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Faiad Shaban

2 years ago

First time mini Labradoodle I will update with pics however first impressions are awesome. They have a great staff. Very responsive and the babies are not caged while they wait. Great pricing, definite recommendation

Barbara Fleming

2 years ago

I've used this place several times for day care. I like the outside area for them to play in, but everytime I have asked to see the indoor area the dogs are put into, they have a reason why I cant see it. I'd really like to see the play area they put them in.

Kathy Greene

2 years ago

Love the staff! They take excellent care of Charles and Sadie Ruth!

Melissa P

2 years ago

This place has been a blessing to us! We have a deaf mini aussie with probably isolation issues. He hates being left home alone crated or not, alone or with our two other girls, he would bark till no end. We were worried he wouldn't be accepted here because of his disability but we wanted to socialize him. They did his testing and when our fur baby was in the back playing with the other doggies, they called us to go see thru a little window they have outside (COVID precautions) which I think it's great because we got to see how he felt at easy and had no anxiety. We left him the first day and when we picked dhom up they have us his "report card" and I just fell in love how detailed they are and he was so happy and exhausted! The staff is always so nice, they maintain COVID precautions by not letting too many people on the lobby when picking up the fur babies, they always have a nice demeanor when interacting with people and they have a Facebook page where they are always posting pics of the the doggos playing around through the day.


2 years ago

I went here quite frequently ever since I got a new dog. Now I have two dogs. But recently, I don't know if the staff's attitude has changed or if there are newly untrained staff for the front desk, but they aren't as friendly as before. If you have two dogs that live under the same roof, make sure you are getting a discount for daycare. I informed one of the staffers today about this and she blatantly said that there was no discount until she checked and realized there was a discount for those who had more than one dog and both went to the same daycare. I almost paid more than I needed to. I understand if newly trained staffers may not be used to the rules, but I expected at least an apology, which wasn't given. Last time I went they charged me for a full day when I went for a half day. Later they assigned me credit, but they informed to mention to them whether it's a full or half day. Is this not shown in your systems? I never had a problem with this before until recently. Is it so hard to double check? It isn't hard for me to inform the staff whether it's a full or half day, but I'd like an attitude where they would be happy to double check rather than immediately deny whatever I am saying as wrong. Also, if you are applying for another dog for daycare, make sure you emphasize or let them know you have another dog and MAKE SURE they know because even if they knew they made a separate profile for my 2nd dog and it led to complications with billing. It's sad because this place used to be better but recently my expectations of this APC have been lowered. Maybe they have enough clients meaning enough $? I don't know. Whatever the case, I am going to look for another daycare, hopefully they notice this and start changing. Otherwise, I recommend looking for other places before you check this place out. It's hard to get a reservation anyway.

Steven Landry

2 years ago

Kerri is amazing! Her care for Cleo, our senior kitty, allowed us to relax and enjoy our vacation.

Kelley Baskin

2 years ago

My dog loves going here and Stacy is so good at grooming him (mini poodle mix) but every time he’s at daycare he comes home smelling like urine. He’s white so you can literally see the yellow patches of urine on him. Also he’s gotten kennel cough from there before and after a recent 2 day boarding visit he came home with conjunctivitis in his left eye. It’s just not worth boarding or bringing him to daycare there. Besides the front office staff could be friendlier; they’ve gotten worse over the years.

Chris Rasmus

2 years ago

Nice facility, prepared paperwork online, well thought out process for evaluation and checkin, nice facility, good value, well staffed

Beatrace R

2 years ago

They are always so sweet and I feel very comfortable leaving my girl here when we have to go out of town. Highly recommend!

Kelly O'Brien

2 years ago

The staff is always courteous and do a great job with our Scottish Terrier.

Aimee Burns

2 years ago

I cannot say enough good things about APC. I have been bringing my puppy, Bella, since she was about 4 months old and she loves going. We recently boarded her and got a great report card about how much fun she had. Sadly, as Bella has gotten older, she has started to not get along with our other dog, so we have had to make the difficult decision to rehome her. When I was dropping off Bella for daycare, Roy (one of the managers) overheard me mentioning this to the person at the front desk and offered to take me into the office to talk about it. He was beyond kind and comforting - more than words could express - and made it clear that he (and the rest of APC) was more than willing to help out in any way they could. We have found a new home for Bella and are waiting on some details to be sorted with her new family, and to help keep the stress level down at home with our other dog, needed to board her for a few days last minute. When I called to arrange this, I spoke with Carrie (another manager) on the phone. Once again, I was blown away with how genuine and caring she was to our situation at home and said Bella could absolutely stay. Carrie also offered her assistance in any capacity she could. Having to rehome your dog is one of the hardest decisions to make and knowing that there are others who are caring, sensitive, and willing to help in whatever way they can helps tremendously. I know Bella's new family is planning on keeping her going to APC and I couldn't be happier!


2 years ago

Affectionate pet care? More like abusive pet care. DO NOT bring your pets here. A former worker has told me they treat your pets badly. They don’t follow specific instructions with aggressive dogs. They treat their overnight shift terrible and overcrowd your dogs in the rooms. There was a disabled dog that was not handled correctly and was stuck in its spot because it was paralyzed. The former worker has so many other stories about how they treat your pets. PLEASE DO NOT BRING YOUR PETS HERE if you believe they deserve the best possible care.

Meghan May

2 years ago

Please don't bring your dog here. I spoke with an associate in May to book my dog for boarding the weekend of my wedding in August. They said I was all set and just needed to book a behavior evaluation for her which made sense. They recommended waiting until a couple weeks prior to boarding. I brought her Monday and they said she was quiet and didn't want to play with the other dogs (I later realized they had all the dogs outside and it was no exaggeration, 99 degrees out). So they wanted to have her do doggy day care for a day and then make a decision if she was "safe for boarding" (she goes to the dog park and has play dates with her doggy friends all the time but definitely has separation issues). I was okay with that - brought her for doggy day care today. I was a little nervous so they said they would give me a report card of how she did at the end of the day. I came to pick her up and they said they have no record of the boarding request for August, already have too many dogs scheduled and can't accommodate her. No apologies, no offer or discount for me literally wasting my money this week for the sole purpose of boarding her and it's now 3 weeks before my wedding and no one to watch my dog. To make matters worse there was no report card and no one could comment on how my dog did all day while I was at work for 9 + hours. Would never bring my dog here again.

Stephanie Roane

2 years ago

I used them many years ago. Recommend them highly

Yosef Statman

2 years ago

My dog loves this place and is always tired when he comes home

Leanna Feinleib

2 years ago

This place seems to have a staff that really cares about the dogs, but the issue is that the owners of the company have NO cap for how many dogs they’ll take at a time. Which means they’ll have 50+ dogs in one room with one staff member watching them! Theres no way they’re able to give a good standard of safety and pet care if there’s that many. I’d feel better about bringing my pup back there if there was some way to make sure they weren’t just sticking my dog in a room with 50 others, it’s neglectful! I just don’t trust my dog is safe here.

Marina Victoire

2 years ago

My dog loves going there

Sigmund Graetzer

2 years ago

This place is always busy and I understand why. Friendly, helpful staff step from what I can tell really care about your pets! Good grooming service and affordable prices

candice mccoy

2 years ago

My dog LOVES to come here. When we first went he was hesitant to even walk through the door. Now he runs in! I take him most Saturdays at a minimum because he sleeps for 3 to 4 days after so much play. I love the report cards that they give and his report is always the same....he loved to play ALL DAY. We live in the area for work so we don't really have family here to watch him when we travel. I'm glad we have a place to take our dog for cage free boarding that he enjoys. I bet he doesn't even notice when we are gone for several days lol. Oh and after his baths he looks so handsome and smells so good. Highly recommend.

chris mannarino

2 years ago

We had a grooming appointment on the calendar for two weeks. My dog is very fluffy and needs a summer cut to avoid overheating. 2 weeks after making the appointment, they call us and cancel our appointment because they claimed he was too anxious the last time he got groomed. I understand if you don’t want to see a dog a again, but to let us schedule the appointment, go to the vet and pay for medication to calm him down during the grooming, and then call us TWO WEEKS later to cancel our appointment was absurd and rude. On top of this, before canceling they rescheduled us multiple times and would rarely answer the phone. We are very disheartened they turned our boy Sully and now have to seek other options before Summer.

William Mueller

2 years ago

great facility. the crew really loves you pet. they take such care, like it was their own.

Kathryn Robair

3 years ago

My puppy loved going to day care here! The staff is wonderful and very familiar with the dogs in their care.

Peter Running

3 years ago

Great, caring staff!! Highly recommended their services

Cary Nelson

3 years ago

My grand-dog is always happy and worn out after her day at affectionate pet care. They take good care of her and groom her wonderfully.

Courtney Culbreath

3 years ago

We start doggie day care in 2 days, but I am already impressed with APC. They set me up with a pet taxi for my pup to be transported to daycare since I leave so early in the morning for work. I love the no cage set up and constant exercise and play for the dogs. We will definitely be using the grooming. Update! She has gone to daycare 8 times and used the grooming service. She comes home tired from all the fun she's been having during the day. Her confidence is also much improved. I would recommend APC to anyone!

Teresa Black

3 years ago

They love your best friend as much as you do! My ???? loves going and is always so happy and tired after her stay. It is clean, friendly and conveniently located.


3 years ago

We've been taking our two standard poodles here to get groomed for years. They always do a great job. The daycare and boarding is really unique. I love that everything is completely cage free.

Michael Feiring

3 years ago

The staff has always been friendly and helpful, in person and over the phone. Had to call just yesterday 12-DEC-2020 to get a copy of my dogs vaccines and they sent it before we were even off the phone. They clearly care for every animal from the smallest kitten to the occasional great dane.

Mary Ellen Webb

3 years ago

My puppy has been going since he was 9 weeks old once or twice a week. The staff is attentive and friendly and he loves going there.

Lois Witkop

3 years ago

We love APC! Our 7-month old pup is the third dog we have entrusted to their care, both for day care and overnight boarding. Our girl is always eager to jump out of the car when we pull up to the door for drop-off, and the staff is consistently attentive and loving. We highly recommend!

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