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Michael Thomas

2 years ago

Good for last minute emergencies. Not your typical veterinary office - hectic environment but gets the job done. Does not coordinate/schedule re-checks from my visits/experiences there. Great for feral cat spay/neuter. Not too overpriced.


2 years ago

Vet/owner was very social, laughed and joked making my visit pleasant. All questions I asked in reference to my 3 month old puppy were answered.

Garrett Williams (The Traveling Bamboo)

2 years ago

This is quickly becoming our dog's favorite place to be.

Tiffany Turner

2 years ago

Dr. Saacks is the best!

Cynthia Gleason

3 years ago

Good vet for spaying and neutering.

Mary Lauren

3 years ago

Made and appointment at the beginning of this week for my dog whose been seen here before. Now the first time I came for a visit the vet was MIA and I had to wait, no biggie I didn’t have any other plans that day. Plus he had posted, at the time, that he was running specials for anyone directly affected with wage loss due to covid (I am a bartender, so I was very much impacted). During the visit we discuss my dog’s issues, and the vet continues to try and plug some restaurant that he’s opened as well (not sure when a vet visit became a marketing tactic but whatever). Total visit, approx $250 ish. Well today I had a 10 am appointment and surprise vet is MIA again. I called trying to figure out what’s up and am told that he had no appointments scheduled for today because it’s his wife’s birthday. I’m interrogated about when and with whom I “supposedly” made an appointment, and told that he would call me “when he had a window of free time so that I could come meet him”. Mind you, I made an appointment so that I could plan my day around, and as a result have been committed to sticking with those plans. Plus I don’t typically hop from vet to vet because it just starts the process all over again from square one when I know for facts what she needs in this visit. I call and visit Low Cost Animal Medical Clinic. Not only were these people so good with my dog, but the cost of the visit was SUBSTANTIALLY cheaper than with this vet charging “special covid pricing”. Not to mention, I left with 3 additional medications today and two flea preventatives, approx $175. Here it is, 2 o’clock and I have still yet to hear from this vet based off a 10 am appointment I was supposed to have.

Jason Foels

4 years ago

Great service and friendly staff. Love this clinic!

Laurie Brown

4 years ago

We’re from out of town and called at the last minute for the daycare. They were very accommodating and friendly. Made sure my dog was comfortable before I left. We ended up only being gone about 15 minutes due to the weather. Came back and saw my girl playing with the other dogs & the worker was out there playing with them too. Even though our dog didn’t stay as long as she probably would’ve wanted I can tell she had a blast.

Jonathan Biniek

5 years ago

Do not take your baby here! He is a money hungry animal himself! If I could have had zero or negative rating I would.

Vickie Michel

5 years ago

Lucy loves Dog Day Afternoon. The entire staff is so great with her and she loves them all!! So do I!

Ashane Lotts

6 years ago

Its been exactly 30 days since my terrifying experience at this place. I wanted to wait until I was no longer hurt by what had transpired to write this. NEVER bring you loved companions to this person. His only motive is money, not whats best for your animal. I always confirm price before making an appointment to be sure I have enough funds. On a previous visit, I picked up my baby and to my surprise, it was $30 more than what I was told when dropping him off. I figured it was a miscommunication, so due to the fact that I love his groomer, I returned again only to have the same thing happen. Naturally I was confused. Why is it that that you tell me 1 price over the phone and then when I arrive to pick up my shih Tzu, its much higher. The Vet replied "well I added on extra treatments that I think he needed". I am all for the well being of my baby but if you think here is certain treatments he needs, pick up the phone and call his owner before you decide the give him medication. Not to mention the treatments you gave him, he was already treated for (i.e. rabies & heartworm. I get those done at the LSPCA because its much cheaper). I stressed that I only have the amount of money he told me over the phone, and that's when all hell broke loose. He refused to give me my dog and said "If I don't come up with the extra money in 7 days, He will sell my dog" he told me to "call someone and see if they can pay the difference over the phone, because that's to only why i'm leaving with me baby". Meanwhile my dog is cry so loudly in the back room (probably because her heard how upset I was) which caused me to panic. I pleaded with him to that the $140 I had and he refused. My only other option was to call the police to come and help but I was informed that its a "civil Matter" and there was nothing they could do for me. My last resort was to call a friend of mines who loaned me the money but the situation was escalated and handled all wrong by someone who is supposed to be a "certified veterinarian and business owner". The saying "you get what you pay for" is surely accurate when it comes to this vet. NEVER USE HIM!! Google Animal Medical Center New Orleans, to see the real reviews on this doctor!! "He changed the name to hide his many indiscretions!!

KDiddle Daley

6 years ago

I love Dr Sachs. He's saved my dogs more than once and usually saves me money. Knowledgeable and straight forward.

Hannah Paulding

7 years ago

I used the doggie daycare services and really enjoyed my experience here! Antoine was able to accommodate my schedule and give me a tour and information at the drop of a hat. After the tour, I was able to watch as my dog join the others in the yard to make sure he integrated well. My dog is allowed free range at home, gets plenty of activity, and I do not crate him for more than 4 hours a day. Consequently, he does not enjoy being crated for long hours. It makes him hyperactive, so I can always tell when a daycare center crates for the bulk of the day. DDA lets the dogs play in the yard for most of the day which is perfect for us! I picked him up and could easily tell he was happy and exhausted. We will definitely be using the daycare and boarding services again!

Ari Silber

10 years ago

We took our dog here to get groomed two Saturdays ago. We were told we were the first ones there at 10:00 a.m. but even still, we didn't get our dog back till 2:00 p.m. That would be fine if it weren't for the fact that we asked to have him fully shaved, and when we got him his entire head and tail had not been touched. His head looks extremely awkward as it isn't blended into the rest of his body so it looks like he has a toupe. My wife and I are extremely busy with an infant and didn't think much of the poor grooming job, but because of the lack of hair cut on his head, he is developing painful mats, the whole reason we wanted to get him cut. We called Dog Day Afternoon 1.5 weeks after the grooming and asked them if they would just fix his head and tail as we originally asked them to do. We were informed that they would do it for a $30 cost. My wife and I found this to be outrageous customer service, as if you make a mistake, even if it is 1.5 weeks later, you should take responsibility for it and foot the bill. I would recommend you don't take your dog to get groomed here if you are worried about listening to instructions or appropriate responses to customer service issues

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