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Linda Gentry

2 years ago

Love the care given to my animals here. Dr Schmidt is a great veterinarian to over see your pets health. Over the years, I find him to be very good and trustworthy. They try to work within your budget, depending on the amount of need of care. They've done excellent by me. Down side, sometimes you have to wait for an appointment longer than you'd prefer because they serve many people and are worth it, as long as not urgent need. Most of the time though, I am in fast but since COVID, it's changed things some. Depends on animals need and the Drs availability for appointment.

rainier bishop

2 years ago

Ever since new management has taken over, the service is horrible. The office manager is just a peach as well.

tim simons

2 years ago

2 visits and $700 later cat ended up having a uti. Just seemed like they just wanted to rack up the bill with test. My wife ended up figuring out what was wrong with the cat.You gotta be kidding me. Not impressed

Helen Skevofilax

2 years ago

Bel Air Vet used to be wonderful when Dr. Cook was alive but since he passed years back things have changed there. Although the staff at the front desk are for the most part nice the business practices, overcharging, and not so honest goings on in there is unfortunate. My dogs were boarded there for a week. They were vaccinated properly for boarding and in the proper time frame. I spent well over 400 dollars for what they said they needed to have for boarding them. When the dogs were picked up a week later they both had kennel cough that they contracted there at the facility. Needless to say they charged me a ridiculous amount for the medication they needed for something they were vaccinated for and got while boarded there which I felt they should not be charging me for due to it happening while in their care. They put my smaller dog in the next weight catagory up and tried to charge me More for her boarding when she didn't weigh as much as they claimed. These and some other shady things that are occuring there are definitely not right. There was another client there same time as me having issues with over charging as well and according to him a misdiagnosis of his pet. So please be aware of your bill and always get a second opinion on a diagnosis from them.

Melissa Woods

2 years ago

I was unable to make my appt due to an emergency with my 11 year old child whom i had to take the urgent care center. I missed 2 calls from them due to this and was unable to answer them. I called back the same day less than an hour later very apologetic and explained the situation. Thinking they would understand and help with another appt they gave me an appt a month away for a dogs ear infection. I asked to be on the cancelation list and the young lady smuggly stated thier were 12 people in front of me. They also wanted to charge a deposit of 60 dollars in advance because i missed todays appt. Thank YOU so much for your understanding. We will never be coming back again and you have lost 2 clients. Since this hospital is so busy I would not expect them to take the time they adequately need for care of my pet at this point. My dog could lose hearing between now and next month. No thank you.

Garett H

2 years ago

I was in town on vacation and my older dog got in a scuffle and needed a little TLC. The people at Bel Air were above and beyond helpful, kind, and efficient. If I lived here, they would be my vet for sure. Thorough, kind, compassionate. Dr. Schmidt was outstanding.

Jarod Zacharias

2 years ago

Our cat was taking a down turn quickly and Bel Air Veterinary Hospital fit us in the day after we called. It turns out that our cat was very sick and ended up taking the rainbow bridge... however, Dr Schmidt and his team were amazing with my wife (who took the cat). They were empathetic, considerate and so thoughtful to our concerns and took such great care of him (Paco Taco, the cat) and my wife during this difficult time and decision. Thank you to the whole team!

May Adams

3 years ago

We recently had our 2 year old dog neutered. The staff could not have been any friendlier and compassionate through the pre physical and surgery day. They came to our vehicle quickly and their phone communication was exceptional. They answered follow-up questions with patience and kindness. Thank you so much from Jack & family :) We highly recommend! Linda Myers


3 years ago

Hey my cat dream is happy and I'm very happy your doctors are very nice I'm a kid bye the way dream is very tired he will get good sleep you guys are awesome

Chris Perry

3 years ago

The staff and doctors have always taken great care of our dog Bubba. We have always taken him there for 10+ years now and board him there too. Very happy with them.

Patti Walker

3 years ago

The staff and Doctors are so caring. It is a pleasure to go there. I have been with them for 19 years and would not go anywhere else,

Mark Ford

3 years ago

This office is always very friendly and compassionate when it comes to animals! I trust this vet 100% when it comes to caring for our fur family ( we have 3 dogs) Prices are never out of line, they are easy to reach and go out of their way to help in anyway. Definitely 5 stars

Autumn Valencia

3 years ago

they dropped a Healthy 6-week old puppy from an examine table during routine shots; the puppy now is in ACTIVE pain and is unable to walk, showing signs of hip dislocation, they have NOT offered to rectify and insist the puppy is fine. DO NOT bring your beloved pet here, reckless and dangerous.

Kate Mullen

3 years ago

We took my dog, Sadie, to Bel Air Animal Hospital after she ingested Ibuprofen. The staff took her back immediately and sat me and my husband down to discuss the risks, expectations, and treatment. Every day Sadie was in the hospital, staff provided a room for my visit with her. They gave me a blanket to snuggle with my girl and someone was always available to talk to me about the latest test results. I called the hospital day and night for updates on how Sadie was doing, and every time a doctor was available to discuss with her condition and what was going to happen the next day. After a week of bad news, Sadie finally started turning the corner. The staff were visibly excited about her chances. Even more fun was Sadie's reaction to the staff. She loved them all. We had to come back to the hospital the day after discharge to get more lab work, and Sadie couldn't wait to get in the doors and say hi to the front office crew. When the tech came out, she ran to the vet and gave her hugs. That week was one of the most emotional weeks I can recall ever going through, but the staff at the hospital were instrumental in getting me through it all. I can't speak well enough for the staff, from front office to techs, to doctors and anyone else I didn't know but took great care of Sadie.

Chuck Dot Science

3 years ago

The service gets worse by the visit. Now they are unwilling to open a car door to get the animal out of the vehicle even though they’ve done exactly that since the beginning of COVID protocols. They’re always quick to UPSELL services and seem to recommend more and more bloodwork. I don’t know who has thousands a year to spend on their pets. If this were a car repair shop, they would have been exposed in TV.

Ray Dion

3 years ago

Poor communication among staff as well between staff and patient's owner. If you like confusion and frustration, this is your place.

Denise Altenburg

3 years ago

This is an awesome veterinary hospital. The staff members are so caring. My cat ???? Macgyver was a member of our family for 17 1/2 years. Dr. Dave Stevenson was so amazing with caring for him during his struggling last month with us. He was so professional and so personable and caring and kind with both Macgyver and us. The day we chose to have Macgyver put to sleep was a very hard day for me. Dr Dave was so very kind through this very sad time. Thank you again Dr Dave!

Ellen Hagis

3 years ago

We had to have one of our cats put down yesterday. They were able to get us in quickly. The doctor was kind, compassionate and very informative. She explained what she would be doing and made sure we understood everything before continuing. The front desk staff was just as kind in assisting us. I highly recommend Bel Air Veterinary Hospital.

Gabriella Wolman

3 years ago

Zero apologies for making me wait in my car for an hour to pay my Bill and get my dog back. I had to call them repeatedly and the excuse I got was, “I didn’t see your finished paperwork.” Waste of time, this is the second time my experience has been poor there and I will never be going back. Edit to add- the Vet is awesome, thoughtful and empathetic. I had zero issues with her.

Garrett Dexter

3 years ago

I live in a neighborhood about 1/4 of a mile away. Every morning they walk in to feed the dogs at 6:30 7 the dogs start barking and wakes everyone in he surrounded house up. We have had this is issue before but they did nothing about it after we called them and the police. Very disrespectful and unprofessional

Jackie Hendrix

3 years ago

Took my Saint Bernard there to be cremated, they were very kind and patient as I told them about him. Tina is the staff member who came out to my car to get him unloaded from my vehicle, she was wonderful and so helpful.

Joe Meadows

3 years ago

I've been using Bel Air Veterinary Hospital for years.. They are wonderful. They have been truly caring of our pets (cats and dogs) thru the years. Several years ago I had to have my very old dog put down and they couldn't have been more kind during the ordeal. They have great vets and support staff. I highly recommend them!

Fredrick Johnson

4 years ago

absolutely THE worst vet services and boarding that I have ever experienced. If you value your pet do not go there.

Joseph Soriano

4 years ago

We stopped taking our dog here for several reasons about a year ago: 1) When me or my partner would bring our dog here the main afterhours DVM would *always* make a backhanded comments about our care of the dog and his weight, that is *NEVER* appreciated in a customer service role regardless of what your profession is or what you've studied. I am paying you for a service not for you to judge me. If you have a professional opinion to dispense it does not need to come with a scoff and/or a sneer. 2) The vet tech showed us more compassion and care than the main afterhours DVM has EVER shown in a 5 minute diabetes meeting. 3) When our dog was diagnosed with diabetes at this vet instead of explaining the condition and treatment path thoroughly we were doing everything step by step. We had few questions during this initial meeting but the afterhours DVM did not have much time for us an was quickly gone from the initial meeting and the vet tech had attempted to help us out as best as possible but they were awkward at best. As we are not medical professionals this typically would be appreciated, but when we attempted to do our first glucose curve here we weren't told any of the specifics which made it very difficult to get into the swing of diabetes control and this happened several times where we didn't take the appropriate step before the glucose curve but we weren't told about it until we were at the vet trying to drop him off. As well despite all of this difficulty it was NEVER mentioned that we could do an at home glucose curve (which would save a lot of time money and saved a lot of effort) After switching to a new vet it took almost half a year to transfer the file of our pet to our new vet (With multiple requests from the pet owners and the new veterinary clinic, I realize that a true professional DVM can explain to me all of the steps that I need to understand about diabetes control AND be friendly.

Ruth Miller

4 years ago

Caring and very friendly staff


4 years ago

I will never take my babies here again!! It might be under David Darr for Louie

Barry P

5 years ago

I have been going here for over19 years. The staff have always been considerate, compassionate, and efficient. I have had cats with complicated medical issues managed effectively and safely. Would highly recommend.

Catering1 Market

5 years ago

love this place. so does my rescue pup !

Chuck Day

5 years ago

I am dismayed to hear that my wife just returned from Bel Air Vet this morning after taking our dog for treatment. The desk staff turned away a dog that was hemorrhaging instead of at least having a veterinarian access/triage the dog. I have been going here since I was a child in 1977, and remained fairly loyal to Dr. Cook. However, it is quite obvious this is a business, and not a "care" facility any longer. I would not have bothered writing a review about our substandard treatment this morning, but to not show empathy towards a dog in serious need has me reassessing if I will be bringing our animals there in the future.

George Kuzyk

5 years ago

Great place to take your pet for checkup, shots and any other problems. The front staff is very pleasant and friendly. My gripe is when you call to schedule an appt you are immediately put on hold without a chance to explain one second why you are calling. They also ask can you hold a moment which can be minutes up to 10 minutes plus or longer. You call back several hours again and get the same routine. It may be time for me to find another Vet that will take the time to check with you quickly what you are calling for.

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