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Benjamin Kaiser

2 years ago

They staff was great. We couldn't even get in at the emergency vets closer to our house, one of them was a 36 hour wait! We were able to be seen here within 2 hours of calling. They ended up keeping our dog overnight and provided him with excellent care. They communicated with us about options and prices throughout the process.

Patricia Kaiser

2 years ago

I found Emergency Animal Hospital when I called 5 other 24/7 Emergency pet hospitals and they either were at capacity or had a 10-14hr wait. One Vet didn't give me a time frame but told me how many pets were infront of mine, which was 17 so I checked into that one. It ended up being a 28hr wait because pets "more critical" than mine came in. I don't know how they can determine that without even laying eyes on my dog. I finally found Emergency Animal Hospital and they got him in 2 hrs after I registered him. The Dr called me multiple times to let me know what she suspected and what was discovered. She went over multiple treatment options before we settled on how to proceed. The xrays did have to be sent out, we were determining if he had an obstruction so I was happy for the second opinion. That was another charge, but it is an Emergency room so I expected higher fees. Everyone I spoke to was very nice and answered all of my questions. Even when I raised concerns about leaving him over night with a snow storm coming, they could have been rude to me but instead they were empathetic of my concerns and explained nicely why it was important to keep him over night. I also ended up paying less than what they quoted me. I am so grateful to have found them.. I recommend them to anyone and would go there again.

joann Shipley

2 years ago

My baby girl had multiple seizures in 24 hours and the last one did her in. All other ER Vets closer to me said they were at capacity or there was a 5-7 hr wait. Seriously?!?!?!? I called, and they were also at capacity with an Emergency surgery, but they told me to bring her in right away and they would help me. I have been here once before and will never go anywhere else. They were so kind and compassionate. Today I received the most beautiful sympathy card from them today. This place is priceless!!!

Kylie Woodall

2 years ago

Absolutely phenomenal team here. I’ve been here with my pet dogs, my mother’s dogs, and my service dog over the years and each and every time the staff has been so friendly and reassuring. I have had times here where I arrive in a panic, ready to burst into tears because I’m so worried about my beloved furbabies, and the caring and kind manner of the doctors, techs, and reception all put me at ease. I can take a deep breath and not worry so much, because I know my pups are in the very best of hands getting amazing quality of care.

Sabrina Stefan

2 years ago

I’m so grateful for this place. My cat got sick and of course it’s a Sunday when no one is open. This is not our primary vet but it definitely would be if we lived closer. We came in for an emergency appointment and my cat was seen in a couple of hours. They kept me updated and were very upfront with how much everything was going to cost. My cat is my entire world and thanks to these people I still get to snuggle my baby boy. Thank you very much to all of the kind staff there today/tonight. Dr Kelly Castano, thank you sincerely…I know it’s your job but you made me feel so at ease and I’m grateful you were there tonight.

Jennifer Sheer

2 years ago

They took care of my puppy after she ate a chocolate cupcake. Prompt and knowledgeable service, reasonable prices, kind staff.

George Syfert

2 years ago

If Google would do more than five stars I would definitely leave it. Tonight I had to take my 8 week old puppy girl to the er vet, I tried a few vets closer to me but was told had no availability for today leaving me with the only option of the er vet. I called ahead to check availability was told the wait was about a hr and to do online check in which I did. they called me saying they were ready for her right as I was pulling in. Already a good start in my book. My little 8 week old girl was seen by Dr. Burgess and her staff within 10 mins Dr. Burgess was calling me with her diagnosis and within a hour we were already heading back home with our little girl. When we got home all she wants to do is play and play just like a puppy should be. Thank you Dr. Burgess and to your team Sincerely, Angel and her owners ❤️

Kim Winkel

2 years ago

Comparing. Compassionate.Place. Great service in our time of grief

Daniel Nace

2 years ago

My cat needed emergency surgery after she caught her tail in our basement cat door. We were struggling to find anywhere that could take her on a Friday night emergency call. Initially they said they were full, but to call back if we couldn't find anywhere else. After calling several other hospitals, we called back and they said to bring her in. They were willing to squeeze her in even though they were short staffed that evening, and ended up being there over an hour past their scheduled closing time. So thankful that they were willing to do that as we couldn't find anywhere else. The cost was about $800 for an emergency partial tail amputation surgery including pain meds in the hospital and to go home, which to me seemed reasonable given the situation.

Katie Bellinger

2 years ago

Everyone seemed very friendly and I'm sure my puppers was treated wonderfully but the communication between shift change was terrible. I was so stressed out and anxious and every new person who called to give an update gave me completely different information. I had no clue what to do. It was so stressful. I would discuss a plan with one Vet and the next would make it seem like that was a horrible idea. When I voiced my frustration I was met with attitude like I should have known better (as if this happens to me all he time). Then after everything was said and done and almost 2 weeks passed my card was charged for $500 more! When I called to get this fixed and was audibly stressed out (can you blame me?) the person took it personal and had an attitude. When you make accidents like that you could potentially really inconvenience someone's entire life. It took all weekend to get it straightened out and are still waiting for the money to be put back into the account. They believe the card was charged for someone else's pet, at least that's what the person on the phone mentioned. I hope to not need an emergency vet again or anytime soon but I more than likely would not go back to this one.

Paige Huller

2 years ago

we brought our cat baby here, he unfortunately passed away. we do not blame the hospital or workers at all for that. we are upset with how they handled everything afterward. a worker called us and said “it’s not good news. (cat’s name) has passed away.” as all of us assumed this was going to be a visit we picked him up from, there was a shock in everyone who heard — the first time the worker told us, the name of the cat cut out, we asked her to repeat herself. the next two times she repeated herself she seemed more annoyed each time, the “whats” we’re going from the room being shocked not asking her to repeat the information. regardless, there was no real reason for her to be annoyed. she eventually asked if she “should call back?”, one of us said yes. after calling back and talking to her, it seemed as though she was bored of the conversation. i understand you have been through this many times but this was our one baby. today was the day we went to pick up our cat’s remains, we called, let them know we were there, they asked us to come to the door. the worker walked out handed OUR BABY to SOMEONE ELSE, she did not confirm or even check who was there for him. the lady realized the bag was a memorial bag and was very shocked and concerned and had to knock on the door because the worker walked back inside. i had to ask the worker if that was our cat and she nervous chuckled and said yes while handing it to me. no condolences, it was as though she was handing us take out food instead of our baby. this told us that there is no procedure for taking care and having respect for our family’s loss. TLDR; workers cared when cat first came in, after he passed they cared much less and attitudes were dull in response to questions. worst part was the worker handing his remains to another customer without confirming they belonged to her and the customer walked away as the nurse went inside. definitely letting friends and family know how they act after the passing of a beloved pet.

Deb Hunter

2 years ago

Called on a Sunday to alert staff I was bringing my dog in to be seen. When I arrived, was told it would be about a three hour wait. Should have been alerted to this when I first called. Waited 2 hours watching people/pets come and go.Went to door and asked how much longer and was told they would take my dog and I could go get a coffee and site see. It would be about 4 more hours and then even longer if tests or hospitalization was needed. At that point I took my dog and left. Quality of care even for pets should not take 8 hours in EMERGENCY vet office. Makes me wonder what kind of care we would have received. Not impressed ????

Ali Fayle

2 years ago

Brought dog in for potential obstruction and vet refuses to xray and review, rather will only take images and send out to be reviewed. Why would you have a vet at an ER that can't read xrays??? Beyond ridiculous.

lizzy rice

2 years ago

Our 3 year old cat suffered from a blood clot in his legs due to heart disease, which is difficult to diagnose in cats without knowledge of their lineage and genetics. Whoever was on duty the night of June 6th had zero tact and should not be trusted to deal with pet owners. Not only did they refuse to offer our cat treatment or pain medication, they assessed his condition and insisted we euthanize him within two minutes of seeing him, then refused to let us inside to say goodbye. We may have trusted the staff’s professional opinions had they shown any sympathy or interest in providing explanation and details. The main vet hung up on me when I finished interrogating him on our cat’s other options. Eventually, we called and found a great pet ER that was willing to provide a treatment plan for our cat, and he healed tremendously overnight. We had a chance to say goodbye to him and know we did everything we could for him before he ultimately succumbed to a second blood clot. This hospital is ill equipped and disgracefully apathetic to pet owners losing a cherished family member.

Michael N

2 years ago

Great staff, have clear explanations of all tests, procedures needed to diagnose foot injury. Thankfully we have pet embrace insurance and they are able to over 80% off the $1100 bill. * I cannot stress enough how important it is to have pet insurance!!! We use embrace which is the best on the market and it’s not expensive* These emergency visits can add up quickly. Pet insurance really helps when it’s needed.

michele benbow

2 years ago

I will take my pets anywhere but here in the future. I've been here several times for various reasons and the service became worse and worse with each visit. Always a wait time of over 4 hours sitting in the parking lot. Great communication when they explain the money, but getting updates is difficult. Extremely expensive, my bill was over a grand which I paid. I Could not get the refill from pharmacy in time before I ran out of medication they prescribed for my dog so I called them for a refill and was told that my dog needed to be brought in again and that would be another 150.00 plus meds just for a refill that they already prescribed 6 days earlier. It was heart medication so it was extremely important and they just didn't even care they just wanted more money and would not make an exception. I won't even go into detail about their staff.

Heather Brake

2 years ago

Whatever you do, do not under any circumstance take your animals here. There are not enough words in the English language to describe how utterly terrible this establishment is. Absolutely no concern, compassion or care for you or your pet. Do yourself a favor and go anywhere else. You would get better care from the clerk at the 7-11.

Thamara Jaramillo

2 years ago

the staff really loves animals, upfront with costs, it's an Emergency room so the wait time can be long which is understandable, highly recommend!

Sharon Myers

2 years ago

Terrible Service, disrespectful and unprofessional. It's truly disgraceful the prices that are charged when you are in need of an emergency to take care of your pet that is a member of your family. If your looking for an answer to your pets condition don't take them there.

Rebecca Sirak

2 years ago

My dog had a tick and it was very very swollen. We got there and they had him in and out in 2 minutes with no charge. Thank you so much

Nicole Myers

2 years ago


Matthew Brake

2 years ago

Worst vet ever!!! Do not go here no matter what!!!

Clairellen McLaughlin

3 years ago

Very aware of animal’s feelings along with their family. They do everything possible to diagnose and treat your pet compassionately.

michele beaupin

3 years ago

Just awesome. A special thank you to Dr Hughes and the assistant or nurse who helped this past Sunday (I'm sorry that i didn't get your name) with my elderly kitty Monkey whose kidneys finally and suddenly shut down during a very busy night for you. To the other assistants/nurses who helped me on the phone also a heartfelt thank you. Both my cat and i could not have been more comforted and supported by you or anyone else. You were so patient, kind, and reassuring that you felt like family; and it is obvious that you know to treat the life and death situations more urgently than those that aren't. You were honest about his prognosis and never pushed expensive tests that would distress him more, but still made me feel comfortable if I decided to go ahead with them. In the end, you allowed me to make a calm and informed decision for the best for Monkey by explaining kindly and objectively what the outcomes could be. In addition, the bill was more than reasonable - this was unfortunately not my first time around in the rodeo but the first time at your ER so I know - and i'm grateful for that too, you don't know how much. God bless you.

Ruby Cruz

3 years ago

They took our baby ???? in right away. They gave us multiple treatment options to fit our budget. Thank you from Luis, Ruby and Lío

Willie Wilson

3 years ago

6 hour for a x-ray and a needle will never return here ever !!!!!!

Julie Yowell

3 years ago

I had to take my kitten to the ER for ingesting a plant with possible toxicity. the front desk was helpful snd friendly and the technician handling the case was knowledgeable, personable, patient snd willing to explain any treatment plan questions i had. i believe her name was Tina. Dr Lida was the vet on the case and she made it a point to call snd talk to me directly so we could make sure i understood everything happening. i’m so thankful they took care of my little girl snd she is healthy as can be now. thank you to all the vets and support staff.

Jennifer Funk

3 years ago

Our regular vet was closed over the weekend and we needed to get our 14-week old puppy treated for a UTI. Although we waited a very long time (lots of emergencies that day), we completely understood. We waited in the parking lot (due to COVID-19 restrictions), but the staff kept us up to date by coming out to the car with current information about our pup. They kept our pup over night, and we had two updates directly from the Vet which were very helpful. They also kept us up to date with planned treatment and estimated costs. I hope to never have to visit again, but if I do have an emergency, I will bring my dogs there for sure. Thank you for taking such good care of our puppy!


3 years ago

Had to take our dog in one night for an emergency re-suture 5 days after his neutering procedure. They were quick to assess and bring him in, and helped us put a rigid cone on him while was sedated to prevent any licking during the healing process. The stitching was done very very well by Dr. Castano I believe - it has been 6 days, and it is closing without any issues. When we had questions, they were quick to respond and gave us solid advice through e-mail.

Michelle Borda

3 years ago

One of my beloved Chihuahuas, Francis, had vaccines at 2:30 p.m. with our regular veterinarian. At 9:00 p.m., I noticed that Francis was scratching under his arms and face, with hives erupting everywhere. Then, huge lumps appeared on his face at it started to swell. I called my vet (who we adore!) and he advised on giving him Benadryl, which we did. About 20 minutes passed and the hives were even worse with his skin a bright red. I called two emergency hospitals near my home: one said they were not accepting new pets due to "capacity," and the other had a two hour wait. I then called Emergency Animal Hospital of Ellicott City. The receptionist was very warm and friendly and concerned: he told me to bring our Francis to them ASAP. When we arrived, a tech came to the parking lot and immediately took him inside to the vet for treatment. The vet administered steroids and more benadryl, and observed him for an additional 30 minutes out of precaution. I am happy to report that by the time we arrived home, Francis' hives were completely gone and he was back to his old self. The vet did give me extensive instructions on care for the next five days (which includes benadryl every 12 hours). The fee was extremely modest for their stellar work. Thank you Emergency Animal Hospital of Ellicott City for caring, and thank you for helping my sweet Francis!!

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