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E Coates

2 years ago

This is my favorite vet. Dr. Brenner truly seems to like what he does and takes extra time after hours to explain everything to clients. I've always felt well informed and cared for. He has walked me through several difficult decisions involving long-term issues with both my dog and my cat, and I felt like I was able to make the right choices for them thanks to his advice.

Revus Deonauth

2 years ago

The receptionist with the white hair was rude and offered zero help. I would not be returning, nor recommending

Stephen Lawrence

2 years ago

It's always a pleasure, bringing my Dogs to Dr.Brenner I know they're always in good hands. I can see it on my dogs faces after every visit.

Lillie Asher

2 years ago

My husband and I recently visited Dr. Brenner and his team. We had a very sick fur baby who was our world. Our cat, Smokey. Dr. Brenner performed Exploratory Surgery on Smokey and found he had Kidney Cancer. Once the surgery was over Smokey was not able to get off the oxygen. We had to make a heart breaking decision and we miss him dearly. We also made the decision to have Smokey cremated. Dr. Brenner and his team took care of the whole process. During the whole heartbreaking process from multiple vet visits to trying to pin point what was wrong with Smokey - Dr. Brenner and his team were amazing and so compassionate with what we were going through. I highly recommend Dr. Brenner and his team.

Esperanza Portillo

2 years ago

It is sad to go in search of help for your pet and you can get the vaccination card against the coronavirus first when you are worried about the health of your puppy and at that moment the most important thing for you is the health of this ... and the saddest thing is that they tell you that there is no space to attend him because he does not have an appointment; When have you seen that to go to the sick hospital you must first make an appointment? .... What a bad service the staff of this hospital is providing, it hurts that the friendly staff that there were before are no longer there. What is the use of having a good doctor if those who receive you do not have the slightest affection for pets ... it is time to change doctors for my little ones, I will look for a place where they are interested in the health of my little ones.

Elliott Kashner

2 years ago

It's clear that Dr. Brenner loves what he does. He's so enthusiastic every time we come in. The whole staff is very friendly and helpful, and they always take the time to explain things. They aren't just here to address one off problems, they really want to equip you to give your pet a long and healthy life.

Chelle Watson

2 years ago

Dr. Brenner really cares about the animals. He takes his time with each patient explaining everything. Nice staff as well.

Scott Ferguson

2 years ago

Dr. Brenner and staff is the best except an elder receptionist, she's ALWAYS GROUCHY 4 some reason BUT EVERY OTHER staff member is really nice and sweet and Dr brenner

Thais Azevedo

3 years ago

I usually take my dogs to Rocky George which they’re great but someone recommended me to go to Brenner which I said why not and the reason was bc they’re a little cheaper, I pay everything out of pocket and things are tough right now. I made an appointment for my two dogs to get their vaccines up to date and one of my dogs have been twitching. I get to the place, they took one hour just to come get them. After their appointments, the vet called saying I should get their blood work done 3 weeks from that day. The day after the vaccines, the dog that was twitching didn’t eat, the following day her twitching got 10x worse. I called the vet to talk to the doctor that saw her and they said she only works there every other Saturday so I had to talk to another doctor which he just kept saying “idk what to tell you bc I wasn’t the doctor that saw her”. So you’re telling me I have to wait another week or so to talk about my dog just bc the doctor only works there every other Saturday? That’s absurd, I took her there for a reason and I had no answers, she should have told me to get my dog’s bloodwork done that day, if that’s what they needed to find out what’s causing it. So they doctor told me “I guess you have to go back to Rocky George”. So professional smh. It’s true what they say, you pay for what you get

Nicci J

3 years ago

1st time but DEFINITELY not the last.

Loren Johnson

3 years ago

I haven’t had a dog in years. I took my pup to Dr Brenner after not being able to get an appointment elsewhere and I am so glad we landed here. They are extremely nice, patient and welcoming and provided me with an insurmountable amount of information on how to care for my new puppy. Because of COVID, I wasn’t able to go inside with my puppy, but that didn’t interfere with the consultation. Dr Brenner was gracious enough to spend the time I need over the phone to explain everything he was doing and what I should consider as my puppy continues to grow. I am in love and so happy we found this place!

Kel H

3 years ago

Took my foster cat, Callie, here yesterday. Dr. Brenner is wonderful and friendly and so helpful, as are his staff. We had a great long conversation about the issue I brought her in for, as well as other future-care things he noticed while observing her. Only complaint is that they don't really provide print-outs of the visit, which is a bit of a challenge for me as someone with a cognitive disability that affects my memory and auditory processing. Dr. Brenner is also a very vocal advocate for the importance of keeping cats at a healthy weight, and we had a great chat about current science/studies around obesity in pets. As an animal advocate/rescuer, I have seen the impact in a cat I adopted who was obese for many years until I took him. Nothing was more painful than losing him to congestive heart failure and watching him drown slowly as his lungs filled with fluid as we raced to the ER. The work Dr. Brenner does will certainly spare many pets from this horrible death. Pro tip for first timers: the entrance does come up a bit quick if you're coming south down Route 1, so just stay to the right and look for the sign.

Marta I Lopez

3 years ago

They were very nice, had a great experience,

joe t

3 years ago

From first contact to last they were very friendly and helpful. I found a new vet.

Jessica Carroll

3 years ago

Dr Brenner and staff are always amazing! Been going here for over 20 years.


3 years ago

Called my cat "Big boi", 100% worth the trip

Elisha McNeil

3 years ago

My 14-year-old morkie has had cherry eye for some time -- it never seemed to bother her and previous vets have said it's fine to leave it alone -- but I noticed that there was something wrong. She was squinting and pawing at it, so I figured it was finally time to get cherry eye correction surgery. She also needed some serious dental work done after years of neglect. I didn't have a primary vet, so after some research I figured Dr. Brenner would be my best bet, and I haven't regretted my decision yet! Only 3 weeks after my initial appointment, my dog is doing better than ever. Dr. Brenner quickly realized her eye problem (turns out it wasn't the cherry eye that was bothering her -- she had an eye ulcer) and later performed what was my morkie's first dental cleaning (which also included some extractions). Now her eye is healed and her teeth/gums are the cleanest they've been in ages. Every step of the way, Dr. Brenner explained in detail any problems or procedures, and was extremely patient with answering questions and addressing my concerns (one of my biggest being the anesthesia, especially because my dog is a senior). I haven't met him in person yet due to COVID, but even via phone I feel reassured that he really cares about his work and patients. I would note that the office/administrative side could use a little improvement, but of course no business is perfect and that's not what's most important here. For the quality of the work done, affordability and overall services provided, Dr. Brenner will absolutely be my primary vet from now on and I've already recommended him to my colleagues.

Matthew Givens

3 years ago

Dr. Brenner and his staff are the best. We have been taking our dog and cat to him for over 6 years. We live in Arnold now but we still make the drive out to Laurel because there is no one else I would trust with our pets. Thanks Dr. Brenner and all of your staff!

Tali Redd

3 years ago

Dr. Brenner and his staff are amazing. They were so patient with me and all of my questions as a new puppy owner. He gave me great advice on feeding, potty training, crate training and everything. I felt so prepared when I left. Their COVID protocols are well planned. If you want a veterinarian that cares about you and your pet. I highly recommend Brenner Animal Hospital.

Tamara Belden

3 years ago

At last I have found a wonderful, caring, competent vet to care for my pups. Dr. Brenner is so amazing - he takes the time to explain things and to answer my questions. His staff is kind and caring. I just can't ask for any better.

Claude Griffiths

3 years ago

I'm so glad I found a vet practice able to accommodate new patients during coronavirus. I was only anxious as an 'extra' per owner handing over my elderly cat since he'd never been there before. All fears were erased. The techs told me about his calm, friendly demeanor. And Dr. Brenner calls after seeing the patient to talk in detail with you and it nearly feels as if you had been present for that whole appointment. Thank you!

Victoria Palmer

3 years ago

Dr Brenner is the kind of veterinarian one is lucky to find. Especially as more care about profit driven add on, than the health of our pets. The fact that whether or not a veterinarian is shilling add on treatments as need based medicine, as if it were an add on packages at Jiffy Lube speaks to how bad things can be. That’s how bad my experience prior to this was. Dr Brenner’s professionalism gave me comfort that there are still good doctors out there. I have been in the area from out of state for the past five months. I had the misfortune of dealing with another establishment, because my dog and I have been “sheltering in place”. He has had an allergy flare up, that manifests in an ear infection. This is something I am familiar with. After over a month after a very bad experience, and my poor not being better.. I looked online, and Dr Brenner looked like my best choice. Online reviews can be lacking at times, and I was still nervous. Especially right now, when we cannot be with our pets inside. I typed up a three page history/list of symptoms. Over the weekend, between the time I placed the appointment, and when I was supposed to be there, his health (due to coming off the medication prescribed from the previous place) had become odd. I noted his behavior, lack of appetite/water intake. It probably came off as a bit much. I also double checked the morning of the appointment to make sure that his vet from out of state, and the previous one sent his records. A friend warned me that I might be giving too much information, and some doctors would just think it was “too much to read, and ignore it”. His current curbside drop off form is the best that I have seen. So, between my new patient information, the forms they asked for, and the papers I had typed out, there were 7 pages. When I arrived, they took my paperwork. After a bit of a wait, they took my dog, I asked that they clip his nails also.. Because he was already having unpleasant things done. As soon as I spoke to Dr Brenner, I felt so much better. He did not dumb down the situation. He had read his history, and my “short novella”. He spoke with experience, and honesty about my dog’s problem. He did not rush through the information, and he did not promise miracles. A lot of professionals have not adjusted well to “not being in the room”. Dr Brenner was able to communicate a level of confidence, professionalism, and comfort over the telephone. He didn’t rush through things, and was well spoken. He noted that my dog had a small eye problem, since birth.. He let me know it was not problematic, but gave me a sketch of what to watch out for. The prescription combination we wound up using was an antibiotic pill, and an ear drop that was a compounded prescription. That is much easier than loading me up with multiple bottles of medications to administer, and to pay for. As gets harder, and harder nowadays to find professionals you can trust, especially when emotions/money are involved. He is knowledgeable, his information is current, and he is not profit driven. One should feel their animal is safe, and no one is leveraging how much you love your pet with your ability to afford care/take out a credit line. If your pet is sick, that should be your only worry. That is why we go to professionals. Dr Brenner is just that, a professional.

Bill Drexel

4 years ago

Dr. Brenner is awesome and doesn't try to sell you stuff you don't need. Just treats your pet with care and complete professionalism. I highly recommend this vet clinic.

Janet Hand

4 years ago

Best vet in this area.

Kim puckett

4 years ago

Doc Brenner is top notch! He really cares

Kym Possible

4 years ago

Awesome animal hospital one of the Best veterinarian doctor and awesome staff!

sharon campbell

4 years ago

I met Dr. Brenner 4 years ago when got a rescue yorkie my mother named D.O.G. In between that time D.O.G. went Rocky Gorge, where all my Mom's dog's went. Well, since my mothers death 2 years ago, I have bounced from Rocky Gorge to Banfield with little results regarding health concerns with D.O.G. something told me in my spirit, go back to Dr. Brenner and I'm so glad I did. None of the two places I mentioned can come remotely close to the examination D.O.G. recieved yesterday by Dr. Brenner. OMG folks, this doctor squeezed, pressed, gently pulled his legs, checked his teeth with one those blood aluminating flash lights, I was blown away with the affection, love and care my dog received from Dr. Brenner. I would give him 10 stars if it were available. Honestly, I don't want any vet caring for my dog from this day forward except Dr. Brenner, surely he has my vote, and the only vet that will ever touch my D.O.G. again. Thanks Dr. Brenner

Sonja Starr

4 years ago

The staff and the Veterinarians are great. I have moved about an hour away and I do not plan on taking my Bella anywhere else.

Stacey Murphy

4 years ago

Brenner's has been around for years and years. They are a great vet and have cared for 3 of our dogs with kindness

Aaron P

5 years ago

Brought my pet in for an emergency. Vet, tech and receptionist all did what they could for my pet. Very affordable

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