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Jan Dichoso

2 years ago

I’ve been going to this place for almost all of my dog’s life. They are prompt, honest, and professional. We followed Andrea when she ventured off Pets Mart and started a company of her own. She’s great.

D Macarthur

2 years ago

We use Happy Tails for daycare and our dog drags us through the door she enjoys it so much.

Josh Gravholt

2 years ago

I was recommended to go to happy tails for our two Labradoodles and we have not been disappointed. They are the only place that we have taken them in and around our home that knows how to properly cut a Labradoodle!

Lisa Lauritzen

2 years ago

My dog looked and smelled amazing after a full service grooming. He’s almost 16 years old and they treated him gingerly. They also gave him a very dapper schnauzer haircut. I highly recommend them!

Steven Reese

2 years ago

We've used Happy Tails for years for our grooming and boarding needs. Our Lily us always happy when we pick her up...a testament to the Happy Tail team.

Sylvia C

2 years ago

The OWNER was incredibly rude. She yelled at us for not brushing my dog's hair enough even after I told her I did. She then got mad at me for not bringing the dog back for a grooming earlier. I felt like a teenager being reprimanded by my mother. As a small business owner, I felt it was incredibly inappropriate. My neighbor also had a similar experience. Needless to say, I will not be back. I will say that my dog's grooming was great and had I not had that encounter I would be back 100%.

Aarti Bansal

3 years ago

Beware, you really get what you pay for. I brought my plush double-coated Keeshond, Shanti and they de-shedded her and completely removed her under coat. Shanti's coat was very wirey with coarse fur and looked like a different breed. While the de-shedding service was super cheap and enticing at only $60 compared to other groomer services at $150-200, it wasn't worth it. When I walked in, Shanti looked terrified and when I picked her up, she looked scared and traumatized. The other dogs getting groomed didn't look comfortable. I could sense it wasn't a good experience for her. The head groomer was not wearing a mask. They claimed Shanti had fleas, but we she has never had fleas before and took her to the vet a couple prior with no issues. I bet she contracted it here as it's not very sanitary. This grooming salon felt like a mill. While Coco Clips in Vienna is much more expensive, they put a lot of TLC and restored Shanti's fluffy thick coat. They were horrified when they saw Shanti's coat and claimed that the wrong tools were used for this delicate breed. Highly recommend Coco Clips in Vienna!

Dennis Matteucci

3 years ago

Great care for my old boy,totally happy with Marlo's grooming experience. See you in a couple weeks, thanks for caring

Liz Torres

3 years ago

Andrea and her team at Happy Tails do an absolutely fabulous job each and every time. Lily loves going to get groomed and we love how she looks! Have been going to them for at least 8 years of her almost 10 years of life!

Saba Iqbal Chaughtai

3 years ago

Terrible people. They injured my 11 month old puppy severely. I took him in on March 9th. The next day, he was bleeding from both ears profusely. I called the groomers and they didn’t care or even offer any advice on how to remedy the issue. Just kept arguing with me about how it was my fault the dog was matted. I took him to the vet and they determined that he had significant trauma to both ears. He is now on antibiotics, anxiety and pain medicines. It is now March 18 and he started bleeding again this morning. I just got off the phone with the doctor and she said he may need to be sedated so that they can take a closer look... His appointment is at 2pm. For 10 days straight, he has been hiding in a corner of the house. Completely traumatized. He won’t eat, he won’t play. He’s in terrible condition, I don’t even recognize him anymore. We called the owners of Happy Tails (Aiden and Andrea), sent them pictures and the doctors report but they didn’t even have the decency to respond. I can’t think of any other word but cruel to describe the whole situation. Don’t go here, they don’t deserve your business. Worst of all, I don’t know if they caused any permanent injury to my beautiful puppy... I feel so guilty for taking him there in the first place. FYI - they charged $85 for this horrid job. And didn’t even offer a refund. Just my vet bills are over $300 now. Andrea is the name of lady who did the grooming.

Nicole Acree

3 years ago

Happy Tails did a great job grooming my Golden Retriever! She looks so fresh and clean. Very happy with their service and prices!

Amy Ayre

3 years ago

Andrea does a great job. Our dog runs in, happy to be there. We have been going to Happy Tails for 6 years!

Andrew Whearty

3 years ago

The owner is the prototypical American success story and our dogs adore her. We wouldn't take our pups anywhere else.

baris karatas

3 years ago

Great Service My dog loves it there????????????

Claire Russell

3 years ago

Just picked my dogs up from daycare at Happy Tails. We’ve been going for about a year now and they LOVE it! Our lab mix hates car rides but totally changes his tune when we get close to daycare. Our boys are always tuckered out and so happy when we pick them up and sleep really well when they get home. It’s obvious the staff cares about our boys as well, they’re always happy to see our boys! We’re lucky to have found Happy Tails and 11/10 recommend!


3 years ago

I used the self wash

Ilona Reichenbach

3 years ago

Love taking my little George Michael here for his full-body haircut. Always turns out great! It’s easy to make an appointment with the fun and friendly staff. I love that they get to bring their dogs to work, and that their dogs get to run around and play together all day!

jiyoon chang

3 years ago

I was told my dog’s hair cut would be $50-$60. After the cut, it ended up being $70. When I asked what the reason was for the price increase, I was told that’s the regular price. Price for nail trim was also not accurate. Why does the staff not know basic information? I also requested for a short hair cut. My dog’s hair cut was not short enough. First time customer and I probably won’t return.

Rebecca Posante

3 years ago

The BEST cuts we’ve had for our poodle and shin Tzu!

Bahadır Dilber

4 years ago

Lovely cosy grooming place, family business, will definitely come back

Mehmet Tavan

4 years ago

My furry sons have been going there for 2 years, and we are happy with service and atmosphere there.

Mark Obradovich

4 years ago

This is the perfect place to take your pup to get a grooming. It has that family owned feel and everyone is super friendly. The groomers are extremely talented and take great care of the dogs. They have won my reoccuring business with their exceptional service.

Lizette Torres

4 years ago

Ive been taking my Bichipoo to Andrea for years, since she had her smaller place, and after having tried other more commercial groomers. So glad we found Happy Tails. Andrea is a gem!! So happy her business has expanded. She does everything with heart and has a real interest in making sure her clients (the dogs and their "parents") are completely satisfied with the grooming services and boarding experience! We are always so pleased and so is our Bichipoo!

Katherine Bates

4 years ago

I have my Westie groomed and have boarded her there also. I can't recommend them enough. My dog is always so excited when we pull up. She loves it there - and that says everything to me.

jessica Smith

4 years ago

As with every place there were pros and cons. First the pros. Pros: -Excellent Staff. Every single person was welcoming and punctual. -Very accommodating. Allowing us to bring their bed and toys is always nice. Additionally, they allowed our two dogs to room together at night. -Cage free boarding. The reason we chose them. Cons: -Expensive. We did 9 days 8 nights for our two dogs. One 55 lbs the other 26lbs. Total was $1000.00 and that did not include any grooming. Read the fine print. Nightly boarding does not include the daily rate. -Our dog got kennel cough. After we picked our dogs up I noticed one was very warm and not acting completely normal. $200 later she had kennel cough and with our other dog already being exposed he could potentially become infected as well costing another $200 or more dollars. No one mentioned her feeling unwell when we picked her up. So I have no idea how long she’s been sick. -Never gave an update on the dogs. They have an instagram but it is not kept updated with pictures. Not a big deal, but for long stays a mid-week message or email showing they’re fine would have been nice and a little comforting. -Those in the military do not receive a military discount. 15% was discounted for having a second dog. Not a problem but just a heads up for others. Overall I loved the staff and the manager was sweet as can be. However, seeing as how my dog got kennels cough I’m left a little upset and disappointed.

Jackie LeeHoffman

4 years ago

I have been going to Andrea for years. Since when she had a small shop. I drop my dogs off, she tells me she will call when she is done. She calls and I come and pick up the dog as soon as I can. I work, so it depends on my work schedule. It has been like this for years. I dropped my doggies at 8 am. They called at 12:00 according to my phone. I had meetings and was going to pick them up asap. I get a VM at 2:30, you haven't pick the dogs up and you need to call asap. I call as I am getting in the car, Andrea said that I did not select aftercare, so I need to pick them up. I get there and I pick up my dogs by 3:18. I wanted to talk about how the calls came across in rude manner. She said it is their policy that I need to pick the dogs up within 3-4 hrs. (yes, look at the times) after she is done. she said she is not going to "argue" about it? I left and called her back to set the record straight. Bottom line, she is driven to make more money by charging $15 day care fee regardless of time after grooming. Did I fuss when she only groomed one dog last time and charged me for day care for the second dog. I had to wait for two hours in the near by shopping center? No. Things happens. Did I fuss when my dog got an eye infection that needed medications when I picked him up from grooming? No. It happens. She made her business, dogs, her problems. This happens when you get so greedy. I was proud that she worked hard to open an bigger shop. This is far away and her outlook and behavior tipped this service to one star. Not going back!

Jack Berens

4 years ago

My pup looks great and the staff is friendly and caring. My maltese is normally stressed when visiting the groomer or vet but my pup was relaxed and calm when I picked her up.

Eric M

4 years ago

Happy Tails does a great job and our dogs love it there.

Deb Dickerson

4 years ago

Molly my 10 mon. old Wheaten terrier loves to go shop for bones here. She then looks for Star, a gorgeous grey kitty who was raised with dogs. They play! I love the place because the staff knows you and can answer all of your questions. Andrea is a cool groomer who knows breed cuts for grooming. Fun, knowledgable, informed re merchandise! I am moving to the Eastern Shore and will really miss this store and its crew!

chad thevenot

4 years ago

They do a good job. But they are expensive.

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