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Alex Wheelock

2 years ago

Long winded, because this involves our puppy and our pets are the most important. We just had our puppy spayed here. This was our first experience with surgery at this vet - we had our older dog and cat spayed when we lived in a different state - so not our first experience. Anyway, they called once and my fiancé was at work so he couldn't get to the phone - they never even attempted me (i'm also on the account), they never tried to call again - my fiancé didn't see a missed call and i was starting to worry, so I called them. She had been done for FOUR hours. They called once. My poor puppy I could hear whining in the background. They didn't give pain medication, just a light anti-inflammatory, and an option to fill trazodone - a sedative (not for pain at all - RN here). This would just keep her calm post-op. The stitching is terribly done. The post-op appt, you don't even see the vet - you see a tech. Finally, the top concern of mine, was as follows. We sent our pup with her blankie, we knew the smell would comfort her, and we felt really really guilty doing this (pet parents, you know). They said it is absolutely ok! When they brought her out, they didn't bring a blanket. I asked for it and the gal goes "oh, what color is it?". What that tells me is that they didn't keep it with her, or place it in her kennel, or keep it in a safe space so they knew who's dog it was. First, that's stealing. But second, how dare you do that when I trusted you with my baby dog. Oh - I also don't need to get into the problems with refunding/recharging a different card - because we had our bank solve it. Yes, no one at the office could manage refunding a credit card properly, and they needed us to wait for the financial manager, in which they kept saying it'll be another week until she's back in. It was almost a grand, and we had to pay rent. Let me just say: train.your.employees. Needless to say, it's our last time at this vet.

Alex Bathurst

2 years ago

Great vet who seemed to truly care for my pets

Jessica Pringle

2 years ago

avoid this place. The office manager is a lady who is rude and doesnt care about my pet.

William Neilson Jr.

2 years ago

Took care of my dog in a quick manner and at a last second request. They did a very good job at evaluating him and was very caring with his anxiety

Elaine Miller

2 years ago

Caring staff and doctors. They also discounted my first visit with my new rescue dog, a pleasant surprise.

Sally Vickers

2 years ago

Everyone was very nice and cared for my little dog!

Parris Neal

2 years ago

They showed much love to my puppy even from the first phone call and first visit….

Lisa Chambers-De La Cruz

2 years ago

Excellent experience! Staff very friendly and customer service oriented. The system they have put in place for Covid, worked like a well oiled machine! Everyone knew their job and did it with kindness and compassion. They explained every option and cost without pressure. This is my new vet!! Very reasonable prices too! This was the Very Best experience I’ve had in many, many years!

Emani Evans

2 years ago

Very friendly! My puppy was very happy with her visit.

Dewi Heiner

2 years ago

We are very upset and unsatisfied with the unprofessional rude treatment and quick 5 mins exam by Dr. Snowgell and the tech Taleah today. The Vet didn't even want to spend time examining our girl Zoey. She couldn't wait to get out of the room. For $95 exam fee for 5 minutes service that's very wrong and disrespectful to Patient/Client and their loving dogs. I expected my girl Zoey to get a full examination today before she gets her Rabies shot and bordettella vaccine. She didn't even want to explain about the rabies and bordettella side effects and heartworm  injection, instead she just told me that she will give me information about it instead of explaining the side effects of the vaccine. She didn't even spend time talking to me about what happens after Rabies Vaccine or bordettella to Zoey tonight. I didn't want to see this doctor when I called last week and I was worry she's not a DVM and a good Caring doctor but the girl  on the phone assured me she's a very experienced vet and care about her patients. I was right. She doesn't care about Zoey. If she doesn't want to treat and care for my dog Zoey then I shouldn't pay her for her 5 mins service for $95. I told the tech that I came to expect fully examination for Zoey cause she needs her  exam by the Vet.  So she said I have to wait cause she already went to see her next patient and she will come back. But she didn't want to come back and see Zoey again so I told the tech we're leaving as we were very not happy with the unprofessional  and rude and quick 5 mins service. If I had known this is treatment that we  received, we wouldnt have come and should had gone to see Zoey other Vet instead. I left a message to the manager for the owner Dr.Newman or Dr.Vitulli to contact us regarding this incident. Zoey has been rubbing her eyes and looking so lethargy after the Rabies and Bordettella today and we are very worry about this. In Dec 2017 Zoey had bad allergic reaction cause she got another duplicate DHPP with lepto from Caring hands Animal Hospital in Rockville. She already got DHPP from Vetco in Oct 2017 but Caring hands gave her another DHPP with lepto in Dec 2017 which I specially told the doctor why didn't she look at her medical records before she gave her extra duplicate Vaccines. We had to come back for bad reaction treatment that night. Zoey is never the same puppy since that night. Duplicate vaccines to dogs are very bad.  Today is the last day we will ever use Caring hands. This is all about money and never care about the pets themselves. We love our fur babies and it breaks our hearts to see a Vet that you think you can trust and you think care for your dogs like you do with them as their parents but they don't care at all. The front desk girl and manager also were rude today. Waiting for the owner to contact me regarding this and also still waiting for copies of real lab report (other doctor) that I haven't received after multiple emails and phone calls, and a call back from  Dr.Caprio (who was always nice to us before) to whom I left good reviews few months ago. If you love your fur babies please do more research to find trusted and caring great Veterinarian Practice . It's very important to find a great care for your fur babies just like finding find good doctor for your kids.

Jason Lin

2 years ago

I’ve been a Caring Hands’ customer from day two of me getting my pup, which is more than four years now. I’ve never had a problem until recently. Their doctors are all very friendly and knowledgeable. But they have been consistently late on their appointment time. Today I waited 17 minutes pass my appointment time before they called me in. And it’s not just today, same thing happened to me the last couple of visits as well. I understand everything has slowed down because of COVID, but it also has been over a year since COVID first started. Specially if they sent me three emails plus couple of automated calls days leading up to my appointment date asking me to confirm my appointment. Please do better to be more punctual.

Donna Klemcke

2 years ago

I received a phone call after my dog's procedure to let me know how it went. I also received a phone call the next day to check on her. I was very impressed with the quality of care that my dog received.

Allison Elder

2 years ago

The organization I foster with introduced me to Caring Hands, and I've been so impressed. The doctors are really nice and the office staff are organized and efficient. They provide great care to the animals.

Erik Galarza

2 years ago

Caring Hands is truly one of the best vets if not the best in the area. We recently had to say goodbye to our beloved Ozzy after almost 17 yrs and Caring Hands was there to help us with one of the most difficult decisions of our lives. We’ve never felt rushed and everyone was so compassionate and loving to us and our Ozzy. A couple of days letter we received this card with a hand written note from Dr. Doss sending her kind words and condolences. We definitely were not expecting that and were touched by her kindness during such a difficult time for us. We can’t say enough of how great and caring their whole team is. They will always be our vet for all our pets. Thank you Caring Hands for being there for us and loving our pets like family.

Faarid Alwadud

2 years ago

I am not sure what is going today, but I just looked at the previews reviews from today and they all seem to mention Brandi/Randy as the reason for complaining. I 100% agree as this is also the reason I will no longer be bringing my dog to this place. Brandi has the nastiest tone and is super uncaring. The practice needs to either replace her or be okay with losing more costumers.

Gregory Anderson

2 years ago

Very friendly and professional. Love the staff here

Gus Espino

2 years ago

Terrible practice and they mess you your pet’s records. 13 years living in Virginia and never came across such a terrible practice

Lauren Smith

2 years ago

I will never come back here again. If I could give no stars I would. Please AVOID AVOID this vet. They did not care about my dying pet

Phyllis Patch

2 years ago

I can speak for my Cats.....we love this place :-)

Rose DuPont

2 years ago

The BB practice was recommended to me by another client. Very pleased with first visit with my cat, Abby who was treated by Dr. Rossi. Will be taking our other cat in a few weeks.

Susan Shiels

2 years ago

Caring Hands Animal Hospital was sensitive when we had to find a place for one pet’s cremation. It was an easy choice to start bringing our living dog there to get answers for his reoccurring ear infections.

Jaclyn Kinney

2 years ago

The best vet in Northern, VA!!

franzi smith

2 years ago

This animal hospital offers the best care for your beloved pets. Also Sarah Smith is one of the best vet techs in the United States.. Love her Dad and Mom

Ana Maria Timofte

2 years ago

I am happy with the service side and both the front desk as well as the Vets are very caring and helpful. Unfortunately the prices are quite High which is something you can find it most vet places.

S. P.

2 years ago

You can't go wrong bring your pet to Caring Hands Animal Hospital in Alexandria Va.. The entire staff is truly passionate about animals for sure! Dr. Rossi is awesome, amazing and extremely thorough!

Kelly Soderberg

2 years ago

I love, love, love Caring Hands. I’m a professional pet sitter and dog walker and I’m in school to become a dog trainer, so I’m maybe a little extra choosy about who to take my puppy to for vet care. Most of my clients come to Caring Hands and I’ve heard rave things from them over the years about this clinic, and now I’ve had my own great experiences with the Caring Hands team helping to look after my new puppy. Dr. Wells is our primary vet and I love how kind, communicative, and knowledgeable she is. Every staff member who has greeted or worked with us has been very kind and so sweet to my puppy that he’s all happy tail wags when we arrive for our appointments. When it’s been time for him to go into the building without me, he’s so happy to be with his Caring Hands friends that he leaves with no anxiety and like I don’t exist, which is exactly what I want! The staff members really take the time to greet and love on him in a way that has clearly helped him feel safe and confident around them. I love Caring Hands and would absolutely recommend them!

B Lathbury

2 years ago

Every employee I have encountered is super friendly, very professional and helpful.

Danika Outlaw

2 years ago

Caring Hands Alexandria always gives exceptional care to your pets- from the front staff, the assistants and doctors. They are warm, welcoming, attentive and truly care about your animals. Especially given the difficulties with covid restrictions, the appointment was on time and ran efficiently. I had 3 of my pets and my baby which was chaotic but Amber was amazing and handled everything with patience and kindness. Dr Neumann is an outstanding doctor that always gives excellent care to his patients. 10/10 recommend!

Kavita Batra

2 years ago

Update- While the Vets appear to be well qualified and thorough, the support staff lacks training in compassion and communication with pet owners. Two events have happened this week that required a standard level of professionalism and communication. In both instances Caring Hands of Van Dorn Plaza responded with abruptness and lack of professionalism. The first is a tech’s handling of my pup’s care for a routine immunization. She was unprepared for her and had to go back inside (after she came outside to get my pup for her jab)without warning. My pup could’ve bolted because the tech let go of the leash. The. The tech charged me for Simparica and didn’t administer it or hand it to me. I was called later and told that I’d be refunded but it’s been 5 days and I still haven’t received a refund. The second is an incident that occurred today. I tried to get an appointment (called early morning) for my pup who has developed a limp and is acting listless. The person answering the phone quickly told me that I should go to an emergency center. What she should’ve done was offer to have a vet call me back to evaluate my pets symptoms first. Caring Hands is a franchise like McDonald and behaves very much like a franchise. Avoid!

Virginia B. Britton

2 years ago

My husband and I love the staff and experience at Caring Hands, we go to the Alexandria area facility.. They are professional and kind, the facility is clean and safe.

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