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irai Ayala

2 years ago

I really like the care my dogs get at Banfield Hospital, they are very professional and really do care for your pets.

Gloria Guevara

2 years ago

I want to acknowledge Ashley! Being that they were short staffed, she handled the high call volume, and numerous appointments very well. It was overwhelming for her I can see but she handled her self so well & still was a delight & had outstanding customer service & still helped out with a dog that was not able to be left alone for health reasons. She still greeted those coming in & leaving, still answered the phone & answered all & every question that was coming her way & did it with no attitude or complaining she did it all with delight! You go Ashley! Because of workers like you I’ll definitely continue to bring Brix to this location. You deserve a raise & recognition. Dr. Sharma was very nice, and even gave me tips on foods I can consider for my puppy! The nurse who took my puppy didn’t get her name but she was also very professional & made sure to hear my matters about my puppy! Overall I’m very satisfied with this location & we will be coming back, there was a wait but I was totally okay with & seeing how Ashley led the atmosphere was a delight to wait for my fur baby.


2 years ago

Banfield was a great place for my dog. The care was great.


2 years ago

Terrible. Not what it used to be. The new “manager” is rude, inconsiderate, and ignorant. Overbook appointments and cancels less lucrative appointments at the last minute. This is what happens when someone with a bachelors degree in business think they can do whatever they want.

Winifred Rivera

2 years ago

A great place for world champion athletes, and house pets alike.

Daniel Otchere

2 years ago

Too bad they don’t have 0 star because that’s what this location deserves. I called them every day for a whole week asking them to email my pets paperwork to me and another animal hospital.. and whenever I call they tell me they have a tones of work load so I should try the app.. I explained to them that my account has been blocked so I can’t get access to it…but they refused. Now Baby missed the appointment spot they had for him.

x animals

2 years ago

Terrible. I booked an appointment weeks ago and they call me last minute telling me there is another appointment scheduled that time and that I have to wait two months for the next appointment. They double book appointments and then simply cancel my appointment leaving my dog's vaccinations expiring? Don't even bother with this place. Absolutely terrible.

wadiyah cameron

2 years ago

I can not believe that I'm giving this Banfield a 1. They're short staff and they're turning away sick pets. I've been a part of this Banfield family for over 5 years and I've NEVER felt this disheartened to be turned away when BOTH of my dogs are sick. You can't make ANY appointments they're booked up until the end of the month. I have pet insurance with them that ends next month and I'm REALLY thinking about not renewing and going somewhere else. One pet has nasal congestion is wheezing having problems breathing and my other dog isn't eating he is lethargic. I explained all of this and was turned away. I was so devastating hoping that my pets don't die.

Aisha Holland

2 years ago

I absolutely love Banfield. I have trusted them with my dogs for years! The preventive plans keep my dogs healthy and help me to act fast if something comes up with my dogs during an examination.

Teri Weefur

2 years ago

Waited 3 weeks for an appt only for them to call two days before to say they were double booked. Not professional!

joshua johnson

2 years ago

Friendly staff very helpful! They treat the animals very well

Mamma Hendrix

2 years ago

Super friendly, caring and efficient!

Diurka Jaquez

3 years ago

Bad experience they dint want to see my cat because I had to make an appointment first(for the record you should take walk-in!!! I took my cat to rocky George and they helped me right away.

Norma Claros

3 years ago

Wonderfull staff is very nice doctor to gob bless you thanks so much

Andre Panton

3 years ago

The staff was very friendly and helpful

Clara Cole

3 years ago

They took special care of my 2 fur babies! Friendly and very professional!

Sean Gruber

3 years ago

EXCELLENT customer service and take very good care of our dog! Highly recommend!

marite durand

3 years ago

This team is the most knowledgeable , caring and efficient that it has taken care of our cats, over more than 30 years of pet ownership and 6 states we have the experience to compare our experiences in other Banfield Hospitals as well as other clinics throughout the years to validate our opinion. We have come to this Banfield Pet Hospital for more than 4 years because of the continuity of care, quality of services and we know the doctors will only suggest the needed test to provide an accurate assessment and diagnosis. We know by our experience with them, the level of care and expertise, throughout the years being able to trust the health of our furbabies to Dr Rybak has been a blessing and she has guided us to specialists when needed and to seek second opinions too, which eventually saved the leg of our 20 years old cat! No words can express our gratitude to Dr Winters which leads this team with efficiency and compassion, Dr Kinnard for her excellent patient care and patience! The team of CSC lead by Mandy, which are amazing at making appointments and relaying information to and from the medical team deserves our eternal gratitude The nurses, as the level of their technicians needs to be called, are compassionate, extremely efficient at understanding the clinic history of the pet from a phone call or in the parking lot as COVID requires it these days, they need to be commended as they perform their duties under the inclement Maryland weather ! If you are looking for the best team for your pet’s health needs of preventive care and diagnosis... give them a call and come to this location.

Amanda Higgins

3 years ago

Been going to Banfield for years. Great service and Wellness Plans.

Valerie Ratliff

3 years ago

Very caring and empathy, thank you


3 years ago

Excellent place for your pet, and grooming. Customer service is excellent and very friendly. Groomers are A-1!!

Todd Williams

3 years ago

Friendly staff! Nice Dr's! Very professional!

Todd Pincham

3 years ago

My appointment for 10:30 was not well received. I arrived early to complete forms and any pre appointment to dos. Unfortunately, after calling the location I didn't get an answer so I tried again and made sure to leave a message detailing when my appointment was, who I was and that I was sitting in my vehicle, with a description. It was not until after 11 am that someone answer my 4th call. They met me with the explanation that they hadn't received my voicemail message and suggested I should've came to the door to notify staff. Odd, I was specifically instructed to stay within my vehicle and make a call TWO days before the appointment and when I arrived I saw. Maybe I should try another location

TK Nelson

3 years ago

Banfield Laurel is consistently friendly, informative, thorough and gentle with my dog child.

Tiffiney Blakeslee

3 years ago

Found out AFTER driving there that they are only allowing 1 person in the clinic. This would be great information to tell your customers when you call or email them to remind them of the appointment. Smh


3 years ago

Banfield Pet Hospital Maryland City has been my go to for my cat Boo for the past three years. I started her there at 8 weeks, on the kitten wellness plan and have been satisfied with the plan since. I get emails for all her shots that are due, dental cleanings, etc. The staff there is also quite nice and I love the vet techs there. I like (almost) all the doctors as well and I will say they are very accomodating if you request a specific doctor. I also love the online portal as it has been easy to access her records, view plans, and receive tips on pet care! (This is a review specifically for the Maryland City location as I have not have pleasant experiences at other Banfield Hospitals)

honeybee 831

3 years ago

I think they are really attentive! We have a new puppy and we are comfortable leaving him in their care; so far so good!

Eva BitterSuite

3 years ago

Mid Cities is always great. I'm not giving them a five only because COVID masks some of the inside look of things. I have more to write but I am too busy right now. I will just say, altho I miss Juliette from this location, they remain courteous and professional at this location. I do wish they would email the receipts no though????.

Frances Gardner

3 years ago

The staff is friendly and professional. Check in is easy. They are respectful of the fact that you have to wait in your car so the appointments are quick. Even with the quick service I know more about my animals than before. I'm confident my animals are in good hands.

Carole Geronimo

3 years ago

I've been going to a Banfield since my Cho was a pup in 2011. I have always hated their pushing of vaccines, treatments, etc., but have been able to dissuade them especially after a Heartworm vaccine precipitated a seizure (beware of their associated brand of products). Recently, my Cho went in for a dental cleaning and to have a mass removed from her eyelid. I called them over 6 times before the date to ask questions about the eyelid surgery, need for x-rays, and other issues. Absolutely NO RESPINSE, CALL BACK, ETC. I know it's a pandemic, but it appears that they have cut staff, there are piles of boxes in their wait rooms, etc. On the day of, I was there at 7:15 am still trying to reach them. Incredibly, when you are at the place, they answer the phone, the same phone # I'd been calling for a week. I asked the tech about the xrays, eye surgery, etc. She said they'd call me. She also had me sign paperwork, where I authorized up to 1K of services, tried to push vaccines, etc., and she took my poor little schoodle who was in good health. I then waited at home expecting a call, no calls. I called a number of times, leaving messages. No call back. Finally, rather frantic, I rushed over to find a huge phalanx of cars waiting for their pets. Since there was someone parked in the handicapped space (I'm disabled) without a disabled placard, I parked in a regular space. I called and again, the call went through. They claimed they called me (I was sitting at home, NO CALLS). They then brought Cho out, poor baby, she looked terrible. I was unable to open the door for them. The tech was very angry at me. She claimed they'd called, then made me get out of the car (I didn't have my walker). What is criminal is that Cho had eye surgery. There were pages about the dental cleaning (they told me 2 weeks before that since Cho had a cracked tooth and her age, 9 years, that she'd need extractions but that I had to approve full mouth xrays at $250). I asked the person how many teeth were extracted, NONE. How is it that a vet examined my pup, said her swollen glands were from the poor teeth, but she needed no extractions? Very suspicious. There was NOTHING in the bag, no aftercare treatment for her eye. No instructions, cream, just a few pain killers and eye drops. There are many black drops now on her eyelids. There is a red inflamed looking piece of raw skin. No instructions!! They usually call 1-2 days later to see how she's doing. NO CALLS, REPREHENSIBLE, MALPRACTICE. I was very angry because that tech claimed they called me many times that day. I received no calls, emails, etc. I've tried to call since, but rings & no response. They are the worst. I still have a plan with them, but they refuse to answer calls etc. Beware. Cho is my sole companion and a treasured family member. She is still in pain with a tight cone around her neck. Banfield is nonresponsive. If I could give no stars I would. There are good, even great vets out there. I chose convenience over quality of care. Please don't make the same mistake I did.

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