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DeWayne Blundell

2 years ago

We had a wonderful experience with you and we’re grateful to not only receive excellent care but also in a friendly and welcoming environment. This was our first visit and I am comforted now to know that we have a great place to go. Thank you, Dr. Kristin, and everyone who was there to help. If ever there is a need, we’ll be back, and until then I’ll certainly be spreading the word.

Rosa-Lee Marino

2 years ago

Big thanks to Liz and Dr. Amelie! I love these two! They're knowledgable, proactive, so kind, and are my all time favorite when it comes to my pets' care. I can't recommend them enough, they always do an amazing job and I'm so grateful for them.

Danielle Levitt

2 years ago

We have most recently seen Dr. Coates (she is awesome!!!) and have also seen Drs. Newman and Benbow. They are all excellent veterinarians and take great care of our fur babies. The vets, techs, and front desk staff all truly care about their patients. We love that they are open on Saturdays; they have been able to fit us in last-minute when we needed it; they went above and beyond to help us prepare for adding new fur babies to our crew; and they return messages in a timely manner with helpful answers if we've asked questions. We are happy to have found Benbow for our cats.

Mrs Carley

2 years ago

Don't judge a book by its cover. We pulled up in the back by accident and I was a little leary but when you walk in, it's super nice and very clean. We came in for an x-ray for our girl who is about to give birth. Dr. Coates made me feel so comfortable and answered all of my first time puppy questions without making me feel like a dummy, lol. All of the other staff were also very friendly. I highly recommend this place!

Margery Thomas

2 years ago

This was a very good experience, starting with the ability to schedule online, and going all the way through to check out!

Madalyn Velie

2 years ago

Had a great experience with Dr. Coates :) She was attentive and answered the millions of questions and concerns I had regarding my new puppy. As a first time owner, I appreciated feeling heard and getting information to make sure my sweet Pippin is well taken care of.

Mary Ann Famiglio

2 years ago

Benbow took excellent care of my puppy for her surgery. Very nice staff.

Southern reef keeper LLC Jg

2 years ago

Quick service for a specialized need

Desiree Stpaul

2 years ago

From when I first began bringing my pets to Dr. Benbow, I was impressed by her kindness, sincerity, and real caring for her patients. I had a rescued Doberman Pinscher, "Zora," who had been diagnosed with Wobblers' Syndrome, and through acupuncture, Dr. Benbow kept my Zora out of pain and extended her quality of life by six months. I am eternally grateful to Dr. Benbow for the treatment and care she provided my Zora. I have full confidence in her opinions, abilities, and treatment of my pets. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a qualified and caring Veterinarian. Désirée de la Vergne St.Paul Wegmann

Wilma Holzhalb

2 years ago

The staff here is awesome. I have been taking all my babies to Dr. Benbow since 2006. She is the best. And while we don’t always get to see her, she has staff/veterinarians that we are comfortable with and confident in the care provided to us - top notch. Thank you, Wilma, Beary, Ryder, and Josie.

Kelly Coslan

2 years ago

I brought my 4 lil fur babies to be neutered and I am very satisfied with the way they were taken care of. The place was very nice and clean. The staff was very polite and extremely helpful. Brittany answered all questions and was very insightful. I would highly recommend Benbow's!

Victoria V

2 years ago

We had a difficult heath issue with our puppy and Dr Benbow solved it when we were about to give up hope and opt for a surgical procedure. The staff is always helpful and professional. Reports are clear and easy for the pet insurance company to understand. The online pharmacy and store options are convenient. Huge plus our dog loves to visit the Vet!

CJ Celestin

3 years ago

An absolutely incompetent experience. I needed to get my 9yr dog fixed. I spoke with the SPCA who referred me to Benbow Veterinary who participated in the Fix-A-Canine program. This program offers a spay/neuter for $60. Now I understand that price will come with the minimum of care but I did not fathom Benbow's shear carelessness. I called as a new client and made an appointment. I told the receptionist my pet's age and sent over her medical history. I told her that my pet was currently in heat so I wanted to make the appointment a month out so she could finish her cycle. The receptionist agreed and put me down, having me pay the $60 upfront. No problem. About a week later Benbow called me and said the doctor who was to perform my pet's surgery was "no longer with them" and we needed to reschedule. She said they had an opening in 2 days and they would like to fit me in. Now I know spaying a pet in their heat cycle is more complicated but I assumed Benbow knew this and were ready for the challenge all the same. The day of the spay I wanted to make sure they knew she was in heat so I didn't have any surprises. I called right before bringing her and reminded the receptionist of her heat cycle and making sure they still wanted to do the spay now. She seemed confused and claimed she did not know my dog was in her cycle and had to ask the doctor and call me back. I received a call about 20 min later stating that the doctor was fine with it and to come in. I got in the car and headed over. Upon arriving, the receptionist put me into a room and had me fill out paperwork. I came out of the room to ask a question but before I could talk a technician walked up to the receptionist yelling at her that she had put me in the wrong room and they argued for a minute. So I just went back into the room. The same technician came in and started going over the paperwork with me. Before leaving, she asked if there was anything she needed to know. I repeated that my dog was in her heat cycle. The technician looked very confused and told me they could not spay her in this condition. I told her I had called this morning and was told the doctor said it was fine. So she said ok and I dropped my dog off. A few hours later I received a call saying since my dog was in heat the doctor wanted to place a catheter in her for the additional cost of $90 including an additional in heat fee of $35. I told the receptionist that I had told them she was in heat from the get go and that's why I scheduled the appointment so far out but they had insisted I come in now. I told her I would gladly pick my dog up and return when she wasn't in heat to which the receptionist changed her tune and blamed it on my dog's age. This was the 6TH time I had spoken with someone and at NO POINT did anyone tell me there would be an extra charge for her age or her cycle. I would understand the need completely but after SEVERAL interactions and there being no mention of any issues I can only surmise this was a blatant appempt at extortion. They MADE me come in during her cycle to charge me for it and when I refused the extra charges and voiced my concerns they changed it to being about her age. BOTH facts they knew when I made the appointment and no one had anything to say about them until the bill came. I suppose this is how they make their money using the SPCA as a front to get you into the door. I told them to just do it since I clearly had no choice if I wanted to get her fixed. The doctor called me after the procedure and I went to pick her up. When I got there they told me the manager had taken the extra charges off due to their mistake in communication. I received my dog who was clearly in pain with blood still in her fur and they sent me on my way. No instructions, no pain meds, nothing. The record stated that pain meds were HIGHLY recommended. I wasn't even offered pain meds for purchase. So I finally got my dog bloodied, crying in pain and a day of such an obvious lack of communication, caring and extortion. Do not go here if you value your pets!!

Melissa Corta

3 years ago

Very informative, spent a lot of time with me answering the questions I had about my dog & the procedure that my older dog needed. From the moment of making the initial appointment with the receptionist to picking up my dog after, I knew exactly what was happening. I honestly wouldn’t take her anywhere else. Thank you so much!!

Susanne Blackledge

3 years ago

I would give a special recommendation to Mercedes. She went above and beyond for my dog, Dozer, as well as me. Quite an Angel in my opinion. Dr. Benbow, for taking time and emergency care of my baby, Dozer. I appreciate her honesty and hard work. I can see how much she truly cares for her furry patients. I believe she cares about Animals in general ♥️. Brittany at the front desk. So friendly and helpful. My experience with Benbow Veterinary Services is quite pleasant. Thank you all

Antoinette Edler

3 years ago

Dr. Benbow and Staff is very Professional at their job. They saved my Parrots life and I am very thankful. My Parrot has Arthritis in her NECK, HIPS AND ANKLES. ACUPUNCTURE procedure was and is the way to go. My Parrot is back to her happy and active self.

Bailee Stern

3 years ago

Dr. Benbow and her staff are always very welcoming and accommodating. They always take such great care of my Coco and help her feel as relaxed as possible during her acupuncture.

rachael wissing

3 years ago

Dr. Benbow has been treating my 14 year old dog with acupuncture. After only 2 sessions he is like a new dog! The acupuncture is relaxing and very effective. I highly recommend!

Heather Altazan

3 years ago

I absolutely love Benbow Veterinary Services! It’s the first place that I have ever felt like all the employees & doctors actually do care for your pets very best interest!! Dr. Benbow is very thorough and takes the time to always call & explain what the problem may be and why she recommends what she does. I rescued a dachshund 5yrs ago that was in very bad shape & after bringing him to Benbow he’s in the best health he can be! Special thanks to everyone there for loving my fur baby as much as I do! Heather & Scooter Brown

Victoria Geeck

3 years ago

I walked in the lobby and there was a girl sweeping the floor. She was very polite and asked how I was doing and if I was Guillermo's mom. I said yes and she brought me to a room straight away. I filled out the paper work in the room while I was waiting for the doctor. When the doctor came in she sat on the floor with Guillermo and even let him sit in her lap while she pet him. She was knowledgeable and very caring of Guillermo. I'm happy I was given "homework" to do with Guillermo to help in his recovery. I was told about different supplements that may help him more but didn't feel like I was being pushed to buy products. When I was leaving I looked at the special project gift shop and was very happy to see that there. Over all, the office was clean, the people were polite and knowledgeable and Guillermo is already showing a difference in how he walks and stands. I'm looking forward to seeing how well he does after all his sessions. I would highly recommend!

Sharon Barousse

3 years ago

I can't say enough good things about Benbow Vet. Dr. Ducoin is absolutely wonderful, and the staff are friendly and attentive! They are so kind and compassionate. You feel like you are at someone's home. They make you feel like family. And, this the only vet's office that is open on Sunday. There prices are reasonable too. I highly recommend Benbow vet.

Manuela Gaviria

3 years ago

Great customer service and the place is beautiful. I felt very comfortable entrusting them with my baby’s care.

Kimberly Gagnet

3 years ago

Wonderful vet! I’ve been going to them for over a year with my two kitties. The staff and doctors are always so kind and professional. I highly recommend trusting your fur babies to their care!

Kayla Melson

3 years ago

Everyone was absolutely wonderful. Very understanding, patient, kind and quick . They don’t rush you when you try telling them the problems about your pet ! Their prices weren’t bad either !

Dana Brown

3 years ago

All the staff are always professional and friendly. They keep me informed about the health of my cats and dogs and are compassionate in explaining serious illnesses. They clearly love animals. Benbow is a great vet!

Felice Mitchell

3 years ago

Many thanks to Dr. Benbow and her experienced staff. We are always treated with professionalism, kindness and great concern for our pets. Everyone is so friendly and eager to share their knowledge. The staff goes to great lengths to accommodate you and your pet's needs. Thank you for loving our furry babies just as much as we do!!

Elizabeth Phillips

3 years ago

Staff very friendly and made it easier to leave my dog in their hands. Dr. Benbow very knowledgeable and kind. Understanding of financial struggles.

Dru Collins

3 years ago

Every team member that I have met there is incredible. The doctor is wonderful as well. I am very nervous about leaving my dog Scottie anywhere without me (we never leave each other's side) but I feel confident in leaving him in your care. Thank you for treating him so so well, I know he is a bit anxious and can be difficult at times. I also really love the handwritten letter that I received in the mail from you all. I would recommend your clinic to all of my dog-owning friends! I also really appreciate all of the wonderful advice that I have received when it comes to the type of food to give Scottie as well as general care. Thank you for being so amazing and trustworthy!!!!

Dee Dee Bridgewater

3 years ago

I LOVE the veterinarian office of Dr. Cynthia Benbow and her team. Everyone is very dedicated to our furry friends. Dr. Benbow oversaw the care of my last pet, a male Maltese whose trachea collapsed. We were able to extend his life two months with acupuncture treatments. My new dog, a female Maltese/Shih Tzu mix, loves going for her visits. I can’t think of a better veterinarian service.

AJ Cain

3 years ago

VERY friendly staff, my dog was super nervous/excited about being at the vet and had a few accidents and they were super nice about it and explain everything really well..will not go to any other vet besides Benbow

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