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2 years ago

I called for an estimate on getting my cat spayed and was given a range of $200-400 "depending on the cat." I tried to narrow it down by giving specifics, but the woman refused to elaborate even hypothetically. Sorry, but either be real with me or gtfo.

Kari Guindon

2 years ago

We go there religiously for our dogs allergy shots. Natalia is always awesome!

Allison Jones

2 years ago

I just want to add that Natalia and Kathy are amazing individuals that went above and beyond to help us. The world and work force needs more people like them. Thank you so much! ❤❤❤❤❤

Samuel Calcaterra

2 years ago

I bought the health plan for my four-legged children and it was one of the best things I did

John Thompson

2 years ago

Giving one star because zero is not an option. Called on a Sunday because my dog was sick. Tried explaining to the women on the phone what was going on, she cut me off, was very rude, and told me they didn't have time to help me. I ended up finding an animal hospital that was very caring, we ultimately had to have our dog put down. I will never use Banfield Pet Hospital and will encourage others to avoid it as well.

D Cherchali

2 years ago

Our dog was in need to be put down. We went to one vet that said it would be 3 hours. I called Banfield Smyrna and they told us to come in. They were waiting at the door. They were so compassionate and kind. It made the experience so much better. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Taylor Alexa

2 years ago

Each and every time I call to make an appointment for my dog the person that answers the phone at the front desk is OUTRAGEOUSLY freaking rude. It's really annoying and it makes me dread calling. I notice that there are SEVERAL reviews talking about the same wonder why he still has a job.

Charla C Brown

2 years ago

I've been going here for years! Love them

Benny Rodriguez

2 years ago

I recently adopted a dog from a shelter. She is 13 weeks and seems she broke one of her legs when she was younger and when it healed it wasn't set correctly. The Dr at Banfield was very thorough explaining to me the condition of her leg. The part that really stood out for me was that he told me very clearly that I would be perfectly fine leaving her leg as is since she has adapted to it or if I decided to get it fix, either way I would still be a good owner. Knowing regardless of the choice I make that I won't be making a wrong choice is comforting. I haven't had Allie very long but she is already a part of my family and want to ensure she is taken care of. Banfield helped me ensure she is healthy and taken care of. Thank you

Amanda Ramsay

2 years ago

I had a great experience there. I wish it was less expensive, but thats how all vets are lol

Christopher Lewis

2 years ago

Great vets, made sure they had all the facts before recommending treatment

Crystal Bussell

2 years ago

I love the ease of using Banfield. We have moved several times and I love having all my pets' records available to every Banfield.

Georgene Spates

2 years ago

Love Banfield and the people. Have used them for years

Robert Ridgeway

2 years ago

I was blown away at the level of sincerity that I received today. My poor puppy had passed away and I had to take him into Banfield for cremation. Sherri assisted me and was the most wonderful person ever. I have never had a more fantastic experience at a vet office. Because of her kindness and assistance you have made a customer for life. I just can’t express how great Sherri truly was. If I could give 100 stars I would. Thank you Sherri for making my very sad day a lot easier for me.

Amanda K

2 years ago

We love our doctors there. We are treated with respect and i feel like they care for our dogs very well. We have the wellness plan for both of our furbabies and is worth the cost.

Rachel Mentz

2 years ago

Called to make an appointment and every question was met with "I don't know..." The lady was in such a hurry my call seemed to have really bothered. Will NEVER call again. This is not the attitude someone who works with animals should have.

Julissa Ruiz

2 years ago

They ask money for everything high prices my cat is a patient of that place and when I was going to buy a dewarming ???? they told me I have to pay for a doctor visit

Meshia White

2 years ago

Staff member are as helpful as possible and managment is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure my pets safty and health is taken care of. Love these assistants and could not be more appreciative of their hard work to get things done.

Neshie Nesh

2 years ago

My dog had blood in her stool this morning so I called the Murfreesboro banfield first and they couldn’t fit me in so I called the one in Smyrna. They were so great, they squeezed us in and they were very reassuring and they quickly figured out what was wrong with my baby. I definitely recommend them.

Sailor Retired

2 years ago

A little more kindness at checking in working be nicr


2 years ago

Staff was friendly. Prices are a bit high.

USA Babe007

2 years ago

I bought food here it had bugs in it. When I opened the bag they flew out. I took it back. I told an associate to open the bag to make sure it didn't happen again. Bugs flew out again. I got a refund and left. I know they are stressed at hospital. But being nice goes a long way.

jennifer james

2 years ago

I love these veterinarians! Great experience everytime.

Alicia Miller

2 years ago

I'll find a better vet in the area next time. I waited for a week for them to schedule my dog. She had issues with her ears and we were meeting them cleaned out. She didn't have an emergency but her face has an odor to it and slightly puffy. We voiced our concerns to the vet and they took her to the back and checked her out. Clean bill of health and told us to just keep everything clean and she'll be fine. Her symptoms didn't get worse and she went without medication/antibiotics for another week. We were still concerned and took her to a different vet. Right away, they told us she has an ear infection in both ears, gave her a shot, and have us a treatment plan. I took my pet, who's like a kid to me, to you guys for your expert decision making. She's apart of a discount plan and I'm really starting to wonder if she should see another Banfield again. Sure, it's convenient but I would have paid a little extra for any treatment she needed especially since we waited so long. I gave a one star so it can be seen a little better for you guys but those receptionist/nurses up front deserve a five star rating: they are always on top of their game and super friendly.

Arlow Farrell

2 years ago

Banfield is by far the worst vet I've ever dealt with. Overpriced, and they make a point to remind you they aren't affiliated with PetSmart or the grooming center. So any conveniences from them being close to each other are an illusion. I paid almost $200 for puppy and rabies shots; the same thing at a vet down the street was $60. They also tacked on a wellness exam I didn't agree to; the dog had a primary vet, I was just there for shots. And I agree with the rest of the group that they need to fire the people running the front desk; they are incredibly rude and act like you're an inconvenience. The vet was polite.

Jeff Newton

2 years ago

Friendly staff, genuinely care about pups

Cristin Higginbotham (Creations By Cristin)

2 years ago

This place turned into a joke over the years. I dropped my dogs off per requested and told them I needed to pick them up at a certain time as I have kids I have to get from school. 8 hours later and tons of attidue from the vet techs, my husband had to pick them up after work. I canceled my insurance.

Brittney Gilbert

3 years ago

If 0 stars were possible that is the rating I would give this hospital. I love Banfield hospital in Murfressboro, they are kind attentive and truly care about the animals they care for. BUT I had to make an appointment for day of and Murfressboro didn’t have anything so I came to Smyrna... ABSOLUTE WORST experience I have ever had. I watched a vet or veterinarian nurse, GRAB a dog and the dog cried out in pain and the vet or veterinarian nurse proceeded to YANK and the collar that attaches directly to neck of the dog THRASHING the dog up and down forcefully. Watching this treatment alone was disgusting!!!!! My dog WILL NEVER STEP FOOT in the Banfield hospital of Smyrna because I would be afraid they would abuse, and traumatize my pet. Furthermore, the front desk people acted as if I was an problem to them brining an abandoned cat to their business. The only people that weren’t acting as though I was impeding on their day was the veterinarian. ABSOLUTELY WORST EXPERIENCE I HAVE EVER HAD. If you love your pet DO NOT bring them to THIS specific pet smart PLEASE!

Jasmine Simmons

3 years ago

Warning this will be a lengthy review but I would like to share my entire experience from beginning to end. I will not bring my pup back to Banfield in Smyrna due to some of the staff being extremely rude. There was one lady in particular (I can’t remember her name, she was an older, short, heavy set white lady) she would always answer the phone when I would call with any concerns. Her tone always came off very rude and aggressive. Instead of saying “goodbye” she would literally just hang up. I remember I was still talking and she hung up before I could even get my question out. My last encounter is what made me finally decide to not go to that location again. First, I always set my appointment a month in advance and I would always receive a reminder text or call a day before my appointment, this time I received neither and I missed my appointment. I called to make sure everything was okay with my account because I knew my payment went through and also to get an explanation as to why I never received a reminder call or text . Never got an explanation nor an apology for not being reminded, I spoke with Gary that day. Maybe it was something going on with the system because I couldn’t even log onto my account anymore but that could’ve been explained to me. I received a texted AFTER my appointment saying I missed my appointment and to reschedule so I did. When my appointment day came I was running a little late due to traffic in my area so I called 15 mins before my appointment to let them know I ran into some traffic and that I was on the way. I also spoke with Gary and after I told him my situation he responded with huffing and puffing saying “ok”. I then asked if that was ok because I could hear the frustration in his tone. He tells me “Your appointment is at 5:30 and we close at 6 so get here as soon as possible”. I was about 10 minutes late and my pup only needed the vaccines she was due for so I knew the appointment wouldn’t even be 10 minutes. I understand that I was 10 minutes late but if that was an issue then Gary should’ve told me to reschedule instead of giving me an attitude. I get there at 5:40 and checked in. The young lady (who’s name I don’t know but she was skinny with blonde hair) checked us in also had an attitude. She tells me “next time be here by 5:30 because we close in 15 minutes” as she checks me in. Then tells me that someone will be out for us in a minute and turns to go to the back. Since she did that I went to take a seat and before I could even do that she says “ ma’am you have to sign in” (with an attitude of course). If that was the case she should have never turned her back on me before the interaction was over. I am a paying customer who treats others with respect so I expect the same in return regardless if I was late or not. She was completely rude and I wish I would’ve caught her name but it may be under my account for the person who last checked me in. I’ve never been late when I had an appointment so I did not appreciate the treatment that I received. The Veterinarians were nice and one of the male Vet techs (can’t remember his name either but he had a septum piercing) was also very nice so I at least appreciate their hospitality and knowledge. They have nothing to do with the 1 star rating. As stated in the beginning of this lengthy review I will never bring my pup back to this location. I hope that the other locations will be better if not I will leave Banfield for good and take my money elsewhere.

Jonathan lasalle

3 years ago

Is convenient they take good care of are pet and lovely employees

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