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Norene Parker

2 years ago

VCA Lewis has proven to be an excellent new vet for our elderly cat. While they know he is terminal (age 16+) with probable sinus mass, they understand that we cannot bring ourselves to put him through major tests and surgeries at his age. So far, they have provided supportive care that has given us a wonderful extra 6 months of life without pain. They can't make him normal again, but they have done their best to keep him comfortable so that we can enjoy him. His older sister is still perfectly healthy, but I have no doubt I will take her to VCA Lewis should the need arise. They care, keep appointments on time and allow us to be with him inside, something our previous vet did not. Now that we don't know what visit may be his last, I would love if my husband and I could attend together and hope they may offer that soon.

Ohn Memes

2 years ago

If you want to pay too dollar prices for insurance to be ignored after multiple messages left this is the place. They botched my dogs blood draw and charged me ontop of insurance cost, called and asked to bring the dog back. I asked to speak to a supervisor about possibly doing the draw outside since they didn’t allow anyone inside with their pet regardless of the person being fully vaccinated. No response from management after multiple attempts I gave up, while they continued to charge me (despite asking them not to) until the card expired. Guess who finally called me many months later????? The manager who wanted a new card ???????????? Nope we’re done here, with both the lack of response, accountability and poor policies being made up on the fly. I used to sing their praises now I think I’ll call corporate in California. Someone needs to let them know what’s been happening and why people refuse to go.

Christina Gerardo

2 years ago

I took my cat there because I noticed blood in her urine. They thoroughly examined her and did not charge me an arm and a leg. I received a text to thank me for our visit the same day and also texted me the next day to ask how my cat was doing. I loved the service and caring staff. I would highly recommend and have already referred them to a friend.

Amanda K

2 years ago

My cat had his first vet visit after being adopted at VCA Lewis. Everyone was so kind and patient with him. He was nervous and the staff got down on the floor to interact with him where he was most comfortable and even brought him a toy. The vet and technicians took their time to answer all of my questions and I left feeling really good about our visit

Madeline Sukhdeo

2 years ago

I love the staff here. They are so kind and so professional. I drive 40 minutes to get here because I always have such a great experience.

Amy Lazer

3 years ago

Went to VCA after rescuing a dog from SPCA and told would get first visit free up to $250. Went to first visit told had to come back a week later because too early for a vaccination. When went back a week later they charged us over $130 for another exam with vaccination. So this is what they do to make money from people they don't think will come back. It's a shame because we planned on staying with this vet, but definitely will not now.. Talked to manager and she was extremely rude on phone.

Allison Kent

3 years ago

Beware! Do not bring your pet here for anything more than routine care! Dr. Amy Wenzel butchered our family dog during a dental procedure. Afterward she lied about what happened during the procedure and told us everything was fine. Dr. Wenzel was too incompetent to do the procedure, read dental X-rays, or realize that our dog needed to go to a specialist afterward. Our dog now needs another surgery at a specialty hospital to fix what Dr. Wenzel did, at the cost of over $2,000 and more pain and suffering for our dog. We requested a refund from VCA Lewis on 29 Oct 2020 and were told somebody “will call us back” but nobody has. VCA Lewis continues to ignore my calls and emails as of 17 Nov 2020.

Amy Huang

3 years ago

I took my dog here for a physical exam and a blood test. Dr. Hebner took care of my dog. Because of Covid, we spoke over the phone during the exam. Dr. Hebner was professional but at the same time, he was kinda snappy and did not make me feel comforted at all. He also sounds like he wanted to the get the call over with when he called me back about the blood test results. (At the same time he did his job in reporting the results professionally). When I had a questions that came up during his part of the conversation and each time I start talking...he just keeps talking and I end up having to ask my questions at the end. I just...don't like the use of his tone and his demeanor (if all this makes sense). Also, I'm currently thinking of switching to a new veterinary place (not because of Dr. Hebner). VCA's physical exam and blood test price is too expensive for me (a full-time university student) - it is the cost of my whole paycheck. The positives: The receptionists were nice and professional. They also clipped my dog's nails during the examination. My dog doesn't seem stressed nor shaken up.


3 years ago

Great doggie service and medical veterinarians.

Andres F Roa

3 years ago

All the staff was super friendly & helpful, answering all our questions and provided tons of information regarding what to expect with our fur child's neutering. We thought he'd be hesitant to go in without us due to covid safety measures, but he was super comfortable with the staff from the get-go, nearly running inside as soon as we turned him over and we're told he behaved super well the entire time!

Arthur Clifford

3 years ago

Took care of my beast

Audrey Heyward

3 years ago

A wonderful new patient experience! I recently adopted two kittens through the Maryland SPCA. They SPCA recommended the VCA line of hospitals as they partner together. I set up a post-adoption appointment quickly and easily. Despite the pandemic, scheduling was smooth with plenty of convenient options. When I arrived, we did check in from the vehicle. Every single person that I had contact with today was exceptionally pleasant, knowledgeable and kind. A tech came to my car and took the kittens inside. After an exam and before any treatment was initiated, the doctor herself called me to explain what she saw, what she recommended and what to expect regarding fees. She was very personable and did not make the call feel rushed or as if she had more important things to be doing. My kittens were delivered back to me in perfect condition from a tech with a full summary. I can’t imagine a more welcoming first experience and I will highly recommend this facility to anyone in need. Thank you, VCA Lewis!

Eric Hutchison

3 years ago

Love the Vets and staff, they really go above and beyond for the your animal

Jeff W

3 years ago

My experiences here were consistently disappointing or infuriating and I have chosen to change providers as a result. The staff is mostly pleasant but they are administratively incompetent. They changed their hours seasonally with little notice. They tested my golden retriever’s blood as a cat instead of a dog and asked me to make another trip. I would come for a routine checkup and they would ask if I brought urine/stool specimens, despite not requesting in advance, and then send me home with a kit to collect them and make yet another trip. Their prepaid care plan is a trap and basically just allows you to spread payments but offers no savings. They tried to charge me an NSF fee for a care plan payment after my card had been compromised and it took significant effort to get it refunded. Their overly conservative COVID policy, which they blamed on their corporate office, was the final straw for me and I went elsewhere. You can get better service for your money! Beware of VCA Lewis.

Kat Mandoo

3 years ago

Established patient and there was a 4.5 day wait to have our sick dog seen. Very disappointed for as much as they have charged over the years.

Krista Banks

3 years ago

They took very good care of my Gage! He went there yesterday for his Dental cleaning and tooth extraction. Dr. Hebner is very kind and explained to me in detail what exactly they were doing for my Gage and gave me updates on Gage twice with phone calls. The staff there is very nice and treats your animal like they were their own. Would highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a great vet!

RaeShawn Dodson

3 years ago

The nicest people on earth. They're a little pricey but I love their energy. My dog is pretty shy but never shows it when she comes here.They're just awesome

Rishi Ratwani

3 years ago

I’m an M.D. but did not inform them during my visit with my dog. He tore his CCL, and needed surgery. They claimed an X-Ray was the mainstay of diagnosis of such, and they charge $1400. In medicine, it is common knowledge an X-Ray does not visualize ligaments nor does it visualize tendons. 2nd to that, if paying cash, it costs less for a human to obtain an X-Ray. They take advantage of the income of the general area.

Tee jay

3 years ago

I took my dog in for annual shots and told her she was itching. I explained that my dog was not touchy feely. The vist was great and two weeks later the vet called to see how she was. This is a big deal. Alise and I will be back. Great job guys!

Tony matulonis

3 years ago

Great experience they got me in between appts as I had a sick kitten. They went above and beyond and they are now my vet !

Eileen Brewer

3 years ago

Every day I loathe this place more and more. I took my kittens there once for an emergency visit. They charged me an arm and a leg (which I could sort of understand considering it was an emergency visit) but they also tried to sell me some crazy expensive pet care program plus overpriced medications and overpriced products for my cats. Not only that but they misdiagnosed my cats after running expensive tests and the cats almost died. Fortunately I trusted my instincts and took them somewhere else. Now, months later, I can't get VCA to stop emailing me. I have "unsubscribed" from their mailing list several times to no avail. I have emailed them to let them know that my cats will not be visiting them again. They had the gall to contact me asking for more money saying that they had improperly charged me the first time and I owed more. Then I bothered to read their "privacy policy" which clearly states that they will sell your information to third parties. It's a racket. Stay far far away if you value your pets and your privacy.

James Rudolph

4 years ago

Friendly staff. Got us in as soon as they could

Nicole Gilbert

4 years ago

The entire staff at VCA are awesome!!! They are loving and extremely knowledgeable about all things animal. My puppy's doctor is Dr. Krug and she is extremely thorough and really cares about the health and well being of your pet. The VCA Care Club is a great deal financially for your pet and ensures that are your pets needs are addressed. I refuse to take my baby anywhere but VCS Lewis Animal Hospital!!!

Pam Sodano

4 years ago

The vet there charged me an outrageous amount just for a worm pill and antibiotic. I was worried about my pet so went along. Later realized that I could have paid one tenth as much for the same thing but at the time I didn't realize, so I got taken advantage of. And my cat suffered becaue I could not get him the care he needed after I wasted so much money here.

Nicholas Provenzano

4 years ago

They make new patients feel welcome the place is clean and the free coffee is a plus

Marcus Blumenfeld

4 years ago

The staff here is super friendly.

Kianna Nobles

4 years ago

Very friendly staff and super clean facility. Vets and vet assistants are very knowledgeable and good at what they do.

Kaitlyn Jensen

4 years ago

I've been taking Franklin (dog) and Leia (cat) here for years and absolutely love them. Leia had some health issues that were going to be a bit pricey and they were nonjudgmental, understanding, and so helpful. With their payment plans I was able to get her the care she needs. With Franklin, he has pretty intense vet anxiety. They are so patient and accommodating to make sure he gets the care he needs as trauma-less as possible. I call with a lot of questions and not once have I received attitude. The staff is amazing. Highly recommend

Jennifer Kohan

4 years ago

Great veterinary clinic. Very pricey. The male Dr was very nice, very informative.

Marissa Miller

4 years ago

We love Dr Hebner! Our dogs love him, always wagging tails even in the vets room! The prices may be lower elsewhere but I don't believe you'll get the same level of care and love than from this vets office! Everyone is so friendly and patient. Would recommend

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