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Gail Tinker

2 years ago

I have been a customer for years. The staff has always been kind and professional.

Gloria B. Santos-Vallecillo

2 years ago

My cat was treated with loving care. Veterinarian is very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain plan of treatment and it's reasoning. I loved that they educate you on preventative care. Staff is wonderful as well.

La-Toya J

2 years ago

Awesome and great with animals. Congratulations on your new location!!!


2 years ago

Office is poorly run. Appointments have no meaning. New building is worse than old location.

Alison Kelly

2 years ago

Love Bayside Medical! Dr. Buchanan is the best. Such great care and service. Highly recommend, would give 10 stars if we could!


2 years ago

Very helpful and pleasant to deal with


2 years ago

Great place! Staff is awesome, as are vets! Would give 4.2 stars if I could, ... some issues with time management.

Amelia Cook

2 years ago

I liked taking my pets to this vet, however, I had problems with online ordering. I ordered meds to be shipped and they were held for pick up. Another time I entered the shipping address when I ordered them and they were mailed to a different address.

Cori Dykman

2 years ago

Excellent vets who really care. Great staff.

Charlotte Azhome

2 years ago

They are very knowledgeable about the bunnies and I love the staffs

Dominic Raico

2 years ago

I have been following Cesar Milan and reading his books and noticed that all the staff i encountered is unaware of dog psychology and how to approach a dog. As a result my dog did not behave well. The visit was stressful and confusing for my dog. I believe to fix this the staff should never excitingly approach a dog with baby talk and stay as calm and assertive as possible as well as be trained in one of Cesar's methods before they are aloud to handle dogs.

Dylan Jacobs

2 years ago

The doctors and service are outstanding. I was in and out super quick, and while in the office with my pet the doctor handled him very well and gave me good advice on next steps forward.

katie S

2 years ago

Not taking covid seriously & nickel and dime you at every chance. They won't tell you about it, but there's a $17 dispensing fee on every prescription they fill on top of their upcharge to the meds. Today was too far. Asked for a refill and got 1 weeks worth of meds - requested enough that I don't have to come in every week & they gave me an additional bottle & charged me twice for the "dispensing" - so $34 dispensing fee & $7 worth of pills. They should be ashamed.

Patty tvprobe

2 years ago

Dr. STEINBERG and his group are awesome! They are very compassionate to your animals, and understanding to you and what your situation is for you and your animals. Highly recommend!

Susan Nugent

2 years ago

I recently got an 8wk kitten here. These people are so helpful & friendly. Dr Larry ( Steinberg) is so down to Earth & thorough with animals. I live in Balt City but will only take my precious baby to see him in the future. They also have acupuncture as well. Happy Mom!

Emily DeLeo

2 years ago

Dr. DeLozier is a remarkable veterinarian who demonstrates tremendous care for her clients and their humans. Her examinations are attentive and precise; her plans are contemporary, logical, and cost effective; and her demeanor is calm and pragmatic. I’ve never had an evaluation there that felt rushed. There’s not another vet I’d choose with the care of my animals! 10/10 stars!!

Todd Smith

2 years ago

Our family has been using Bayside for over 20 years. Dr. Steinberg is awesome and dedicated to our furry friends with honest and straight forward advice. The entire staff follows the same way and it's about the animal and what's best for them. Awesome people!

Don Crocetti

2 years ago

Can't say enough about the doctors and veterinary assistants! Have been to several vets over the years{decades} and am more impressed with BAMC than any other. We also applaud the adjustments they made to accommodate clients and patients during the pandemic, which are nothing short of remarkable. Thank you, BAMC!

Shanon Nicholas

2 years ago

I finally found a vet that See's exotics and at reasonable prices. I am so glad I switched. Great staff and hours of operation.

Ken C

2 years ago

Overall a great place to take your pet for medical care. The doctors are caring and friendly. The prices generally are very good. Sometimes it is difficult to get a timely appointment. No, I can't wait 2 weeks for an appointment when my pet is in bad shape and needs medical care. They even recommended taking my pet, their regular patient, somewhere else, which I had to do once or twice.

David Hsu

3 years ago

I've been taking my pets here for years. The staff is always friendly and helpful in getting my pets taken care of. Don't hesitate if your pet is getting surgery here. I've had my golden retriever go through multiple procedures and he's always looked healthier and happier when I get him back.

Jennifer Salemi

3 years ago

Such a wonderful place with staff who truly care about your individual animal. Vets are amazing and so caring. ???? And I love that they don't price gouge and try to upsell you at every visit like other local vets.

music is my life

3 years ago

The doctor is nice and compassionate and the front desk workers are friendly. I trust my doctor because she doesnt just try to run a whole bunch of tests on my pets for the money but instead tries to do things one step at a time. UPDATE: I gave this place a 5 star, but I now I give it a 1 star. The front desk workers and management are absolutely horrible. I was told to drop off my gecko at 8:30 am - 10:30 am for surgery with Dr. Delozier (I know for a fact that I was told this) only to be told by front desk worker Jordan on the day of the surgery that the drop off time ends at 9:30 am and that nobody told me otherwise. She said that they called me to confirm the appointment time and left messages, I let her know that when she called me, she never specified that the drop off time ends at 10:30 am. I then talked to the manager, Dawn, In which she stated that she has been working here for 20 years so she knows that she's right that nobody told me that the drop off time ends at 10:30 am and hung up on me. I called back and she said that she will continue to hang up every time I call. I asked to speak with a higher up and she stated, "we don't have time for this and your behavior" and that there are multiple bosses so she can't give me their info. I was later connected to another worker named Jessie. I heard Jessie laugh when I told her that I feel that I was treated Inappropriately. Jessie said that she will leave a message for Dr. Delozier to call me back. I asked for Dr. Delozier's e-mail and she stated that she does not have an e-mail. I asked how long Dr. Delozier will be in office for so that I can stop by and speak with her, Jessie stated that she doesn't know because she will be working until she's done with surgery. I asked if she can look at the schedule to verify if she has surgeries in the afternoon, she repeated that there is no way to tell. Dr. Delozier never called me back. I got the higher up's email (his name is Jim Bray) because I came into work really upset so my coworker called them and asked for the higher up's email (which is funny because when I asked for the higher-up's contact info, I was never given it). I e-mailed Jim about my experience and I did not get any reply back. Below is a picture of the e-mail I sent to him. PS - I overheard dr. Delozier complaining to one of the front desk people ( short black girl with glasses) about the surgery that may have had to be done on my gecko after one of the appointments. They didn’t know I was still there because I went to the bathroom before checking out and I heard the whole thing while I was checking out at the front. I just brushed this incident off before the whole situation with the front desk workers and the manager occurred, but after all the bad experiences, it now really seems like this place is unprofessional. I understand that surgeries are complicated but complaining about it when the customer can hear it is very unprofessional.

Russ Clarke

3 years ago

Been coming to bayside for years and really love how much they care about animals and the people who own them. At one point I ran into rough financial times and they worked with me in an amazingly caring and fair way to resolve the issue.

Stephanie Hood

3 years ago

My cat was diagnosed with diabetes 2 or 3 months ago. We were told to only change his food to diabetic food, and nothing else. After he we diagnosed, we got in contact with the vet multiple time about his excessive peeing(enough to fill a cat pad that is supposed to last a week in 2 days), wieght loss, and him attacking his tail. They were dismissive and said he is fine. Looking back now, I wish I had done more research and just left. About 2 weeks ago, my cat starts to act weird, walking a little funny and he peed on the floor, which is unusual. We call the vet, and the front desk was rude and dismissive (this will be a common occurrence). We insisted on talking to the veterinarian and they were fairly dismissive as well. As the week turned into a weekend, we got no response because of there limited hours. Next week rolls around, and the vet tells us to take a glucose curve. Being that someone had to be home with the cat 6-8hrs to take his sugar hourly, this had to wait till the weekend for us to do at home. My cat's condition didn't get worse, but he was still just acting off, so I stupidly just followed the vet order. We did the curve on Saturday, and his sugars we high, but nothing out of range for a diabetic cat. By Monday, my cat's condition completely changed. Peeing in multiple places, not walking on his back feet right. We were urgently trying to get a hold of the vet. The front desk said that they would call back, but that never happened. Tuesday we called multiple times. In the morning someone at the front desk said the veterinarian would give us a call back soon. It was at 6 pm we finally got a call back and we were already at the emergency vet. The emergency vet was shocked that he was not already put on insulin. This has significantly reduced his chances of remission. He was diagnosed with ketoacidosis. Its now costing us $1200. I understand when he first started acting weird, we should of just found another vet who would of taken his condition more seriously from the start. I wish we would of. Part of this is on me for trying to work with a vet who was dismissive of the problem. The people working at the front desk were very unhelpful. No one could give us a call during a life threatening crisis. Them continuesly waiting to get in contact with us to get him in caused this emergency. We wont be taking our cat back there. Even before this incident, they weren't great, but this pushed it passed the edge.


3 years ago

They do a great job.

Jennifer Hollidge

3 years ago

My favorite! Staff is excellent and it's about quality of life and care, not pushing for $$. I couldn't imagine any other vets taking care of my furbabies.

Tamika Bybee

3 years ago

I appreciate the level of care and compassion that I'm given whenever I visit Bayside. I have a senior dog with some health issues but i am always reassured that my dog is in good hands whenever I speak to Dr. Buchanan. She takes the time to explain everything to me while still showing compassion and understanding. I'm glad I found this veterinary medical center to care for my little munchkin in his golden years.

Jen Genesi

3 years ago

Try to get you to spend $

Patrick Jenkins

3 years ago

Well one visit was all it took to realize that this is where I want to take my pets! The vet we were using for the last 10 plus years over charged numerous times. Our trust is lost with their doctors and staff. Our dog had a growth on his face...that seemed to appear over night. They got us in so he could be examined and gave us a nice discount on our bill. And we were schocked when the bill was given.As we expected to pay double the amount. Highly recommend

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