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Whitney Santamaria

2 years ago

I have been coming here for a few years and today my 2 grls got groomed. And I have to say I almost cried bc I was so happy with how they turned out. I tell everybody about the docs and how much I love them but after today I am amazed by every service there top notch ????

Liz Sisk

2 years ago

I brought my young cat in after a bite wound from a neighbor's cat became infected. After having the wound drained and cleaned and antibiotics administered, the wound refused to heal, and over many weeks and multiple visits, the amazing vets at Columbia Pike worked tirelessly to find and solve the root issue, communicating all treatment options, costs, and home care. I even took my cat to my hometown vet for a second opinion, and they confirmed that everything the columbia pike vets recommended/attempted was best practice and fair pricing. Although it was a long, stressful, and unavoidably expensive process, Columbia Pike was able to solve the root of the issue and saved my cat's life while being communicative, flexible, and attentive.

Diana Garcia

2 years ago

If I could give it zero star I would give it that. Terrible attention, I waited for five hours and nobody gave me information about my injured pet and at the end I had to get him out of there to take him to another more serious clinic! I recommend that you do not come to this hospital because you would lose a lot of time and money as well as putting the life of our precious pet at risk!

Loan Dao

2 years ago

Dr. Terra is FABULOUS and the staff is great at ER Center. My kitty was very sick, but received an excellent care and fully recovered after 1 day of treatment. I will highly recommend them.

Stephen Leach

2 years ago

Columbia Pike provided emergency service to Smores, my pet Havanese, whose front paw had been sliced open by a neighbor's aggressive rescue. Two other animal clinics were fully booked and could provide no service. Columbia Pike, in contrast, said bring Smores in immediately. The staff got Smores into the system within a minute of arrival. Dr. Wong explained what she was going to do and sewed up Smores' paw mid-evening. The staff then provided capable care instructions. Removal of the stitches 12 days later could not have been quicker or easier. I thought the fee was quite reasonable for emergency service. Overall, I'm hugely pleased with Columbia Pike - much less pleased with my neighbor's hound.

Yen Lee

2 years ago

Dr. Terra is FABULOUS and the staff is great at ER center. My kitty was very sick, but received an excellent care, and fully recovered after 1 day of treatment. I will highly recommend them.

Chloe Loving

2 years ago

Could not be more disappointed and confused with this clinic. I grew up in this area and was never impressed with Columbia Pike's services. I am currently home with my parents though I live in Blacksburg as this COVID situation ameliorates. With that being said I am at home for a longer period of time than I originally planned and I am running low on my SENIOR dog's DIABETIC prescription food. I called my vet in Blacksburg and then mentioned with a simple receipt of purchase (indicating I have permission to buy this special product) they would see no issue in Columbia Pike providing me food. After a few calls (Columbia Pike tried to tell me to schedule an appointment and pay to prove my dog is in fact diabetic only to turn around and purchase their expensive product- in the time of a pandemic in which most people are struggling for resources including money so why pay for an unneeded visit). They still denied me and my vet and insisted we needed to be a paying customer. My ultimate concern and disappointment boils down to the fact that as a veterinarian why would you want to deny a senior dog his specialty food that he needs to be healthy.

Susan Marcus

2 years ago

Columbia Pike ER (CPER) was unprofessional, risked the health of our pet during an emergency, and was uncaring. DO NOT RECOMMEND. We will Never go there again. We called CPER last night about our cat who was losing control of her hindquarters. She had been seen by CPER's sister vets at Town & Country earlier in the day (they were closed at night). We were told to bring her in, though the wait could be 6-8 hrs; CPER was told it would take us ~30 to arrive. They said we would be accepted. When I was about 1 mile from CPER, my family called me to say that CEPR had told them we would now Not be accepted. Family reminded me that a similar prior incident with this pet was caused by excessively high blood pressure--to the extent that the cat could not see. I continued to CPER, entered, and found no one at the reception area. I waited for 20 minutes. Someone with a pet arrived, I told him about my wait, and he knocked on an Authorized Personnel Only door. Someone came out and immediately took his pet in. Staff moving about had avoided eye contact with me. Other pet owner had dog in arms; I had cat in carrier; it was not easy to carry cat and carrier to knock on doors. I finally left, having spoken with no one from CPER. What an awful place and experience.

kirk evenson

2 years ago

I took my dog here as an emergency when I noticed swelling on one of her hind legs and abdomen. She was brought in right away. Dr. Olec examined her and unfortunately diagnosed her with an aggressive cancer. She had to be euthanized. He worked with me on the bill because my wife and I had both been out of work for a long time due to covid. My sweet girl was able to be at peace thanks to Dr. Olec and the staff there. I even received a sympathy card from them about a week later.

Hailey Lane

2 years ago

They’ve done a great job providing care—this is my go-to emergency vet.

Ger G

2 years ago

My dog's eye issue was misdiagnosed as not being cataracts when it was. I had an urgent visit after the pandemic and found the urgent visit prices changed from $65 any time visit to $135 urgent care visit. Wow. Whoever took over this place because i am assuming its new management let the greed go to his or her head. Felt they cared more before.

Decay_ Dakid

2 years ago

I never write reviews. But I wanted to leave this review here for the Dr's and the staff here at Columbia Pike because everyone I spoke with from over the phone to walking in, to the doctors, to leaving had been superb. The response time is impeccable. I had been in a stressful point with my baby cat Yuna. She got a spayed done at Anicira, which they didn't give me a cone for her because they stated "it's rare cats get infections" well my cat did. This infuriated me. And being so late on Friday night when I noticed her wound was smelling and not looking right. I had to rush to an emergency vet ER in Manassas. They gave her antibiotics and some cleaning but that still didn't do it. I brought her here to get her checked out. Come to find out she fell ill with a fever. It broke my heart and troubled me that I had pay multiple payments else where just to have her condition worsen. When I met Dr. Jones she was angelic. She helped me through my process and made me feel like she cared for my baby like it was hers. Passing the information over to Dr. Pats and Dr. Chang, both had the same energy. They made sure every time I called (I called a lot) I was up to date and on track. They spoke to with great care, professionalism, and support. All in all, I would recommend Columbia Pike to anyone and everyone who believes their pet is their baby and want the best care for them. 100% without a doubt. You will feel the same way I felt. Thank you to the staff and Dr.'s here. Thank you for taking care of and brining my baby's health back!

Dawn Arteaga

2 years ago

I called 8 different vets when my dog's ear was scratched and wouldn't stop bleeding. This was the only place that agreed to take us! We walked in and they immediately jumped to help. Dr. Wong was AMAZING, so kind, professional and generous with her time. Highly recommend!

Andre Maldonado

2 years ago

Dr Chang is not professional,But take your dog to her if you want your dog to die. I took my dogs to a real Vet that cares.

Chris Dillon

2 years ago

Aside from a few communication issues over the phone, Columbia pike animal hospital was wonderful; very quick and professional experience. We had an emergency with our cat that couldn’t wait, but they were able to take her and begin treatment 15 minutes after we arrived. Our cat needed to stay there for a few days to be watched, and we received multiple calls a day updating us on her progress. They gave us peace of mind.


2 years ago

Called to get an estimate for some dental work for my pet. The receptionist informed me that the Dr would give me a call but a week went by with no follow-up. I've been taking my pet here for the past 8 years and the service has always been subpar and that includes the service, staff, and wait time. Staff could benefit from customer service training. More often than not they are either unhelpful or rude.

David Wynn

2 years ago

I had a dog that was in bad shape, my vet had called a head of time and I was supposed to be able to walk right in with my sick dog . Instead I got a rude woman on the phone wanting to know my account number, when I told her what was happening her exact words were you need to come in side and check in…. I was carrying my dog and was trying to open the front door, no less than 8 technicians with their colorful scrubs on stood and watched as I tried to open the front door while cradling my sick dog…. Nobody did anything

douglas bedwell

2 years ago

CPAH has taken great care of my kitties for years and am very grateful for their professional and compassionate care. I highly recommend this practice to anyone who loves their animal companions.

Jasper Ortiz

2 years ago

I’m posting this on the behalf of my mother. Her kitten had gotten hurt and needed surgery. The doctor reviewing the situation was completely unsympathetic, rude, and extremely judging. when the cost of $4,000-$6,000 was mentioned and my mother was bawling over the overwhelming amount, the doctor had no care or heart for the situation. Asking for painkiller for the kitten the doctor said, “I don’t feel comfortable with you taking him with you.” Rude and uncalled for. We weren’t comfortable with the treatment of the hospital. Would not recommend this place at all. Would actually tell everyone I can to avoid it! Terrible staff poor responses.

Kee Hwang

2 years ago

Please stay away from this hospital. A family member took their less than a year old dog recently for a non life-threatening emergency and after receiving treatment which was not communicated NOR given permission to from the owner, their dog passed. They performed a procedure without permission, failed to communicate any updates and as a result, a perfectly healthy dog lost their life for absolute no reason. I am writing this to prevent other unnecessary deaths or future malpractice for the lack of professionalism and communication from the doctors at Columbia Pike. For your pets life, avoid this hospital at all cost.

Liz Twarog

2 years ago

I came with my cat to the emergency clinic and even though we are not regular patients, the front desk staff was very nice and the tech and the Dr Barnett really took time and listened. They made what was a very stressful time much easier. Even on a busy Saturday the wait time was not bad and I never felt like my cat was lost in the system. We have to go back for a follow up ultrasound but I feel like the dr explained everything very well and was not rushing us through.

Sarah Cahill

2 years ago

I have been taking my 2 dogs and cat to Columbia Pike Animal Hospital for years now. I have had several poor interactions with this animal hospital and will now be looking for a new vet. I took my yellow lab in for an allergy flare up on Friday. They gave my dog a leptospirosis vaccine and did not inform us that a side affect could be vomiting and diarrhea. After his visit he started having diarrhea and vomiting. I called to speak to a tech about his symptoms considering we had just been in for a visit and his tests all came out clear. The tech pulled up the visit and still did not mention that those were side effects of the shot he received. I called later that day since the symptoms were still an issue and they were not even able to see him. I had to go to South Paws Animal Hospital and spend over $400 in getting him as an emergency visit. I'm so upset that this issue could have been brought to our attention at his initial visit. This is a clear lack of reliability from the staff at this hospital. Really disappointed at the lack of reliability from this vet.

Jacqueline Evans

2 years ago

My favorite vet is fabulous and caring!

Lina Khalaf

2 years ago

Stay away! These guys are too busy for you and your pet. They canceled my cat's appointment an hour before the time claiming that they had an emergency and need to reschedule. I said no problem and I totally understand. They did this to me again the next time, but this time I was already parked outside the vet's office. They claimed (again) there was an emergency and I could either reschedule or I'd have to wait another hour. So I decided to reschedule. The third time they did the same thing to me. Even I couldn't believe it. I told the lady who came out to my car that there is no need to reschedule because I will no longer be bringing my cat here. My issue isn't with the vets in this office. My cat's vet was very nice and professional (the couple of times I spoke with her over the phone). The issue here is with the fact that they clearly overbook people. You're just another number in a very long list. Also, their automated phone menu is horrible! They ask you press a number, but when you do nothing happens. The message keeps playing and you never get connected to anyone. Their prices are also more expensive than other vets. I wouldn't mind playing a little extra for convenience, but they failed at that too. This place is too busy for you. Find another vet's office that doesn't have so many patients.

Nebyou Biruk

2 years ago

I took my pet to this hospital and the doctor had informed me my pet need sergeant to take out what’s in his stomach and she is 97% sure is something in his stomach I took my pet to hospital in Leesburg and they ran the same test and said there is nothing in your pet stomach They over charged me and had me waiting outside for 4 hr saying there system is down and gave me Wrong information and charged me near my rent payment Beware when going here they are vary racial profiling company and their information does not match Thanks to the hospital in Leesburg my pet is back home happy and eating .


2 years ago

It's a busy place but the staff were great!

William Kostak

2 years ago

Our cat, Rosie, had been diagnosed with congestive heart failure about one year ago. She has been under treatment by Town & Country Animal Hospital in Fairfax and by CVCA feline cardiologists in Vienna. I had been instructed by the veterinarians there that if there was a change in Rosie’s behavior, to treat it as an emergency. On October 5, around 5 pm, Rosie began having significant difficulty breathing and was loudly wheezing. I called CVCA but they were closed. I called Town & Country but was told they were booked up for the evening, and instructed to call Columbia Pike Animal Hospital and tell them it was an emergency. I called, and the receptionist asked me if this was an emergency or whether I could be put on hold. I said it was an emergency. She put me on hold anyway. After a few minutes I hung up and called again. Same thing. They asked if this was an emergency and I said yes. They put me on hold anyway. I hung up. The third time, no one answered and I was put on hold. What BS. I took Rosie to Pender instead.

Angel Smith

2 years ago

The staff was extremely efficient, kind and considerate. The doctor was very compassionate to my cat's care and needs and went above and beyond. Thank you

Ilona DuBuske

2 years ago

Patiently waited for 1 hour and 10 min for a routine vaccination and physical appointment for our Daphne. No one ever came out to give us any update and we just left. DO NOT RECOMMEND this place for routine vet care.

Chey Arbogast

2 years ago

A horrible experience. We will never be back. Make sure you don’t use their text messaging system because they will say it’s your fault that you’re late when you were early and they don’t check the system.

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