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Scott johnson

2 years ago

We called them because our dog was not well enough and they took us on as a new client when the vet offices would not. They are great and very friendly and accommodating when you need to bring your pet in.

Cindy Coulter

2 years ago

We had an emergency with our dog and called ahead to see if we could bring her in and was told we could, but when we arrived the female vet came out and asked what breed she was and when we answered a boxer mix - she suddenly refused to have time to see her. We explained her emergency life threatening symptoms and that she was in trouble. This vet didn’t care and refused to help her. What kind of vet does this? This vet had zero concern, heart or professionalism to call herself a veterinarian that cares about animals. Unfortunately, we had to rushed her to emergency hospital 45 mins away where she went into full cardiac arrest and was told if she had received the care just a bit earlier- she could of been saved. This vet had a chance to save her and chose not to help. Bad attitude, professionalisms and no concern. Avoid this place like the plaque- they are rude too and do not deserve your business. I will never recommend them. Additionally, they do not like pitts and believe they should not be in homes with families as per the vet. So, don’t go there for help if want your pet to have the best care.

Sheila Arden

2 years ago

If I could give a 0 I would. The level of unprofessionalism and rudeness is unbelievable. If they treat the pets like they do their humans I don't want to imagine what happens when you leave them there. Don't waste your time or money, just find another veterinarian and staff that has compassion and care about pets and their humans physical and emotional well-being. Ps be prepared to have a ban from premises and police called on you too. Just for asking questions that you didn't know the answer to and trying to explain yourself.

Charlotte Schlickbernd

2 years ago

Keeping up with Covid 19 very well. You remain in your vehicle while your pet visits the vet. The doctor calls you on the phone to discuss his diagnosis. Wonderful service,

Terri Williams

2 years ago

Very nice doctors and very reasonably priced! Quick service and easy to get appointments.

philly eli

2 years ago

Could not get an appointment anywhere for our new puppy. Dr. Smith was able to squeeze him in and now my puppy is fully up to date with his shots and he waa treated with the best of care. The staff was very nice and caring for our puppy. Now our puppy is regular there. ????

Bobby Burch

2 years ago

Receptionist wouldn't give me the time of day to explain what I was calling about. I told her I knew what my dogs problem was and was looking for some helpful guidance, and I quote her response, "We can't give advice if we haven't seen the dog ... If you know what the problem is, why don't you take care of it yourself?" I replied, would you please let me explain?" (Cut off) she replied, "Are you making an appointment?" ...I just said, "OH okay, sorry..." Then she laughed and hung up. 1. I am new to the area 2. My dog has severe Kidneys disease 3. I have already spent roughly $6000 in vet bills back in April 2021. 4. Was just wondering if they could have gave me some home remedy advice for my Lab, since he is having a difficult time controlling his ability to urinate, and after explaining the situation figure out if it would be best to put him down, because he is just getting worse and if I was to go that route, what would be the options moving forward. 5. This is an extremely tough decision, just wanted to talk with a vet for 5 min to see what the best course of action would be to take. This lady wouldn't give me the time of day.

Erin Tucker

2 years ago

A bit pricey for an emergency visit, but over all the visit was much less than going to the emergency animal hospital and that was my other option. My cat had a uti and I could not get in anywhere else in a decent time frame. They got me in same day. We left with antibiotics and pain meds. She's a totally different cat now.

Cindy Neely

2 years ago

Made an appointment because my dog broke a claw super deep in the quik. Paid extra for an emergency visit. I dropped my dog at 9:00 a.m. At 12:30 p.m. the vet called and said they were just getting to my dog. Several more hours went by and I started calling but couldn't get anyone to answer the phone. So I headed to vet because I was going to get my dog regardless. Doctor said there was no broken claw so they just clipped her nails. The pics show the broken claw even after the nail clipping. Will never go back here.

Aloha Jenkins

2 years ago

My pets love it here wonderful staff.

M Pendarvis

2 years ago

I do not recommend this veterinarian service. Very unprofessional and extremely rude via phone and email. There are plenty of other veterinarian services in the area that treat respectfully their clients and pets!

Petrinia Young

2 years ago

My new puppy wasn't feeling well and they were able to squeeze us in

Pam Jones

2 years ago

Dr Laura and Dr Tom are wonderful.

Julie Taylor

2 years ago

Our dog Shyiann became sick and went down hill real fast. We had call so many places to take her to send her to Rainbow ???? bridge and no one would let us be with her during this time. She was 16 years old and there was no way we were going to let her go alone. So after feeling exhausted trying to find a place that would allow us to be with her we found All Cats and Dogs. They said they would do it in our vehicle so we could be with her which gave my heart so much joy. When the vet came out there was so much kindness she talk to us trying to calm us down before attending to Shyiann which helped with the process so much. When all was done she came out with our receipt and a heart shaped box that she did a paw print for us which was so touching. I had never been there before but I would surely recommend then for anything you need. So much kindness was shown for people she had never met before. Thank you so very much. Julie and Robbie Taylor.


2 years ago

I just called to ask for neutering services for a stray cat I had taken in. The women on the phone was the most rude and unprofessional I’ve ever met. She Proceeded to say that I needed to schedule an appointment for vaccinations and a well check up. I understand this and would absolutely proceed to make the appointment for this in order for my cat getting neutered. I’m not made of money and I didn’t wanna leave the cat on the streets so I need to make sure that I would have an estimate on how much money I needed to save up before I could bring the cat there. But instead of giving me any type of estimate over the phone which is fine if you can’t. She chose to say “ Well we’re not some random quick turnaround clinic if that’s what you’re looking for”. Well thank you so much whoever I spoke with on the phone for showing me that I will never ever recommend this clinic to a friend or even a stranger. Horrific customer service

This Old Man

3 years ago

Mrs. was unprofessional. Very easily goes on rants and tangents. Doesn't listen to client when describing the problem. Only reason I still come is that they always have availability. Conveniently, this is also one the priciest vets I've seen. I haven't had a problem with the care of my animal.

Tlt Tlt

3 years ago

The RECEPTIONIST is AWFUL!!! Very RUDE!!!! called to have my dog seen by his vet explaining what the issue was she cuts me off. Told me she couldn’t help me. Called back to make sure I was correct on shot records, and wanted to speak to the vet, before I could get the words out, she said she wasn’t talking to me and hung up. I called back several times, I really needed to speak with the vet. She would not answer my call and then blocked my #. It’s nice to know that this vet is concerned with the dogs health!!!!. Anyone that has such a RUDE person working for them, especially in a situation where it could be life or death for an animal, cannot care about that animal!!!! I have honestly NEVER dealt with someone so RUDE!!!!!

Amelia Santos

3 years ago

The receptionist lady was extremely rude. Called to ask about prices and she said to me "well let me just save you some time and tell you we are VERY EXPENSIVE so I'll just send you on your way then," and hung up on me. I was asking about a price, I didn't ask for her input on whether or not it was expensive. Very unprofessional and I do not feel safe bringing my dog here.

Shannon Tracy

3 years ago

Always lovely to deal with and very professional doctors and staff

Skyla Ryan

3 years ago

Very rude over the phone! Not very helpful at all.

Alfonso Matos

3 years ago

Great services and a friendly, professional and knowledgeable staff.

Amy B.

3 years ago

The doctors were professional and very caring.


3 years ago

Great experience there. Friendly staff. This is our second visit. Our cat needed an allergy shot.

Vivian Casanova

3 years ago

UPDATE!!!! A week after I drop them and write my review i receive this beauty. Don’t worry my dog is being seen elsewhere they love him and he was a happy dog after his appointment. He did not release any bodily fluids with PAWS because they treated him well and he wasn’t scared. He has also been treated next day as promised at paws something this veterinary failed to do. I also was entitled due to my calling for some word as to when the treatment would begin, costs, and to get questions answered on how treatment would work. All that information PAWS gave me the first day dobby was seen. So once again unless you want to be disrespected have your pet scared out of his/her mind because they treated him wrong or didn’t even treat him at all... DO NOT COME TO THIS VETERINARY CLINIC. Save your money and go to a place that cares about your pet and his/her well being.

Sherri Scott

3 years ago

(Just getting around to writing a review). My dogs was a client with this clinic. We had an appointment scheduled a few months back. Due to a work emergency, I had to reschedule the services the day of the actual appointment. I called several times that morning, no one answered the phone. I finally left a voicemail the 3rd time I called. I received a call back 1 1/2 hours later from Dr. Smith (Mrs.), asking if we were in the parking lot. I stated I called and then at the last resort left a voicemail. She proceeding to let me know that "I was completely inconsiderate of their time and that she should charge me a no show fee" Which I was completely okay with. But, I was not able to get ONE word out, once she started her rant. Then to top it off, she hung up on me. I called back because I really couldn't believe she hung up on had to be a mistake... no professional business would act like that. Well, when she answered I asked if we got disconnected? Dr. Smith said, NO. I hung up because we were done and she didn't have anything else to say to me because I canceled. (Now I sort of felt sorry for her because I know it has to be hard for a small business during this pandemic. But, that was NOT a way to handle it at all. Not only did she lose services that day. But, she lost a customer/client forever.

Shaun Wittly

3 years ago

This is an absolutely spectacular small business to support. They’re quick to help, kind and respectful, and overall a great team. The Doctors are quite personable and treat their clients like family. I truly appreciate everything they’re doing for my pup and 10/10 would recommend!

Sandra Burch

3 years ago

Both Dr. Smiths are very knowledgeable and respectful of our pets. Their kindness far outways their professional demeanor, which is quite the accomplishment because their professionalism is the best in the county. This practice will be our forever vet as long as they are here.


3 years ago

The receptionist is poor at best. I am active duty and am new to the area. In a crunch, I took my do to this place because she was vomiting and not eating. We showed up that only gave her IV fluids and nausea medication so they say. She continued to throw up when we got home for another 2 days. Because I am new to the area, I needed to get a prescription refill for her pain medications. I called on Thursday and was told that I would get a call back that same day. I explained that she was running low on medication and would need a refill fairly soon. 6 days of waiting, I called back and explained that I had been waiting on a call for 6 days and that my dog had no more medication. Instead of apologizing for the oversight and not following through with what was promised, the receptionist became rude, dismissive and disrespectful. This is unacceptable in any customer service industry. Save yourself the headache and disappointment. Skip this place. Now I see why they were the only place with openings as this service is certainly bottom of the barrel. Wish I'd have known then what I know now.

Mike Anthony

3 years ago

Superior customer service!!! They really care about you and your pet. I had to put my best friend to rest after 14 years of loyalty and unconditional love. My little guy will be forever missed. The process was made as comforting as possible by this extremely nice couple. I highly recommend utilizing their services for all your pets needs.

Sheri Gonzales

3 years ago

These folks are the best. Its been near impossible to get appointments for my regular Vet and groomers during the pandemic. I called and they scheduled us for the very next week, and the staff is wonderful. Now I'm a loyal customer and all 3 of my fur babies will be coming here from now on.

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