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Lauren Carriere

a year ago

All of the staff here is so wonderful and friendly, even on their busiest days, from the front desk staff to the vet techs and DVMs. They offer drop-off appointments, making sure your pet gets seen when needed even if they don't have open appointment slots. Dr. Bridget in particular is exceptionally kind and caring with my dog (and me). She always takes her time to talk with me about anything and everything that could be going on with my dog. We are lucky to have such great service available to us! Highly highly recommend!!

Riccardo Emilien

a year ago

This place will take great care of your pets, but I also feel they will try to chisel you out of your money. I get that it's on Magazine St. but they definitely upcharge , sometimes excessively, for some pretty basic services. We've given these peoe so much of our money ...

Karen Winley

a year ago

I always bring my pet here for her care.

Lyla J

a year ago

Have had several bad experiences here with our pets, including unnecessarily delaying care for an acute condition to “confirm” a diagnosis which had already been agreed on by two previous vets. Vet techs seem incompetent, they are terrible at communication and often give conflicting and inaccurate information about the planned course of treatment and your pet’s condition. We have had good interactions with Dr. Kevin who has dealt with several of our dog’s issues and seems very thorough and knowledgeable.

Georgene Conner

2 years ago

Very pastoral in regard to helping deal with pet 'crossing the rainbow'. Always helpful in answering questions.

Elizabeth Newman

2 years ago

This place is the greatest. They took care of my cat and we appreciate everything they did. We will be returning

Robert Richard

2 years ago

Open and helping people during a hurricane, glad they are open to help

Dallas Thomas

2 years ago

Very nice people very clean environment

Damien C

2 years ago

Good service and friendly staff. Asked my cats for their thoughts. They said 'meow'. I think they agree with me.

Kelsey Beh

2 years ago

I WOULDN’T BRING THEM A PET ROCK!! Another veterinarian clinic focused on extracting as much money from their clients as possible through repeated ‘rechecks’ and inefficient treatments that cost an unreasonable amount of money, but cause the geriatric bulldog even more pain & discomfort. Why not think about what the service is worth rather than trying to get as much as y’all can by shaming your clients into spending more than any reasonable person can afford?? Had they drained the hematoma on the 1st visit, when we requested that, Zorro would be in less pain. Had they done that, we would not have had to recheck & recheck & recheck, and with absolutely no improvement. The hematoma is spreading down his ear canal & the other ear. Never have we left this clinic for less than $500, ever! What are we paying for??? This clinic’s treatment of our dog has resulted in NO IMPROVEMENT & HAS EXACERBATED HIS CONDITION!!

Xenia Roma

2 years ago

I have been going to this clinic for over ten years and my dogs have seen many of the doctors there. Each of them has been very thurough in examining the issues, they give options and suggest what they recommend but allow you to comfortably make your own decision. They are very caring and explain things well. We mostly see Dr. Johanna whom we love. Their schedule is great since they are open outside of normal business hours and on the weekend. I wouldn't bring my pets anywhere else. Love them.

Elle Mamolo

2 years ago

Dr. Amy Lea was so kind and gentle with my cat River. She addressed concerns that my previous vet clinic did not and she diagnosed my cat correctly. Will be following up with them from now on. Staff is so sweet! Great experience here

K Love

2 years ago

My dog was getting worse and worse with her allergies. It got really bad today. I called around and was able to get my dog into Magazine street animal hospital. They saw her and treated her so quickly. She had bulgy red eyes when I took her in. When I picked her up she was happy and looked 100x better. The Vet talked with me directly about her which I really appreciated. Everyone treated my dog with love. We will be back.

Kathy LeBoeuf

2 years ago

They were very nice and they took good care of my cat

Cathy Abramowitz

2 years ago

My poor baby! So my boy knocked his noggin and was stumbling around...super freaked me out! He's fine! Love my vet! Everyone here is so kind and calm. Thanks ladies! You ro

Christie DeRussy

2 years ago

Dr. Johanna at Magazine St. Animal Clinic is by far the best vet we have been to, and we are so grateful to have found her! She is SOO good with our oldest dog, a rescue pit mix who can be fearful/awkward in public, and we are so happy to have a great vet to bring our recently adopted puppy to as well. Her clinical judgment is excellent and she always uses the best research/evidence to inform her practice. She goes above and beyond for her patients and it is so nice knowing that our dogs have such an awesome doctor!!

gerald hebert

2 years ago

They take great care of our frenchie Zak

Karen Lemoine

2 years ago

Very calm, professional, and organized. A vet tech personally visits with each pet owner

William Boggs

2 years ago

Dr Scott is the best

Erica Avila

2 years ago

Professional and compassionate care every single time. Highly recommend to all pet owners.

Jess Mecklosky

2 years ago

The best place in Nola to bring your pup. Their hours are great, the staff is fantastic. As long as I am in nola I will be bringing my dogs here!

Mappy McGee

2 years ago

We were in New Orleans from out of town and had to put our cat to sleep. She’d been sick but she declined quickly and we had to say goodbye before we could get back home from our road trip. MSAC was incredibly accommodating and respectful. They saw us on 1.5 hours’ notice at 7pm. We couldn’t have asked for a more caring staff or comfortable environment to say goodbye. Obviously there is no good or happy way to do this kind of thing, but they were tactful and caring and ensured she was comfortable. They were incredibly nice and understanding of the emotional experience for us as well. Highly recommend this place, and although we likely won’t have an opportunity to return, we definitely would take our pets here again given the chance.

Matthew hunt

2 years ago

Great vets and staff have always taken great care of my cat.

Victor Visser

2 years ago

Quick and efficient. Friendly staff

Toni Grevas

2 years ago

If I could give this vet negative stars, I would. I’m so so disappointed with how my situation was handled and the way that I’ve been treated in my past visits. I recently decided to adopt another dog after losing one of mine 6 months ago, he came from the street and had been abandoned it seemed. I took him to get neutered here, which they did a professional job with, however, they found that there was some issues with his kidneys and we had to go see them multiple times so that we could get it handled, which it still is not. Initially they said it could be a UTI so they prescribed him medicine for that and when his labs came back they said it looks more like infection so he went on antibiotics for a kidney infection. When he came back for his visit yesterday, they said his renal levels have not changed and if anything some are higher now. Then they said that they would try to send out tests to check if it was a UTI, again, and that he would have to be on antibiotics for that, again. This dog has been on medication for the past 2 months and the fact that they wanted to test for something that was already tested initially and give him MORE medicine, does not sit right with me. It’s not healthy for a dog to be on antibiotics for this long and while the situation is complicated, I feel as though I still have no answers and that I pretty much know what I was told from the beginning and nothing has changed regarding that. I was also told if it was not UTI, it could be kidney disease. This is some heavy stuff to be told to someone who literally just lost their dog very traumatically and suddenly and while I don’t expect them to know that (or care evidently), this situation has caused me great anxiety and triggered me through past trauma. It’s not the vets fault that this is happening but they have provided me with no type of comfort or answers about the situation so how am I supposed to understand what’s going on with him or know that their actions will reach a solution when they are repeating past tests and medication to be prescribed? There seems to be no progression here and I’m left to feel anxious and scared if my dog is going to be okay. No one taking their pet to a vet should be leaving feeling this way. I’ve also received several comments about how they know I’m trying to be “cost conscious”. Well yes I am, I have every right to inquire about what I’m going to be paying for so that I can prepare appropriately and make sure I can afford said services. Some of us graduated post pandemic and don’t have all this money to throw concerning an unexpected situation when all I was trying to do was save a dog from the street and give him a loving home. 2 days ago, when I called to make the appointment with the vet, the tech made a comment about Dr. Scott saying he was “way overdue” for his appointment when it’s only been a week and half past when I was supposed to go. Also he’s been on medicine for so long that some doses have been missed so I don’t understand how that’s not to be expected? There’s no need for all these side comments when I’m paying for your services and doing the best I can with a stressful situation. This leads me back to finding no comfort with this place because I get belittled and made to feel like I’m less than and like they don’t care about actually helping my dog. Another time, I came in and dog was having a seizure in the waiting room and I heard the tech ask for help from a coworker and explain to his owner that he was in critical condition and that they need a $400 deposit from him. That does not sit right with me either, if my dog is potentially dying I don’t think cost is something to be discussed until after because it’s just plain insensitive and not the time. These people only care about their money and could care less about helping your animals. I’m not the type of person to go out of my way to complain or even write reviews but i feel so compelled to share my experience because it was really that terrible and I don’t want anyone else to go through what I did.

shawn ballard

2 years ago

This place is amazing. Can't recommend it highly enough. Was in a real bind. My grandmother died suddenly and I had to fky out of the state the next day for funeral and estate issuse. Wiuld not have been abke ti board my pugs if these guys were not so acccomidating and helpful. Evreyone from the person who answered the phone to the person who took the dogs back and got them everything they needed was extreemly nice, courteous, fast/efficient, and great at handleing my animals -not always the case just because you work in a vets office-. And when they fiund out my circumstances they truly cared and showed it until i left with my dogs. 10/10 will recomend them to friends.

Elliot Ernst

2 years ago

Friendly staff who are very attentive and knowledgeable

Paige Metzman

2 years ago

I can't say enough good things about this place. The staff are so kind, patient, understanding, and knowledgable. They truly care about their patients and do everything to make them happy and healthy. As long as I'm in New Orleans, I'll never take my dog anywhere else.

Sylvana Marcello

2 years ago

Magazine Animal Clinic has cared for my dog and 2 cats for 8 years. They recently helped my senior dog cross over and came to my home. They were wonderful in an extremely sad time.

Skyler Busby

2 years ago

Lovely doctors. Rude, unwelcoming staff.

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