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Doug Marcus

2 years ago

Wide variety of fish and reptiles

Marc H.

2 years ago

Friendly atmosphere and helpful with purchasing a new pet

James Haddix

2 years ago

The puppies in the back look like they'd be better treated in a shelter and is only shadowed by the fact that there are 7 kittens in a cage designed for a terry breed dog. Then you walk to the front of the store and they sell unpapered rabbits for $75. I feel bad for anyone who has paid that price tag for an "asst bunny" as they call it. Since they aren't smart enough: the white ones are new Zealand reds, the Grey flop eared is a Holland Lop, and really fuzzy one is an Angora, none of which should have that price tag. My final straw was the fact that the fish tanks look like septic water is filtered in.

Kaitlyn C

2 years ago

Although I disagree with some of their pet treatments, we went there for some lil soups for our cat that is dying from cancer. Mark was able to help us with some suggestions and choices. When we got home, our cat ate a lot more than he has in the past couple of days. Mark took the time to help us and we couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you mark!!!!

Shakyra LaShae

2 years ago

Extremely knowledgeable and awesome customer service!!!

Meranda Bradley

2 years ago

Great merchandise. Alot of variety.

Lamar Williams

2 years ago

I drive past the other pet stores to go here. To me their prices for crickets and feeder mice are unbeatable. However the pet prices are very high. Great service though

jack esenyan

2 years ago

Great selection and good service

Edward Harris

2 years ago

Good experience, no leather dog leashes is weird though to me.

Angel Hendrickson

2 years ago

The staff really takes their jobs seriously. They truly care about the wellbeing of every animal in their care. They are very knowledgeable about what they sell and will make sure you leave with exactly what you need.


2 years ago

They had an extremely malnourished Tokay gecko and a huge aquatic turtle with other aquatic turtles in a small tank. I wish the puppies were also kept in bigger less depressing cages. I've been coming here for years and I'm so disappointed with the care of these animals.

vivi shade

2 years ago

Place are nice the people are great,special mention Ms.lory she is super nice, if spell her name right????

Virginia Mailman

2 years ago

My bird always feels comfortable when he gets his nails and beaks trimmed at the store. They have a wonderful selection of birds for sale and bird items plus all the usual pet store things. Staff is very nice. They wouldn't set a pot belly

Tater Saladdd

2 years ago

Loved this place for feeders

Sue Gott

2 years ago

Clean store. Great customers service.

eliana bautista

2 years ago

this is one of the worst pet stores. Really all the animals are in poor condition in terms of space, food, treatment. Today I was there and it really broke my heart to see a macaw trying to fly and they had her tied up and maybe like this all day in the same position, her tail was injured, it had no feathers in one part. I'm not going to ask you not to buy your pets here, on the contrary, please buy and so you can save one of these poor little animals. I'm very sure that I was there (you don't try to lie) and the macaw was TIED

Real world Cichlids and more

2 years ago

Over priced and dirty place they need to stop over pricing mbuna half the time they die when u get home anyways.

Rebecca Kieffer

2 years ago

Nice store. Has alot of cool pets and a great selection of stuff to care for just about any pet. I have 2 reptiles that eat crickets and I will gladly make the drive to come here to get them to the price. It's cheaper than the big name stores. I wouldn't buy any of their reptiles tho. They are way overpriced. A regular bally for anything over 50 bucks is a rip off cuz of how common they are. And I'm not sure if it's a Delaware thing but needing a permit for basic reptiles isn't a thing whre I come from. I get y they would want that but it's not worth all that for those prices. The other thing I didn't like was how they just had tanks laying anywhre thre was room for them and no prices posted for any of them. Overall im pretty happy with the store and will go back for future pet needs.

Benny Anderson

2 years ago

They were super helpful. I have an older dog who started limping after going on a camping trip, they hooked her up with glucosamine treats that were super affordable and she was walking fine in 2 days. Products are great, people are great. If you're looking for a place to shop where everyone involved is an animal lover this is your place.

Bob Demayo

2 years ago

They didn't do a very good job cutting my dogs nails!

Darlena Battin

2 years ago

They did it great job trimming my kittens nails.

Jane Fioravanti

2 years ago

I love her. She's the best I named her Lucy ❤️????????

Judy Knorr

2 years ago

Very disappointed in Pet Kare. Their dogs for sale range between $2000.00 and $3000.00 and they don't offer a payment plan. Who in todays economy can afford that kind of money! I would not recommend Pet Kare if you are looking for a dog. Unless, of course, you're RICH!

MarJan h

2 years ago

DO NOT SHOP HERE. The way the animals look, they seem to be abused by the employees. The store is very dirty. They treat the animals, especially the birds, very badly. One of the employees handled a cockatoo bird very aggressively. She stepped on its tail in order to grab it from the floor.. Also, the macaw bird seemed very afraid of one of the employees. When the employee would walk near the bird, it would scream and walk away. The fish tanks looked very dirty and unkept. It smells rotten when you go near them. Although I am not a licensed professional or a vet, I do own a cat and an Indian ring neck. I am basing my information and knowledge from caring for them and observing their behaviors. In the past, I also took both of my pets to PetKare to have their claws trimmed short. However, I have done that twice now and in both occurrences, the job was done poorly as they would leave two of my cats claws untrimmed. Please report their store and employees for their poor care and service to these animals. These animals deserve to feel at peace and find a good home.

Shanai Wilson

2 years ago

I've brought from them on several occasions and I've never been disappointed. Great Place !!

Vaishu Patel

2 years ago

Vaishali patel I was about to take my puppy somewhere else because of evelin. She rudely told me to stay away from the staff because she wasn't vaccinated. But another good employee walked in to me and helped me nicely. Groom my puppy. Staff in the store was very helpful and knowledgeable and helped me nicely to pick perfect things for my puppy

Linda Boyer

2 years ago

Always can get Koi food there thanks.

Brianna Smith

2 years ago

Lots of options and nice staff

emma shay

2 years ago

So from the beginning.... me and my boyfriend saw one of their dogs online and thought we’ll check him out. We went to the store and fell I love with the dog. Me and the dog even had the same birthday lol. So we asked an employee about the dog and he lead us to his very rude manager. I get people have bad days but her attitude was horrible. If you hate your job QUIT. I was going to pay the outrageous $1600 but we couldn’t support a business where the MANGER is flat out rude. Thankfully I found an amazing/ loving doodle from a local breeder and paid nearly half the price.

Laura Hassan

2 years ago

I should have read the reviews first. I bought two Molly’s and an algae eater and quarantined them as I conditioned my tank. All of the fish died and now my fish that I’ve had for a while is sick with Ich. I don’t think it’s going to make it. When the fish started dying they replaced one of them but I don’t even want to go back to get anything from there anymore now that they are all dead. They comped my ich treatment but at this point I’m over it. I’ve had fish for years and never got ich. There’s cobwebs in the isles and nothing there looks like it can live for longer than a week. I bought my whole tank sent up from there when I moved here and I’m about to throw it away. Stay away if can, the reviews are true. They need to put the energy that they had in printing colored photos on the wall of shame into professionally maintaining the store. At this point I feel like I was robbed. Go to another store if you want to keep a healthy maintained aquarium.

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