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Carissma Duck

2 years ago

Website is very confusing. I couldn’t find where to buy the dogs.

Inez Smith

2 years ago

The staff is kind, extremely knowledgeable and Patient. Get your small dog from them, they have plenty to choose from.

Tyler Morgan

2 years ago

Mango (Shiba Inu/Corgi) and Whoopie Pie (Mini Goldendoodle) both came from Patience. This is Whoopie’s second day with her new family and everything is great. Patience has an amazing selection of puppies and takes care of them extremely well. Highly recommend.

Melanie Rowe

2 years ago

This is the first Google review I've done in years. I feel very strongly about submitting my feedback. Almost 15 years ago, we purchased a Yorkie Poo. Wonderful, amazing pup. Great health until her senior years. She passed away in July. My first go-to was this business based on the amazing experience we had the first time. We now live 8 hours away, so there was a lot of texting with pictures and videos. We purchased a new pup in August. She came home with a clean bill of health, however, upon checkup from our local vet, she had some type of infection in her lungs and she had severe ear mites. She was 12 weeks old. I called Patience's Puppies to inform them so they could treat other puppies. I did not expect them to compensate, but it would have shown good faith to offer to pay for her antibiotic which was $40. There was no offer. Fast forward to recently, I contacted them again looking for a sister for our new pup. There are questions that have yet to be answered. How this person has handled the entire situation is horrendous. I hate giving bad reviews to any business, especially what's considered a local business, but this was uncalled for. We will never do business with Patience Puppies again. I have included screen shots of the entire conversation regarding this matter. I have blacked out other's names and social media profile pictures to protect other's.

Tanya Simpson

2 years ago

They were very friendly and had a lot of puppies to choice from.

Cara Hughey

2 years ago

We adopted Jax from Patience’s Puppies in 2006. He is a full bred Lhasa Apso with a big personality and a lot of spirit. Jax will turn 15 years old on November 17th. I would absolutely adopt another puppy from Patience after having Jax in our lives for so long. He’s amazing! I was actually on their website looking when I realized I could provide a terrific review. Jax is an amazing companion and I just love him so much. I look forward to contacting Patience soon to learn what pups are available.

Dirty Monkey

2 years ago

Purchased my mini schnauzer and very happy with purchase great people and family helpful with all of our questions would definitely go again all the dogs looked happy and healthy making it easy to purchase.

Pearlyb Gods Child

2 years ago

I purchase my four month old Shih Tzu/Poodle Saturday 7/21/21 Patient puppies lives up to there name. Ms. Patient was very nice, patient, very Knowledgeable about every puppy.she even pick in me about what type of dog breed was good for me, A person who was looking for a sit down dog that just want to be lovable held and cuddly. My LONDON (the puppy ) we are A PERFECT she introduced me to my little furry baby he is do loveable. Brenda the staff was very kind they wash and clean the puppy before you take it. This place is very clean and well put together. I took him to my Vet, Doctor said my baby boy was very healthy. I give Patients Puppies ????????????????????

Delaney Ebaugh

2 years ago

We got a amazing puppy who is crazy but we love her so much she was rlly the winning peace to our family and brought us together greatly

Alvaro Ramirez-Perez

2 years ago

This place was amazing they were nice and the dog were in a good environment they had water food and the dog that we got was a white goldendoodle he had a sister you guys should get her I fell in love with another one I wish I can take them all I give this a 5 star.

Jon Ryscuck

2 years ago

Highly recommend this place. I just got my 3rd puppy from them and couldn't be happier.

Victor Zubrzycki

2 years ago

Great facility. Many puppies looking to be taken home.all are so cute and loveable how can you not take on home.


2 years ago

Great care and very clean. Love our pup

Vikki Vale T.V.

2 years ago

I got my teacup yorkie from there 3 weeks ago and was pleased with the whole process, she is very nice and professional and has a great selection of puppies.

Glacier Facility Services

3 years ago

Amazing, very knowledgeable and experienced. I would recommend everyone looking for a puppy ???? to stop in or call.

Ammi Iturriago

3 years ago

These ladies are incredibly helpful. All their puppies look very healthy, good size and happy. Place looked clean, definitely recommend it if you’re looking for high quality breed. Rebecca speaks Spanish which is a plus for my mom! Thank you so much ladies!

Donna Ross

3 years ago

Adopted my schi-chon Justice last April. He’s been the joy of my life. Patience paired us up and he’s been the fierce protector of his pack. He loves to play and wakes me up with kisses. I may be looking for a little sister soon.

helen downes

3 years ago

Great place to buy your new fur baby????????????

Lisa Prince

3 years ago

I bought two puppies from Patience on January 25th, 2021. Scrappy, a Silky Terrier and Deuce, a Morki-Poo and I am so happy. Love these guys!!! The buying experience was flawless and when I called back with questions as a first time dog owner, Patience helped me out and answered all my questions. Would definitely recommend Patience's Puppies if your looking for a new addition to your family!

Tariq Lawler

3 years ago

Me and my wife was very pleased that we found patience puppies, from the moment that I walked in I was smiling from ear to ear looking at all the choices of pups to choose from. Patience gave me a lot of information and also said don't hesitate to call and ask any questions about my new pup. me and my wife will be getting a second pup after we get used to the first from Patience puppies.

Amanda Markland-Miller

3 years ago

It's been 3 weeks since I bought my Toy Poodle from Patience and we have fallen in love with our Jax like he's been with us for years already. I found her business listed as a recommend breeder in my area from the American Canine Association. At first I was a little skeptical because her website was a bit out of date and when I arrived to the location it was her personal home I didn't know what to expect but you could tell she was an animal lover just pulling into her driveway. She had a very large farm sized yard very beautiful with Geese chickens roosters and peacocks roaming around plus her own dogs. We went inside to take a look at the dogs and there was about 5 dogs per open top cage out of about 6 so excited and full of energy very friendly we could pick up any dog we wanted and hold and pet them. Since my husband is has allergies Patience recommend the Toy Poodle I wanted Maltipoo but she didn't have any so we chose little Jax. He was shy at first but now he's very happy and excited to be with us very full of life playing all the time and he is extremely smart I barely even had to train him to go outside because he already knew what to do after 3 days of being with us. This is my first time having my own puppy and I wanted to make sure I did everything right and educate myself as much as possible about my puppy and Patience had no problem sitting down with me and talking about being a puppy parent and she said I could call her anytime I had any questions. She prepaid and registered Jax with the American Canine Association while I was with her and microchipped Jax so all I had to do was go online and finish putting in my information and I was sent an official certificate of ownership. We also signed a contract stating that if I take Jax to the vet and the vet determined that Jax was not a well Dog I could return him to Patience. Took Jax to the Vet and everything was healthy and Normal. Patience also provided our Jax with his 1st round of shots while he was with her before we came to buy him she had a whole folder with his medical record of every date hes had a shot which was sent home with me to give to his next vet and provided me with 4 days worth of deworming medication. I would recommend her to anyone who wants a puppy. Thank you Patience for making us very happy Puppy Parents.

Mary Richardson

3 years ago

Ms Patience is very knowledgeable with her puppies. She explained everything and answered all our questions. I will purchase from her again. Enjoyed the process.

Sheila Jackson

3 years ago

This is my 3rd puppy from Patience Puppies. Rebecca is a lot of help as well. Clean atmosphere and will answer any questions you may have

Sheena Lyle

3 years ago

I highly recommend Patience’s Puppies...we picked up our white Cavachon after we had already been receiving pics since his birth...He is so adorable and Patience is very reputable and cares for her pups all the way til we picked him up...we got all the necessary records and support.and she told us to call if we need any help after we took our Jax home ...we are so grateful and love this place

Marisa lauria

3 years ago

This place is excellent ever understanding and willing to work with you thank you Patience for being so kind.

Aimee Shepherd

3 years ago

First I want to start off by saying I highly, highly recommend Patience's puppies!!! They went above and beyond, they were awesome!! It's been a little over a year since we brought our 2 shih tzu's home and they are the best dogs ever, can't say enough about them!!! Thanks Patience's!!!!


3 years ago

Enter at your own risk. It's an one way entrance to an unsigned establishment. Once you enter the long driveway, it's a residence with multiple animals. This is the only reason she gets an additional star, because she has a peacock on the premises. But it seems like the owner collects other while animals such as Turkey and roosters. When I finally saw the sign for the puppies, it was a small container shelter. This is when I decided to leave, the caretaker on the premises, started yelling at me. At that point I opened my window to explain that I was just leaving. I had visited the premises during operatin hours. I guess I'm glad I didn't buy a puppy that day.

Tyler Benderoth

3 years ago

Really good of place I got baby poodle mix

Yolanda Jefferies

3 years ago

Awesome staff that was very knowledgeable and friendly. The place was clean with a great selection to choose from. I would highly recommend them!!!!

Bindu Darji

3 years ago

We got our puppy from here about a year ago, and we’ve been so lucky to have had the lovely experience with these ladies at Patience’s Puppies!

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