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Danielle Fontenot

a year ago

Amazing staff!! I love it they were so good with my Sherb????????

Michelle Blackman

2 years ago

Great service. I dislike it is not 24 hours.

Sharon LeBlanc

2 years ago

Three bad experiences. First one was when I brought my chihuahua in a few months ago for yearly exam and they sent us home with glowing report. Two days later I brought her to grooming salon and couldn't get her groomed due to infection on back paw! Did they even give her a thorough look over? Groomer noticed but vet did not?Well they did see her again immediately and treated her free of charge so I decided to give them another chance.Second experience - I adopted a cat a few weeks ago from Petsmart and immediately dropped off all paperwork for them to open a file for her.Everything listed, shots, even microchip information. I brought her in last week just to get nails clipped and have the vet look her over, (ears,etc.physical)They came out with another rabies tag! They gave her second doses of ALL of her shots when she had them done already a few months ago. And they never could find the paperwork I dropped off. They are obviously overextended with staffing shortage. Third strike, I drove all the way across town with my cat who has anxiety (newly adopted)this morning for a sore on her skin, just to be told one of the vets had an emergency LAST NIGHT so they would have to reschedule. Couldn't I have gotten a phone call before I left home(appointment at 10:30)rather than making me drive across town with an anxious cat for no reason? Very disappointed. Will not be back.

Alaysia Handy

2 years ago

It did not take long and my dog is ok. Thanks!

A K (Aerokossa)

2 years ago

Thank you for the Amazing visit. I have started the year package so now just to get the surgery.

Carrie Pizzalato (Caliphia)

2 years ago

Pretty good vet, got me in quickly. Only complaint is that they charged me for a med they previously had told me he didn't need and wasn't sent home with. I came and got it the next day but it was weird because we had a phone conversation saying he didn't need the medication so we agreed not to get it... I decided to go get the meds and give them to him, but it was a little bit of a bother.

Michelle Hart

2 years ago

Been taking my dogs here for almost ten years. The staff is super friendly, remembers us, and Dr. Saradet is the nicest.

Katelyn Gary

2 years ago

My 8 month old puppy was sick i took her in payed almost $300 her discharge papers says that they gave my dog who was having liver problems heart worm prevention! They killed my puppy!! She died a few hours after brining her home!! And they wanted to run a bunch of pointless test when what they needed to know showed up in the blood work! Google was a better vet then these stupid uneducated evil people !

Tana Bonin

2 years ago

Always fixing my Ziggy up and making him feel comfortable. Love the staff.

Tiffany Duhon

2 years ago

Very expensive!! The vets are rude and don’t know what they are talking about. Everytime I go in I have to wait they are always overbooked and only have one person waiting on people for in room appointments. They don’t care about pets it’s all about the money. The wellness plan is a waste of money they raise the prices just to make that be your only option a year commitment that’s total bs!!!

Mike Stevenson

3 years ago

Worst place to work Laura peck is the worst manager my wife had to go to my surgery that is being done outpatient for my protection since the covid pandemic she is using her PTO to be here for me Laura threatening my wife if she doesn't not come to work she will be fired she and the general manager does not care what happens to there workers she tells my wife to have me take a Uber from Shreveport back to Lafayette and she drive to home then work Laura peck needs to be fired and held accountable for actions towards employees Update: Laura peck has had a number of complaints filed against her that's from corporate in California she continues to lie to employees and threaten them of being fired she continues to lie to pet owners about there pets she makes a bad environment for people to work at be it vets and staff don't go there to work or have your pet seen there the vets are great it's the manger who does not know what she is doing

Len Broussard

3 years ago

The staff was awesome. They were so compassionate and professional and soo very caring. Best vet in Lafayette

Joshua Sylvester

3 years ago

Very expensive and seemed to just want to get me out the door.

Dustin Harless

3 years ago

They do a good job, and have really nice people. But they nickel and dime you, and they always seem to be overextended. Phone ringing off the hook with one person working the desk when maybe there should be two.

Deja Lewis

3 years ago

Brought in a rescue puppy for a checkup, and to figure out her age and breed. Had a voucher for a free visit, and ended up being charged $50 for a test I did not agree to pay that much for. And even after being charged for a free visit and exam, I did not receive any checkout papers or Any information on her breed and age! Waste of money I should have just brought her to my regular vet right up the road! Only reason I’m giving them one star is because the receptionist was very nice.

David Lacombe

3 years ago

Took my hamster here... They told me she was fat and to not feed her cottage cheese. Took my dog here... They told me there was a fee just to be seen... I can't afford it. But I'm sure they would have given great service if I could.

Amber Richard

3 years ago

They always get me in when I need to see someone and I love the staff!

Adlai Olson

3 years ago

Such an amazing experience! I just brought both of my cats in, one for a spay and one for a dental cleaning. The staff was excellent and very professional. They made sure that I was comfortable and well informed about both of their surgeries and the recovery time afterward. I highly recommend them for all of your pet care needs!

Natalie Gauthier

3 years ago

Would give 0 stars if possible. We recently took in a cat from outside and took her to Banfield to get spayed and get her shots. They told us she was pregnant and due any day now without doing any sort of testing (and charged us $150.) Two weeks later we noticed she wasn’t showing any signs of pregnancy but she was spotting a little. This morning we rushed her to an emergency vet because she was leaking reddish brown discharge profusely. The new vet tells us she has an infection of the uterus called pyometra which is caused from a female cat going into heat and not getting pregnant. The solution to which is getting spayed. Banfield inadvertently endangered the life of our new cat.

Sara Long

3 years ago

Don’t get me wrong, doctors are nice, but they do not listen to you, I told them 2 times to remember to do my dogs wisdom panel when I dropped her off to be spayed, and they didn’t even do it, her incision site is messy, dry blood everywhere.

Sean Easterbrook

3 years ago

After 7 months of having the veterinarians prescribe medication after medication, week after week to my dog with no positive results I finally decided to contact corporate and have my plan cancelled. It has taken almost 3 months to cancel my plan, just a forewarning. I'm not sure if the veterinarians are not trained well or if they just like to give customers the run around. I would not recommend this specific Banfield location to anyone, even though I have used Banfield in the past at another location without issues.

Sharon Roane

3 years ago

Love it,treat my dog with good

trisha mayeaux

3 years ago

Lovely people who truly care for your animals well being

Sierra Ozenne

4 years ago

My Mom and Me love this place.

Christopher Primeaux

4 years ago

WARNING: Do not bring your pet here. Very bad service and now that I no longer have my pet and receiving nothing from them I am still paying $50 dollars a month. In short they are terrible and everything is overpriced.

David S

4 years ago

It's a very good vet clinic. We've been using the service for about three years. Vets and techs are very good. We have a wellness plan and pay a monthly fee for services like teeth cleaning, checkups, worm and flea meds.

iicloudxxx and unicorndonutfan sisters play roblox

4 years ago

We couldn't get any answers about our dogs test results. We've called for 3 days and no one has returned our calls????????????????

jamie thompson

4 years ago

I got an email with a coupon for a free visit and exam. I am currently in a tough spot and have been staying with my 2 Shiba Inus in my van off and on since December. They have been happy and healthy until recently when both of them developed a nasty skin condition. I was looking for resources to get them some help and brought my female in to be examined. As soon as they heard "trying to get money together for treatment" it was over. They gave her a diagnosis of flea allergies (with no tests and barely looking at her) and wrote up the estimate I asked for. I tried to get them to look at the giant sore on her neck but they didn't. I told them I did have some money with me but the exam was already over. I was hoping to get her some antibiotics and some advice on treating the wound and keeping her comfortable. I was handed a print out saying "congratulations. Based on today's exam your dogs eyes, lungs, urine, teeth etc. are all healthy and normal." How would they possibly know that if they never checked any of these things. These dogs are my world. I get that this was a free exam but seriously??? They did not seem at all interested in helping my poor baby get better. Just $$$. I am working 3 jobs and saved up enough to get them both treated now and in the future but I will take my money to a vet that actually cares!


4 years ago

Sim Sim is our first pet we ever owned. The staff and both Vet were Amazen. Very happy and excited with service.


4 years ago

Some front staff members do not know proper customer service at this location. This particular employee was not listening to me when I was describing that we use a pill to treat our cats for fleas because the topical treatment doesn't work. She ended up ordering the topical and not the pill causing our babies to have to wait almost 2 weeks longer for their desperately needed flea meds. To make matters worse, she then tried to not refund me for her mistake. Luckily, one of the other staff members were able to help me. The vets here are suspect too. Get a second opinion if they try to sell you any prescription items. On more than one occasion, I've had them tell me they "think" it's one thing and then the next time it's another. They are guessing.

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