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Christina Ford

2 years ago

Everyone is always kind and helpful!


2 years ago

Limited selection and service. It was a good local pet store. Not anymore.

Sarah Kesselring

2 years ago

The store is lovely, truly it is super clean, well stocked, fantastic options for foods and treats. However, the two women in the store welcomed us as we walked in but never left the registers. They continued to discuss something and never once asked if they could help us find anything. The sign on the door says kids have to be 14 or older to be in the store without a parent. Felt a little like we were an annoyance being in the store and chatting about what we wanted with the kids talking and goofing around. Weird experience, unfortunate because the store has a fantastic selection. Don't think we will be going back--underwhelmed with the staff.

kemp gomoljak

2 years ago

A great pet store. If you have pets go. Be happy you are at a local pet shop. Where the staff cares. A real happy place.


2 years ago

Went to purchase 2 rabbit kits. Our stuff is already set up we have a huge enclosure and all the supplies purchased before we even got there because that’s what responsible people do. Told we could not buy because we didn’t want to spend 300 dollars on stuff we ALREADY had.

Leslie White

2 years ago

Great place to shop for any healthy pet needs. They always have furmented goats milk & the other stores that carry it always run out. We buy healthy very low fat treats there for our Golden Retriever who is diabeticw/pancreatitis & her lil buddy Moose.

Rob Morris

2 years ago

the store owners are incredibly rude, nasty, low-rated people that need to retire and crawl back under a rock.

Abigail La Bianca

3 years ago

Very unique and healthy food options that you won't find in your typical Petco or Petsmart, all very reasonably priced. Our cat LOVES the Earthbound brand.

Amy Lee

3 years ago

So sorry to have called and ask if you had the dog food in stock, how dare I?! I am thankful to be introduced to the product by a very nice and patient young lady at the store a few months back and today I greatly appreciate this older lady's rudeness over the phone to give me the motivation to shop somewhere else.

Anthony Sos

3 years ago

You can order just about any special pet food here. Very nice staff. Homemade pet treats.

Barbara Mayerman

3 years ago

Highly recommend!! Super clean and organized, great staff and high quality pet food and treats with personalized guidance and knowledge. Not super expensive for quality vs. quantity. 25-32% clean protein foods, supplements, no junk. Thank you!

Brandon Lee

3 years ago

Very nice store and friendly employees. I was here for bird supplies and they had what I needed.

Craig Madigan

3 years ago

Great environment, only place I can get raw dog food for my pup.

Zoe Zimmerman

3 years ago

I got my bunny from this store,a super clean and organized store the staff is so understanding and helpful 10/10 recommended:)


3 years ago

The best! Price and quality food!

Rachel Desrochers

3 years ago

Asked the cashier for help since their was no other staff to be seen. She went out to ask the manager about the bunny kits (we already have a suitable cage but it seems you can't buy a bunny without buying $170 worth of their supplies and a new cage) We asked to speak to somebody for more info and the manager wouldn't even come out to speak to us. Terrible customer service.

Mike Thomas

3 years ago

We just took our doodle puppy there for the first time. They did a great job and were very friendly.

Michelle Cazarez

3 years ago

After being educated by a veterinary cardiologist and a normal veterinarian for my dog's nutritional needs, my husband and I were excited to find a place such as All for the Pet who seemed to have a wealth of knowledge and is active in the community. We are new to this area and it was wonderful being greeted by a nice older woman asking of our needs and thought it was nice to be the only customers in the store in order to have an intimate one-on-one educational conversation. Once I mentioned we were not open to a grain free diet and why (my Great Dane just passed from heart failure after being on a grain free diet for years) she lost her composure. "That is such bull.." stopping herself from saying any other colorful words, and downright scolding us while raising her voice. My husband attempted to deescalate the situation by telling her to stop speaking so we could further explain, but she felt so passionately about the topic that she kept speaking over us. After stating we would be leaving, she continued yelling about this topic even as we were exiting the building. Usually I don't pay much attention to a few bad reviews online, but if this is the same woman other reviewers have experienced, I wish we would have listened. This isn't about grain vs grain free, this is about a customer having needs and the business completely losing their composure over the request. We love supporting local businesses and pet boutiques such as this, but we will not return. It's unfortunate because we were genuinely excited to find such an amazing looking business, but ended up in the arms of PetCo.

Michaela Saul

3 years ago

All of the staff was very friendly. I went to buy a bunny and when I apologized for changing my mind about which one I wanted the man said “What matters is your happy with the one you choose and that you give him a good home.” I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about the “kits” they want you to buy. If you have an existing cage you can show them a picture & give them measurements and if they believe it’s the right size, you won’t have to buy the kit. (They won’t allow play pens or dog kennels which I thought was odd since they are larger but then they explained that because the rabbits they have are so young if they get scared they can squirm in between the bars. I personally still think the cage is too tiny so I use the cage as a “home base” and have c&c (the wires are closer together than a dog kennel/pen so she can’t fit through) grids set up so she has a playpen too.) I did buy the kit but when I told the lady who helped me that I had previously bought hay, bedding, and food/water bowls she allowed me to substitute them out for toys, treats, etc. which I really appreciated. The main thing you’re paying for in the kit is the cage, everything else is at a reduced price so, while it may look like you’re spending a lot, it would be a lot more expensive to go to petsmart and buy each thing individually. They also litter train their bunnies beforehand and the cages they stay in are always clean, you can tell that they really care about their animals and want them to go to good homes. They were also great about answering any questions I had and were very upfront and kind. Some other pet stores are just worried about making a sale, these people really care about making it a good experience for everyone. I’ve gone to a few stores looking for a bunny and this one was by far the cleanest and kindest I could find within 30 minutes from my house. I would highly recommend this store to anyone looking for a bunny or guinea pig. Update: I’m taking it down to 4 stars because while the experience was great, the rabbit has been sick since I brought her home. She’s gotten medicine and everything she needs but I wish they would’ve gotten her a check up when they noticed how much she was sneezing, though I don’t think an individual employee could or should be blamed.

Kathy Thalls

3 years ago

Loved this place, Lop Eared bunnies were adorable!

David Kurtz

3 years ago

Awesome store pet friendly large variety of supplys

Clifton Bond

3 years ago

As far as I know this is a one-off local enterprise and as such, we like to support it. They typically have what we're looking for and the staff tends to be more knowledgeable than the big box competition. The pricing may be a tad higher, but I have not examined that very closely as I really am not much concerned about it.

Alex Britton

4 years ago

Those poor birds, especially the cockatoo. He's been stuck alone and bored for years. All of their birds have a calcium deficiency because they have never seen the light of day or have any uvb. Their reptiles, fish, and birds are all poorly cared for and most of the staff is uninformed. And the owner is the most rude lady I have ever met. They should stick to retail.

Ron Elfenbein

4 years ago

I have been to this place many times to wash my dogs. They have a very nice set-up for self wash. I have always found that the soap is watered down though but overall it is nice and clean. Today, I brought my 3 kids and 2 dogs. My wife was feeding our infant son in the car, otherwise she and he would also have been with us. We paid for the dogs and proceeded to the wash stations-we were the ONLY people in the store. We split up and my youngest and I took one dog and my older two kids-12 and 10 took the other and I bounced around between the two making sure things were ok (they are adjacent stations and you can see between the two). An older woman, I assume to be the manager, came over to reprimand us twice-both times rather rudely. The latter time informing me " this is not a family event and this will not happen again". I did not even know how to respond to this. I can tell you we washed our dogs and we left the place cleaner then we found it. My kids cleaned the floors, walls and doors. The first time she came over to us she reprimanded my 12 year old son who said to her "I am sorry ma'am, I will clean up any mess" (there was no mess and we were not doing anything wrong). I have been to this place at least 10 times in the past to wash my dogs. I WILL NEVER again frequent this establishment for any reason. We also have 3 cats and 2 hamsters and are constantly buying things for our pets. There was NO ONE in the store and we were simply washing our dogs. My youngest, 8 years old, found some of her own money in her pocket and wanted to buy the dogs a treat on the way out. I would not let her and this made her mad. I finally asked her, "Do you think they were nice to us in that store?" She said "not at all". Then she realized why I would not let her spend money there and she said, "I will buy them something from someplace nice"-that from an 8 year old. Unreal... TERRIBLE experience.

Linda Sparks

4 years ago

They do not carry as much stock as some other pet stores, But are clean, curteous, have good quality and unique products.

Madison Owen

4 years ago

Selection was decent. But when I was asking about guinea pigs they said they HAVE to go home with one of their kits (cage, accessories, etc.). I asked “what if someone already has Guinea pigs and has a way nicer cage?” And was told they still have to go home with a kit. This tells me it has nothing to do with the welfare of the pet and everything to do with profits. I have a $300 huge guinea pig custom cage setup but that’s not acceptable?? And their poor Guiana pigs and rabbits didn’t have any hideouts, guinea pigs HATE being forced to be out in the open, especially when eating.

Michael Barkdoll

4 years ago

Great place. We had our birds nails done. Was very fast and the guy was very good. Would recommend.

Michael Cox

4 years ago

The owner is condescending. Wont be back.

Steve Y

4 years ago

Another place on the unhealthy grain-free kick with high prices. Just go to PetSmart and save your money.

Tamara Harris

4 years ago

Very nice store, but no guinea pig snuggle sacks, fleece bedding, pig-safe toys, or reasonablely priced soft sided carriers. Required cage purchase with every guinea pig is discrimatory against current pig owners who have safe large bed and play areas set-up already.

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