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Trash Box

2 years ago

Making begrieved paying-customers wait outside t door, w\ their dying animals, cash-in-hand, on a dirty corner w\ heavy traffic, long after mask-mandates have lifted, is creating dangerous & emotionally charged situations. Rigid conditions & a disconnected staff left us willing-but-unable to pay the crematorium, easily or unmemorably, on 2 occasions, under circumstances that weren't worth revisiting.

Madison M

2 years ago

So so happy with my choice to take my cat here. All the techs and Dr. Margret took the time to talk with me and understand my cats history when taking into consideration what was going on. I found Avenue Animal Wellness when I needed them most in my pets emergency and while I hope it doesn’t happen again (for my pets sake), if I do need emergency vet services again I would go back in a heart beat! Thank you so much Dr. Margret, all the techs (especially Beth taking all my phone calls!), and the office staff!


2 years ago

Good neighborhood vet for the GD

katherine masel

2 years ago

So sad:( I live two bocks from this office. My 15 year old poodle had a sudden onset of illness and was in need of emergency care, Perhaps end of life services. We called about midnight to see what we had to do, and the receptionist was very nice. We decide_to wait and see if our dog Could sleep, or if we had to take her iu&n. The receptionist said they would be available all night. She started showing signs of distess about 3a.m., another receptionist, Asia told us that tand hey were too busy. She said "I know how convenient it would be to go someplace close to you but we are too busy". In a very matter of fact way. She gave the number for a vet that was 12 miles away. UpdATe: she passed away in transit.

Megan Lawlor

2 years ago

I can't say enough good things about this emergency vet clinic. They provided excellent care for our dog Sadie. The team was very thorough and asked very important questions to ensure the proper treatment of our sweet girl. The doctor was very thorough and called us to update us on our dog's condition as well as was very clear on instructions on how to continue care at home. The fees for this emergency visit were extremely reasonable and shockingly low compared to what we anticipated. I'm so relieved to have had such a fantastic team care for our fur baby. I would not wish a pet emergency on anyone, but these people deserve recognition for their hard work and dedication.

Tori Lilly

2 years ago

This is an incredible place. My grandmas cat was 13 years old and one night started to go downhill pretty quickly. We called at 1 AM, I believe it was Ajah that answered the phone, and she was absolutely wonderful. Helpful, empathetic, and was able to walk us through every step. The veterinarian managed to catch that our cat had cancer, which we did not know. When we had to put him to sleep, they were kind, they gave us as much time as we needed, and they were very reassuring without at all being pushy. We are so grateful for them because the only relief in having to make tough decisions for your pet is feeling like you can trust the people that are telling you what is happening to them and whats best to do about it. The prices were also a huge relief, as they were very fair. Not having the stress of the cost was also such a blessing. Wonderful place.

J. Ernst

2 years ago

I had the BEST experience here after going to another Vet practice (MedVet) and not getting proper treatment for my elderly kidney cat. MedVet disregarded my concerns of infection & made no attempt to collect a urine sample (despite my request). My home ER Vet always offers fluids, then waits for a sample - this was not even suggested. So, in response and after spending $200 for no real care other than antibiotics, I called Avenue Animal Wellness. The vet tech and Dr. Margaret addressed my concerns regarding my cat's acute issue (infection) without adding unnecessary tests for her chronic problems, which are being followed by my cat's primary vet. The care was genuine and effective & my cat is now feeling much better. The cost was also a bargain - $350 for the visit, diagnostics and antibiotics. There is so much to appreciate about this practice & I can't thank them enough!

Cal Wigley

3 years ago

If I could give negative stars I would. I took my cat Tinsel there last year and she died in their care due to eviscerating on her own vomit, which is completely unacceptable. Not only that, they had the gaul to literally bring up the bill to me, the exact moment of her death and my tears weren't even dry, and they were not sorry about the death either. If you want incompetent and heartless service then this is the place for that.

Aquamarine 303

3 years ago

I normally dont report places when they try to screw me over but lord I WISH I knew who I could report these people to. Not only is the service unprofessional but they are robbing the people. I was told it would be $100 just to be seen by the doctor, an additional $55 for sedation because (my cat) scratches and bites, which I forewarned them in the questionaire. Then they wanted to do an X-Ray which is $155 BY ITSELF which I could not afford. That doesnt include the $18 for medication, or the cardboard box of $12 , yet they couldn't get me prices over the phone when I asked them. Also, because they are "transitioning to a new system" I was charged just the sedation fee. The next morning I get a voicemail saying the medication label is wrong and I need to be charged the right amount because of a mistake on their part. I Dont know where they THINK I work, but I work at popeyes and this took almost my whole paycheck, NOT INCLUDING THE LYFT IT TOOK TO GET THERE and BACK. 0/5 stars.

Cathy Carmack

3 years ago

This is our Lola and was hit by an SUV, AVENUE Emergency WELLNESS has taken such great care of Lola. Has kept us updated with love and care. Thank you all at Avenue Emergency and Dr Kopecky for your care and love for our pets.

Gabrielle Pizzolato

3 years ago

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Avenue Animal Wellness + Emergency. I am a vet tech, and I used to work the overnight ER shift. So, I mostly knew what to expect, but Dr. Margaret and her staff went above and beyond! They are very kind and patient. They ensured that we understood the procedure and answered all of our questions, making sure we were comfortable with all of the vet care he was going to receive. Dr. Margaret came in Thursday evening to ensure my cat would be okay through the night. She wanted us to wait until she got there, so she could talk to us, which was so personal and comforting in a time when we were nervous. She called and kept us updated on our cat’s condition the entire time he was there. The staff also called and updated us the entire time. Since we were worried about our cat, we called often to ask about him. The staff was always more than willing to answer our questions. They never made us feel as if we were bothering them, and we never felt rushed off of the phone. If I ever need the services of an emergency vet clinic again, I will be going straight to Avenue Wellness. We never felt lost or forgotten in the chaos. I recommend this clinic to anyone who wants the services of a large corporation, but wants the experience and personal care of a small veterinary hospital.

Kelsey Fox

3 years ago

I feel swindled. I brought my puppy in for bloating & pain during emergency hours. After the X-ray, the 1st thing the vet told me was there was no bloating. This is confusing because you i didn’t know you need an X-ray to determine bloat. Now I’m thinking they just want my money. Next, the vet gave me all the expensive options that were available but I wanted to take my dog home. The vet said I would be taking 1 medication home but when it’s time to check out, now I’m paying for IV fluids & 3 other meds. One of those other meds was for barium which makes humans constipated.. how is that a treatment for abdominal pain?! Overall, I spent over $400 and they couldn’t even tell me why my dog was in pain. SAVE YOUR MONEY AND GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. Update: someone reached out to explain the treatment & now I feel better about the grotesque amount of money I spent. I just wish they did that before.

Winter Winter

3 years ago

~???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? THIS PLACE IS HEAVEN SENT ! ~God has his hands on this place ~


3 years ago

My wife and I love this place, we highly recommend

Anika Ellis

3 years ago

The vet tech Bonnie was not very kind to me and my dog and my dog just went through something very traumatizing. They also over charged me by $100 and are saying they can’t clear the charge until the vet that was there confirms they over charged me even though it’s very obvious. The invoice was for $266 and they charged me an additional $100. They also claimed I didn’t answer the phone when they brought my dog out to me because they left me on hold In their office. They barely explained anything to me. Bonnie who was the vet tech was rude to me and did a very rushed job with my dog. She also wrote in the report that they advised my dog to stay for observation but I decided against that which is not true . She Told me that because they have a dog that’s in critical condition that I should take my dog home and monitor him there. Not like they really did much to help him anyways. Worst vet, still waiting for a refund on the money they overcharged me with.

Elizabeth Orr

3 years ago

It was so late at night when we brought our pup in, but the staff was very friendly and informative, and I really liked that they gave us potential courses of action and price estimates based on what they would need to do before we even arrived at the clinic. Also, for an overnight stay it really wasn’t as bad price wise as we were thinking! Thanks for helping our Audi boy!

Felix McGuire

3 years ago

I highly recommend this place for emergencies. The staff were all so nice and the prices were great. So grateful to have had my fur baby in the right hands.

Haley Hebert

3 years ago

The staff are amazing ! Will continue to use them in the future. They were able to squeeze us in when my pup had an infected paw pad that drove us both crazy with the continuous licking. The staff came out to grab her instead of using the leash because I informed them she was a runner. Fast forward a bit, she was sent home with three different meds and I couldn’t for the life of me remember what she said about them but it was all written in the email they send out afterwards, which I love. Will continue to support you guys ❤️

jessica handy

3 years ago

I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS CLINIC!! The only reason I’m giving them a one star is because I can’t give a zero star. My puppy supposedly tested positive for parvovirus. I was referred to this clinic by Amy Bunch from Banefield pet clinic. When I drop my puppy off, we was walking fine sleeping off and on all day mild vomiting and diarrhea. It’s very sad that you can’t even trust the doctors who are supposed to care for your fur babies. I was lied to, they took my money and sent pictures of a well puppy. Only for me to tell him I can no longer afford the care and that I will be bringing him back to the breeder to be treated. After a 48 hour stay my last update was from Dr. Lindsey Boudreaux, @ 7pm on Wednesday January 13. Marley doing better I recommend him staying another night. When I told her I couldn’t afford it her tune changed. An hour and a half after talking to Dr. Boudreaux I go to pick up my puppy and they gave me medication to give him that cost 40 more bucks. After 20-30 minutes of the receptionist talking about the medication, they handed my 13 year old daughter who suffer with anxiety and depression her puppy who is barely breathing and body just limped. I live less then 20 minutes away from this clinic and by the time we made it home her puppy was DEAD. No follow call from no one. This clinic either lied about treating him and was just talking my money or they killed my puppy because I wanted him to be treated somewhere else. Now I left with explain to my child this clinic lied to us. So glad for pictures and videos of our phone conversations and a video of how they handed my puppy to my child.

Kayla Melson

3 years ago

I am sure it isn’t like this with everyone but I had a horrible experience here. I had to wait 4 hours before finally getting a call that after her exam 2 hours before they would like to do an x-day...... in another hour or two. She had a possible obstruction. Hasn’t eaten in 2 days because she can’t keep it down. I paid the emergency fee. And after 4 hours nothing was said to me to get any thing started to diagnose her . And then when they finally do... it’s to wait an additional 1-2 hours in which case It would have been 10pm. Wasted money for someone to sit and look at her .


3 years ago

Always so kind and caring for any emergency or regular vet visit!

Marvin Montoya

3 years ago

The Lady at the front desk had an attitude with me over the phone. And they charged $65 for a check up and asked me what’s wrong with my dog and that’s the check up

Megan Riley

3 years ago

Time matters if you want to save your pets life! My edlery cats back legs stopped working and he was tilting his head to the side. I was thinking maybe it was a stroke, so I tried to call and inform them I was coming but no answer so I thought maybe they stepped away momentarily. Ill try back in 5 minutes. I called back several times for about about 45 minutes and no answer. So I decided I couldn't waste anymore time. I drove over quickly since this clinic is near me and knocked on the door, ring the button outside to call as well. Nothing. I didnt see anyone but the lights were on. So after standing outside for 10 minutes. I returned to my car upset and scared. Then my phone finally rings back and it was a man with a nonchalant attitude and no really helpful at all. I was told there was only one docotor there and that they were in surgery and no one could come grab the cat! Even after what i was describing about my cat, didn't matter. Like I felt it would have even been better if he even tried to be so professional about it instead of being rushed off the phone. He never told me how long the surgery may take or even offered to come get her or anything. He suggested I go somewhere else like the Metairie Emergency room or MedVet which most know in this city the average bill there is $2,000.00 easy! And the conversation was over. Which is why I preferred this hospital because it's within my financial means. I have been here a few times before. I have never had a bad experience before, but tonight left me a bit shocked. I understand things happen beyond people's control but the way I was talked to made my pets life feel worthless. I had to take my cat back home because the place he mentioned are astronomical in price for any treatment. I hope he makes it through the night to bring him to the Vet tomorrow morning.

Naomia Johnston

3 years ago

When you’re in an emergency situation these are the people you’re going to want in your life! They remained calm and saved my baby with the simplest approach. No unnecessary labs/X-rays etc.... the visit was so affordable I’m afraid to put the amount as it may have been a mistake! Lol the dr is professional and caring and their protocol for Covid was awesome too. I’ve found a home vet as well as an emergency vet now. ❤️

Pam Crawford

3 years ago

After a bad fall, our “baby” had to get a front leg amputation and the doctors and staff were excellent in calming our fears and walking us through the decision-making process. Above all, they took special care of our baby! She’s running around like her old self again after only 2 weeks! ...14-yr old Shitzu, Taffy Lynn

Papper K.

3 years ago

YOU FOUND IT! Best animal clinic in New Orleans. They saved my puppy's life & mine. This is the clinic where the most exceptional, caring, compassionate, knowledgeable & hard-working doctors & vet techs work tirelessly to help & in my case - SAVE THE LIVES & LIMBS of the furbabies we all love. Every single vet tech I talked to was so wonderfully patient and kind to me but way more than that - they ADORED my baby, Quest. Quest was hit by a car and broke his leg in 6 places. Dr. Kopecky, Dr. Graham and the entire team of doctors and vet techs saved his life - DR. KOPECKY IS A MASTERFUL SURGEON WHO SAVED MY PUPPY'S LEG BY COMPLETING A VERY, VERY TRICKY SURGERY - BEAUTIFULLY. I owe all of these people so much more than money. I will never take my babies anywhere else as long as I live in New Orleans. Thank you, Avenue A - for being absolutely amazing.

Rose Rodas

3 years ago

Thanks to Avenue Animal Wellness + Emergency my fur babies are feeling much better. Bre really listened to my concerns and asked lots of questions about what was going on with my two dogs who had bad upset tummies. We were able to drop them off (because of covid no going inside) and I could tell right away they were in good hands. They called us later and told us what they could do to help and treat the symptoms. Later on we were able to pick them up. Joanna greeted us and gave us thorough instructions for home care. Everyone was very kind and very knowledgeable. Price was very reasonable for an emergency. This is my new go to emergency vet in New Orleans!

sylvia berry

3 years ago

This review is a continuation of a previous review . 8 hours later at 545 pm , after paying for the X-ray only to rid myself of the entire experience and facility .I wait for a technician to bring my dog outside . I'm greeted by my dog who appears to be in the same condition and a technician who only states she needs the leash from my dog once I secure her in the vehicle . I found this alarming because not even an hour later i receive a call informing me that right before she was taken outside to me she bit someone and they are calling to inquire about her rabies vaccine because the information they have is unclear whether she received her vaccine or not . At this point all I could do is laugh because this facility and its staff is a joke , they lack the basic skills it takes to run a business and medical facility ...COMMUNICATION!! so many times throughout the 8 hour span the ball was dropped on effective communication. I don't trust this facility and that's based on their ability to communicate and critically think . Coming from a RN this is a poor reflection on the staff and providers and displays incompetency. I signed my dog out AMA because I was unable to trust the judgement of everyone here . they all seemed money hungry and poorly trained and understaffed . I left the faculty with no receipt , no X-ray or blood work and was told it would be emailed in 24 hours upon completion . I was just as unsure as I had been 8 hours previously . I received my dogs lab work today and her WBC were elevated as well as neutrophils . This was never communicated to me . Instead of charging me for an X-ray I didn't want why wasn't fluids or an antibiotic Given prophylactics? Staying overnight and running expensive test shouldn't have been the only option and this is why I don't find the staff competent or trustworthy . Don't bring your babies here

Tara LaFrance

3 years ago

My daughter took our dog to Avenue Animal Wellness for lethargy and difficulty breathing. These incompetent people ruled his condition caused by his eye and treated his glaucoma. He has had glaucoma since I rescued him 4 years ago but it never stopped him from running around or playing like any other dog and it certainly never affected his breathing. This vet gave him glaucoma medicine and said if it didn’t work his eye might need to be enucleated. All unnecessary procedures because according to an opthomologist, glaucoma had nothing to do with his breathing. How is breathing secondary to an eye anyway? This vet refused to listen that his eye was normal for him and continued to treat his eye because she said he wasn’t showing any signs of distress or having difficulty breathing. My daughter went off what she said. When we read his paperwork at home, it said his RR was 100. How could he not have been in distress or be having difficulty breathing with an RR of 100? Our dog is dead and all this vet could say is all I can do is work better on my communication skills for next time. Well congratulations other dogs, you might have a fighting chance. Meanwhile our dog is dead. If this vet had glaucoma herself and had difficulty breathing, would the doctor treat her glaucoma or would her doctor evaluate her lungs or heart first? I hope she never finds out because her doctor might make the same mistake she made, which would result in a fatality. I don’t know if our dog died of cardiac arrest or a respiratory virus or infection, but I know he didn’t die of glaucoma. I rescued this dog and gave him to my daughter when she went to pharmacy school. I did not rescue him for his happy life to be cut short by an incompetent vet who felt treating his glaucoma took precedence over treating his breathing difficulty. There will be Justice for Charlie!

Alexander Naeger

4 years ago

Outstanding service, care, and an excellent job done for surgery on my pup. He was attacked at the dog park and had to have over 10 stitches on his neck to remove an infection from the bite and cauterized his ear as well. Huge thank you to the whole staff for making a traumatic experience alot easier!

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