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Monica Townsend

2 years ago

I bought a 6 month supply for both of my dogs when I went to go get a check up. I was then charged for another 6 month supply on-line. I called in yesterday and they told me they couldn't do anything till today. I waited until 4pm today and I didn't get a call back. I called in today and the woman on the phone told me there was nothing they could do (So why didn't you call and tell me that?) I tried to cancel my membership with them and they basically told me I had to call the hotline in order to cancel. Once I called the hotline, they told me I would they couldn't do it over the phone and I would have to call the Germantown office (The one I was just speaking too) Horrible Service. Not helpful. Very Disappointed. Not going there again and also blocking charges with my bank.

Elizabeth Meloun

2 years ago

This place is a joke. Yes the initial visit it at a decent rate but i question the quality of the care itself. Visited clinic in aug was told they were out of tags would contact me as soon as they came in. Called a few time to check status told same thing. Fast forward to end of Dec guess what they have them now yet never contacted was told would mail out right away. Three weeks later still no tag trying to blame it on the holiday mail delivery no you never mailed it. Supposedly mailing today Never again!!!!!!!

sharareh adeli

2 years ago

Front desk, animal technician, and vet were all so professional and friendly. They took care of my cat with so much kindness and patience. I have been offered a 6 month plan for just $10/ month for unlimited free office visit and 10% discount for other medical expenses. Definitely will come back if needed.


2 years ago

$53 bucks for a check up. New patient!! Yes please sign me up, amazing price. I just adopted a couple of kittens and took them here to be cared for and the staff and doctors are so nice and they take there time with your pets. They offer curbside checkin and drop offs.

Iman Harrington

2 years ago

If I could give this place no stars..i would!! Please take your fur baby somewhere else!! This place has rubbed me the wrong way in SO MANY ways!! I'm not sure how many Vets they have on staff there but if you have to come here.....see ANY doctor but Dr. B. Kaler....she is the worst, she is incompetent, and she could care less about your pet's well-being. dog was seen on 10/11 for diarrhea and vomiting....when discussing what kind of flea treatment my dog should receive she suggested a flea treatment where the 1st 2 side effects would be vomiting and diarrhea......that did not make sense to me at all. I told her that he has bad reactions to the treatment she was suggesting and she ignored me anyway & prescribed it to him. Of course...I know my dog better than her so I did not go with her suggestion. dog was given prescription food & when it was time to get him another bag, I spoke to the B. Kaler about it and she suggested I continue using it....but what she didn't state was that I WOULD NEED A PRESCRIPTION from the office in order to buy the food at the pet store. Of course I go to Pet Smart when my dog is in dire need of food and I'm told I cannot purchase without the prescription so i call the office because they were still open and tried to get suggestions for other food options until my prescription was ready and the person on the phone said she didn't have any suggestions and pretty much sat in silence on the phone (which gave me the figure it out yourself vibe) Not to mention that I tried calling them a week after my initial appointment to ask some questions. I called at 11am and was told the Dr. would get back to me....I called again at 3pm because I had yet to receive a phone call where they told me..the doctor would not be able to speak to me until 5:30 (mind you they close at 6) I waited until 5:50pm and I called again (b/c I really needed assistance) and she finally came to the phone. Had I not called again, I would have had to wait until the next day (my dog was experiencing digestive could not wait) Fast Forwarding to 10/31, where my dog had to be taken to the animal hospital to receive emergency assistance. They suggested we see his Vet in a couple days if he doesn't improve...We go to thrive on 11/2 so he can be seen by her again, where she says he has pneumonia. But she only gave us 2 options to help him.......1. an OVERLY EXAGGERATED cost for treatment 2. to put him down........which of course shattered my heart!!!! Of course hearing that news, it made us sad, brought tears to our eyes and her response was "oh you guys are really sad huh" that was COMPLETELY insensitive and unprofessional!!! Not to mention that we get him to the Metropolitan Hospital in Rockville where we were given inpatient & outpatient options plus a bunch of other suggestions to heal our baby. I am grateful for the assistance that the Blue Pearl Pet Hospital & Metropolitan Hospital (both in Rockville) gave us. Please try them or Banfield (near by), or the Gaithersburg Vet. Clinic. I'm going to make it my business to put the word out not to EVER see Dr. B. Kaler!!!!

Julie Butterbaugh

2 years ago

I really appreciate the ease of getting an appointment and the responsiveness of Thrive. I had called another vet who couldn't get my cat in for 2 weeks and after scheduling the appointment asked me to prepay. I was a brand new client! Thrive not only scheduled next day, they offered me an affordable well care package for my fur-baby. This, in addition to the care they gave my cat made us a loyal fan of Thrive. Keep up the great customer service Thrive! Y'all are so appreciated!

Sophianna Apergis

2 years ago

My mom and I have brought our Bernese Mountain Dog here twice and had pleasant experiences. Each time, the staff assisted in bringing our dog through the door. However; the most recent time my mom went with our dog, there was a miscommunication with the staff, and it took over 10 minutes for the technicians to come outside and "help" me (at this point my dog was getting nervous) and one of the technician "dealt" with it by putting a choke chain on our dog (something that has never ever been necessary before). Once we got inside, she aggressively and rudely scolded my mom and told her that they would never be able to help our dog through the door again, and that we should never come back with her. It was completely uncalled for and very stressful. Once we were finally inside, the veterinarian and another staff were very very helpful and assured my mom that she was more than welcome to bring our sweet dog back any time, and that they would work out the situation with helping our dog through the door so that it would go more smoothly in the future. Overall, we had good experiences here, but were completely thrown off by the one technician who was very rude and unprofessional. It's important as a vet technician to be able to handle pets with care, calm energy, and reassurance for the pet owner (your client!!) We are hesitant, but we will give this vet another try because everything else about it was great. Fingers crossed.

Maria Ho

2 years ago

Was looking for a vet after we rescued an 8week old chihuahua mix. After getting my Starbucks fix, randomly passed by this new vet office (I think they opened in Dec 2020). Started doing some research and this office is part of a “chain” out of Austin where the focus is on latest, affordable wellness care for dog/cat. Prices are good, office was very nice and modern - didn’t have the typical outdated animal hospital look, great app and use of technology and iPads through the visit for medical records and helping keep track of what’s next for dogs wellness etc. I love the mobile app as it was sooooo easy to schedule an appointment. It’s definitely a modern practice with lots of technology being used and very affordable esp if you join as a member which is $10/ month which gives you free doc visits so you pay for the lab work or the vaccine, procedure etc. Only issue is that when you call the office, you aren’t actually calling the local office and you are calling a call center for thrive but I suspect that’s how they keep their overall costs low by streamlining their staff and appointment at each location to techs and doctors who work to focus on the pet only. So if you want to talk to a human at the site, then you need to visit in person. Overall, after this first visit (which for me was a trial) I really like the value, the technology, the atmosphere, the techs and docs. Exciting to see this new concept in VET care.


2 years ago

Kinda annoyed at them honestly I called to schedule a neuter and they said I needed a consultation yet the day of the consultation said I didnt need one and now my neuter was pushed out another month when I could have scheduled it beforehand if they didnt need the consultation in the first place.

Judy Calloway

2 years ago

Took great care of my puppy dog

Yuxi Liu

2 years ago

Very nice and clean place for your pet :)))

Wanda Mahanger

2 years ago

Quality care at an affordable price. Everyone in this place is very nice and very caring. I’m so happy I found this place. Kudos to the people that make this place the great place it is.

Unique Monique

2 years ago

This was first time coming me here at Thrive I brought my dog Gigi and the visit was great from start to finish will be back. Great staff and it was nice n clean.


2 years ago

The Staff was nice ,helpful and easy to talk with. I'm also pretty happy with the membership deals and prices. :)

david kaan

2 years ago

I love this place, the techs are friendly and they gave my dog somany treats even she liked it.

Chanyte Harris

2 years ago

The staff at Thrive are so professional and was able to answer all my questions this place is nice and clean please keep up the good work and keep Thriving at Thrive

Chynna Crow

2 years ago

We recently moved to MD and switched to Thrive to try to find a more affordable place to get Shae's routine teeth cleanings. Still more expensive than we're used to, but we adopted her in Oklahoma where everything is cheaper lol. Shortly after her teeth cleaning we learned she had cancer and chose to remove the tumor. The doctor and staff have been great with Shae and send updates/pics when we drop her off for surgeries which we love! They stay in touch after your visits and the vet calls you personally after surgeries which is always nice, and the staff is always so kind. We even made a request I wasn't sure you could make with her tumor removal and they all acted like it was totally fine and understandable - which is huge when your dogs are your whole world and you hear they have cancer for the first time. Shae is such an easy dog so I normally don't write reviews because it's easy to be 5 stars with her, but I've loved everyone I've met there & seeing my dog not phased one bit about her recent surgery warms my heart. We have another dog who is terrified of vet offices but does really well if he just recieves patience and love for the first few minutes, which is something it seems this office is willing to do so I'm hopeful when it's his time to visit he'll have a good experience here too.

Nancy Huamani

2 years ago

I actually really like them. They were very sweet, caring and professional. Got a response about my dog very quick and the price is very reasonable. I'm going to add my other dog to the plan they have. I recommend them.

Tatyana Baytler

2 years ago

We had to schedule quick vet check up and doggy shot. All was done in one day. It is very friendly and affordable place. I would definitely come back if I need it...

johellen ronzon

2 years ago

The best clinic !!!! Very affordable


3 years ago

I had a great experience here. It was my first time taking a pet to the vet, I took an orphan kitten and I was somewhat nervous because she is so small and fragile. Because of covid you have to drop off your pet and leave, but they made me feel very comfortable throughout these unexpected times and procedures and I knew the kitten was in good hands! Everyone I talked to was very sweet and attentive, especially the front desk! Oh and the prices are affordable. Thank you Thrive for helping the animal community :)

Beny Sosa

3 years ago

Amazing service and within budget

G H.

3 years ago

So kind, quick, and incredibly affordable. The membership is only $10 a month and SO worth it.

Kathleen “Natasha” Smith

3 years ago

I have never really taken my puppies to a real vet before because my wife and I always had trouble paying such big bills. But then I found this vet clinic. Not only is it affordable but the vets and vet techs are very nice, professional and put you and your pet first . They checked on my puppies after our first two visits when they got two sets of Vaccines. I love how I am treated there And my puppies love everyone that takes care of them there. They get so much love and attention that they come back to me tails wagging and smiles on there face. I travel 40 to 50 min to make sure my puppies get the best care for the most affordable prices.

Kelli Richards

3 years ago

Upon moving to a new city, I needed a vet for my 2 dogs. Both dogs have been seen there, one being sick and other needing surgery. Upon arriving I was greeted with smiles and professionalism. The cost is within budgets and offer multiple services. The Vet will call or text you to check up on your pet, and are very accommodating. The hours are more than convenient and they take time with you and to discuss your pet's needs. They are always available to answer any questions and are very knowledgeable. I have never been happier and both of my dogs are very happy going through those doors. I couldn't find a more friendly and wonderful group of people to care for my babies.

Taiara Matos

3 years ago

I took my kitty there for the first time, I was a little nervous but once I got there I felt so much better. Staff was amazing, communicating with me all the time, even before the appointment they messaged me and let me know details in advance. The doctor has a lot knowledge and made me feel very confident with the treatment my kitty got. I even got the health insurance, worth the price. Totally recommend the place.

Mariah McCarthy

3 years ago

We have been taking our dog here since they opened in December and have been so blown away with the care and professionalism that the staff at THRIVE exhibits. We’ve had quite a few visits in the past few months but each time have known our pup was in the most excellent of hands! We will be coming here for years to come.

David Olson

3 years ago

100 stars ⭐️, took 1 of my dogs to get a check up concerning a ongoing cough. Called last night & was able to be seen first thing this morning. The staff are incredible, from the initial phone call to dropping buddy off. They are all immensely passionate about their job & it shows in the care they give. Prices are more than affordable especially for the value of which you receive. I feel buddy got the best care he could have possibly received & I wouldn’t hesitate to bring either of my dogs back to this gem of a clinic. I cannot say enough good things about this business. Simply phenomenal

Elka G

3 years ago

Truly affordable! Friendly staff and great location. Contactless appointment schedule and payment options. My cat got a rabies shot and his nails trimmed without a fuss.

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