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Andrew Pindell

2 years ago

Great place. Had what I needed

Joseph Smith

2 years ago

Great alternative to the big box stores. Recently purchased a ball python and they have many different sizes of frozen mice for feeding. Even if you aren't in need of anything at the moment, it's worth stopping in.

Stacy Galban McCurdy

2 years ago

The rudest staff. It reeked of weed and the employees were jsut wondering around not helping and looking bothered. When it came time to check out the employee was so beyond mean. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this place


2 years ago

The people really know about the animals and are really good at helping you get the stuff you need. They are superrrr friendly. Got my hedgehog their and he is doing amazing!

Paul Pendergrass

2 years ago

Fanatic staff absolutely loved my experience here. Staff were very friendly and store was very well kept and all their animals seemed happy and healthy. I bought my bearded dragon from them and she so far is very happy and enjoying her new home! Helped my family get their new bunny as well and took great care of her. Only reason this review is not 5 stars is simply due to the fact that 1, the cage I bought from the store (I'm sure it was pre owned I'm fine with that) had melt damage on inner framing from someone leaving a heat lamp, really bummed me out when I went out after and got decorations for her. And 2 the bigger reason, I asked for everything I need as I had done my homework but I wanted someone I saw as more professional just double check me, I repeatedly asked if I had everything I needed and that budget is no problem and they let me walk out the door with a heat lamp but no UVB. I only found out how important this was when I got home and had to immediately go get one. Other than that this store is fanatic and I would highly recommend it to locals.

niri dahal

2 years ago

Got our bunny from them.Very helpful and explained everything about bunnies needs

Karen Vartan

2 years ago

The young sales clerk was helpful but in the end he sold me a product that was too big for my dog and is no longer returnable. He didn't read the package information, which stated how to size the muzzle. The muzzle straps were so extremely long I had to cut them, but even shortened up, the poor dog couldn't see through the muzzle which was so big it just rested below his eyes. Total bust.

Jen Abulencia

2 years ago

Great selection of items for all sorts of animals. They also sell all sorts of animals. Staff is very friendly and kept checking if I needed anything

Belinda VanBuren

2 years ago

I got my bunny Maeve from here had her for a year the place is very clean and the workers are friendly

ceo Company

2 years ago

Always have everything you need

sara l

2 years ago

This low score is only in reference to their fish and fish keeping practices. When I visited looking for aquatic plants I noticed several dead and dying fish in their tanks. Any aquarium hobbyist knows that fish die in fish stores. It's expected. The issue is that their filtration is set up so that water from several different tanks is filtered through one system. This means that fouled water from tanks containing sick and dead fish is being circulated in every tank hooked up to that filtration system. Best practices dictate that the next step would be to remove the affected fish from their tanks in order to prevent the spread of illness. When I talked to an employee about it they stated that they had no intention of removing the sick and dead fish from their tanks. I did not feel comfortable buying plants from this store, much less livestock. Don't buy fish here.

Deena Englander

2 years ago

Our favorite pet store. They have everything you need and take great care of their pets.

Julia Hurlock

2 years ago

Only reason it’s getting 2 stars is because people who work there seem to know what they are talking about. Bought 4 fish, less then 48 hours ago and all 4 have died. I only spent $20 but still. I would expected them to last longer then a day. The first fish died within the first 6 hours. The tank was a tank that has 4 other completely fine fish in it. I will NEVER be back.

Shawn Cross

2 years ago

The young guys at the shop are super friendly and knowledgeable (Thanks Fish guy). They are a small store but have wall to wall merchandise, so there is chance they have what you need. Only complaint the fish tanks need a DEEP cleaning.

Candi Love

2 years ago

Aren't very helpful at all.

Kathy Poe

2 years ago

This was my first time in the store and I will definitely be going back. Staff was very helpful. Answer my questions and explained things very well.

Leslie Yamileth

2 years ago

I got my baby bunny from Todays pet and i love her so much!!!


2 years ago

My cat doesn't eat food from other stores. She is above them.

Tamekia Hodge

2 years ago

We LOVED Today's Pet!! we bought the cutest bunny and the staff was super kind and informative! thx guys!!

Truely Bless and Highly Favor

2 years ago

June 4, 2021_ Friday The staff help me with showing me different options for me to try for my cat ???? Bing Bong & my dog ???? Yewande being very picky about their food . He was very patience and not rushing or try to sell me anything just to get a sell. I am trying Stella & Chewy Raw for yewande also trying out Cat it for Bing Bong .

Philippe Bouvier

2 years ago

Tons of selection, product and pet wise. Very reasonable prices.

Charles Garcia

2 years ago

Knowledgeable, friendly, and excellent customer service is what you will recieve at Today's Pet!

Eric Moret

2 years ago

Love this shop. Great, knowledgeable staff - large selection of birds, reptiles, fish, and rodents - wide variety of toys, foods, and general kit. They hand-raise they're birds so they're already tame and used to people when they're ready to come home.

Joyce Wheeler

2 years ago

June 4, 2021 Friday Staff help me by giving me options to try out for Bing Bong the ???? cat & Yewande the ???? dog are very picky eaters. The broth is to be add to Stella and Chewy dog food trying to get yewande to eat her food. Bing Bong will be trying out New Cat Food call "CAT IT". Thank for taking the time to help me and being very patience with me , it means so much to me .

Melli Balcer

2 years ago

Everyone was very helpful animals where well contained had everything you needed we got a bunny with everything we needed there and they let you hold animals. They give you a care sheet and everything you need to do

Gilberto Contreras

3 years ago

The service was good and everyone there was nice.

Marsckel Dia

3 years ago

Excellent!!!! Great staff!!!! Large variety of pet supplies, had a pill popper in stock when other big chain stores did not..????. Will use again!!! Great find located beside Costco in Columbia.


3 years ago

I only go here once in a great while to buy things for my dog. It smells so bad in this place that it makes me nauseated. Actually glad to be wearing a mask or two and even still the smell comes through. I've been in lots of pet stores in my life and none have had such a stench. Are they not cleaning the cages enough? I don't know but they should do something.

Rachal Shirey

3 years ago

I always love coming here. I've been coming here since I was a kid. They always have such unique animals.


3 years ago

Really confused as to why people are complaining about them no longer selling puppies. Apparently you guys do not know the law. It has been illegal for pet stores to sell puppies in the state of Maryland for 2+ years now. No pet stores sell puppies!!!! Here is the stated law: Maryland pet store puppy sale ban upheld in court. A federal judge has upheld Maryland's ban on retail pet stores selling puppies and kittens, which took effect Jan. ... Larry Hogan (R) signed the bill prohibiting such sales in 2018, making Maryland the second state in the country, behind California, to have such a ban.

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