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Christopher Kinda

2 years ago

We filed a claim with the State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners about this business. Based on all of these reviews, others should as well. It’s the only way we can protect our pets. We’ve been taking our dog here for the past four years, but something clearly changed six months ago. The vet and his son are the most dishonest people I’ve ever met. After waiting 6 hours for a simple allergy shot (despite being told every 30 min he was nearly finished), I called and said I was coming to get him. Less than 5 min later they call my wife to list $500 worth of services he needs, which my wife told them to discuss with me once I arrived. Upon arrival, the son told me our dog was on the table receiving the services my wife approved! I told them not to perform anything as she never approved them. The son told me she did and I should talk with her, which I was via text. He told me multiple details of their conversation, however the vet said he was never on the phone call. He told me three times that she approved the services. Other recent reviews have similar stories. It’s apparent that ownership has changed and they new ones are not trustworthy. Sadly a once fantastic veterinary hospital will likely be out of business soon.

Andreas Hochmuth

2 years ago

I am in actual disbelief of this place. Went for an appointment at 1pm and was told it would be quick and to wait in the car. After an hour I went in and asked them for an update and they told me my dog still hadn't been seen. They tell me they are going to see him right now and to give them half an hour. After another hour and a half of me waiting I go in to get an update and they still hadn't even started the checkup on my dog. These people do not care about providing quality service at all. I ended up having to leave - wasting 3 hours of my day to get nothing done. They wouldn't even offer an explanation. This place is incredibly unprofessional. Terrible communication and complete inability to schedule appointments correctly. Save yourself the trouble and avoid this place.

Darkriver C

2 years ago

Disorganized. Poor response time. Confusing explanations of medical results. Laypeople shouldn’t need a vet degree to understand their pet’s problems.

Marche Morris

2 years ago

I have been going here for years. I recently learned they are under new management and are starting a TV SHOW which seems to be more important than the care of animals. I took my dogs there two yorkies for itching. I know one has allergies so I knew it was time for his cytopoint refill. But my youngest this was new for him to be itching. I was told my youngest would be examined and the oldest would get his refill. 5 hours later they returned both dogs and said nothing was wrong. Two days later I was grooming my dogs to find fleas on both . I called the vet and that was Sunday to find out how this was missed if I had an exam that I was charged for. today is Wed and the veterinarian still will not respond or retrun my call. I will be disputing the charges with my bank. I paid for an exam that never took place I'm disappointed. And will not be returning to Gambrills vet they are concerned about tv not pets. They have Truly went down hill.

Chantelle Crossland

2 years ago

Very nice people who care about my nieces dog and take very good care of her.

Jereme Brown

2 years ago

Nepotism at its finest. This “veterinarian” and his son are probably the most unprofessional and disrespectful duo I’ve ever seen. And I’ve been to a few Mile One car dealerships. Despite the fact the son is a liar. His father decides when and if he wants to show up to work. I unfortunately, took my dog here once and immediately had a bad feeling. I call to drop my dog off and the son says “the doctor had a late night, so he’s not in yet”. This was at 1pm. Imagine if you had a dog with an appointment at 8am… Fast forward 6hrs and my dog is finally finished. 700 dollars worth of charges and none of which actually pertained to the reason I brought her there in the first place. So of course a week later I had to bring her back because of deteriorating health. My fiancé had called a day prior to confirm early drop off. I got there about 30 minutes prior to the appointment and contacted the kid. He lied to my face and said no one told my Fiancé our dog could be dropped off and got an attitude. I ended up waiting a combined 30 minutes for him to decide he could come out. I immediately left with my dog and scheduled an appointment with an actual reputable Veterinarian Hospital. If I could give this dump of a clinic negative stars I would.

Alyssa Grover

2 years ago

Scheduled an appointment for my dog who was severely ill, several tests were run, then we were sent home with medication and a large bill. The medicine did nothing to remedy my dog and we scheduled an appointment to come back and try to figure out what was going on. We were told that we could drop our dog off early due to work scheduling issues. My fiancé went to drop our dog off and a very rude child told him that I lied and no one had told me we could drop our dog off early, when I had CLEARLY spoken to someone to confirm the early drop off the day before. After waiting 30 minutes for someone to come and take our dog inside, my fiancé decided it was best to leave and take our dog to a reputable vet with actual employees.

Thomas Yurkevich

2 years ago

I had a 1 PM appointment for two parrots. I specifically told them I would be waiting with my parrots, and that I want an appointment, not some sort of "drop off and come back in a few hours" deal. They agreed to this. Upon arrival, guys at the front desk told me the vet is conducting interviews and they have no idea when he can get to my parrots. Why would they schedule interviews on top of my appointment time? The place smelled terrible. I can't even describe the odor. There's no way I'd leave my parrots in there. So, I waited in my car. I saw about a dozen dogs get dropped off. I left after one hour and twelve minutes. This place is terrible... Take your parrot elsewhere. Anywhere else, employees actually come to your car (at your scheduled appointment time), take your pet inside, do the exam, and return your pet. None of this drop your pet off for several hours nonsense.

t j

2 years ago

If you're cool with dropping your pet off, and having them in a tiny cage for 6-7 hours before they can be seen, this place is perfect for you.

Scott Puckett

2 years ago

Definitely profit before care !

Marilyn mejia

2 years ago

Don’t come to this place for boarding your pets. This was such a terrible experience since the day I left my dog for boarding. It literally took them an hour to take him in. I gave all the information about his shots. The day I pick him up I got a call claiming that he needed shots to be updated. I told them I had already provided that information. Like seriously! if he didn’t have all his shots then why would they him in ? Anyways, during pick up day I was charged 3 full days but when I talked to some girl on the phone she said they’ll charge half a day if he was dropped off late. LIES. Then on pick up day, they took 40 mins to bring him out! Like seriously? THREE people had to be notified I was out there, yet they still wouldn’t bring him out, then when finally bringing him out they claimed that they thought someone already took him out. Terrible SERVICE. Don’t come here and waste your time with unprofessional people. For sure won’t be coming back.

James Hawthorne

2 years ago

Boarded our dog at Gambrills, they took really good care of her. Overall a great experience the cost was inline with similar places.

Aspen Teter

2 years ago

Horrible wait and awful service

Ash Will

2 years ago

I boarded my two rabbits here twice - the first time for a few days and the second for two weeks - and I will not be taking them here again if I can help it. The worst part was that, for the two week stay, they somehow lost the top of one of my bunny’s litter boxes and left her to stand in her own waste for who knows how long - perhaps the full two weeks if they lost it early on. Her feet and rear end were stained completely yellow when we got her back. My rabbits get (understandably) antsy if they have nothing to do, so I also left toys for them to be given on both stays. I was assured the toys would be given to them, yet they never were either time, even when I gave explicit instructions the second time. The toys were returned to me completely untouched without an explanation. I was also told they’d be given time to play out of their cages, and I don’t believe they were. I provided vegetables as part of their diet, as well, which they were never given the first time. I’m not sure about the second. When I brought up my issues with their care, I was brushed off with half-hearted and meaningless replies. With some of the other reviews I’m now seeing, I’m only glad that nothing worse happened to them. I definitely would not recommend this place, especially for boarding.

Sharon Moline

2 years ago

My daughter dropped off our cat for a routine check up and updated rabies shot. Two hours later they called and told her, "your cat is lethargic and needs a blood draw". Her response was that we haven't noticed any lethargy at home so just stick to the original request. After a couple hours of waiting, she called again to see if we could pick up our cat. It was at this point they told her that they DID do the blood draw and it was an extra $200. That's when I got involved in the situation and called. I knew I was dealing with con artists when they tried to pit me against my daughter!! I would have none of it. We both went to pick up our cat and they did the same in the waiting area. After wrangling with them for 30 minutes, they finally backed down but I had to stand my ground and be firm. The entire experience was negative and a total waste of time. By reading other reviews on here it looks like this is a regular practice at this facility. Stay far away from this place

Maryann Keyser

2 years ago

Made an appt to have my dog groomed, however when I got there, they had no record of said appt, no apology, they made me wait along time before telling me they had no record of appt. very unprofessional.

Jacob Williams (Jake)

2 years ago

I'm blown away by the absolute disrespect the staff showed throughout the process. Not sure what's changed here, everything used to be good. But it's an absolute clown show here now. Had an appointment, they had the dog for 8 hours with no updates, then called to ask for his shot records. Vet prescribed (and I paid for) two medications, but the tech only came out with one, then argued with me that there was only one medicine necessary (despite the paperwork). If you love your dog, take them somewhere else.

Courtney Williams

2 years ago

Friendly knowledgeable and treat your pet(s) like family... What more could you ask for?

Sasha Nicole

2 years ago

If I could give this place 0 stars I would. Please don't take your animal here. Ever. At all. The customer service is beyond terrible and they are completely dishonest people. As a birthday gift for my mother, I was treating her to go away for the weekend and her three dogs staying here. We send the shot records days prior and the tech has both my mom and my number. No one calls or responde to the email saying there was an issue with their shot record. When my mom drop off the dogs, all of a sudden there is an issue. They begin tacking on everything they say is missing and the Bill goes from what they verbatim told me was going to be $400 to now $1000. My mom having no other choice leaves the dogs as her birthday trip couldn't be moved. I call to talk with someone and told the Manager will call and they never call. When I talk to the guy who took all the information he líes and says he didn't have our number and says no one emailed because it must have been a different shift. Stay away from this place and these people.

Maddie Socolar

2 years ago

We boarded our two macaws for 4 days. It took an hour for them to come out when we arrived to pick them up and we were given no debriefing on how anything went or why one had a broken tail feather. Their feet were covered in poop and they were freezing cold. It was clear that the people there had no idea how to handle them. We will not be returning.

J Jones

2 years ago

The vet herself is actually the nicest lady, but they seriously need ALL new employees!! If you’re business is booked several weeks out, please ensure your receptionist knows how to accurately book and confirm an appointment with clients. We showed up for our “correct” appointment time only to find out you’re closed...and of course can’t reach anyone...and now we’re supposed to wait an additional couple of weeks for another slot to open up while our dogs fighting an infection for over a month? Couldn’t you have sent an appointment reminder so that your employee could have caught his mistake in advance? We’ve had several appointments here and it just continues to go downhill every single time. It shouldn’t take 6 hours to perform a check up appointment and if so, you should seriously let your patients know well in advance instead of assuming were ok with it when we’re dropping him off. When you get a call that your dog is ready, he should actually be ready by the time you pick him up and they shouldn’t leave you waiting in your car for an additional 40 minutes. I had to wait for a girl to come back from break just for me to retrieve my dog, only for her to not know how to process the payment, and then to have the guy walk my dog back to me (without me having paid first) and for him to say “umm here’s your paperwork, like you know what’s on it or like, hm idk If you need this, I’ll just toss it for you?” And starts to throw my dogs paperwork away... There was zero explanation for the charges, zero professionalism, and 100% lack of proper customer service. We’ve asked so many times for services up front with plenty notice, only to find out they weren’t done during our dog’s exam, or they lied about doing it and charged us anyway. Their receptionists don’t have a clue about animals, checking patients in/out, or know any basic customer service skills. You can’t successfully run a business with absolutely horrible employees. We unfortunately will no longer be returning here.

Christopher Parker

2 years ago

Always dedicated to the fur babies!

Amari gross

2 years ago

Very unprofessional, The doctors kids are running the office and they don’t watch after your pets. If you read down below, you will see many animals have ran away or have been hit by cars in their care because they leave them unsupervised outside. They will charge you extra and add on fees. Do Not Come Here if you actually love your pet. Also the actual hired techs (not his kids and friends) are treated horribly and worked like slaves. Please think about your pets and the techs that have endured the abuse from this establishment.

Amanda Kinda

2 years ago

Literally the worst customer experience we have ever had. Giving 1 star because it won’t allow ZERO. Our appointment was at 3 pm. It’s 9:13 p.m. and my husband is just getting our dog back because we decided it had been long enough and we didn’t want to wait anymore. We had been calling every 30 minutes since 5:00 p.m. because no one called to give us an update otherwise, they just continued to say he was next every time we spoke. He was literally there for an allergy shot and we asked them to look at a couple scabs. The doctor calls at 8:55 p.m. to give me the laundry list of recommendations he has for our dog, which I then say I need to converse with my husband because the total was just short of $500! Once my husband called the office to let them know he was there to pick up our dog they said oh your dog will be another 30 minutes, your wife just confirmed everything we recommended. Blatant lie. Will NEVER be going back. The most horrible service we’ve ever received anywhere.

Jaymes Matteson

2 years ago

They recently had a dog escape their care, run into the road, and get hit by a car. They never even called the owner. Please beware when leaving your pets here that they do not monitor them

Heather Gallagher

3 years ago

We bought an Eclectus parrot as a baby and made an appointment for his first check up. After a 10 day wait for an appointment, we dropped him off at the scheduled time of 11:30 AM (due to COVID we were finally greeted at 11:40) and were told they were running behind and he would be ready in about 45 minutes. At 1:15 PM we had not heard an update and called; we were told 11:30 was the drop off time, not the time he would seen and the “hope” was to have him seen by 2 PM. After an unpleasant exchange, I was told “you can come get your bird if you find this unacceptable,” so that’s what we did. Upon arrival, I was asked to come inside to pick him up, and a female staff member was not wearing a mask. Birds and other animals are susceptible to COVID, and customers are forced to use curbside drop off while the staff feel they do not have to abide by the state law requiring mask use indoors. Our first visit, and absolutely our last!

Erin Kirkpatrick

3 years ago

They are a great vet, great doctor, the only thing is that the wait os crazy because they're so busy.

em earn

3 years ago

Terrible service, rude employees. Would not recommend to anyone. Called for information and was given an attitude and the person on the phone told me they didn't know how much the service would cost and got even ruder when I asked for an estimate. Took them about an hour to bring my pets out to my car after the vet told me they were ready for pick up and I told them I was out front. They continue to claim their faults are because they are "too busy" or "swamped", so I strongly recommend they get more employees or take less patients.

John Bangs

3 years ago

With a Sheppard pup, I asked a friend who is a large animal vet, who to see. Dr. Thompson was recommended. She has been very professional, took time to get to know our pup's history, and provided the vaccinations needed. Her lab tech, Darnell, is awesome with pets and people. Two thumbs up!

Lori Gritz

3 years ago

Excellent service, Robin, takes great care of my elderly cat and treat him with love. Good doctors and staff.

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