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Elizabeth Lookabaugh

2 years ago

Our sweet persian kitty was severely matted due to his cone when he got neutered, we took him to our normal groomer (but the soonest opening was 3 weeks),mind you I tried to gently brush them out but they were bad and then they told us no to talk to our vet, so another two weeks later they say sorry we can't try this place, they can't get us in till basically march, I called dozens of places and Banfield was the most willing and helpful out of everyone! They saw him and not even within a week got the matted fur off him. I highly recommend Banfield, the staff is super sweet and very friendly and helpful. They make you feel like family.

Michelle Price

2 years ago

Been going to banfield for probably 15 years they've seen my dogs, they helped me say goodbye to my dogs definitely Recommend going to themand their wellness plans are well worth it.

Andre Richardson

2 years ago

Adopted an adorable kitten for my daughter Great experience


2 years ago

Banfield Pet Hospital at Arundel Mills has become horrible in terms of getting an appointment. This has been the case for the past two years. I pay for the pet plan monthly and have been for the past 8 years, and now when we have an issue and want our pet to be seen, the appointments available are always a month out. Then, if we do get an appointment, they want you to fill out a form and briefly tell them the issue. *Drop off the pet in the morning and we’ll get around to looking at it. Then half way address the issue before saying the pet is ready in the early evening because we’re tying to leave for the day.* I understand Covid for the past year, but I also understand that $50 charge every month whether we have a cause for coming in or not. Any medical issues we have, we are still told to take the pet to urgent care bc of their ridiculously long wait for appointments. The only thing this place is good for is our normal schedule vaccines/exams bc they (usually) call to schedule in enough time that things don’t become overdue. But that alone isn’t enough to keep the plan considering basic shots, etc, can be given for cheap at other shelters/locations. Not to be all “me me me” but this is not the place to go if you need real pet care (unless you’re psychic and can anticipate an issue 5 weeks ahead of time) Seriously about to cancel the care plan.

Kamilah Gonzalez

2 years ago

Sadly this is the worse Banfield I have ever been to and they do not represent what I've come to know and love about Banfield hospitals. This is the second time that I have made appointments for my dogs only to arrive and be told that they can't commit to the appointment time they gave me. The service is poor overall. The one good thing I will say is Dr. Asiegbu is a great doctor and very knowledgeable.

Aneesha Daniels

2 years ago

Lucky was very receptive to the staff and had no issues when I dropped him off. They took very good care of him.

Ram Rajasagi

2 years ago

Vets and staff are always friendly... but getting an appointment is a nightmare... they are always booked a month in advance...

Monique Green

2 years ago

We've been bringing my dog here since she was a puppy and will continue

joseph lee

2 years ago

This was a pretty good veterinarian experience and it's very convenient that it's right next to the groomer. However beware the upsell

Chantél Francina

2 years ago

This review is for the Banfield pet hospital at arundel mills and NOT the epic staff of the PetSmart itself. I had an appt for my dog at 10:30 and noticed a detour while on the road. I immediately called (this was 10:20) and said I was running about 15 mins late. I was told that if I wasn’t there within 15 mins of my appt it would be cancelled. I could not reschedule and this was somewhat of an emergency as my dog was limping! I said it may not even be 15 mins but that I was giving a heads up since I knew I was running late. I arrived at 10:43 and explained the situation…only to be told it would be a reschedule since I wasn’t at the appt time…despite being told it would be cancelled AFTER 15 mins. Mind you, I could see the staff behind the door sitting around doing nothing! This care is about our pets and being inconsiderate is not what I expected. I paid for her medication only since they refuse our appointment despite arriving before the 15 mins I thought I would be late by, and went on to get her nails clipped instead. This is very unprofessional of the drs and staff (though the young lady at the desk was nice, unlike the one on the phone). Avoid if you can to prevent you missing an appointment because they could care less to see you.

David Ridgley

2 years ago

They really helped my Princess, when she needed help they were there.

Chris Sebal

2 years ago

My wife called to order a refill of heartworm medicine for our dog. She was told we could come down any time to pick it up. I drove to Banfield over lunch to get the meds and was told they sold the last one after they spoke with my wife. No big happens. Two days later I drive back to pick up the meds (for a second time) and I'm told Banfield cannot fill the script. Regardless of the fact our dog has been on heartworm medication continuously and was just seen six months ago, the vet on site says he needs a heartworm test before they'll dispense the heartworm medication. I could understand it he (our dog) went for a period of time untreated, but he has not missed his meds and is only now due for the next dose. Sorry...but this is nothing more than milking money out of customers for unnecessary testing. We are done with Banfield. Wasting my time and two missed lunch hours from work, along with the excuses, is one thing. Forcing unnecessary testing is a scam.

Charles Hall

2 years ago

I had to make the horrible decision to euthanize my dog that I had for 15 years. I called Banfield Pet Hospital and was placed on hold for 20 minutes before being hung up on. I called back and finally spoke with someone about what I needed. The representative proceeded to tell me they would be closing at 6pm which was still 15 minutes away. I told them I lived around corner and was on my way only to be told there wouldn’t be a doctor on-site and I should go somewhere else. An already distressing experience was further exasperated by insensitive and unresponsive staff who showed no empathy or concern for my situation. I would advise persons who love their pets and are looking for helpful, professional, empathetic service not to utilize this facility. I ended up going to the Pet-ER in Columbia, Maryland where I encountered some of the most understanding, empathetic and patient persons I’ve ever met. While I had to make a heart wrenching decision to say goodbye to my dog, they gave we time, information and even intentionally shared in the experience with me and he slowly slipped away from us.

Adj Sunshine

2 years ago

The staff is amazing and knowledgeable. Understanding and informative.

Monyette Robinson

2 years ago

I'm very Disturbed with the neglegent care my dog received. She was there for just a follow up after having surgery at another vet hospital. Banfield being her regular vet and having the wellness plan.

Tracy Davis

2 years ago

Always well taken care of from start to finish. The staff knows them very well!

Vanessa Diaz

3 years ago

Best car wash in town with the best vacuum cleaners.

Vincent Serritella

3 years ago

Not willing to take emergency visit for an existing patient. A bit expensive compared to others. And they really want to sell you an insurance plan. But the people were friendly and direct.

Aislinn Nyx

3 years ago

Always really helpful. Their phones are a bit busy but you're usually helped within five minutes.

claire callow

3 years ago

Staff was nice and took care of my dog who hurt his leg. I would like to give Lindsey a shout out for taking the extra mile to explain everything to me and then to my mom on the phone and answering questions.

Tana Wilson

3 years ago

I took my nieces puppy for his 1st check up. Everyone seems very knowledgeable and friendly towards the pets and their families.

D Lewis

3 years ago

We came for a quick visit..took about 3mins..sadly checking out took about 15mins.

Yolanda Baker

3 years ago

Very pleased!! I had to bring my Macie in for A emergency but everything was fine !! Just A worried pet momma! The Staff was very efficient & pleasant

Cynthia Cowen

3 years ago

I’ve taken my dog there for four years after his (over expensive) wellness plan runs out, he will NOT be returning. Today after speaking with 3 different people about him NOT getting the canine influenza vaccine (an additional charge)he was administered the vaccine. I was never asked before handing off my dog. they should have clarified a final time before distributing ANY DRUG TO ANY ANIMAL. Every time I come in I’m charged with an absurd amount of money for medications I’m told I “need”. Today my dog received a fecal and given dewormer with a CLEAR fecal. A nail trim cost me $17 I was told it would be $13. My other dog was brought in today for an exam (it’s required) to get heart worm preventative. I was charged $40 for a snap test (4dx snap test tests for Lyme, ehrlichia, heart worm, and anaplasma) in order to SAFELY administer a dog heart worm medication, you need to ensure they do not test positive. I had to ASK for it to be done (After being told I was ONLY being charged for nails, exam and heart worm med) I’m a vet assistant thankfully or my pets would not be cared for the way they should be at a vet office. DO NOT BRING YOUR CAT! I paid for a wellness plan (huge mistake) to pay a absurd amount for medication that costs not nearly as much for the company. she developed an “ear infection” a culture was done (paid for) paid for meds, sent on our way. This ear issue did not resolve with cleaning and medications. I brought her back in and was told they wanted to do a culture they said there were no notes in the system and I would need to pay AGAIN! A few weeks later I was told that her ear issue isn’t curable and she will have to live with it for the rest of her life (she is now 1) and it will have to be maintained by over charged useless medications. I brought her in for NEUROLOGICAL concerns, and was written off as over reacting and that she was fine. They referred me to a specialist for internal and neurology because I BEGGED for one. It took me taking her to a neuro specialist for them to ask “why Hasn’t she been put under to flush the ear and find any answers?” I had now began to wonder why too. After $3500 later she has been diagnosed with a polyp deep in her ear that would have been left her entire eventually damaging her EAR DRUM and causing equilibrium issues. She came in for hair loss, when the doctor called me all he wanted to talk about was her ear and how she needs medication (she is to have the polyp removed soon) after explaining, he did not want to hear it and kept pushing tests and wanted to check for mites (already determined not mites).. she was brought in for HAIR LOSS! After declining suddenly He wanted to run blood and retracted HIS STATEMENT (that the hair loss was stress related) and there were tons of tests he needed to do because he felt there was an underlying issue. after me asking 3 times for the cost and him trying to dart off of the phone he finally told me it would be $186 I said forget it I will be there in ten minutes to pick her up. A neurologist has a better understanding of general veterinarian care than these people. The ONLY vet that is helpful there is Dr. Talbort. Long story short DO NOT GO TO THEM! they have not given me any kind of refund for my time patience and effort. UNACCEPTABLE. $3500 spent after over $1000 at banfield for poor quality care and being shoed away. They are in it for money and not the quality of life for their “patients” or should I say CLIENTS.

Christopher Ronald

3 years ago

Dr Chikaodi Johnson 0 stars, terrible vet. He does t explain things well and when I called back to discuss why he wouldn't sign off on the prescription. When I asked to get him to sign off on a prescription they said to get on a previous visit; he said not without the same test they did 3 months ago. When I frustratedly asked him why we needed to pay for another test. He passed me back to the nurse like I didn’t matter. This location is always requesting tests after they already have done them that year. They prescribed medication and then when it doesn't get better they want more test to prescribe a similar medication to try a different treatment. The different drug he would only prescribe without the extra treatment was double the cost of the original and could only get through them. Probably the more he sells it the bigger a bonus.. probably. Never returning here. Oh and buyer beware.. if you have an older pet the yearly plans they offer don't cover most of the tests they will recommend over the year. They just want your $$$.

Chantelle Harris

3 years ago

My experience at this location has never been great however, it's about a mile from my home and convenient. My experience today was one of the worst I have experienced in any service environment. I had a 4pm appointment and arrived at 4:03pm. Tara, the representative at the front desk was on the phone upon my arrival. After hanging up she called another lady in the waiting room up to check her out and discuss the ear infection her dog had. This conversation lasted maybe 5 minutes. After the conversation ended, she took a second call. During that call, Corey came to the front desk, did something on the computer, and had some exchange with Tara before returning to the back room. She did the same thing two more times and not once did she ask if she could help me. Camerin came to the front desk after Corey left and finally asked if she could help me. I explained I had a 4pm appointment. The phone rang, she answered, and told me to give her one second. My dog gets very anxious at the vet and began to sprinkle urine in the waiting area therefore, I took him outside to calm him down. When I returned inside, Camerin was ending the call. She finished checking me in only to return to say that I missed by allotted time and needed to reschedule since I was so late. It is 4:15pm at this point, I had waited patiently while they helped other customers and the response to my patience is a representative of Banfield speaking to me as if I did not understand or was a child. I was livid to say the least and quite frankly if this is how Banfield conducts business, they do not need to be in service of any kind. Moral of the story, DRIVE TO COLUMBIA, THIS LOCATION IS AWFUL.

Amy Hubbell

3 years ago

Took my dog to have him neutered and everything thing was fine except the handed me an e-collar for him to take home. I got home and the e-collar didn't even fit! It was too small! It wouldn't fit around his neck! And they knew that it didn't fit because the reason they handed it to me is because it fell off as they were bringing him out of the back room! They also charged me $37 for it!

Alejandra Hair

3 years ago

Dr Chikaodi Johnson 0 star my dog is in pain and he even care horrible attention After a few day my little baby pass away ……

Ally Sharon

3 years ago

Everyone was super friendly and communicated with us every step of the way. Highly recommend the Hanover location!

Brian Fr

3 years ago

Never thought a "chain" vet place would be good, but they have treated my cat since he was 5 weeks old and beside him being a butt head he is healthy.

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