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Tiki Bar

2 years ago

Was surprised to learn this place closed down. I loved visiting the pups. After further research I see there’s a new Maryland law that bans pet stores from selling dogs and cats. Oh well...

LifeofBeauty K

2 years ago

They support Puppymills and their staff is extremely rude when you try to ask them where their puppies come from. They also have a contract scam. That rips off customers. Please educate yourself on puppy mills. They are LEGAL, USDA certified.

Melissa Hart

2 years ago

Puppy mill puppies and even at that, ridiculously overpriced. I wish Frosh would shut this place down for good.

Justice Wideman

2 years ago

No puppies....just accessories for dogs.

Jenn Marie

2 years ago

Beyond furious with this company! They failed to tell us we were leasing a dog!!! We paid the dog in full and now it’s been on our credit report for 4 years and wagslending and this place refuses to help us! This is ruining our credit! Saying we owe another 1500.00 yet creditors are saying they have no record of us!! Wags won’t answer the phone, emails etc! This is not a way to run a business at all!!! BUYERS BEWARE!! I will be reporting both to the BBB!!!


2 years ago

Hello All, I can’t believe the workers are still tricking people to lease dogs. I see the same thing that happened to me unfortunately happened to others recently. I brought a puppy 6 years ago and the staff Did Not !!! Disclose my dog was being leased and then I had to buy the dog again. Read the reviews listed further down. The puppies are cute but be sure not to let the staff allow you to lease the dog. If I can save others money and the frustration, it will make me feel better. K.W.

Kaylee Meckel

2 years ago

Got my puppy from here and I couldn’t be happier! She is such a delight. Thanks to Charm City Puppies for helping me find the dog that works well for me!

Stephen Wilcox

2 years ago

Haven't gone here, but it came up on my feed. So figured I'd use the opportunity to say please stay away, if you're going to get a dog, get a rescue or one from a reputable breeder.. Reputable!

Fernando Mejia

2 years ago

So u guys have any French bulldog for sale

Stephanie B

2 years ago

Charm city puppies is advertised as not using Puppy Mills. I bought my dog from them and years later looked up her “breeder” through the USDA, she’s a puppy mill. Dogs are cute but it’s false advertising.

Set Rule

2 years ago

A+++++++++++ Exceptional customer service. Overall great experience with Charm City's associate Ryan. Highly recommended!

Emma Willam

2 years ago

I didn’t really like that I had to pay a lot for the puppy plus tax , and for the appointment but I 100% recommend going there staff are really nice and very informative

Jacqueline S

2 years ago

Don't listen to these Negative reviews on here! My husband, Granddaughter & I have dropped into Charm City to explore which puppie we want for our home. The puppies are clean, happy and well fed. They are so ADORABLE in their cribs!! We will go back and figure out which type of puppie will be Happiest in our home. GREAT Job Charm city puppies!!

Mike Addison

2 years ago

Appointments during COVID-19 is very understandable. But why should I have to pay 100 down payment and only 50 is refundable if I don’t have a connection with my puppy. Sadly I did not know about the policy until I said no I’ll pass on the puppy presented. I was a victim and they took advantage of my gullible love for a new family member.

Sam David

2 years ago

Poor Customer service. Deposits that aren’t refundable just to “reserve” a commercial puppy locking you in to over pay for a farm dog.

Crista Chianese

3 years ago

Charm City Puppies was absolutely fantastic to work with. Their process of finding your dog is unmatched. They worked closely with us on everything that we were looking for and more (even some things we hadn’t thought of). Because allergies are a major concern for us, we were adamant in having a say so in which dog we get. They do not work like some other companies that only allow requests for things you want in a dog. They are very knowledgeable and work with legitimate breeders throughout the US (they provide the papers to prove it). Amazingly enough, they were able to get us every single attribute that we were looking for in a puppy! If you’re looking for tailored, friendly service, we highly recommend them!

Danielle King

3 years ago

We can’t say enough about Charm City puppies!! Our Ruby girl (a mini Goldendoodle) just turned 1, snd she’s happy, healthy, living her best life. We’ve had a clean bell of health. They even followed up for her birthday. We are thankful to charm city puppies for providing the best puppies around!!! ❤️


3 years ago

We got our Cavalier King Charles puppy from Charm City Puppies back in 2019 and he has been the joy of our lives! The staff there was always very welcoming and helpful during the process. Our dog is perfectly healthy and was well taken care of at the store. I highly recommend this place! They also helped us get in touch with our dog's sibling which is amazing! They really go above and beyond for their puppies and customers!

Iris Chavez

3 years ago

3 years ago my family and I were looking for a new member to the family we found charm city puppies first time going as we walked in employees were really nice made sure we were well attended all the puppies seem to be well taken care of and staff seems to really love their job we ended up picking our fur pup Marley the golden retriever and we are extremely in love with him he is perfect and healthy yes the price is a lot but it’s totally worth it they are worth it he came with his first shots akc registered and all I can’t wait to get another pup and we will definitely be going back to charm city when we are ready to add another pup to the family I recommend them completely!!!

jasmine scott

3 years ago

Looking for puppies.. but yikes, the reviews. Place sounds like a scam. Moving along

Jon N

3 years ago

My parents were looking for a pup for awhile and Charm City were the most helpful with answering questions and preparing them for the new addition to the family. It was a one stop shop for all their needs and they were very satisified with their experience.

Ki Hwang

3 years ago

My husband and I had a wonderful experience here at Charm City. They were very informative about the different breeds and their needs and made sure the dog was the right fit for us. We were originally looking for a husky but the person helping us was concerned about the huskies needs and our abilities to take care of such a high energy dog with our work schedules. So we considered getting a smaller dog but was hesitant and decided to go out for dinner and come back but the dog we had our eyes on had found he's home. We decided to leave and come back another day and that's when we found our precious Audi. We knew as soon as we laid eyes on her that she was the one for our family. Words cannot even start to express how our lives have changed for the better and we can't imagine our lives without her. We truly believe she was meant for us as she was born exactly 1 week after my husband and I got married!! Also, a young couple in the same apartment building happened to see Audi and were looking for a similar type of dog. We directed them to Charm City and they found a dog of the same breed. The two dogs met up to play occasionally and one day we wondered if they could possibly be from the same parents since they both came from the same store. We compared the family trees that Charm City provided and concluded that they came from the same parents. She turned out to be Audi's sister from a different litter!! We have visited Charm City several times with our dog Audi before Covid hit and everytime we were met with a warm welcome and plenty of treats!! Thanks to Charm City for connecting and making families complete!!

Mary Mickens

3 years ago

Wonderful experience with Charm City Puppies. We adopted our beabull three years ago and he is the love of our lives! Highly recommend.


3 years ago

I got the love of my life here 18 months ago. She is a beautiful bullmastiff and absolutely perfect. We went to just “look” seeing as we had just lost of dog of 18 years. The pups are in baby cribs which is adorable in and of itself. My fiancé and I had been talking about getting a puppy and both of us wanted a larger dog which is actually hard to find. I grew up with Rottweilers him with Great Danes. This place was adorable. They were so informed and had wonderful information on the breeder ( I was able to contact them in the beginning of Covid looking for another pup) they took the cleanliness and care of the puppies seriously. Ensuring that we sanitized our hands before touching the pups we were interested ( this was before Covid & masks). It was love at first sight for the three of us and we truly believe Madison chose us. She was quietly sitting in the corner and when we came around she lit up. Others had walked by and she hadn’t reacted to them.

Tee Harper

3 years ago

They don’t post prices on their website so you have to inquire. The price for a Cavapoo puppy was $5k which is astronomical, I just purchased a healthy Bichpoo puppy a few months ago for less than half that price from another breeder.

Alex Luo

3 years ago

They’re robbers. Puppies are 3000-5000. And you have to make an appointment with a 100 fee. If you don’t buy a puppy they’ll only refund you 50. This is the kind of business that the community should work together to eliminate.

Krisda Rae Miranda

3 years ago

We puchased our Shiba Inu about 4 months ago from Charm City Puppies and we are simply the happiest doggy parents ever! The staff is very very helpful and I can't wait to get another one from them soon! Thank you !

N. Kang

3 years ago

This pandemic just made the puppy buying process much more complicated. Some of the breeders were out of state (COVID travel restrictions) and a lot just didn’t get back to us. So we decided to check out this near by puppy store. The $100 deposit was not ideal, but how are these stores supposed to operate? Without this commitment everyone wld just make appointments to come play with the puppies. We fell in love with one of the puppies we saw (shih tzu) and ended up making the purchase. We were given a lot of documents showing info regarding the breeder and the puppy’s parents. I’m surprised to read some reviewers stating Charm City Puppies support Puppy Mills? Wonder if they have evidence of this or just making a baseless statement. I felt comfortable with all the info & docs we were given. The vet techs were so knowledgeable & friendly. Ryan mainly helped us with our purchase/adoption. He didn’t seem pushy and was patient with my family. Price is ridiculously expensive. We paid about $3,600. Which is about a thousand more than their pricing just a year ago here. But, there’s been a huge increase of demand on puppies this year due to the pandemic. Also, there is a lot included in the price and we definitely felt the puppies were well taken care of while waiting to be adopted. So we were ok with it, but yes, it is very expensive. All in all, we really enjoyed working with this establishment for our new puppy/family member and would recommend. It’s been about two weeks and we couldn’t be more in love with our puppy... she’s absolutely perfect.

Mr. Wylly

3 years ago

I asked what the cost of a golden retriever male pup was and the lady said $4,500... absolutely no way a puppy costs that much. There are several breeders in the state of MD whose puppies cost less than half that and still provide the same services, check ups, shots, etc. Don't waste your time

nailah shakir

3 years ago

Make puppy is a beautiful Havamalt. I’m very happy with her but if you do not pay in full you will be paying double or triple the amount for their payment plan!!! Credova is super high with a whole bunch of fees(some hidden). I will not be back and DO NOT RECOMMEND CHARM CITY PUPPIES!!! Then the first time vet appointment that suppose to be “free” for a check, I still ended taking my puppy out paying nearly $150. Not much even offered with the puppy to cost that much.

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