

Unfortunately, this place has gone down hill pretty fast in the last year. I took my dog to get a bump on his leg checked. The vet wanted to do a biopsy. I asked how long will that take to get the results- roughly 5 days was the answer I got. So after waiting a week ( 7days) I call to inquire about the results and am told that there is only a "preliminary report": and a note would be placed for a tech to call about it. So after not hearing anything, a few more days pass- I tried calling back and it just rang - no answer. Then the following week (14 days later) I call again and am told there is a report in and the doctor will call to discuss the results( around 10:30 am). I wait the remainder of that day and all the following day with out any word. I then stop by the office - pretty pissed off at this point- I want the results and nothing to do with this clinic anymore, these instances make me think my dog is not being properly taken care of. I am made to wait for the doctor, who offers nothing but excuses about doctors being off and not seeing notes etc. She then proceeds to tell me that to get a more definitive diagnosis we will need to take a bigger piece. I stopped her right there, I can't trust you to get me biopsy results you seriously think I am going to let you do anything to my dog. Sadly this is not the only time that I have had trouble getting results from tests (ones that the vet recommend) 1) If you have a practice- shouldn't you handing pending things off to the covering vet during that time (especially if the "patient " calls multiple times" about it?) 2) this is a bx - a test that could tell me if my dog does or does not have cancer- again calling multiple times and being left to wait and worry. Due to my previous visit at this vet( when Dr. Klickman left) I was already wavering on finding a new vet but thought I will give them one more chance. Yeah this situation sealed the deal that I will never take my animals back to this clinic.

Holly Mann

6 years ago

Dr. Levitsky is the BEST veterinarian I've ever come across. Her knowledge of both traditional and holistic medicine is rare and extremely impressive. With the help of Dr. Levitsky, we have reduced the frequency, and intensity, of our dogs …

Carol Scott

6 years ago

If I could give zero stars, I would. The doctor gave my dog some “Chinese herbs” and something else that made her vomit. I let the doctor know and she refused to refund my money. In my opinion, they care about money instead of the well being of my dog. Also, unexplained charges appeared on my account as well. This place is a scam. The treatments for my dog were also a zero star. (Acupuncture and adjustments)BEWARE

Brigette C

8 years ago

I actually haven't been to Healing Paws Veterinary Wellness Center and this is mostly just a review for one of its staff, Dr Rachel Klickman. I interacted with Dr Klickman many times over a few years while she was at a different vet …

Wellness Ty

8 years ago

The only integrated holistic vet, with all services under one roof, in the Baltimore area. Reg vet medicine, natural supplements, chiropractic, dentistry, acupuncture, etc. Unmatched care & knowledge by the entire staff on all treatments. …

Kathleen Schuman

9 years ago

Jennifer and her staff are amazing. The space she created is so relaxing, I have an older lab who has trouble walking on hard surfaces, she created a path through out her entire office made of a surface that allows him to walk with ease. And that is not the only thing that she has done, pet beds instead of examining tables for large dogs, the list is long but i would be remiss if i did not miss the acupuncture and the meatballs (diogi loves the meatballs). We love Jennifer and Healing Paws

W Carter

10 years ago

We were impressed with the pet friendly atmosphere and the caring attention our kitty received from the staff and Dr. Levitsky. …

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