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Midnight Raven

2 years ago

If you want to call a business that never answers their phone, then this is the place to call. You pull up outside of Petsmart and their hanging outside with the people from the grooming salon. This seems to be the norm for Banfiled, not the only locations that does this. Shame on you, you have people with sick pets trying to get an appointment and they can't get thru, because nobody answers. Maybe the corporate office should give it a try.


2 years ago

Prices are average if not high for services. The drop off service is convenient. Biggest complaint is trying to get a person on the phone to schedule appointment. I often get voicemail or message that office is closed.

Robert Gadsden

2 years ago

It was very good. My dog enjoyed it.

Greg Records

2 years ago

You can't reach the vet anymore despite any number you try to call. I've tried the number here and two others I got from their corporate line.

Armando F Soto

2 years ago

I know this place for almost 10 year because that where I take my pets

Akeem Bell

2 years ago

LOVE this place! Been there multiple times and the staff is very attentive and friendly! My dog just got neutered there and they did an excellent job! Also provided me more information that helped me save some money!


2 years ago

First of all, its incredily difficult to get in touch with them. We often have to wait 10-15 minutes to speak to someone, if they answer at all. Earlier this summer, they did not answer their phone for two straight days when my dog was ill and we were looking for advice. We wound up going to another local vet that consistently answers their phone in 2-3 rings. My dog wound up eventually needing surgery, so likely Banfiled wouldn't have helped in any case, but not being able to reach my vet in a time of need was frustrating and scary. Secondly, we have a wellness plan that is supposed to cover preventative medications, but we were charged almost $200 for medications at our last visit, for medication that should have been covered. I tried to get assistance via the store with minimal success, and then on the website where I was given conflicting information about whether or not the preventatives are covered (the same person saying yes they are, no they aren't, yes they are). I am assuming that corporate probably doesn't pay well or provide incentive to stay, because it's a constantly revolving team of staff, so you never deal with the same techs or doctors, and no one truly "knows" your pet. You get very little actual advice, and it doesn't feel like your concerns are being taken seriously. If your money is tight, they are good for puppy or kitten vaccinations and spay/nueters, but I would not recommend them for anything beyond that.


2 years ago

Very friendly and great with my boy

The Squad

2 years ago

Great service, and convenient location.

Gabriele Campolongo

2 years ago

Highly recommend their Vets & the Pet "Insurance" plan! The plan saves U lots of money.

Ashley Umberger

2 years ago

I am so disappointed in the service of Banfield in this area. We have taken our dogs to a banifield in multiple states for over 10 years and I have never been turned away like we have been at this location. Out if 5 different time over the last 4 months I've lived here we've tried to make appointments and we've been turned away 4 times and told go to the emergency vet. The tech I spoke to on the phone for the appointment has no sympathy towards pet owners trying to take care of their family and no professionalism when it comes to making any attempt to help. All of this makes having a banfield pet plan a complete waste of money and the final confirmation that we made the right choice in canceling both of my dogs plans next month. I have never had my pet so dismissed in a such uncaring way. I do not recommend this vet unless you want to have to go to the emergency vet every time you need them seen when it is not a "routine" appointment. I miss our other banfield offices we've loved in the past and am so disheartened that this is the reputation of the establishment in this area. This location and the Wilmington office (who injured my boy during care) are 100% the reason Banfield has now lost my monthly payments and anther loyal customer.

Kathleen Norman

2 years ago

Animal was taken in by a member of their staff from the parking lot and we were told to sit in our car while they diagnosed her problem. They finally called me 2 hours later. Told me they were still running tests and to remain in the car. After 5 his in the car we drove to Home Depot to use their bathroom! I did not care for their method of service. Got another call asking me how much I would spend on her care. I told them $3,500. They argued with me and said they needed more. After making me feel guilty l agreed to $5,000. Husband was not happy. They kept her for 3 days without letting us see her and charged us $4,985. They eliminated some testing to keep the price down! Never saw Veterinarian. Assistant gave us our paperwork. Dog is diabetic. I am thankful for their diagnosis but not the "parking lot" service.

George Sculli

2 years ago

They are very professional and they take very good care of buddy

Sonja Rogers

2 years ago

I've been taking my pup Queen for a year now Their services are wonderful they explain in detail what they going to do before it's done Just a wonderful bunch of employees

Lynette Agnew

2 years ago

Caller was very nasty on the phone I lost my job and trying to take of my 2 dogs I cannot pay the monthly payments anymore they do not care !!!!

Cindy Crispin

2 years ago

Hated it!! Outrageous and vets are concerning to say the least

Mark Conner

2 years ago

Don’t take your best friend to this place for more than routine care. It’s too big and corporate and you will be lucky if ever get the same Vet twice. First you will wait weeks or more to get an appointment. Then when it was something really important they misdiagnosed my dog for months saying the problem wasn’t cancer and could be diet or other issues,....this repeated mistake compounded with waits between appointments allowed the cancer to progress too long before my dog finally received the proper diagnosis at another Vet. My best friend died today....the cancer would have likely been treatable if they hadn’t wasted lost months of her time. Then to add insult to injury they tell you you still have to pay for your pet insurance after your pet is deceased. After this experience I’ve learned that it’s better to find a good private Vet and buy private portable insurance, My dog didn’t have to die today, she probably could have lived for a lot longer if I had made better choices for her care.

Anthony Wickwire

3 years ago

The folks that work at this location are awesome. I would highly suggest their services.

Kirk Plows

3 years ago

Great staff. Vet did a wonderful job with my dog today. Only problem was waiting 10 days to be seen.


3 years ago

I want to echo R ENGLISH's feedback that the quickness and responsiveness of the Christiana location is really below expectations. I had to wait a month for the "only available" time slot for a routine checkup...and it's a dropoff appointment on a Saturday morning. When calling, I've experienced 1) straight to VM saying business is closed, though I'm calling normal hours that the VM even confirms, 2) ringing and no answer, 3) cannot leave a VM because VM is full, 4) VMs I have left are not returned. Text message updates, like the one asking to confirm an appointment, cannot be replied to (text fails). Then, when I get to the appointment on Saturday morning, there's a crowd of other customers apparently also dropping off their pets. The whole staff in person and on the phone gives off an exasperated kind of air. Didn't always be like this. This kind of appointment with them could be scheduled that week, no communication issues, and on the day of I'm literally in and out, ten minute appointment or less. Today I dropped off the pet at 9:30 and it's 1:30 now, and I can't get an update because their VM is full and no one answers the phone! Before I was able to overlook the overpriced product, which is essentially a checkup and flea medication for close to $50/month, and the damn near inexcusable upcharge like: 1) flea treatment when they find fleas is extra, even though I've paid for the Revolution treatment that proved to not work that particular time, 2) upsell nail clipping at the desk without informing of the charge, then saying that costs extra ????. But now I'm not sure. If they're so busy they need to staff up.

Elsa Yeager

3 years ago

Don't take your pets to Banfield. 5 yrs ago they wanted to put my dog to sleep. Discouraged me from providing treatment. They said we would end up just putting him down. He lived 5 more years. At the age of 19 we said goodbye. We reluctantly sought Banfield out to say good bye but when I called to find out availability they coldly acted like I was making an appointment to get his nails trimmed.

Graison Salinas

3 years ago

Wait time is a little long for what I scheduled, so I imagine its because there are other pets they need to get through before they can do mine. Other than that and how there isn't a cat groomer last I checked, this place is pretty good. If I find a cat groomer there (they have dog groomers) one day, this will change to five star review.

Isabella W

3 years ago

Good, if simple, selection of wine, beer and liquor. Staff are very helpful and friendly.

Wanda Black

3 years ago

They take the best care of my babies. Xena n Bently

Kia C

3 years ago

Fair prices, not sure why I pay so much additional for visits when I pay insurance monthly but I guess that's the catch. Business is going down hill.

Cheryl Irish

3 years ago

I would give 5 stars if they had gotten my puppies weight correct on our initial visit! My puppy was weighed in his carrier per the instructions of the employee at the desk. We were told his weight would be taken again when seen by the vet. After getting home and reviewing his paperwork I saw that his weight had been recorded as 11.2 not the 6.5 that he was. I have since called the vet twice, once to check to see if the medication he was supposed to be given by me was safe due to the inaccuracy! I was told to hold off for 2 weeks. I called the second time to have this inaccuracy to be corrected! I was assured that this had been taken care of! I’ve looked at the app for Banfield and it still shows the incorrect weight! This is very important for accurate dosages of medication given, and to track my puppies weight gain for good health! I expect his medical records to be maintained as I would my own at my doctors! I will be watching closely in the hopes that all the information from here forward is correct! Concerned puppy mom! Cheryl McMillan PS: One other thing, I DO NOT like not being present when my puppy is in the examination area! I have NEVER had the occur before! Other vets are NOT doing this!

Dr. DeBo'rah Williams

3 years ago

My girls were treated uniquely

Destiney St. John

3 years ago

There would be 0 stars if possible. My dog went under anesthesia. Four days later he is still vomiting and having diarrhea all over the place. They have been anything but helpful and have been incredibly rude. And have made us feel like we and our dog, THEIR patient, are nothing more than an annoyance and an inconvenience. We have tried everything they have suggested with no improvements. Called when it didn’t get better as instructed with a response of absolutely no help. Not even an offer of seeing him. When i called to express my feelings on the situation (kindly i might add) I was cut off and told ma’am look i’m offering you right now for us to see him. Didn’t let me finish explaining why i am frustrated or hardly even what is going on with my pet. It’s not like I was talking her ear off or berating her. This phone call was all of 24 seconds. I will not give them my business again. Do not take your pets here. They do not care about you or your pets. Just taking people’s money.

Deneil Frazer

3 years ago

I would give them a 000000 if I could. Stay very far from this banfield, they butchered my baby nails, not one nail but five nails and didn't even say anything. Thank God I'm very observant and I saw the reaction on my dogs face.The person who did this is cruel n should be written up. The service was beyond disgraceful. I praying the he doesn't get an infection else they will be hear from me. Complete disgrace. RUN RUN RUN

Ashley A. Pennington

3 years ago

Love this vet! My dogs are healthy and happy. So to most that is what matters.

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