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Miss Miracles

2 years ago

If I could afford to go somewhere else I would. Not a fan of not being able to go in with my pets.

Kevin Robinson

2 years ago

We've been taking our Siamese cat Marshmallow here and have had no issues. They've always been willing to answer any/all of our questions and we certainly appreciate the post visit follow up phone calls.

Bribowser G

2 years ago

Went here for years. OK for routine vaccinations. Otherwise, go to Elkridge Animal Hospital up the road. The staff is nice, but Dr. Singh was always coarse, and it felt like he didn't care. My cat had to be put down by another vet, and he said 3 weeks prior that she was fine, it was just allergies and anxiety. He's a very "we'll see what happens" doctor, rather than a "let's figure out what's happening" doctor, if that makes any sense.

Emibel Ortega

2 years ago

Absolutely HORRIBLE costumer service. The girl that answered the phone this morning had a HORRIBLE attitude. You call the office with concerns about your pup and you are left angry after speaking clearly with someone who should still be in High School. So unprofessional. NOT WORTH IT.

Hamilton Shoop

2 years ago

Great veterinarian. Knows his stuff and totally happy with this place.


2 years ago

Curbside service is being used to their advantage. Took my pet for an appointment because I had some concerns. I arrived at the clinic and they tell me I'm not allowed to go inside with my pet. I thought this was strange as restrictions have eased for the most part, despite delta. I told the girl who came outside about my concerns and expressed that I really needed to speak to the veterinarian. The girl took my pet inside the clinic for a check up. Within 5 minutes of my pet going inside I see the veterinarian going inside the clinic at the same time the girl is coming out with my pet. So I asked her why she brought her back so soon, if there was a problem and what did the vet say about my pet's condition? She replied that they took care of my pet and the veterinarian will call me back, but couldn't talk to me because he had an emergency and had to leave. This the 2nd time of the week the veterinarian had emergencies and couldn't take care of his patients. I asked to purchase food for my pet and the girls went back and forth, running around and end up telling there was no food to sell me. I asked if they could order some and call me to go back to purchase the food. Next day comes and I don't hear from the veterinarian, I called several times and asked to speak with him and was denied. They told me he will get back to me and discuss my pet's issues. It's been 4 weeks. I never heard from this veterinarian after calling him several times on different days. They never called me back to purchase my pet's food. They billed me for the visit when they didn't even gave me the service I requested and took my money. Veterinarian does NOT care for the animals it's all about him. I find this very disrespectful and unprofessional. Plus it is really strange you cannot go inside with your pet! It's all about making money and not caring for the animals. I would never recommend thus clinic to anyone, they should be shut down for their negligence and incompetence.

Amy Deluca

2 years ago

We had a sick appointment for our cat and we appreciated how everything was explained to us.

Sonia Acuna

2 years ago

Horrible treatment from the front desk, I called got my appointment to bring my Yorkie in pain, he's been their patient for many years, and then I called when I'm there telling them I'm even 15 minutes earlier, they say they come and pick him up,they never did, I calledthem back and they say I canceled the appointment and that is for Saturday. They lied that I cancel de appointment, I was there on time in the parking lot. WOMAN was so rude and making fun, she's totally unprofessional and crazy.They used to be ok, now they treat customers like they are there for free

Patricia Capogrossi

2 years ago

First visit. Everyone was very professional and kind. They care about our pets. Very pleased with the service I received for my kitten.

Ashley Daniels

2 years ago

**UPDATE to inform you all that because of this facility's lack of care, my friend's pet DIED. ** This place has almost killed SEVERAL of my friend's pets. I mean SEVERAL. There is no compassion, follow through, or concern. It truly is about money at this facility. If you've had a difficult time here, please get a second opinion before it is too late.

Amy Frost

2 years ago

I have a Great Dane that's has been seen here many times. They always take great care of him and the Dr. Is very knowledgeable. It's hard to find a place that works so well with large breeds. I appreciate the staff and Dr. And have always been treated kindly. My Dane won't go with anybody willingly so when 140 lb dog hits the brakes it's a challenge. But they always have been able to convince him he wants to go with them. So with that being said. They obviously make it a good experience for him every time.

Cody FK_H8R

2 years ago

way too expensive to be treated terribly. super weird that you still can’t go in with your cat when even hospitals have loosened covid restrictions. they said it is a lot to make that transition…. so every other business has been able to transition back to letting people inside, but this one vet cannot? pretty sure they want to keep doing curbside so they can let your pet sit in the back in a cage while overbooking appointments and having no patience with humans. animals can’t talk, so who knows what is happening behind closed doors. literally pick any other vet in the area and they HAVE to be better than this place.


2 years ago

Will never be back . All of the staff including the vet have attitudes and do not care about the pets . Over-priced and knew my cat didn’t have much chance of surviving but acted like he was just a little sick and charged for a bunch of medicine that did not help him at all as he was already too far gone .

Lindsey Sanders

2 years ago

over priced. knew our cat was critically ill, charged an extreme amount for testing, allowed us to take him home and said call back monday if he isn’t better. couldn’t get an appt on monday and the vet never called us back. we took the cat for a second opinion at another vet and was informed that he was in terrible shape and had to have him put down. if we would have been informed on friday that claws n paws could not give him the help necessary (he would have needed to go to an emergency vet that is open overnight) he may have survived. terrible business who is only in it for money. do not take your pet here. there are so many other accommodating and affordable vets around who truly care about the animals. we own a cat rescue and other vets are more than happy to give a discount to help us out for helping the animals and this vet did not care at all. they were also over booked which is probably why they are one of the only vets that still have curbside services intact. they want the pets to be dropped off so that they can get more money in a shorter amount of time. at 5 pm when we picked our cat up we had to wait almost an hour and saw 5 other animals be picked up and about 5 more go in. the technicians also had bad attitudes. what a scam.

Nicole Jeffries

2 years ago

This vet is Rude and Arrogant. His staff is rude they talked about me while I was at the appointment and their walls are paper thin. The vet was rude and callous when I cried when speaking of a recently deceased pet , he said he’s a pet ... really from the mouth of a vet? PLEASE DO NOT TAKE YOUR PETS TO THIS INSENSITIVE (bleep)!

Watch As I Shrink

2 years ago

I have been bringing my pets to Claws N Paws since 2016. They have taken good care of my senior pets, as well as my new puppy, that I adopted in 2021.

tammy walter

2 years ago

so I just recently started bringing my dog and my parents dog here and they’re wonderful. Luna loves them! they’re friendly and quick to make an appt. so far I like them, my dog Luna likes them which is always a good thing.

Talyia Boyd

2 years ago

I took my cat to them on a Saturday for a routine rabies vaccine shot at around 2 then around 9 or 10pm that night she was throwing up. I called and left a message on voicemail I understood that they were closed so I called and took her to another ER and they gave her medicine. IT HAS BEEN A WEEK AND STILL NO ONE HAS REACHED OUT TO ME ABOUT HOW IS SHE DOING RIGHT NOW OR ANYTHING. I CALLED TODAY ASKING FOR MANAGER OR SUPERVISOR NO ONE WAS THERE TO LISTEN THE PERSON WHO ANSWERED SAID SHE’LL RELAY THE MESSAGE ON MONDAY SINCE THAT IS WHEN THAT PERSON WILL BE IN. SO UNPROFESSIONAL WILL NEVER TAKE MY CAT THERE AGAIN! SO UNCONCERNED FOR MY CATS HEALTH!

Chrissie Flury

2 years ago

I love them. I bring my bird here and everyone is always very nice and the vet will come out and talk to you which is really helpful. The visit fee isn't too expensive either.

Jennifer Maurer

2 years ago

Do not bring your pets to this vet. I have two kittens that I got two weeks ago. I originally chose this vet because it was close to my home in Hanover and the ratings. However the kittens I got back after their appointments have totally different personalities than what I sent in there at the beginning of the appointment. Before their appointments they were coming to us, letting us hold them, cuddling with us on the couch and overall just being kittens. Now they will not eat, not play, they act like they are afraid of humans. All they do is hide from us, and when ww were actually able pick up one of our kittens he howls in pain. Also I was asked to send all the paperwork from the adoption and when I asked the doctor about something that was in that paperwork he said to me “oh I didn’t even look at the paperwork. “. I don’t know what they did inside because they are still doing curbside pick up and not letting pet owners in the building. But I can promise you they will never touch an animal of mine again!!

Maria Ehrhart

2 years ago

Nice n friendly! Still curbside visits which seems just fine. Prices are going up like everywhere, that's why no 5 star.

Jesse Ayers

2 years ago

The veterinarian is great and I have never had a bad experience at this place. I am going to keep coming back and I would recommend anyone that has a pet to come here.

Danielle Gately

2 years ago

Claws N Paws made everything so easy and enjoyable. I love the system they have currently. I recently moved my pets here from another vet due to location reasons, and the process was incredibly easy. On top of everything else that was amazing, they also text me to check in on the dogs the following day. I'm very excited to have a new vet that cares, is professional, and has very friendly employees.

Webee M

2 years ago

Quick service. Pleasant. Thanks

Chuck Ng

2 years ago

Wonderful service and I trust my dog in their care

aretha anderson

2 years ago

Very professional experience with the staff I think they very patient with my cat because she's not friendly with strangers at all but it work out fine


2 years ago

I can't get an appointment, as a new patient, in over a month.

Brandon Strong

2 years ago

Claws N Paws is not only loving but a group of lovable individuals who provide the utmost respect to our 4 legged friends with remarkable professionalism. I would hands down recommendation them to everyone. They took care of Bentley and followed up to make sure he was progressing.

Sil Elizo

3 years ago

Very efficient and they care about our pets.

nonie soten

3 years ago

Have been bringing my Blue Tongue Skink here his whole life and they have never done us wrong! Great staff! Great people!

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