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Terrie Carlson

a year ago

Can't say enough great things about this shelter and it's people! Animals are awesome! Go adopt one or two!!

Sage Sauls

a year ago

My experience with this humane shelter was absolutely awful! Upon arriving at the shelter you can tell that it is not a place well taken care of… and that’s true for the animals too. We adopted a puppy from the shelter and noticed he had some sort of skin condition going on. We were told that it was not anything serious, and that it would go away. A few days later, we noticed his skin was not getting any better and decided to take him to the vet. We were then told he had scabies (which is highly contagious to other animals and humans). We called the manager at Hub City and she constantly lied to me. She claimed she had told me that he had a non-serious type of mange that had been treated twice. Then she claimed that she didn’t know what he had since she doesn’t even have a vet that works there. That being said, any treatment they give these dogs isn’t from a certified vet. Which makes me wonder who neutered my puppy that I adopted. I called to warn her that the other dogs in the same litter probably have scabies and ask for any sort of compensation back, even just the adoption fee. After all why am I paying to adopt a dog when it came with serious problems. One person living with the dog, so far, has tested positive for scabies and now we must get every person and animal tested. Hundreds of dollars later our puppy still suffers from severe itching and has two more appointments until he should be fully healed. The manager claims that the other dogs in the litter no longer suffer from the skin disease but I find her diagnosis of these animals as untrue since she doesn’t even spend the money to hire a certified vet. She said since I signed the paperwork she didn’t have to pay for any vet fees, even for previous diseases. Her solution to all of this was for us to just return the puppy, but she still wasn’t paying anything back to us. Like I would return this poor puppy that has been through enough to that horrible place. Not after I have read all of the reviews about her putting down animals that had “too high” of vet bills. If we were previous told of him having scabies we would have still adopted him, but brought him to the vet much sooner so he didn’t have to suffer.

Chris Evans

a year ago

They were friendly n lots of different types of dogs

Barry Simmons

a year ago

Our happy boy Bobby is my best buddy! You too could find a friend here!

Brian Randall

2 years ago

People were friendly and we walked one of the dogs. Her name was Beth

David Suddath

2 years ago

I had a whole rant but its not even worth a whole why take the time?

Janice Pierce

2 years ago

Animals are well cared for...

Shellie Saul

2 years ago

Due to the manager at this animal shelter I will never rescue another animal. If you try to be a good person and save three 5 to 6 month old puppies from the side of the road and surrender them here, expect to have the animals for weeks. This shelter previously would take them the same day but the manager has a rule that you need an appointment to surrender and then that appointment is only to vaccinate because you will then have to bring them back home with you to keep them for another 7 days or more. Because of this poor management I will not be able to rescue animals anymore. It is truly sad.????

peace 13 4/20

2 years ago

Nice option for my pet..I feel like they will be helpful in placing the animal in a nice home.

Terri Harrison

2 years ago

So I don't have a puppy yet but I'm not a quitter and I will be there in a few days to get the best new and me and my adorable adopted and much loved from the shelter in Hattiesburg! ????

Carman Bryant

2 years ago

The place is very nasty, rude, and not helpful at all

Sonya Allen

2 years ago

Not willing to work with the general public on rehoming. Apparently strays are on their own.

Gilbert Emmons

2 years ago

This underfunded, overworked facility is doing tremendous work with homeless pets

BreAhna Dixon

2 years ago

Manger was rude and very disrespectful. She lied on many occasions. Hostile environment. I don’t trust them enough to leave my pet with them. I would leave 0 stars if I could.

Deb White

2 years ago

Horrible and eye-opening first time experience for me with Hub City Humane Society of Hattiesburg. I found a sick small cat while on a walk in Optimist Park and took it to Hub City Humane Society just down the road. I had not been there before and in my mind I was expecting to interact with animal lovers who would welcome the little thing with compassion. Nope. The manager stood outside arguing with me about taking it! I was stunned! Then she said she would take it if I made a donation. I told her I might have my checkbook and she said she didn’t take checks. The poor crying cat was tossed in a carrier by the scruff of her neck, all the while the manager is complaining they will have to incur vet fees and out the door she went. The woman made me so uncomfortable I told the two girls in the office that I didn’t want anything bad to happen to the cat as a result of me bringing it in, so to please call me if the vet said it needed something, I would come back and get the cat and take care of it. My daughter called them later and told whomever answered the phone the same thing, she would pay for the treatment. A few hours later someone called me and said the vet put the cat to sleep. They did not call me or my daughter first as requested. They didn’t try to save the poor animal. I looked up the little cat’s diagnosis on several vet websites and she could have been treated and cared for according to other vets. I feel like I doomed the poor cat by taking it to Hub City Humane Society when all I was trying to do was rescue it. I believe if you are going to operate a “humane society” then your staff should exhibit some modicum of feeling and regard for animals and the people who come to your door 100% of the time.


2 years ago

Awesome place to find a new best friend.

Shawn & Jeff Marsteller

2 years ago

Love the staff, love the willingness to stop and assist. Answer when I message or call. Understand that I've gotten attached to my fosters. Continuously go the extra mile.

Debbie Touchstone

2 years ago

Just want to go look at all the dogs! They want you to pick out a dog online and call and make an appt. Said they can't do 6ft distance. Just let me go look at them.

Staci Pinto

2 years ago

I adopted one of my dogs here. He was around 6 or 7 months old when we got him. 85$ utd on shots and neutered. I took him to the vet the next day to get his last set of shots and I had a fecal done. He ended up having a very contagious parasite that can be life threatening if not treated. Its called Coccidia. I called them to let them know because he was in a kennel with many other dogs and they didn't seem very concerned about it. I don't think they treated the other dogs for it but I could be wrong. Anyways thay made the experience a little negative for me especially when I paid 85$ thinking that my dog had been checked out and nothing was wrong with him. They didn't offer to give me any of my money back ( I wasn't expecting it all back but I feel like they could have given me maybe half back since I had to shell out almost 100$ the day after I brought him home). I'll post a picture of Sampson, the dog we adopted from Hub City Humane Society.

Angela Nichols

3 years ago

A great group of wonderful people helping animals in need!

Angela Phillips

3 years ago

Great place to find your next family member!!


3 years ago

We found the women up front so kind and helpful. We will always send anyone looking to adopt there.

3 barrels 2 hearts 1 dream

3 years ago

The staff are very sweet and loving people, and they take great care of the pets

Dan Powell

3 years ago

Ended up taking home an 8 month old pup. She has learned sit, lay, and come in less than a day. The staff was knowledgeable and very friendly. The dogs seemed to have a genuine affection for their handlers.

Harry Palmer

3 years ago

They found a great rescue for my Gumbo. Miss him.


3 years ago

We are from out of state managing some storm cleanup jobs and my wife found this momma dog and her puppies living under a car at a property wiped out by the tornadoes and she had been diligently taking them food daily. After a couple weeks it was apparent they where sick and nobody else was caring for them so we began to search for a shelter. We were so happy to find Hub city who was beyond accommodating. Thanks for doing what you do!!

Mdum1964 Odum

3 years ago

The people who work there are amazing. They are very special and caring. Thank you so much for your help.

Peggy ONeal

3 years ago

Jackson Road dog park is open!!???? Donations are needed at Barktopia for insurance. Volunteers are mowing! My black lab Molly was so excited!!????????

Ronnie Venable

3 years ago

Adopted a full blooded German Shepard that is great! The Humane Society made the process super easy.

Samuel Chambliss

3 years ago

Helping the community with professionalism, passion, and compassion

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