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Susie Mathews

2 years ago

Great people here doing great work. My dog looks so good now after they gave him a haircut. They really care about making the dogs feel comfortable.


2 years ago

Delmi was recommended by our vet. She's terrific! She's very thorough and respects your requests (our own conditioner and no perfume). Our dog is happy with her as well.

Ivonne Magdaleno

2 years ago

Was referred to this groomer. Owner Doreen was lovely, friendly and welcoming. Delmi took great care to listen to our requests and groom our dog. She did a beautiful job on a facial trim and sanitary cut. Will definitely return.

Maria Niembro

2 years ago

First time going. I was very pleased with the entire service. Very friendly and accommodating with my little babies.

Tessa Endter

2 years ago

I had my dog groomed here for the first time last week. I will say that his coat looked nice and was well-trimmed. However, when we got him home, we saw that his nails had been completely butchered. Over half of his nails were splintered, crushed, cracked, and cut to the quick. He is a very trusting dog who typically doesn't care how you pet him as long as you're petting him, but he was in so much pain that he barely let us examine his paws. I can't imagine what kind of person would hold a yelping dog down and massacre their nails like this.

Nitasha Kumar

3 years ago

I have gotten my shih tzu groomed here just twice and after both visits, he ended up with a bilateral ear infection requiring 14 days of antibiotics!! Do not recommend this place at all.

Brian Dotson

3 years ago

These folks transformed a shedding, smelly, mess of a dog into a clean, cute friend with a jaunty bandana in half a day. There were zero hassles.

Adriene Palucho

3 years ago

Love these people! They are great with all 4 of my dogs. I have referred many of my clients to Canine Design.

Debi Mengering

3 years ago

Lovely people. Feel good about taking my two toy poodles there. They'd a wonderful job.

Ngoc B Beauchamp

3 years ago

Autumn always looks great after her grooming! Highly recommend Delmi!


3 years ago

Just took our new rescue mutt in for his first (probably ever) bath. Can’t believe how much whiter his white fur looks, how much better he smells, or how comfortable he seemed at Canine Design. We will definitely be back with our mutt and hopefully with a few more trips, he won’t mind the blow drier any more.

Harley Mann

3 years ago

The owner is a wonderful person


3 years ago

This place is in between mechanic and body shops, I know :) but don't let it fool you. I have taken my pup there twice now and they did a great job.

Tee “Marquise” Jay

4 years ago

Excellent service. My pups were done in under two hours! That's never happened at any groomers. Plus the owner was super nice and was able to fit my two babies is really quickly. I loved their work and not as expensive as many others I've called in the area. I will definitely be using them again.

Robert Allison

4 years ago

My Cairn Terrier finally has been groomed correctly and looks like a Cairn!

Marcus Cross

4 years ago

Buddy always looks great after visiting Canine Designs

Briguy 28ca

4 years ago

My Golden need to be shaved and this was a last-minute request. I called Canine Designs and they made time to help us out. That should tell you the quality of service this company supplies. I would recommend this groomer to anyone in the area.

Brigitte Johnson

4 years ago

This groomer is very good. I took my six month old puppy for his first grooming visit. He's all puppy, so I was told they would try their best but since it was the first time for grooming they couldn't guarantee the finished product. I was shocked at how good he looked after grooming. He was too cute. With regular visits he'll get much better at staying still and they can really work on him. I'm bragging to everyone about Canine Design.

Abby Morganstein

4 years ago

Excellent service and beautiful work. My dog leaves there super adorable and honestly happy. I took him once many years ago to Petco and he looked horrible and was honestly depressed for a week.

Amy Iliescu

5 years ago

Maybe they're better with other dog breeds - but this was by far the worst cut i've seen on my doodle. Thinking I was being too judgmental; I showed the picture of her face to several other groomers, they were shocked that a professional groomer would let her walk out like that. The face was choppy, uneven, different lengths and different angles (the body and tail were not impressive either) . won't be coming back.

Eliot Gerson

6 years ago

Thrilled with my experience. I have an Australian shepherd, which is a breed with very specific needs (you can't cut their coat, or it won't grow back properly, so you're supposed to just trim behind the ears, around the back of the back legs, and the rear), and they did a terrific job. They knew exactly what needed to be done, but were also very patient and understanding of my concerns. My dog came back clean, happy, and looking exactly the way I wanted.

Margie Soapyhair Billian

6 years ago

Very pleased. This is the only place i take my dog.

Xen Nicolaidis

6 years ago

I was so happy to find this pet groomer. After 25 years of dog ownership, I have been to almost every groomer in Montgomery county. Canine Design was recommended by my vet. I have been here several times and have been beyond thrilled. My dog is actually excited to see the groomer with each visit. The service is quick, usually within hours. My dog is rever traumatized when coming here. I highly recommend this establishment to anyone who wants quality grooming, along with friendly service from the moment you walk in, until the second you leave. I rate this an A+++ experience. Thank you, Canine Designs!!!

Cris Medina

6 years ago

Is the best haircut my dog had in Maryland

Christa Wraga

6 years ago

Warning!!!! Do not take young puppies here... Its practically abuse. I had scheduled an appointment earlier last week over the phone. At the time I scheduled the appointment, I had a 6 to 7 min talk with the woman who answered the call. She seemed pleasant, caring, and concerned. She was aware that he was still young and teething and in training. I explained that I was struggling with cleaning his face and eyes due to how bitey he is right now. One issue that we did discuss was the ears. She asked if I wanted them tweezed advising that they typically do not tweeze dog's ears who are so young. I agreed that his ears should NOT be tweezed and gave her a firm NO. Considering she said it was their standard practice to not tweeze young dogs ears, I didn't think I needed to mention it again when I dropped him off. I took my 5 month old puppy to my appointment at Canine Design yesterday, Friday June second. I dropped him off at 9 in the morning and he was ready around 10:30. When I picked him up, I first wasn't thrilled with the haircut itself. I felt like it was a little bit longer than I wanted and they could have done a better job on his face. But he seemed kind of traumatized and I was happy to just take him home without complaining. As I was paying my bill, I was very uncomfortable when the woman at the front desk suggested they'd had to grab him hard by the Scruff of the neck to make him listen. It sounded more like abuse than training. But I didn't say anything because I was happy to leave and give him love. She also commented that I would expect him to be sore and lethargic for the rest of the day. A 5 month old puppy is not lethargic that easily!!! And why the heck would he be sore after a bath and a haircut? But again I dismissed her comments and took him home. He definitely wasn't himself but I figured he was just tired. I first noticed that his balls were very red and irritated (too young to fix him). Upon further exploration, I discovered that there was actually a cut on the balls and that he had been nicked shaving. While putting ointment on that, I discovered the tip of his penis was also bleeding. I put ointment there as well and called my veterinarian. He said to give him a Benadryl and it would soothe the itch of his balls and give him a peaceful night. At that time I gave the puppies body a total once over exploration. I discovered the back of his neck was so sore that I couldn't touch it and that the insides of his ears had been totally tweezed clean without hair inside of them. I was shocked. I also discovered that he did not want me touching his ears... This usually was his favorite place for a good scratch and head petting. I went to bed last night hoping everything would be resolved by morning and he slept peacefully with the Benadryl. However this morning I woke up to discover that he kept shaking his head. When I tried to touch him he screamed and winced in pain. The puppy was in agony. I took him to my veterinarian to discover that both of his ears had gone from clean too disgusting, gloppy, smelly meses overnight. Both had a raging infection within them. Not only did they tweeze the inside of his ears they did not use tweezers that were sterile. It's disgusting. He had to have an antibiotic shot and is on steroids for several days and I just racked up almost $200 in vet bills because of this visit. It might be more because I need to go back on Monday for a further check-up. Canine Design will be receiving a letter from my attorney in the mail and I hope their malpractice insurance will cover my Veterinary bills and the reimbursement of my appointments cost. This was abuse. They admitted to grabbing him by the Scruff of the neck. They sliced off the tip of his penis they scratched and cut up his balls and they left his poor ears so infected I'm worried he will never find joy again when I pet him there. I feel broken and have been crying all morning because of what they did to my poor little five month old baby boy. Dogs leave this place in pain. Do not go here if you love your pets.... Its abuse.

Sarah Schwab

12 years ago

Took my dog to them for the first time Saturday and had a great experience. Who needs Petsmart when you have a high quality, low cost professional groomer like them just around the corner? My bichon was very happy and looked adorable after his grooming. He smelled like coconut and they did a great job on his nails. I will definitely be going back again next time he's due for a trim! Recommend them 100%.

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