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c Gauvin

2 years ago

Great doggy daycare and boarding! Now under the management of dogtopia but still have the same very friendly staff. Our two samoyeds love it here.

David Hatfield

2 years ago

Don’t waste your time! Two guys standing around twiddling their thumbs when I walked in with my Bernese Mountain Dog (the sign says walk-ins welcome!), they ask me what I want. Seriously? I told them I wanted to wash my dog….myself. They then ask me if I have recent and up to date vaccination records for my dog ????????. Of course I do….I always carry those around with me! (NOT!!!) Don’t bother these guys, they’re too busy talking about why they can’t get a date. Go across the street to The Muddy Mutt, they don’t have free parking but they’re much friendlier and know what they’re doing.

James Carey

2 years ago

We love taking our dog Maggie to day care and boarding here. She always has a good time and we know she's taken care of. The dogs play a lot during the day and having the web cams available is awesome!

Dave England

2 years ago

Very reliable staff, and they take great care of my pups when they come for daycare and boarding. Lavinia is a awesome groomer, and takes the time to explain what the groom entails for my pup. Thank you Wag More Dogs staff.

Gabriela Zelaya

2 years ago

My mom took her dog in today to get groomed and the usual groomer (Rosie) who knows my mom and Cookie (her dog) was not in today so another groomer took care of him. Cookie is a very playful and active dog and loves to play rough at shirlington dog park. Rosie knows this and she knows this is why he gets matted in certain areas so quickly. She is very patient and kind and always does an amazing job with him, regardless of the matting and all. However, the new groomer, Livinia Nolan, told my mom today, that she was a bad owner and doesn’t know what she is doing and asked why she can’t take time out of her day to brush him before bringing him in. She proceeded to do so publicly and in front of everyone else. My mom doesn’t speak English well, but understands it, and was unable to explain to her why Cookie gets matted so easily. Livinia embarrassed my mom and made her feel awful for something that she cannot control. It was extremely unprofessional of her to do this and I hope management does something about this. I can’t image what she was probably saying about my mom (or other clients) behind their back. Please beware of the groomer, Livina Nolan.

Leonida Dieter

3 years ago

I specifically asked for a Groomer experienced with long haired dogs. She (phone receptionist) assured me, the Groomer she scheduled me with had 40 years experience. PLEASE search for "Master Groomer" near your area before trusting anyone with your dog.

Throwaway 123

3 years ago

Hands down the worst daycare I've experienced. Owner is highly unprofessional and will often scream, yell, curse, and/or throw things at employees and customers when she doesn't get her way. Employees do not get breaks and are expected to not complain. She is verbally and emotionally abusive to her staff. She is quick to cut hours and/or pay for minor things. Staff is constantly coming and going because of how she is. The ONLY good thing about this place is the care the dogs receive and how clean the place is kept.

Nope McNoperson

3 years ago

When I walked in with my dogs one of the managers (the owner, I guess?) was yelling at an employee so loudly over the phone that I could hear it. I left. Borderline abusive behavior. How do you treat the dogs, who cannot speak? Edit in response to owner comment: It would be wise to treat all animals, human or canine, with dignity and respect. One cannot imagine how you would discipline (read: abuse) a creature whom you think is lesser than you, as you apparently do your employees, whom would presumably now also treat the dogs with the same "high standard" you show them. I would not bring my dog in to find out.

robert esola

3 years ago

The were responsible and reasonable rates plus the outcome of the dog grooming was real great...I was impressed as this was our first time there..

Theodore Peele

3 years ago

Best place treat people and dogs with respect

Mark Bryan

3 years ago

I moved out to Herndon but still drive into Arlington to get my dog groomed at Wag More Dogs. They do a great job at a fair price and are very covid safe. I highly recommend them.

Jamie Dineen

3 years ago

I love bringing my pup to Wag More Dogs! The staff treat him as if he was their own dog. They are really kind and understanding.

Hanna Murphy

3 years ago

Owner is unprofessional and rude.... just look at how she responded to this review.

David England

3 years ago

Great place to bring your dog. Offer naptime during the middle of the day, so that dogs can rest up, and than play more afterwards. Dogs have walks in the parks. Cleanest doggy daycare in the area, and I've been to a couple of them in the area. The staff really cares about you and your dog, and are very flexible with any of your concerns.

Clyde Willis

3 years ago

Grooming my dog ???? for six months, they are professional, know dogs personalities and know how to calm anxious puppies

Christopher Barnett

3 years ago

When you leave your dog in a place with cameras and you put the camera on to see one of the caretakers giving your dog a kiss-- you know you've left your dog in the right place!!! We've been boarding both of our dogs at this place for many years. Our dogs are always happy to come here, which tells us all we need to know. If you're looking for perfection-- you need to spend more money. That being said, almost every interaction that we've had with the people who work here has been professional and courteous. We feel like we're leaving our dogs in a safe and clean place. And for that we are thankful to WMD. .

Taylor Reynolds

4 years ago

Wag More Dogs is a tightly run establishment . They take excellent care of the dogs, also the facility is super clean and always filled with happy staff who great the pups. the best part about this place are the cameras that let you check on the pup whenever you want, this is a great place to bring your dog

Renel Anglade

4 years ago

Where to even begin? Do not bring your dog here if he's an energetic pup. They are overpriced, will waste your time, and do not like dogs that are loud and energetic. We brought our dog here not too long ago for a few overnights and were contacted within a day being told he was not welcome anymore due to him barking at other dogs. They told us he would be in a crate until he was picked up. That was the whole day. They did not feed him or give any water. I had to drive almost 7 hours one way to pick him up and they charged us 100 bucks. He was there for a day. Upon my arrival I was told something different, that he was in a fight. Why was not that mentioned when they originally called; that would be much more concerning than barking if that were the case. We have taken him to several daycares in the area and they have never had any sorts of issues with him, this is the only place that does. Should not that have been noticed during evaluations so we would not have to waste our time? I took him to the better equipped daycare down the street and he had no issues there for over a week. Did I mention they are overpriced? When you get the walk option it is essentially a 20 dollar pee your dog is taking because that is as long as they let them stay out there before they go in for the next round of dogs. You think they would realize some of their former and current customers go to the same park. Lastly the owner seems a little cuckoo and all over the place. She also seems duplicitous. Be careful if you decide to use this place. Or better yet, don't at all.

Katie Porter

4 years ago

Great place for daycare and boarding. The webcam is an awesome component and they are very meticulous about getting your dog's food, medication, etc. correct. 4 not 5 stars only because the dogs don't get access to the outside/fresh air, which may have something to do with how stinky my pup is sometimes. You can pay $5 for a walk in the dog park which is a nice option, though. They offer on-site grooming which is super convenient and at a great price, too. I hope they are able to expand and possibly include an outside space/dog run in the future.

Jill Tastrophe

4 years ago

EDIT: I retract my above review. At the time of making this review I was an employee of Wag More and was threatened with my employment if i did not make a positive review on Google. I've been working in the professional pet care industry for 16 years and have changed my 5 star to a 1 star review to accurately reflect my professional opinion of this business. Original (forced) Post: Wag More is a great place to bring your pup for a day of play or a few nights of stay. Their staff really care for their canine friends and the groomers are so helpful and give lots of tips for at home grooming care. It's so nice that they are right next to the dog park too!

David O'Flaherty

4 years ago

It seemed ok but I here they don't treat their employees well.

Casey Rhyne

4 years ago

This place... Wow- I cannot say enough great things. Large, clean, affordable, all-in-one, and the doggie cam is just the cherry on top!! This is a business I see making efforts to always improve. For example, the dogs used to bark a lot (as they do at most doggy daycare places) when owners came to drop off and pick up their dogs. The last few times I went in there, the dogs were basically silent. I remarked on this and they said they had been trying some distraction techniques to keep the dogs quieter. Great job Wag More Dogs!!

Brody Hallinan

4 years ago

The owner here throws bowls at your fur babies BEWARE. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE TO TAKE YOUR PETS IF YOU CARE ABOUT THEM.

armoni Booker

4 years ago

Me, my boyfriend and our 12 week old pup came in this morning looking to tour and inquire about daycare at this facility. Walking in there no one at the front desk so we just stood there for at least 5 mins. Eventually a tall man came from the back and didn’t even greet us he just asked our we there to pick up.. we looked confused because we were holding our pup so how would we be picking up. Also if he knows their regular clients he should have know we aren’t clients. I then try to ask him a question and he immediately cut me off and said I don’t handle any of that I’m just the coordinator. Which was kind of rude because I only wanted to know did they do tours. There was another lady who walked out the bathroom but she just walked to the desk and sat down, no hello or anything. Then a lady in a room on the side asked did we need help but didn’t come out until we proceeded to the door to leave. Once she eventually came over she was actually quite nice that I can say. So the 3 stars goes to the lady who told us the information and the smell and look of the front area was very pleasant to walk into. I wish we could have been greeted properly because we could have been potential clients.

Lisa C

5 years ago

They do great job; however, the place smells really bad. I was afraid my dog was going to come out smelling like an unclean kennel, this is the only reason I didn't give 5 stars.

Anya Lewis

5 years ago

If you need dog daycare services or boarding I recommend Wag More Dogs. "Where they wag more bark less"

Daisy Harris

5 years ago

Noticed the young lady with the dreads on the the floor with the dogs handle and works with the dogs really well...

Ciara Long

5 years ago

They did a great job on my mom’s dog who was visiting from out of state but the place smelled horrible. Maybe it was due to the holiday weekend but they did great work and are super close to the dog park

Miguel Garza

5 years ago

I drop my dog off here for daycare about once a month and have never had any issues. Their rates aren't too bad ($28 for 6 hours or $40 for 12 hours) and they have a doggie cam (albeit with mediocre connectivity and quality) so you can check up on your pup from your phone. Tux always comes home happy and exhausted - would definitely recommend.

Ann Glass

5 years ago

I knew right away that this was the best place for my pup! The facility is super clean (they clean it three times a day!) and you can tell everyone LOVES dogs...they are all super friendly. Trust me, they go above and beyond to ensure your dog has a safe and comfortable time whether its boarding, daycare or grooming. They definitely go the extra mile for my Sammy. Best thing is being able to see my sweet boy any time from my i-phone on their webcams. And they even featured him on their Facebook page. Another plus is the walks Sammy gets in the dog park right outside their door. I have tried other daycares but this one if by far the best.

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