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BJ Miller

2 years ago

They always do a great job with boarding my dog AJ. Really like the emails they send each day with a pic of my dog having fun.

Zan Dainwood

2 years ago

Having lived in Smyrna for 24 years, it pains me to give Creature Comforts Kennel a 2-star review. I've had the pleasure to meet the owners a few times, they seem very knowledgeable and passionate about their work. We used Premier Vet Care long before they moved to this location and also opened Creature Comforts Kennel. We've always been really happy with their work. I considered this Vet and Kennel to be very reliable for a while. They've always taken splendid care of different generations of dogs that I've owned. I've boarded there a few times without any trouble, and the Vet Clinic seems to really care and love their jobs. I hate for one experiences to ruin my opinion of Creature Comforts and Premier Vet Care, but I am really dissatisfied with how they handled the grooming of my pet. I brought my Shetland Sheepdog for a groom, and it's fairly common knowledge that you are not supposed to cut Sheltie's undercoat as it's protective to them. It keeps them cool/warm, but it also helps keep their skin clean. My dog needed a professional groom and I asked them for a bath and trim. (Literally just off the top, clean his paw pads real good and make his coat shine!) I was so sad to see that he came back shaved completely down; I mean he maybe had 1/4inch left on his body. My dog was not matted, he just had a ton of loose hair that needed to be brushed out good. I used to work as a groomer in highschool, and I honestly would have groomed him myself if I had the same tools and space to do so. I've groomed dogs that are heavily matted and sometimes there isn't any option but to shave, but having this previous knowledge, I wouldn't ever let my dog get matted. He was really just a Sheltie with a ton of hair that the bath + dryer could have knocked all the loose hair out. The groomer working at that time was very inexperienced and unknowledgeable of dog breeds and grooms. It wasn't just a bad hair day though, we called back and they offered for our next cut to be free. (Granted, not sure if I'm willing to trust them after this incident.) The worst part is that his skin got incredibly irritated and he was suffering from razor burns. He was in so much pain, it hurt my heart for my sweet dog. Maybe 2-3 weeks later his skin started getting patchy and dermatitis.. Took him to Premier Vet Care (which has the same owners as Creature Comforts Kennel) and we had to pay for his treatment, despite his dermatitis MOST likely being caused by the poor groom. He never had any skin problems or conditions prior to this groom.

Tiffany Hopkins

2 years ago

Great nail cutting service.. friendly staff

Amanda R

2 years ago

Our pup came home happy and safe. Very clean. And even though we didn't do a groom he still was brushed and smelled awesome.

Rusty Chester

2 years ago

Our wire haired fix terrier got a great grooming! Price was right too.

Elaine Halliburton

2 years ago

Very nice people and clean Love the little notes from my baby boy

april carpenter

2 years ago

As of July 16, 2021 this kennel has active cases of Kennel Cough present and are still allowing families to bring in their pets in to board. Kennel Cough is highly contagious and by allowing new pets to come in and board it is spreading the virus throughout our pet community. Today when I called to advise them that due to their unethical boarding practices that our dog is now extremely sick I was met with zero regards or concerns and was advised that there would be no refund even though I’ve now spent more money on seeing our vet and medications than I spent on boarding. But, really my concern is the effect it will have on the families in the weeks to come as they are still allowing new pets to come and go all while spreading the virus. DO NOT BOARD YOUR FUR BABIES HERE! July 17, 2021- spoke to the second office manager today and was told that the strand of kennel cough that is present in their kennel is a strand of virus that is NOT covered by the vaccine you are required to have to board. When you arrive you are going to be advised this is present but are given no prior notice so therefore you are left with making the decision to stay or go else where as you are standing there with your plans previously made. The disregard for your pet and family is reckless. You have fallen short of your goal of becoming North Rutherford County’s Premier Pet Boarding and Grooming Facility!

Mickie Kiefer

2 years ago

Used them for the first time this past weekend. We were pleased with the pricing and daily updates. Glad to know I have a new place that my pup is happy with.

Dana Rowe

2 years ago

I just picked up my dog that was completely disgunsting and smelled awful, needed a bath before she ed even came inside. (Covered in urine and paws probably had feces as well. This is the 2nd time!!!!!! I attempted to pet my dog which resulted in a disgusting urine smelled film on my hands. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice Shane on me. Will never come back.

Trenece Eady

2 years ago

They are OUTSTANDING. Love and care for your pet as if it's their own. Dr. Hatcher, THANK YOU!!! ???? we appreciate you and your team. Our prayers are for you and with you. God Bless You!


3 years ago

Prefect! For the first time boarding our babies it was a great experience! They were there for 6 days. Everyday we received an email with photos of our babies. They put our worried minds at ease! I highly recommend!

Alli Burns

3 years ago

I bring my Willow girl to get groomed once a month at CCK! She always looks so beautiful and smells so good after her spa day! She’s usually very anxious but when I come here she is so excited to see the staff who takes wonderful care of her! Highly recommend!

Shane Webb

3 years ago

The groomers there do an excellent job.

AJ Foster

3 years ago

This place is amazing. They always take great care of our dog Copper and send us pictures of him playing. Have used them multiple times and will continue to use them.

Stacy B

3 years ago

This place is outstanding , my Artemis and Calypso love the staff. They are even on Tik Tok. ????

Katie Waldron

3 years ago

They always take great care of my sweet Maple. She hates for me to leave town but loves it here.

Sharon Holzmeyer

3 years ago

They do a good groom on our puppy for a reasonable price. No surprise added expense.

Adrienna McAteer

3 years ago

Brought my cat Remy here for a nail trim and he got a bath as well, and the service was wonderful!! His claws were very smooth and rounded for about a month afterwards, which exceeded my expectations and also lasted much longer than I expected as well! He also came home smelling very clean and his fur was very very soft! Would definitely recommend!!

Anne Trohoske

3 years ago

My dogs are not always the most cooperative when it comes to grooming, but they love it here. They love all the pampering and attention they get. The grooming is always done to my specifications and they always look great. I'm thankful I found Creature Comforts Kennel 3 years ago. I won't take my dogs anywhere else!

Chelsea Christopher

3 years ago

A little more expensive than I’d like but I keep going back because I have zero complaints about quality of care, I get pictures every day he’s there, and they are incredibly easy to make appointments with and talk to. I will keep going back.

Chris Williams

3 years ago

This kennel is fantastic! They send me daily updates with pictures. But what I like most about them is that they give the pets a lot of individual attention. So many places have all the dogs in groups all day long. My dog doesn't mind playing with others, but he also loves his alone time. Here, I know he's safe, getting lots of attention, but gets his rest/alone time too.

Debi Tiller

3 years ago

So clean, everyone is very friendly and they love our pets!

Debra Galbreath

3 years ago

I was very satisfied with the quality of your facility. Your staff was great and my dog. Was very happy when I pick him up. My only complaint was his nails were still long and I paid to get him groom nails done and filed. I also never received and pictures of what he was doin. I bought him on oct 17th and pick him up sunday afternoon. I will be using you again. Jst a little pricey, but I think he enjoy it

Giovanna Guerra

3 years ago

I love bringing my fur baby here! They’re always so professional and do such a great job!

Dorianne Pereira

3 years ago

OMG I have never ever been to a more unprofessional and rude place in my life. Let me point out the way this owner responds to their 1star / bad reviews astonished me, this is definitely going to be reported to the better business Bereu it is poor customer service and no accountability whatsoever whoever runs this place definitely needs more customer service skills rather then fix the problem they trash talk unsatisfied customers. Highly inappropriate behavior both from staff and more or so the owner. 1st step is accepting customer service should be number 1 priority and 2nd make it right don’t argue with the customer, it is so unprofessional, and it’s really Customer Service 101 it does not take a rocket scientist to figure this out and the fact that you still have this business open and managed this way baffles me ! To you guys all the luck in the world because your definitely will need it !!

Mel Rigs

3 years ago

Very nice staff and good services!

Kayla Bartlett

3 years ago

I have two cats, one of which I was really nervous to board since it would be her first time boarding in 7 years. Since her first time at CCK, we've boarded her multiple times and have even had her bathed by one of the groomers. They did a fantastic job with our girl Snickers! They took pictures of both of our cats each time they boarded, including a really cute picture with Santa at Christmas! Our babies look forward to seeing y'all again next time we take a trip!

jessica Thompson

3 years ago

You are so welcome!! Y'all kept our little girl for a night when I had the baby and the girls working there let me harass them calling to check on her. ???? that was the only time she has spent away from us and I wouldn't go anywhere else if I had to do it again! ❤❤

Jason Fulford

3 years ago

Great place for boarding and grooming needs. Great staff.

jennifer ash

3 years ago

Love this place. Bonita and Lindsey are the best.

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