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Reviews: Mount Purrnon Cat Cafe and Wine Bar (Alexandria)

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Ashton Rohmer

2 years ago

Loved my visit here - it seems like the cats are really well cared for, the staff members are kind, and the space is cozy. Can’t wait to come back!

Tyler Garling

2 years ago

Staff are very friendly and the space is very nice! I wish they had a time slot only for adults simply because I felt some of the younger kids scared the cats or teased them too much, but that's ultimately down to parents making sure their child knows how to interact with cats. Looking forward to my next visit though!

syeda shyra

2 years ago

Cutest thing ever, just make sure the place isn’t packed when you go.

Siena L

2 years ago

Changing my review because now I have a cat from here and this place is truly awful. We got our cat in September and she has cost us over $1,000 in vet bills since then. She first had diarrhea that spewed all over our apartment and an ear infection that went unnoticed by the caretakers at Mt. Purrnon. Once she got better from that, I figured out I got ringworm from her - when I talked to the people at Mt. Purrnon, they said that they knew she was exposed but thought she was fine. We have not had a healthy cat and it is devastating that this place does not take care of their cats. I would not recommend this place to anyone looking for a cat - the ringworm alone (and months of treatments and cleaning) should deter people from even going here. This was my previous review: This place is amazing - come here when you need a cat snuggle and some tea.

Arunima Shukla

2 years ago

I pre-paid a reservation for a party of 12 but had 4 guests drop out drop out due to positive covid tests or possible exposure. I requested a credit (not refund) for 4 hours worth of visits but was advised that the 24 hour cancelation policy does not have an exception for medical/public health reasons. This stance shows poor judgment both from a public health and business perspective. While I understand this is a small-business safety and customer continuity should be respected. I also want to note that the coffee and food options are not good. The latte I had was revolting. Additionally, the wine list is also not good. I previously ordered the highest price white wine and found it to be terrible. This place needs to improve its policies and food/drink offerings. I will not be frequenting this place again. Edit: the response provided below does not adequately address exceptions for public health related reasons and mentions a refund rather than credit. Most businesses and even events have a medical/public health exception policy and provide credits if refunds are not possible. This is policy shows a short-sightedness from a business perspective by almost ensuring that customers experiencing this issue will not return and also from a safety perspective. Regarding the credit request being retroactive and not addressing food quality issues onsite- it is the choice of an individual to address these concerns after visiting an establishment if they choose to avoid confrontation and while a large party of guests is present.

Michelle Adams

2 years ago

I highly recommend going to Mount Purrnon. It quickly has become one of my favorite places to visit. The staff and owners are all very friendly and knowledgeable. You can tell they care about the cats. I have been multiple times for their wine tasting event, Jeopurrdy, and other times to just hang out with the kitties! Great drink selection and the grilled cheeses are delicious (I recommend the Tabby Cat). They also have fun merchandise - my mom loved her cat slippers from Mt. Purr. The cats are so adorable and loving, as you can see in my pictures. Go out and support this business!

Katie Minarik

2 years ago

I visited Mt Purrnon recently and I cannot wait to go back. The owners and staff are extremely friendly and knowledgeable about the cats that are at the establishment. The coffee is delicious and the layout of the place makes it a great place to catch up with friends and meet some pretty great cats that need homes. They do different events too - when I went, they had a wine tasting going on. Overall, I’d highly recommend this place to anyone and everyone. Support local, small businesses that have great causes and go give it a try! If I could give ten stars, I would!

Jim Froehlich

2 years ago

Cute kitties, friendly staff! Will return.

Jessica Ruf

2 years ago

Laid back place to hang out with kitties (and potentially meet new family members) in! My only complaint is that the music was kind of annoying and didn’t really seem to fit the environment. Kinda felt bad for the cats sleeping through Lady Gaga’s Pokerface. I feel like nature sounds or classical music would be better.

Giovanni Soriano

2 years ago

This place is amazing. Super relaxing, super chill and adorable cats. It's nice to be able to come to a cute Cafe with pleasant and friendly staff, get drunk, and have a conversation with cats that don't know you lmao. This is a very therapeutic place. Highly recommend.

Erika Pernot

2 years ago

I LOVE MOUNT PURRNON!!!! My husband and I have been to this adorable cat cafe many times since they opened during Covid. Really nice owners and the cafe area is super cute. Lots of events going on and they are active in the community. If we didn't have a cat already (and an apartment pet fee), we would have adopted from here! If you love cats, need a break from walking King Street or want a glass of wine with kitties, this is the spot!

Bernadette Martinucci

2 years ago

So nice to finally have a cat cafe nearby! Our visit was great. First floor Cafe space is laid out nicely with unique seating nooks. Good food, nice bar and treats! Upstairs is the large area where you visit with the cats. Bright, comfortable and well- maintained furniture. Great place to spend time. Highly recommended.


2 years ago

Had an absolutely awesome time! Highly recommend stopping by!

Michelle Williams

2 years ago

Always have such an amazing experience when I stop by Mt Purrnon Cat Cafe! They are always hosting fun activities, and their cafe serves all sorts of delicious food- my favorite are the flavors of cookie dough they have. They are also an amazing option to buy your bottles of wine or champagne from, as every sale helps the cafe out. I love Mt Purrnon’s mission to work with local adoption/foster agencies help get kitties adopted by loving families. Highly recommend visiting and supporting them!

Victor Brisbin

2 years ago

We visited the cats for adoption on Halloween weekend, and then brought two sister kittens home a week later. The two are sweet, affectionate cats who immediately seemed right at home in our family. Mt. Purrnon Cat Cafe and Wine Bar was a fun date, and resulted in the successful adoption of lovely cats. Recommended!

Susie Klein

2 years ago

What can you say? It’s a cat cafe! A fantastic and well-executed idea. The interactions with rescue cats (which are available for adoption!) are fun for both cats and humans alike! Food and drinks are available in a separate section from the animals, so you can switch off between food and playing with cats!

Rob Johns

2 years ago

Cat Yoga was very relaxing and the most important part (the cats, duh) made it great!

Em Dajc

2 years ago

I had an absolutely amazing time. The food was fantastic but what I really went for was the cars and let me tell you it did not disappoint.❤️❤️❤️ Meet 1) Spud 2) Odis (Otis?) 3) Patch 4) Petunia

Cameron Richner

2 years ago

This place performs miracles. I took my girlfriend here for her 21st birthday and we got to play trivia, have tasty drinks and snacks, play with awesome cats (one even sharing her name) and more. We unfortunately couldn't adopt, but please do if you can. If Pancake is still there, someone PLEASE get him, he is a precious little fireball.

kristen candella

2 years ago

Very cute! Very well laid out. There were no foul orders in spite of the many cats. Everyone was very nice. They had a very good gift selection. If you're a cat lover, I'd highly recommend checking this place out!

Jay Barker

2 years ago

Great idea and a kewl place to see the cats and enjoy a glass of wine

Ashley s

2 years ago

I just got back from living in Europe and their cat cafes are quite different from this one, so I had some expectations... I would say this place is more for children.

deborah outlaw

2 years ago

Wonderful place to enjoy libations and food that adjusts to different holiday seasons, while helping rescue cats! Great place!!

Jennifer McPherson

2 years ago

Awesome place! Highly recommend checking it out....and while you are there adopt a cat ????

Sherry Schnake

2 years ago

Great experience and benefits a worthy cause.

Kimberly Santoro

2 years ago

The cats were adorable. A great place to hang out with friends.

Christina McGrath

2 years ago

Great service. The cats were adorable. Definitely recommend going earlier in the day since they're played out by the last hour of course.

Sarah Burkey

2 years ago

I went here with a friend after a long day and really enjoyed my time! The cats are adorable and the staff is really welcoming. I'd definitely recommend visiting if you need a place to de-stress!


2 years ago

Great cat cafe. The staff was kind and knowledgeable, but I did have some issues. My biggest issue is the lack of supervision compared to other cat cafes, and the lack of respect for the cats from other visitors. Other visitors were forcing sleepy cats awake, notably those with children. Children under the age of 13 shouldn’t be allowed to attend if they can’t respect cats, and if they keep bothering others. I did not like that my experience was hindered by children who would keep bothering others. For example, while one of the active cats was focused on me this child would jump in front of me, startling the cat and make them go away. Said child would also chase cats away from other patrons. This type of behavior would be unacceptable in other cat cafes, but because no staff was watching the child got away with it. I might consider giving them another try if they improve their rules and supervision, but for now I’ll stick to the competitors in the region.

Kaila Etienne-Best

2 years ago

Amazing cats cute kittens. Cats! And nice humans too.

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Mount Purrnon Cat Cafe and  Wine Bar, Maryland, Alexandria

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