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Kelsey Carey

2 years ago

I am so glad I finally got into Beltsville! I waited 4 months for an appointment but it was worth it. I was not happy with our previous vet. At Beltsville they are so patient and kind. They give you time to ask questions and explain everything thoroughly.

Ell S

2 years ago

2017: Our senior cat is tested for any indicators of kidney disease. Nothing unusual is reported to us. 2019: We take him in for urinary issues. A new vet at the practice reviews past notes and asks us "did anyone tell you he was in the beginning stages of kidney disease two years ago?" No, they didn't. Also 2019: We leave Beltsville for A Cat Clinic. The new vet reviews his old records and confirms a note in 2017 about his elevated kidney values, but with no follow up regarding care for beginning stages kidney disease. She also confirms that he is now in end stage kidney failure. 2019-2021: He declines rapidly, despite diet maintenance, daily subcutaneous fluids, and dialysis. We rack up thousands of dollars in bills trying to maintain his quality of life. Our new vet confirms that had we known about his condition sooner, the damage to his kidneys could have been managed for several more years. 2021: We make the devastating decision to euthanize him. During our time with Beltsville, there was a revolving door of vets joining and then leaving the practice, and I have no doubt that this confusion and inconsistency is how our kitty's condition 'fell through the cracks'. At a more diligent practice, we might still have our boy with us.

Clyde McPherson

2 years ago

Best veterinary in the area. Vets are very personable and listens to you pet conditions.

Jeremy G.

2 years ago

By far the best veterinarian I've taken by fur babies to in the area! Very friendly and helpful.

india cardwell

2 years ago

My Dog has been a patient of Beltsville Vet since he was 6 weeks old, Mecca has had every shot and made every appointment that I was notified that was needed at this office now in his time of need I am being told that his doctors are not available to him until February and to proceed to the nearest urgent care which I did after being diagnosed I was told that he would need to follow up with blood work from his regular vet within a week (how) I was told to call ever morning by 8am to see if anyone canceled by the time I call the cancel appointments have been taken. This morning I was told we will take your name and if someone cancel we will call you. Why was I not given this option 3 days ago. I am extremely disappoint that at in my pet time of need Beltsville Veterinary was not there. My pet could have been dead by February. I am extremely disappointed at there level of service I received I once felt that your office would always have my pet best interest at heart. I appreciate Dr Reddy care of him up to this point but I am extremely disappointed at your office for there lack of care. Only after sending a email did I receive a call saying someone canceled and they could see Mecca the next day "NO THANK YOU" I had his records moved I want a office that will not only be there for me when things are going good but help support us though the BAD. Someone who answered the phone told me its like when a human is sick and go to the emergency room I agreed with her and said if I go to the emergency room and call my doctor the next day I don't have to wait 2 months or more to be seen (unreal that she said this to me). I sent a email three days ago about my disappointment and as of date still have not heard from anyone. Shame on Beltsville Vet for there lack of care to my dog my family.

Diane Mears

2 years ago

I've been going to Beltsville vets for over 40 years now. The staff and vets have been caring and helpful. My only complaint is that recently it has becom more challenging to make an appointment with particular vet, otherwise, they are great.

StudyAll Energy

2 years ago

I visited Beltsville Veterinary Hospital in Beltsville, Maryland to have my dog tested for Lyme and other tick borne diseases. The test showed my 4 year old best friend, Mr. Snuggles, who I love dearly, was diagnosed with a tick borne disease called Ehrlichia. I understood, as the disease was caught in its infancy due to the timeline of when I picked more than 60 seed ticks off of him, and the diagnosis, it was imperative to get him on a regimen of Doxycycline immediately to prevent the disease from taking hold, and potentially crippling my buddy or worse. They didn’t have the medication in stock, and they said it would be in within 1 to 3 days. On the 4th day I decided to call them as I’d been waiting on pins and needles. I asked the woman that answered the phone if the medication had arrived. I was told that it was available for pick up. I was livid that I had to call THEM and not the other way around. I asked her when the medication had come in. Her answer was she didn’t know. It was more like she was embarrassed to tell me. However, honestly not knowing isn’t any good either. It means they have no system in place and that can spell trouble for the welfare of your pet in many instances. Beltsville Veterinary Hospital is seemingly resting on its laurels. The practice was established in the early 60s and was privately owned. Over the years they built a fine reputation. However, the level of care they offer is in severe decline. They are now owned by a large corporation with apparently no quality control over the level of care provided. Their method of ordering medications in my dog’s case didn’t differentiate between a medication that was urgently needed and requiring immediate contact of the pet owner, versus, for example, a flea medication for an allergy. Of course, both medications are needed expeditiously for the animal’s benefit. However, dogs with Ehrlichia are likely to develop a host of problems such as anemia, bleeding episodes, lameness, eye problems (including hemorrhage into the eyes or blindness), neurological problems, and swollen limbs. If the bone marrow (site of blood cell production) fails, the dog becomes unable to manufacture any of the red or white blood cells or platelets necessary to sustain life. Making a bad situation worse, when I picked up the medication, I was never given proper instructions or any precautions to take. As it turned out, foods with dairy or iron for example, can severely hinder the efficacy of Doxycycline. I was never informed of any if this by Beltsville Veterinary Hospital. I had been topping my buddy’s food off with some cottage cheese to get him to finish his meal. Oh, and I feed him either chicken, beef or fish with each meal and flax and chia seed. All of these foods contain iron!!!!!!! I further learned that Ehrlichia seems to be particularly severe in Dobermans and German Shepherds. Mr. Snuggles father is part Doberman!!!!!! If any present customers of the hospital are reading pay attention to the nuances of care or lack thereof. The devil is in the details. If my case is any indication, they do not inform you of things you absolutely need to know. The practice is in no way special and may actually cause your pet harm through the lackadaisical nature of their level of care. You should want a practice that is special or at least competent and compassionate or you should not own a pet. They do NOT adhere to The Veterinary Oath which states, “I will practice my profession conscientiously, with dignity, and in keeping with the principles of veterinary medical ethics. I accept as a lifelong obligation the continual improvement of my professional knowledge and competence.” In the case of Beltsville Veterinary Hospital, sadly, the oath is comprised of empty words clouded by dollar signs. Anyone considering using these dangerous hacks should think again. Please remember you have choices. Signed, a very livid and distraught pet owner.

Susan Virginia Lee

2 years ago

Really great service and good pricing. I took all three of my cats there. Sandi, my third cat, is my surviving cat and she is treated very well. Dr. Fink is outstanding, excellent diagnostician, and her advice is always spot on! Love the techs and the front desk staff.

Maria M Guerrero

2 years ago

Whenever one of my pets were ill, they never made an effort to see them. Their response was that they were booked. What's the use of going to a vet 'hospital' that only sees pets for vaccinations?

Erenia Ramires

2 years ago

Nice staff, but way toooo expensive.

Ebony Odunlami

2 years ago

I didn’t even get to go inside I only called and spoke to them over the phone to try to make an appointment…. The girl on the phone sounded like she didn’t want to be there…. She had a very very nasty attitude and I just didn’t feel like it was a place I should take my pet to get serviced! It’s all about how they make you feel! Should be more nicer on the phone it gives a terrible first impression!

Tripp Macnaught

2 years ago

Dr Ferris and Fink are awesome. There staff is professional and courteous. I highly recommend them for new pet owners in the area

Pamela Miller

2 years ago

We have been coming there for 30 years with 6 to 7 dogs that we’ve had throughout those years the last time my dog was there was in March 2020 to have oral surgery to have her teeth removed had to have a full physical exam to have that done now my dog got sick and I’ve been trying to make an appointment and they said that I would have to call in at 8 o’clock it was a first come first serve for emergencies then I called in at 8 o’clock I got put on hold then they come back and tell me that they don’t have anything available. Beltsville my little Chihuahua passed away on Saturday I hope every one of you feels the pain that I feel. Shame on you Beltsville

Michael Mccabe

2 years ago

We have been taking our dogs and cats for nearly 50 years. The care they have received has been outstanding.


2 years ago

Can't recommend them enough. If your pet needs to be seen for anything from a checkup to a surgery, this is the place to go if you want them to be seen by people who truly care for and love your pet as you do. Worked here from age 19 to 20 before going to avionics school. At the time they had cats available for adoption but I don't think many people know that. Not sure if they still do but I think it's quite possible so if you're looking to adopt I'd give them a call. We all took pride in our work there, truly loving the animals we work with. Unfortunately, some people would drop off pets outside that they were abandoning, but we always took them in and tried to find forever homes. We had cats with FIV which is commonly known as "feline aids" that we cared for and kept separately. One of my first days a fiv+ cat gave birth and I loved caring for those little kittens. Everyone here works here because of a true love for animals, it's not for the money. If your pet has surgery and stays overnight(s) you can rest assured that they're being cared for through the night as there's actually a built in apartment for an employee to stay in that cares for the animals after hours. I am in my mid thirties now but still look back to the time I worked here very fondly. I genuinely miss it to this day, I've not worked another job that ever felt nearly as fulfilling as what we did there. I can't recommend them enough.

rejji kavanaugh

2 years ago

Pretty good, although they don't allow you inside with your pet.

Dee S

2 years ago

I've been going to this vet for years and the service is worth 5 stars and more. Dr. Fink is one of the best veterinarians I've ever had to deal with. She is so patient, very knowledgeable and informative. Highly recommend this veterinary!

Binh Thai

2 years ago

Helped me with a decision that was difficult, and the vet explained everything in details

Anthony Opon

2 years ago

I have no regrets after 2+ years. Very caring and friendly staff. The response is very comforting . Have had no regrets from the day I stepped foot there . Recommended by my neighbor to me.

Eileen Kurtz

2 years ago

I won’t use them again. I understand that all vets are busy now but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect them to hold open a few slots for existing clients who have a sick pet. I called today because my cat hasn’t been eating for the last couple days and they said the next appointment was July and gave me the names of two emergency vets. Since it’s not an emergency - yet - that was not helpful. My previous vet knew me and my pets and was always my first call when something was wrong. This office is obviously not interested in getting to know their clients and their pets or in helping when someone is in need. I did find another vet who listened to what the issue was and made an appointment for her later today. That’s the kind of service I expect and that is sadly lacking at Beltsville. And this is actually the second time I’ve had this kind of response from them - never again!

Efosa Osaghae-Morgan

2 years ago

Very honest veterinarians. Saved me from a lot of needless worry and most importantly, unnecessary expenses. Highly reccomened.

Deborah Baggett

2 years ago

Dr. Fink and her entire staff are always extremely professional, helpful and compassionate.

Vincent Gonzales

3 years ago

I took my puppy to Beltsville Veterinary Hospital for an ear infection. They are great, very professional, and caring. The Dr. was very generous with his time answering my questions and explaining how to use the meds.

Cornelia Anderson

3 years ago

My cats & dogs have been patients here through the years and we’ve always been impressed and very appreciative of the care and expertise the veterinarians and the staff have shown.

Lenessa Terry

3 years ago

I have been taking my dog to Beltsville Vet since COVID and they have been the best!!! I pull up, they come out and pick-up and I wait outside. The staff and the Veterinarians are excellent. They make time to talk to you and answer questions.

Thomas Hool

3 years ago

Great team of vets & techs here. Highly recommend these folks. They've adjusted for near contactless interaction, which is incredibly nice of them and makes us feel super safe.

Margaret Baker

3 years ago

Being going there for 30 years good vet


3 years ago

The phone is always answered. The vets take great care of my cats and always listen to my concerns. They never push for procedures that aren't in the animal's best interest, either.

Cindy L

3 years ago

Best Vet in the area.

Theresa Bonds

3 years ago

Beltsville veterinary clinic was very adapt at maintaining a no contact appointment. The staff came to the car to get my pet, Dr. Fink called my phone to discuss a treatment plan, and payment was also done on the phone. I was very pleased with how the appointment was conducted

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