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Sunshine Verrett

2 years ago

Waiting in parking lot for an hour and still no one came out to actual check on our baby. Told them we needed him looked at that he may be at end of life, but wanted him examined to see if there was anything we could do first. Told to fill out forms on line. Filled out forms. She comes out talking about all the fees for end of life and I told her I wanted an exam first to make sure that was the only option we had. Then after an hour of just sitting in the parking lot, we left. No compassion at all for what we were going thru.

Alexis Baras

2 years ago

Been here a couple times with my dog and they are ALWAYS kind, caring and compassionate. Lafayette is lucky to have a place like this for emergencies with our pets! ????????

Celeste lacombe

2 years ago

Horrible service. My sister called about a stray dog we found that clearly needed to be put down. We were told 85$ if we disposed of the body and $120 if they did. Get to check out and they want to charge me $245. I told them what my sister was told and naturally they said my sister misunderstood! I was told they are required to do an exam which we were not told about ahead of time! And I’m not exactly understanding why they need to do an exam on a dog that needs to be put down. I expressed I did not have $245 and made a remark to my niece I guess I was going home with a sick dog… This vet tech legitimately brought a sick dog back that clearly needed to be put to sleep back up front for us to take home!!! Disgusting! Clearly this vet is more about money than the care of animals. I can see why this clinic has so many bad reviews. No amount of rebuttals could excuse this places actions and I have filled out a formal complaint to send to the LSBVM

Tarah Vytopil

2 years ago

This place doesn't care about you or your pet.....all they care about is your money.

Andre Bourque

2 years ago

This place is the worst, my dog got attacked and I brought him there for stitches. They wanted to charge me $1,500 for all kinds of stuff I didn't need and when they finally brought it down but it was still like $477 and they tolled us that she wished we would have done the other thing and hoped everything would be good. Well five days later and they want us to pay another $530 to do the surgery again because the hole in his chest opened open but it was there terrible job at fault. We told they we weren't going to do it and we are going to bring somewhere else in a few hours to do it right!!!!

Sandra Rouly

2 years ago

i’am giving them one star and that is one star to many.I took my dog there hit by a car. The doctor never spoke to us 300.00 dollars later left with a few meds could not talk to doctor they did nothing he didn’t even wipe his nose after being hit by cane truck . It was a very cold visit.and useless . Thanks for nothing

Denise Armstrong

2 years ago

Awesome vet and staff! The staff was very caring and hospitable. They took my Apollo in on October 18 after being hit by a car. They loved on him and took great care of him. Apollo liked them so much that even with his injuries, he tried to give them lots of kisses. I used the x-rays from my visit to work with Apollo's vet. orthopedic surgeon to help him prepare for Apollo's surgery. See pictures of Apollo the night of the accident and yesterday. I am forever grateful to them for taking care of me and my fur baby. I'm super grateful for them casting him in purple and gold because I had to bring him back to Aggie land for surgery. =-)

Sara Comeaux

2 years ago

I wouldn’t even give these people a full star if I could. My grandmas dog went missing early in the day. When we found her she was severely injured. It was 1130 at night. This was the only place open. We rushed her there and called on the way. They charged my grandma $600 and didn’t even X-ray or check for internal bleeding. They literally gave her pain meds and antibiotics. They did amputate what was left of her leg but we were told that they do not do full amputations there that we would have to go to another vet on Monday. 3 WHOLE DAYS LATER! By the time my grandma brought her fur baby into the vet this morning. She had a severe infection in her skin and we were told that she will have to get rid of the infection first which would take roughly 2 weeks and then do a amputation up to the hip bone. By that time they were sure her kidneys would have been damaged beyond repair. My grandma made the tough decision to put her down… please don’t bring your animals here.

Soldiers Of Christ

2 years ago

Took a poor kitten that was injured And could not walk the poor baby was suffering. They rushed to bring in with out any hesitation. God bless you Ms.Chloe. I honor your service very much. Words are not enough to describe how thankful I am.

Kathleen Shaw

2 years ago

Friendly, answered questions, and upfront about procedures and pricing. Took care of my cat quickly and efficiently.

Jy J

2 years ago

Do not bring your dog compassion

Getthebag Jack

2 years ago

Called these people about a cat we found on side of the road that needed medical attention and the lady that answered the phone says we would be responsible for the payment sad people dam kitten is dying ????we was just trying to help save it.

Joshua Jesensky

2 years ago

3 years ago I brought my dog here to get put down on a Sunday. He was so sick and my regular vet did not know what was wrong with him. I just couldn't watch him suffer any more. The lady vet on call at this place immediately diagnosed my dog with Addisons. Three years later and he is still here with us! He take a medication regularly and is living a happy, healthy life! I am forever grateful for this place.


2 years ago

Staff was very professional and kind both times we unfortunately had to bring our dog.

Carla Kron

3 years ago

My little girl dog was very ill, and while we waited approximately 20 minutes, they came and got her. They did some blood work and radiography, and found out the problem. She had to stay overnight. We got her the next afternoon and she was doing great. They were so kind to her, and to us. I hope it never happens again, but this is where I'll bring her!

sharon dersam

3 years ago

Curb side care for my dog that had horrible pain and obvious discomfort. Vet techs came to my van and carried my 60 pound puppy inside. I was anxious while I waited but calmed as soon as the tech popped back out to give me an update. Plan of care and diagnosis along with costs explained and I agreed for them to do treatment. They carried him back out and explained what to do for any further discomfort, but he was much better. Compassionate techs and knowledgeable vet with a fast curbside service e was exactly what I needed. We followed up with our vet 2 weeks later and they had already gotten the faxed paperwork that informed them of the meds he received. Continuity of care was great. It’s unfortunate when you have to use the vet ER, but they are caring at what they do.

Tasha Touchet

3 years ago

How can you not do anything, but tell us we need to put our dog down?? I will never bring my dog here again. Plus just rude!!!!

Colleen A.

3 years ago

Came here on a Saturday morning. I was told when I called ahead that it is first-come-first-served except for high priority emergencies, which I find very reasonable. Fortunately, my dog was able to be seen promptly and I really appreciated their covid-19 protocols (curbside service, phone briefing by Dr). The staff took the time to fully hear me out and explain their findings / recommendations. I give them major respect for choosing to serve highly emotional people as we are often more difficult to put at ease than the animal patients we all love so much. I would definitely come here again and recommend to anyone.

Holley Roberts

3 years ago

The Doctors and staff truly care about the pets and owners God bless all of them for everything they do ????

Jade Amethyst

3 years ago

My cat got bit by a cottonmouth snake and I’m 9 months pregnant so you can imagine the hysterics I was in. The lady on the phone was really calming and when I got here staff was really great. They saved my baby’s life. They calmed my nerves and made sure my baby was okay. It was pricy but it’s worth it for the life of my cat. Vet kept me updated through the night. Awesome gals here

Jennifer Campisi

3 years ago

Compassionate staff !! I have recommended them to several of friends over the last five years and will continue to do so.

Lisa Pellerin

3 years ago

This place was a nightmare for us. Our dog got hit by a car after hours so this was the closest place to bring him. First we had to wait for what seemed forever, then they finally took him in. I understand COVID regulations so we were not able to go in, but I also feel they are taking it to their advantage. We were devastated our dog was severely wounded and all they wanted was our money. They want 945 dollars to keep him on pain medication through the night, then we would have to go pick him up in the morning and bring him to our Vet. We wasn’t sure he would even make it through the night, and they were not guiding us in any kind of way other than we give them the money. Through prayer we decided to put him down. They wouldn’t let us say our good byes. It makes me wonder if he hadn’t already passed away. My Vet called me the next day to give her sympathy and assured me from the report we made the right decision, that he was in very bad shape and probably wouldn’t have made it through the night. She also was very disappointed with the way this hospital treated us. I don’t recommend this place at all.

Ryan Broussard

3 years ago

Our dog was hit by a car after hours so we drove from Crowley and called on the way. When we arrived we were the only car in the parking lot, because of Covid 19 we had to call when we arrived and we had to fill out paper work online before they would examine our dog. While I was filling out the paper work online my wife stood by the door holding our dog until they came to the door we were not allowed inside because of Covid 19. They did not seem to be worried or in a rush at all, this was an emergency to us and they made us wait with no cars in the parking lot. The vet eventually called me on the phone to let us know our dog was going to be ok but she would like to run ex rays to make sure and wanted me to approve the price before they moved forward. I can appreciate that except the Vet sounded very shady on the phone, I was very clear when I asked if this would be the total cost and she said yes. $380. After the ex rays were done the vet called back, we never met the vet we only talked on the phone while we waited outside. All the vet was worried about was money and it was clear to me that she was trying to get as much out of us as she could I felt like I was buying a used car and she was trying to sell me an extended warranty. She said we could take our dog home but she would like to keep her to monitor her because she saw something on the ex ray. When I asked her what it was she said that there was a spot near her lung, that her lung was not collapsed and she was breathing fine and that it might just be a bruise. She wanted to run more ex rays in the morning, so I asked if it was just a bruise wouldn’t it still show up in the morning and if it did what would they do at that point. She said they would keep her another day to watch her. The entire conversation seemed dishonest to me and I asked if I could take our dog home and she said yes. Now the bill was $485 because they prescribed her 3 medications. When I mentioned that we had discussed $380 earlier well that did not include the medication. I told her I thought they were trying to take advantage of us. We got lucky that our dog was not serious hurt she was almost knocked unconscious so we thought the worst and that is why we went there. It is disgusting that they pray on people in an emergency and wouldn’t let us in or talk to the vet in person. The man that gave us our receipt and the nurse who brought our dog too us were nice and that was the only positive thing about this place. Only go if it is an emergency and you want to be charged for everything like your at a high pressure time share presentation.

Kathy Moore

4 years ago

My daughter brought her dog in at the clinic on a Friday night for vomiting and lethargic . They took X-rays and showed he had something lodged in the intestines. They admitted him for observation along with administered fluids and meds. When Saturday came their was no improvement with symptoms. They had re xrayed and the object had just moved a little . The treatment plan was still the same . That Sunday we went and visited him and to get an update . They were going to re X-ray and possibly do a barium swallow . I was informed at that time that we would have to pick him up before 8 Monday morning and transport to his vet for surgery. Later that Sunday afternoon we were informed by the vet that the X-ray showed object did not move and wanted to do surgery that night .. I asked the vet if he was stable enough to wait for the surgery in the morning as I had gotten in touch with my vet to inform him what was going on . The vet said yes he was stable and 12 hours would not make a difference . My daughter and I got him from the emergency clinic that Monday morning and transported him to his vet . My vet did an emergency exploratory lap and had to remove 3 feet of his colon due to the object he swallowed causing infection.His prognosis was poor due to sepsis. Tuesday morning came and he was still alive and we were all hopefully as we all thought he was trying to fight iit especially seeing my daughter who went to see him . My daughter left him to go to school and an hour later he died. This was a hard blow for me as my daughter Who is 19 years old wanted to be responsible and pay for his vet fees. What she paid for at the emergency clinic she paid for a surgery and cremation. This was neglect on the emergency clinic part especially asking if he was stable to have the surgery the Monday . The surgery should have been on that Friday night she brought him in . So the stat rating is a 0 instead of a 1.

Nick Leblanc

4 years ago

This place is absolutely horrible I brought my pet there first mistake. Second I waited a good hour and 2 customer came in after I got there and they were taken first! Third I was told that but dog was not gunna make it over the week gave her 10% chance to make it cause of the issue she had 2 days later she’s fine! And fourth they are extremely over priced! In my opinion don’t go there unless nobody else is open and you cannot take a chance

mike jr

4 years ago

Went in for an emergency nail clip and the girl who was there helped me right as I walked in the door... Took less than 5 min.. And I was in and out the door.. WITH NO CHARGE!! I couldn’t believe it... Awesome people

Michelle Black - Matte

4 years ago

Great place! Reasonable prices for the work they do!! Caring, compassionate, helpful, informative, polite and professional doctors and staff. Thank y'all for helping my furrbaby!! Ami'Marie thanks you too! :)

Lelia Scott (LeLe)

4 years ago

Best place to bring your animal if In emergency needs. They helped me out a lot and I am so greatful for them!! The staff is awesome I love it there

Matthew Miller

4 years ago

I used to work here and I have brought pets her since. The level of care and expertise is top notch. These doctors and technicians know what they are doing, and are there all night for emergencies. They deserve praise for the job they do. Sure, the prices are higher than your regular vet, but this is an emergency clinic with the best care.

Cindy Cuccio

5 years ago

Dr. Moreau is willing to go up and beyond for his patients and clients. He is very enthusiastic about vet medicine and helping his patients. Emergencies are not something anyone wants to go through but it makes it more bearable when you are in the hands of the staff at Lafayette Animal Emergency Clinic.

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