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Masako Richmond

2 years ago

Krista was the groomer for my Siberian Husky and Australian Shepard’s. She did an excellent job. They dogs look great and their fur is very soft and their nail and paws are so much nicer. I definitely recommend her.

Dale Lamberth

2 years ago

First time customer. Greeted very professionally. Was satisfied with pup's first trim.

Philiana Davis

2 years ago

I used to come years ago and it was great. My last visit, however, an older lady did my puppy grooming and did not do his nails but charged me for it. That was about 4 years ago. I recently tried numerous times to schedule an appointment for my new puppy and nobody responded to my emails or phone calls. Very disappointing because I loved this place.


3 years ago

Great experience. Dakota loved it. Really friendly groomer!

Tyren Day

3 years ago

Great place to get your dog groomed

Twanda Scales

3 years ago

I had a terrible experience with a retail groomer and needed to have my dog (bishon) fur cut down low to treat for a severe allergic reaction rash, The groomer at the retailer started the process but called me back in 15 to say she couldn’t finish because my dog had a cut on her face. I was frantic and upset! I got my dog an felt helpless when I saw how she was half groomed, I sat crying in the car and googled “gentle groomer” on my phone and Aly popped up! I called her and she said I could bring my dog right away! She assured me that everything would be ok and even told me about an old fashion therapy to treat the rash! She did an exceptional job grooming my dog despite the rash and her price was comparable! Her hours are limited which is why I didn’t give her five’s a small business and very, very, hard to get an appointment, but if you can you won’t regret it! Thank you for helping me in a time of need!!


3 years ago

Gentle Touch By Aly is the best. Your pet will love them and so will you!!

Robin Barksdale

3 years ago

Small business. Does a great job grooming my dogs.

Drew Block

4 years ago

Best service ever. Extremely professional. Not a bad word can be said about my experience.

Elizabeth Hall

4 years ago

They always do a terrific job with my Winston. They are professional and very timely.


4 years ago

Taylor did a horrible job grooming our dog. Would not recommend this place, very poor quality.

Robin Fisher

4 years ago

I'm no expert on dog grooming, but I do know the dogs aren't very scared to go there, and they seem happy when we get them. The dogs look good, and they have short nails.

Susan Richardson

4 years ago

I wish I could give a minus star. I took my dog here for the first time to this little house. When I got her home I noticed she kept scratching. I turned her over on her back and all of her stomach was red and inflamed! I was so afraid she would not make it. The vet stated it was from the razor used and too close. I sent an email and pictures of my dogs stomach... NOTHING. So I figured maybe they did not receive it. Sent it again...NOTHING! If you prize your dog... this isn’t the place. RUN!


5 years ago

My pup Mae loves getting her nails done by April. Highly recommend

Amora Rei

5 years ago

My dog was happy and pretty much enjoyed her groomer April. She was kool with my old dog and handled her like a pro. As long as you are upfront with all your dog's issues, they can handle it. Plan to come back when she needs trimming again.

Angela Jones-Bradford

5 years ago

First time using the groomer, and it was a beautiful experience for my poodle. She looks amazing! I would highly recommend these groomers. Staff very friendly .

Casey Davis

5 years ago

These guys do a wonderful job on my dog every time..

Tanya Baker

5 years ago

April is awesome, our very anxious dog loves her and I know he is in good hands.

Christina Cantrell

5 years ago

My dog is super scared of everybody but the girl here had such a gentle demeanor he didn't even shiver. She was also able to grind his nails, which nobody has been able to do. Great value also!

Patricia Durning

6 years ago

We always gave a great experience with our two dogs here. The dogs dont have to stay in a cage for hours and hours like at the big pet stores. They do a great cut and i would highly recommend them.

Chase Smart

6 years ago

This place is awful. Never bring my dog here ever again. The one lady that working there is not very nice to me. And i doubt if she treat my dog nice either. This place is recommended by my friend and my friend don't even bring her dog there anymore! Thats should tell me something that this place sucks!

Erik&Leah Wright

7 years ago

Aly took on the monumental task of converting a shaggy, matted standard poodle whose day job is being a farm dog, and converting him into a fabulous show dog. Her grooming led him to multiple wins in the show-ring, and he always came home--and went to the groomer--happy & tail-wagging! Can't compare to the quality of workmanship & care of the animals!

James Scobey

7 years ago

Our dog can be a bit snippy about being groomed, but Aly does a fantastic job; can't recommend this business enough.

Lisa Storm

7 years ago

We take our 3 Labs here for grooming and nail clipping. The staff is extremely pleasant and very helpful with getting the dogs in and out as they can be a handful. Wouldn't trust anyone else with our babies - Thank you Aly - your the best!!


7 years ago

Aly and her staff did a fantastic job dealing with a very tough case. I rescued a long haired Sapsaree from a dog meat farm in Korea and she was horribly matted. Behind the ears, her back, under her belly, everywhere. It was hard to tell what was matted for and what was her ears. She also had extremely long toenails. Aly kindly took this mess of a dog in and transformed her. She was able to save some length of fur on her tail and around her muzzle creating a very cute transformation. I asked if she had gotten out if hand or stressed when I picked her up and heard she was fine. I followed Aly into the back to pick her up and she was happily hanging out looking much more comfortable and happy. The salon was clean, organized and helpful. Very professional. Im not one to have someone groom my dogs but this was along the lines of a year or two of neglect in a dog meat farm cage. Well done Aly!

Cindi Johnson

7 years ago

Have been bringing my 3 small dogs to Aly for 3 years. They love her and always come home looking wonderful! Customer service is great, also.

Catherine Forrest

7 years ago

I've brought my dog in a few times for grooming here and, in the past, it's been alright. Not great, but fine. They don't use cage or heat dryers so I felt it was a safe environment for grooming. My dog is a papillon mix and they have strict instructions not to clip her tail fur or ear fringe. I have verbally confirmed this each time and it's in their computer system. The owner, Aly, asked me if I wanted the same cut again and I agreed. Just picked her up and her tail plume has been lopped off. At least 6 inches of hair bluntly cut off. The ear fringe completely shaved away. I can't understand how anyone (let alone a groomer) could look at a papillon and think "let's get rid of the ear and tail fur." Who cuts a pap's ear fringe?! Aly told me they just followed what was done last time but that's definitely not true, and the receptionist confirmed that my account record specified not to clip the ears or tail. Aly then shrugged off my concern with an "it'll grow back" and charged me $80 for botching my dog's haircut. I'm so angry and upset, I left in tears. I wish I could give zero stars.

A. Luxx Mishou

7 years ago

Gentle Touch Grooming by Aly always takes perfect care of our small mutt, and poodles. The staff is friendly and welcoming, and I can tell my dogs think so too, because they're always happy to get in the door. I appreciate the attention to detail, and the fact that the groomer is cage-free. We are ALL happy with their service.

ClaireCrosby Life

9 years ago

i like this place my dog been going there since he started to get hair cut... i recommend my friend here and she liked it! they treat all the dog soo nice which is i like!

Erin F

9 years ago

I would give negative stars if I could. I only brought my dog here because it was closer to my house. I asked for a bath and teeth brush. When I came to pick my dog up the man who apparently groomed him said to me that he de-shed my dogs undercoat but wasn't going to charge me and took an extra $5 off. He said the de-shed should have cost $70, I never asked for any of this. He also said that he took a grocery bag full of hair off of him. My dog has short hair, none of this made any sense and has never needed to be done before, my dog is almost three. There is no way he had that much hair to take off. I was conveniently asked to pay for the services before they brought my dog out for me to see. So when they brought him out from the back, I immediately notice bright red sore spots all over the front of his chest and neck and then down his legs. I had to bring this to his attention. The guy swore up and down that it was just a rubber brush that was used and that he must be allergic to the shampoo. He never apologized. He would have never noticed had I not said anything. When I got into the car and my dog settled down I could see just how bad the injuries were, blood had been drawn. I called back and the guy offered me a refund and said I could come back. When I got there the guy was no where to be found and the two women said it must have just been an allergic reaction. I was not disrespectful, even still the women kept repeating that it was just an allergic reaction even though it was not all over his body but in several large spots on his chest and hind leg. They refused to give me a refund and told me that the guy (his name started with a J) was not available. They never once apologized!!! But blamed it all on me, saying I didn't tell them he had sensitive skin. My dog has never had a reaction to shampoo in his life. They were making illogical arguments or were speechless, unable to come up with any answers. My vet's office was closed so I called my regular groomer. She said it sounded like they used a furminator (metal brush, what a groomer would use to de-shed) and had over brushed him. She said to bring him right in and she would take care of him. When she saw him she confirmed that it must have been a metal brush and that this should never have happened with a trained groomer. She gave him a special bath and then gave me antibiotic ointment and special Yuca-Med spray for his skin, ALL FOR FREE!!! My dog was incredibly stressed out by the experience at Gentle Touch. He is clearly in pain from the injuries. Gentle touch is anything but gentle and customer service is hostile and neglectful. If you care about your animal even a little bit stay far away from these people and their business. This was a terrible waste. To be clear, this is not a health condition (as the groomers would conveniently like to suggest), but an abuse of an animal by incompetent people. They did not offer to re-bathe the dog, I had to bring that option up and the two women there said it wouldn't help. So now add lying to the long list of indecencies this place has to offer. The groomer made a careless and inexperienced choice to "de-shed" a dog that DID NOT NEED to be "de-shed" and used a de-shed shampoo and clearly used a metal brush. All of this injured my dog. I did not request to have my dog "de-shed" nor did I ask for de-shed shampoo. NONE of this was discussed with me until after the fact, until after my dog was injured and his coat ruined. They did not notice the injury, although it was the first thing I saw. They did not once apologize, but called me a liar when I brought up that fact. They did not offer to re-bathe, I had to and then they said it wouldn't help. The guy who allegedly "bathed" my dog offered a refund and when I went to retrieve the refund he was nowhere to be found and the two women gave excuses, blamed it on me and refused to give me a refund. Lying, abusing, incompetent, careless and indecent human beings.

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