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Manuel Zavala

2 years ago

I called at 5:30pm to speak with someone at the Germantown location. They put me on hold, I waited 28 minutes on hold, then someone hung up the phone. I called again and then someone picked up and hung up on me. I found this to be incredibly rude!

Jennifer Ford

2 years ago

They take good care of my cat. Friendly staff.

Robert Thompson

2 years ago

I just recently got a 8 week old Golden Retriever and wanted to sign her up for pet insurance. I called on November 30th and was left on hold for over thirty minutes. I understand being busy but I was on my way to work and a call back would've been appreciated since I was on hold for so long. I then decide to make an appointment online, she was in need of her puppy shots and I wanted to be sure she was seen. I get an appointment with Doctor Kim for 2pm on October 16th, 2020. I get an email stated the visit was confirmed. Flash foward to the day of. Like most I recieve scam calls frequently so if i'm not left a voicemail I figure it's just another scam. I get two calls this morning and decide to call back. I find out it's Banfield calling and so I return the call saying yes I have an appointment at 2pm. The young woman say's i'm not seeing an appoinment but then confirms that 2pm is ok. I get a third call and it's the same woman that left me on hold for over thirty minutes before. I believe her name was Terry, I was so worked up that they would literally just cancel without even notifying me those she swears she had. I have email, phone and text message she could have confirmed if she couldn't reach me through a phone call. I only recieved calls and no voicemails so how was I to know what was happening. She say's I no longer have an appointment since I didn't confirm. Meanwhile I haven't recieved a single voicemail or text message stating I need to confirm... or even an email trying to reach me prior to the visit. So they cancelled my appointment without informing me. This was almost a month long process to get my appointment set up and i've cancelled plans and changed my work schedule to fit this appointment that I had confirmation originally that it was scheduled. I am so in awe that this is how they run their office. She says I should've recieved a text message, and if I had I would gladly have confirmed since I was looking forward to this visit.

Rogelio Gamino

2 years ago

Our pup loves Dr. Moore.

Carmen Arocho

2 years ago

I called to see if they were able to see my dog today, I usually take my dog to the one in Rockville but they were kind of busy and they told me to try other Banfields, which I did and located at the pet smart in Germantown was very unethical, not professional on the phone. She said that since I I have a collection they won’t see her, I told her I knew about it and that I can pay with my credit, debit or cash. She still said no since the system wouldn’t let her see my dog, I told her so you aren’t there for the sake of animals, you are there for the sake of your pay check and you don’t care if my girl gets sicker, not like I’m not going to pay because I do have the $$$$$$. SHE HANG UP ON ME. ????

Joe Chae

2 years ago

Dr. Han is a wonderful vet. She is very knowledgeable and explains all the procedures. The staff needs better customer service.

Elizabeth Porco

2 years ago

After being told the soonest my home Banfield could see my dog, was in a week and the Gaithersburg Banfield was booked until the end of the month, The Germantown Banfield recognized immediately my dog had an emergency and got her right in. Dr. Miller and Dr. Kim were right on top of the situation, and performed life saving surgery the same day. What a wonderful experience ❤

jason Giddings

2 years ago

I visited a month prior to get details on booking appointments. The front desk staff and vet told me there was a payment plan and that I wouldn't need to pay right away. Especially if its just the rabies shot (which all other places offer for free). I get there at 1:45 and let them know im early (incase the vet wanted a head start) for a 2:00 appointment. 30 minutes later the desk clerk prints me out a plan that totals to $88.61?!?! So I ask the lady why is the "office visit" 57.95? She says "thats our rate" without actually explaining why it would cost that much. I understand thats your rate, I see it on the bill. So she sees that I'm visibly frustrated and tells me to Google a coupon. Its 2:30 and im past negotiating at this point. I download the coupon and let her know that one of my employers can help pay for the costs of the shots over the phone. (since again I was told I didn't have to pay upfront). So she says they can't do that. One of the vets comes out and talks me, in an understanding manner like she's the one they send out to tell people thier dog died or something. So she says she understands my frustration and says she will talk to the veterinarian. They guy comes out and is like "walp you've missed the appointment anyway youre gonna have to reschedule." Now I have to go back to this place AGAIN in ten days because they decided to use bait and switch sales tactics. Not only that but because i don't have a choice since its literally the only place in the area.

Krystal De La Rosa

2 years ago

I have had banfield with all my dogs. I called up today because I just recently got 2 Rottweiler puppy’s 7 weeks old, and one of them woke up with a swollen eye. When I called I explained I have appointment set up already for both dog on Wednesday but was concerned because the ones eye swelled up really bad . The lady put me on hold for 5 minutes (I was already on hold for 25 minutes before I got someone) she came back to tell me the best they can do is a Tuesday appointment and that was really all they can do. There was no concern for the puppy’s well being or anything, just a sorry we are booked. They did advise I can be put on a wait list of any cancellations come up before there appointment. I asked “well what should I do now the eye looks really bad “and I was told to see if another vet hospital had appointment before them. Which was the best thing I could of done I called up the New Market Animal Hospital, and the got me in with in 2 hr. The staff was amazing and they cared ,my puppy was just not a payment . My puppy had a severe infection and had several medications that was given. I was very lucky to had not listened to the person who picked up the phone and not wait til there appointment.They also offer the same wellness plan like banfield for $ 49.95 for the plus plan cheaper than Banfield, and they are more personal with you and your pet family. I won’t be using Banfield anymore cause I see the difference in care when you use a commercial veterinarian instead of a private ownership.

Monica Gant

2 years ago

Service reveived at this Banfield Hospital is always the very BEST. Thanks!

Juanna Yasmin Holloway

2 years ago

Best place to get pet care. The staff is caring and loving yo my puppy

Shruthi Manjunath

2 years ago

Vet visit was good,doctor answerd all our questions regarding our puppy. Giving 4star bcoz we were not allowed to go inside the doctor office & meet the vet doc..

Robert Sinclair Jr

2 years ago

I am at a loss for words with Banfield. First, we have their wellness plan, we have had it for over a decade. Over the past few years the service has declined significantly. We picked up our dog from boarding yesterday (not associated with banfield). I called them as my dog was having serious medical issues. I called this Banfield and the one in Gaithersburg and was told the best they could do was an appointment a week from Friday. Seriously, for an emergency!!!! No compassion, no suggestion, just told they were double booked for days. We had to go to an emergency vet and laid out almost $900 and our dog ended up having to be put to sleep. I call today to cancel our wellness plan and am told that we have used over $200 in services that are not paid for yet and if we canceled today they would have to charge us. Then I was told I could just make monthly payments, but that I would have to call back in January to avoid being overcharged. There is no way to automate it. I am beside myself- again, no compassion, nothing. Unreal! What a scam

Lidia Flores

2 years ago

The doctors and staff are great. Very helpful.

ASAP Pest Control

2 years ago

Had to drop off my friend's dog for an appointment. Woman at receptionist was very friendly and helpful definitely would recommend this place.

Isaac Ralston

2 years ago

Great place for your dog. Grooming service is awesome and reasonably priced. Boarding and day camp are also excellent.

Meggy Kreysa

2 years ago

Banfield is decent if you are looking for relatively cheap and convenient services for your pup, but don't expect them to do an EXCELLENT job (If you want excellent, go to Prospect Veterinary Clinic in Frederick). We paid for the puppy pro plan which is convenient for our family and the pup since it includes the neuter and other stuff for less than $600. However, I rate this location one star because of the attitude of the people who work there and that the vet does not know much about the plans or whats going on... I also question how much she knows about puppies (maybe she is new?). Our 9 week old pup had worms we could actually see in his feces so we took him to get a check up and deworming. The vet tech was super rude and relentless when i told her the pup had already been weighed 2 times by different people in the last 5 minutes but insisted she weigh him again and complained that he was moving on the scale (still got the same weight every time), and then rolled her eyes when i asked about the plans when she came in the check up room. The vet gave the deworming medication ("2 doses to get rid of them faster"-not sure if that's safe or not-) and told us we would get a call in a couple days after they see the fecal sample. Today, 16 days later, we finally got a call from the vet saying there were never any worms (even though we could visibly see them moving in the poop). This doesn't make sense because I called them yesterday and the receptionist told me they were roundworms. WHAT? then she told me the plan included 2 dewormings, i corrected her that it was 4, she came back on the phone and said, "You're right, it is 4. You know more about this stuff than I do". I shouldn't know more about the plan (or anything else regarding animals) than you do, that's why we go to you and pay you.

Tiffany RZ

2 years ago

This Germantown location always seems to have something going on, usually the front desk have an attitude rarely do I get a friendly front desk person. They seem to never want to actually help, unwelcoming, staff was under the influence clearly. Overall not the best. I have filled complaints previously but, nothing seems to be changing since I’ve filled that compliant. I suggest taking your pets elsewhere either another location or another Vet to get your moneys worth and will being of your pets.

Andrew Ryan

2 years ago

Always put on hold on the phone and they forget to pick up the call pre or post covid times. When I give them my phone number and name they can never pull up my pet. Yet when I call the other branches it doesn’t seem to be an issue. Times to schedule are usually far out. Have been going to the Germantown location for years as it’s close to where I live. Don’t waste your time just go to the one in Kentlands, or down the road closer to Rockville near Shady Grove.

Betty Lopez

3 years ago

It the best my dog barks at people but she never barks at the doctor's. I have the insurance pack so I don't have to pay for the appointments but if I want any vitamins or to trim her nails I have to pay ofc.they treat my dog with care and have patience because she was a rescue dog so I really recommend. (My dog's name is Katie)

Megh T

3 years ago

They are the BEST!! Clean, friendly, knowledgeable.. You couldn't ask for more!!

Bladimir Ortiz

3 years ago

My pet had an infection on his teeth. They gave me the appointment for three weeks later and the day I arrived for the appointment they cancel it without prior notice. They don't call you or leave a message. Besides, they do not compensate you for the inconvenience. They really doesn't care about your pet's health, only for their business.

Sabrina Mondon

3 years ago

I got my dog 9 years ago and I signed up to Banfield when he was 4 months old for the benefit of the Wellness plan. I was not too sure of it after having read all reviews and asking people around for feedback. But I decided the plan was beneficial for his young age, so I was gonna give it a shot for a year and then reevaluate. What I learned is that as it is in every clinic you go - its all about finding the right doctor. Lucky for us, we found Dr. Schinner. I am so so forever thankful for the great care he always gave my dog, the honest advice he always gave me and the thorough explanations I received at every visit. Never once did I feel rushed and I always felt comfortable asking all questions. I never felt like they were just trying to get my money or like they didn't care. Sometimes when he wasn't there, we saw other vets and what a difference! I tried many different vets and I made sure to never see the same one again if I wasn't happy about my last visit with them. The only other doctor I requested when Dr. Schinner wasn't available was Dr. Hurry. And he was always fantastic as well. Great with my dog, great explaining everything to me and making sure all my questions were answered and also always gave me honest caring advice. The front desk staff were always good and effective. I never had an issue with any vet techs. Some where better than others but overall everyone behind the vets always did their jobs well. I recently lost my dog to cancer and I just want to thank Banfield for all the great care they provided for my dog, Ringo, over the last 9 years. And thank you Dr. Schinner! Ringo always loved coming to the vet because you all always made it so pleasant for him.

Damaris Brown

3 years ago

Love it, our pup enjoys going Banfield and grooming that pet smarts offers

Naila Viola

3 years ago

The doctors and other staff and super nice and clearly love all their patients.

Mariah Torries

3 years ago

Dr. Miller and her staff (Abby & Alana to name a few) were exceptional. My dog who went in for a spay has anxiety going to the vets. However, Dr. Miller’s patience and kindness with my dog helped make the process move with ease. She provided a wonderful and less stressful experience for my pet. I would recommend her services to any pet owner! The front desk associates Kyara and Jenni were also professional and welcoming. The overall staff and Dr. Miller are very friendly. It’s evident that they love what they do and truly care for your pet.

Mariela Chagas

3 years ago

Love the banfield in Germantown. Dr. Moore is amazing

Michelle Gough

3 years ago

I was traveling and realized my dog Jager was due for his Simparica. I called and they were extremely helpful! I was able to pick up his medicine after they reviewed his records..Thank You Banfield!

Sunny Chen

3 years ago

I called today to get a refill on my dogs meds to find out they are CLOSED with no mention on their vm when they can expect to reopen (They've been open for drop-off and curbside pick up during Covid, so it's not for Covid); and vetchat that their voicemail directed me to is no help because they refuse to refill prescriptions (they have no access to patient records). We pay for the wellness plan for THREE animals every month and right now, we can't use it when we need it.

Vanessa Nicole Gilliam-Weaver

3 years ago

They treat your pets like it's their own

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