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Karen Holloman

2 years ago

Excellent care and treat Bailey as their own.

Tara Westington

2 years ago

I only trust The Muddy Mutt with my dog. He is highly anxious especially with nail trims, and the staff is more than respectful and accommodating to my dog’s needs. Their care and professionalism is what keeps us coming back.

Jay Bartlett

2 years ago

Friendly staff......and great facilities. Easy to wash your pups here than at home.

Janeen Porche

2 years ago

Today was the first time using thei “We-Wash” service. So convenient.


2 years ago

Dirty, staffed by amateurs, no parking, over-priced, self- wash area is never fully supplied with all one needs; the floors in the self wash section are always slippery, no towels for dogs, no hand held dog scrubbers today- and floors covered in water. The staff do not wear Covid masks and have an attitude about them as if customers are bothering them by appearing with their dogs for service. Today when I checked out, the girl behind the register asked if I wanted to leave a tip… for what? I will never return.

Mo Castro

2 years ago

Great place! My fur baby Winston loves this place so much it gives me peace of mind bringing him here bc after trying out so many other places we come to realize he never has a problem with staying with them unlike the other places. So I decided to keep bringing him to them although the drive from Stafford isn't much fun at times.

Michael Henderson

2 years ago

Great experience every time I come here. I usually do the self-wash but decided to avoid the labor and picked we-wash instead. Great overall experience! My dogs coat is super dense so it can take a few hours to dry. They were able to get her almost fully dry in half of my usual time. I can tell she was taken care of and treated kindly as well!

Mia K Arakaki

2 years ago

I've been working intermittently in DC for about 5 years. This place ised to be great. Now its smells awful. The tubs are not even trying to be clean. Before they renovated the place was even less put together but the place was a lot cleaner. Someone made a point of disinfecting or cleaning the floors at some point during the day. I think this place just has too many young people bow. The last time I went there there was a sign on the door that there was no towelsThe last time I went there there was a sign on the door that there was no towels. But I had called 30 minutes in advance... And drove 30 minutes I was not happy to see that signand drove 30 minutes I was not happy to see that sign. But they still had a few towels they were just running low on themBut they still had a few towels they were just running low on them and deterring customers. I don't personally use a shampoo bottles there but the shampoo bottles are furry and they have congealed shampoo all over them furry and they have congealed shampoo all over them. The location is great near the park

L Epps

2 years ago

Perfect location. Best dog park to let your lil one have fun and then get washed up afterwards

Jessie Steinhart

2 years ago

My 6 mo old puppy was supposed to get a face/ feet/ fanny puppy cut. Easy right? I was assured their groomer with 20 years of experience would take good care of him. He looks like a drunk got carried away with a pair of scissors and a you tube video. I asked for his bangs to be trimmed- his face was shaved off. He has a mullet. And his paws are shaved crooked. To add to this dumpster fire, his body was blown out so he looks like a cotton ball and whatever perfume in the wash/ spray has had us both cringing (eau de panty liner) and him itching. I was speechless. Not at all what we discussed when I dropped him off. He needs bangs to help protect his eyes. I asked for them to be trimmed and thinned. I may need to buy him goggles now to keep them safe until this horror show grows out. To the other reviews about treatment of the dog, mine seemed ok. I didn’t observe mishandling and the pup seemed his normal happy self when I picked him up. The staff was nice enough as well. If your dog requires actual grooming think twice before paying the $120 to walk away with a “Karen” cut. Unless you want to pick a fight with a Walmart manager somewhere… I rarely, if ever, leave reviews. I’m leaving this one because I feel like I’ve conspired to abuse him. I’m seriously racked with guilt every time I look at what used to be a beautiful face.

Glad James

2 years ago

Was finally nice to have a large enough bath to wash my Corgi. At $16 it was a steal. Staff was friendly and professional. Remember, it's a place to wash dogs so don't expect it to be clean. Will be washing Dave there from now on.

Christine Chon

2 years ago

1. Easy check in and check out process! 2. Reasonably priced. 3. Ella (my dog) is clean, perfectly groomed, and happy :)

Caroline Billinson

2 years ago

We were dedicated customers for 7. + months and we recommended The Muddy Mutt highly on social media and to friends. Due to an awful cut and the inconsistency time and time again, we are no longer customers. Prices are high and in my opinion, overpriced. I’m willing to pay whatever as long as I know my dog is in great care. However, the inconsistency in terms of quality makes it a huge waste of money. The only groomer I recommend is Amanda. Amanda is talented and she listens to the customer. However, Amanda is just one person and if her schedule is booked, you’re out of luck. We have had to use other groomers here in the past because Muddy Mutt books up so fast and it’s resulted in several bad haircuts. After a bad experience with a groom several months ago, we decided to give them one more try. I wish I hadn’t. I spent over $150 for my doodle to come home completely shaved, uneven layers on her ears, and chunks of fur missing from her mouth. These chunks haven’t grown back in 1.5 months later. The worst part, they cut off ALL of her whiskers, which I have never trimmed and have previously told them not to touch. You may be asking why I paid if I was so unhappy. During our second to last groom, we asked for additional services that weren’t completed and I was unhappy that some of of standard requests had not been done. I sent an email expressing my concerns and the response I got was unhelpful, twisted my words, and sounded like my frustration was an inconvenience. I was told that even though I’d been there several times prior and had emailed photos and a “dos and don’t” list for Penny’s grooming, I needed to ask to speak to the groomer every single time I drop off my dog. Because the “front desk staff are mostly bathers and don’t have the knowledge the groomer has”. It became very apparently that my feedback isn’t appreciated or digested. The Muddy Mutt does not care to get to know you or your dog. They don’t care to remember what you’ve asked for in the past. There is no system in place for the staff to know “here is Penny, she always gets x cut, do not cut her lashes or whiskers, and mom always asks for bows”. And even though I’ve given them this information in the past, it was evident the email didn’t even make its way to the groomer.

Kirby Russo

2 years ago

Brought my puppy in for her first bath today and was so pleased. She is full of energy and super wiggly, so it’s definitely a challenge to get her to sit still. I’m so impressed with how they calmed her down enough to get her clean and get those long nails trimmed. She looks beautiful and smells so good - just in time for all the family to see her at thanksgiving!


2 years ago

Dixie came home and looked like a SUPER MODEL!! Lol and she smelled good too ????????????????

Macie Whitbeck

2 years ago

Muddy Mutt is a GEM! We’ve been going here for 3 years now, and we LOVE IT. Every time we pull our car up to the front of the building (conveniently placed next to the Shirlington dog park) our dog is so eager to get out and see Amanda. He knows he’s going to get all the love and pets, just like he’s at home. Amanda and her staff are so careful and professional when it comes to grooming and washing our dog, and the passion for what they do shines through in every way. BRING YOUR DOG HERE! :)

Yuliia Rybak

2 years ago

These people are NOT friendly and the reviews that say otherwise are DEFINITELY employees or paid marketing campaign. They treat animals in a monstrous way! I don’t even know how you can have the heart to mistreat animals the way they do. I took my dog here to get groomed and I could see from the counter what goes on in the back room where they wash the dogs. I saw an employee grabbing a dog by the neck and making agressive gestures as if she has anger management issues. I made a U turn and left. I am so glad I got to see that. They need to get shut down.

Yunxiao Gao

2 years ago

It easy to wash your dog since it’s near the dog park but the people are NOT nice!

Julie Gantz

2 years ago

My lab hates getting a bath but the staff at Muddy Mutt was sweet and patient with her. The bath, ear-cleaning, and teeth-cleaning was very reasonably priced, quick, and minimally traumatic for her. Definitely recommend!

josh lucki

2 years ago

I will feel guilty for the rest of my life that i trusted these people with my baby. She was trying to tell me something everytime i took her there, she would pull out towards the door and scream, which she would never do at other grooming places. One day, as we walked in and i removed her harness, they put their own leash around her neck, yanked her and dragged around. My beautiful Husky was screaming and crying, i wish i had read all the reviews on how agressive they are with dogs. These people DO NOT like animals.

Joanna Coombs

2 years ago

Our golden retriever got groomed here last week. It was the worst groom he has ever received. It appears he was just washed and stuck in a crate to dry and then we were charged 90 dollars. No trim, no nail clipping, and no brushing. I had to brush him immediately once he got home since he was shedding so badly. I emailed the manager to talk about the issues and if we could come back in so they could fix the mistake and absolutely no response. Will not come here again and would suggest you spend you money at a place that will actually do what is promised. Also they rarely answer the phone even when your dog is in their care.

James Roberson

2 years ago

They yanked my dog and dragged around from the neck with their leash thinking I wasn’t watching. I wish these monsters nothing good. I know there are people who hate animals but I don’t understand why they would work around animals.

Fatima Zohra Sentissi

2 years ago

Extremely agressive groomers. Should’ve read the reviews before going there. So obvious that they are not into animals. Positive reviews undoubtedly posted by employees and closed ones. Do NOT leave your pet alone with these people. My dog came home with bruises!

albert johnson

2 years ago

My dog came home with bruises on his face and limping. I went to the store and i asked to speak to the manager, a young lady came out of the back and kept cutting me off, refusing to even listen to what i had to say. She yelled at me and said to me to never come back to the store. I am still in shock at the reaction. Most employees are teenagers / college girls and i can clearly see that they could use a group therapy / anger management. Scary! I regret bringing my dog here and i wish i had taken the time to read all the 1 star reviews.

Janeen Latini

2 years ago

The Muddy Mutt takes great care of my two pups. Leti is especially good with my pup who is a bit skiddish and doesn’t love having her face trimmed. They come home looking and smelling great!

Helen Counts

2 years ago

I did the express we wash and it was a super quick and easy experience!

Malin Luca

2 years ago

Always friendly and caring with our pups - thanks for all you do!

Michael S

2 years ago

Friendly staff. They do a great job with my Newfie


2 years ago

This place is very abusive and I read a lot of reviews just now which I should’ve read before going to this place. They hurt my poor baby, she came out bleeding and with bumps. They are very agressive when attempting to restraint them. If you love your animal, pls go somewhere else.

Jen Knutzen

2 years ago

Perfect cut for my schnoodle! Not too short, but didn't leave him shaggy, either. They are wonderful!

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