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Al DeRemigis

2 years ago

This is a review of Pet Smart, didn't actually use their Banfield Hospital services. Don't shop here much as we use the online Chewy's option for most of our pet needs; however, I needed pill pockets right away. I was in a hurry and didn't check my receipt until I got home. Very disappointed to see they charged me $2.00 more than the shelf price. My bad for not checking, but still disappointing.

Dino Crocetti

2 years ago

Once you do visit them, the vets there are pretty good. However, its before that when making an appt is so frustrating. Cause by the time you even get to see them, whatever issue you had with your pet is either no longer or too severe to wait. I had no choice but to wait 2 1/2 weeks.

Peggy Simmons

2 years ago

Staff doctors and nurses very friendly knowledgeable courteous and very interested in keeping your pet healthy

D Hardy

2 years ago

(Columbia Location)-- Not sure how there are any reviews or how they make money, because they NEVER answer the phone. If they do, I promise you they have to call you back!!!!!

Ruth Zamora

2 years ago

Nice place. Friendly staff and really pets person

Malik B.

2 years ago

My last visit was pretty awful and they haven't made a followup phone call yet after their first one to let me know the outcome of very poor customer service by one of their representatives, it's already been a few weeks now.

R Dee

2 years ago

I can’t express how amazing the staff is at this location, they are a force to be reckoned with! I’ve been forced to use other Banfield locations and sadly they are the McDonalds of vets. Not this one, Dr. Wendell is amazing, I knew at my first visit with her she was truly one of God’s people, she was sent to help , heal and love animals. She is professional, patient, never burdened by questions and eager to answer and help pet owners understand illnesses, behaviors and treatment plans. You can feel the team work amongst staff, it’s a well oiled machine, the vet techs are amazing, and they know their patients as well as the vets do. My dogs can’t wait to get in the door. The difference in this location compared to others is noticeable as soon as you get to the counter . I can’t thank the staff enough for their love and dedication! It shows in the reviews. The others are not even a hard second! The other Banfields can learn from this location and their beautiful staff. Corporate really needs to step up their game and hold other locations to the standard of Columbia location!


2 years ago

They always take really good care of my two little fur babies. They explain procedures and plans before and after care well and my puppies never have any issues after a visit.

Andrew Welch

3 years ago

They've been taking care of my special needs Greyhound for almost 9 years. Wonderful caring staff and doctors. They're bad at moving patients through in a timely manner. I often have to wait for at least 15 or 20 minutes past our appointment time to be seen.

Emily Smith

3 years ago

Very friendly staff and overall good experience. Even with covid they take the time to fully explain everything. They also gave printed instructions for post care which made it much easier to remember than writing everything down.

Sherry Boshart

3 years ago

Wonderful people. Understanding and helpful. They work with us to get our very rambunctious beagle in and out without fuss. Thanks for keeping our furbaby healthy!

Irma Garcia

3 years ago

Love the place and people are awesome .at Laurel Md

Krista Wallinger

3 years ago

We love the doctors and staff when we go in for appointments. I just wish it was easier to get ahold of the office. I can call for hours and no one answers. I dont leave voicemails anymore, because we would never get called back. If you need something, just go in an ask-they are very helpful in person.

Harry Wright

3 years ago

All very clean and professional..

Annie C

3 years ago

We recently adopted a 2 year old cat from a rescue in late May. Our first visit with Banfield was wonderful- he was treated with anti-nausea meds for some vomiting and the staff were very friendly/knowledgable. The reason for this 3 star review is our second visit. The rescue informed us that he was due for another dose of FVRCP on 6/9/20, also typing this out on his adoption paperwork. So we signed him up for a vaccination appointment & routine nail clipping at Banfield. While waiting, the staff called asking why we were there. After explaining, this staff member spoke in a surprisingly angry tone, stating that Banfield had "vaccinated him already at his last appointment on 5/9" and that we "shouldn't go by the rescue's schedule but by Banfield's". We were quite put-off by the attitude and stated that's fine he can just have his nails clipped. As we were waiting we realized: There's no way Banfield vaccinated him since he was still living in the rescue at that time- which does their own vaccinations. And our first and only other visit with Banfield was just for vomiting (5/28/20). When they called us to pick our cat up, we mentioned this discrepancy and the line went silent for an awkward time. After digging through the rescue paperwork, a staff member clarified that it was the rescue had vaccinated him in April and May- and Banfield didn't recommend another booster since he was over 16 weeks old. To summarize, it would've been nice for someone to explain why our cat didn't actually need this vaccine in the first place without lying about having previously vaccinated him and being so belligerent. Otherwise, they did a great job clipping his nails and all other staff were friendly and professional.

Tito Coleman

3 years ago

Staff are friendly and professional but it is very expensive and gives a sense that the corporate side is pushing extra and unnecessary services.

Terry Diggs

3 years ago

Friendly staff, price for insurance is affordable

Robert Hicks

3 years ago

Good staff on hand to help.

Robert Alderson

3 years ago

Friendly, and very tender with my pet. You can tell they love animals.

Rich Weitkamp

3 years ago

Very much what you would expect from a large corporation operating a veterinary clinic. A revolving door of assistants and little to no personal touch. They're also very keen on up-selling with little to no explanation of alternatives. With two separate pets, we've been up-sold $80 shampoo that can be found for $10 on Amazon and we were guilted into a $250 x-ray to confirm a very clear constipation diagnosis. So, they're fine for basic needs, but you have to expect to significantly overpay if anything beyond the basics are needed.

Aileen M. J. Marshall

3 years ago

Dr. Shobe and her team are the absolute best. My dog has a history on skin cancer, and Dr. Shobe is always super-thorough to make sure there are no new masses or other suspicious things.

Nicole Lock

3 years ago

The staff is always good with my overly anxious dog.

Karen Taylor

3 years ago

Excellent care and concern for your pet! Chloe even got a follow up call from Dr. Lee!

Christine Foster

3 years ago

GREAT place with GREAT people

Cliff Galloway

3 years ago

Friendly, and they know what they're doing.

Gwendolyn Graves

3 years ago

My pet loves everything and everyone there

Harland Abraham

3 years ago

They always take great care of our little guys.

Howard Hall

3 years ago

Been here three times for my puppy. The availability for the appointments are why I chose this pet hospital which are convient for me. The staff is very good and care for your pet. They have really good service.

Janice Simons

3 years ago

Great service. Doctors are really good.

K. Jones

3 years ago

Not real happy with this location. Ist off, I had to come to this location on two different occasions and when it was all said and done I have moved to another location. 1st thing, the place is not cleaned throughout the day. The scale in the front was so dirty that when I asked the staff to clean it off before I placed my dog on it to be weighed, they looked over, made a face and then proceeded to allow MY daughter to clean the scale. (which was filthy black). also while we waited, there was dog hair in clumps on the floor a few feet from the front desk. (they had to have seen it. several of the staff walked by it time and time again. ) The rooms were not as bad. I will leave my comment here.

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