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Caty Kidd

2 years ago

Got both my kitties here, a one year old and 4-month old. Brandy was very knowledgeable about each cat and helped me pick out the perfect pair.

Ella Catherine

2 years ago

I recommend everyone adopting a cat through the Catio. Both of the ladies, who were working this past Sunday were very knowledgeable of each cat and were able to get me the perfect pair. I adopted Jack and Cleo, now Sirius Jack and Khalessi Cleo, who were not a bonded pair but after speaking to the sweet young lady, I went home with both. On Sunday, I got cold feet due to knowing the responsibly but went back Monday and adopted with ease. I am so happy with my decision and feel like everyone should support this amazing organization. If you are not looking to get a car, buy one of the super cute shirts or donate to them. Both of my cats were fixed, micochipped and came with medical records making it well worth the adoption costs.

Meg Hyatt

2 years ago

I am having really bad experience with this place right now. I’m trying to adapt a cat from this place since last week. The staff has been very rude and not professional. Especially the staff name “ Victoria “ was extremely rude over the phone. She said to me “ There is a many people wants to adapt our cats, it doesn’t have to be you ! ” What kind of person say that to who is willing to save cat…. In fact, So many cats are waiting to be adapt. She is eliminating a chance of the cat to be survive. I have been treated like a trash. They almost sounds like they don’t want cats to be adapted ! The way they talk us very rude. I’m about giving up with this place. I’m trying to save one of the cat life. I don’t deserve to get treat like this. I am really mad with this place. I don’t recommend this place and feel sorry for the cats they have now.


2 years ago

Delightful place to visit cats and relax! Great if you want to adopt and and see cats in a more natural environment

Christina Gailes

2 years ago

Trivia was a SUCCESS! 6 teams, TONS of sweet kitties to play with! Great staff! Will be visiting there again! Trivia again on Feb 20th!

Rachel Morphew

2 years ago

This place is full of usually about 30 cats, lots of places for them to play and sleep, and plenty of seating for people. They sell beer and nonalcoholic beverages as well as some merchandise in their shop.

Dave Ohlemacher

2 years ago

Must see if you're visiting or looking to adopt, great staff and lots of little ones looking for a home

jean green

2 years ago

Wonderful adoption center, such a fun place to be until they find their forever home. If you're not looking to adopt but want a kitty-fix, stop in and love on those sweet little furballs.

M. Marzulla

2 years ago

You need to make an appointment online so there is a perfect people-to-cat ratio. There are toys and chairs scattered around the room so you can play with the cats at your leisure, and the friendly staff can answer whatever questions you have. The only negative is not being able to take all of cats home with you when your time is up!

Tabitha Kinsella

2 years ago

A fun place to play with cats!

Tausha Duncan

2 years ago

We just went in and played with the kittens so I can't speak to any food or drinks. We had a great time playing with the kittens! Cats are cats, so some were very playful and others didn't want you play at all. We had so much fun! All of the kittens are adoptable! We did not adopt since we have 2 dogs and a rather demanding cat already.

Paul King

2 years ago

Nineteen awesome cats, and then there's mittens. Did an hour petting cats. Place did not smell like other cat places I have been to, which is a good thing. Kids enjoyed. Fun experience.

Amanda Walpole

2 years ago

Great staff that really care for the cats. Love that it is an adoption center, as well as a come and play center. Brought one home!

Michelle Dobson

2 years ago

Love all the kitty's, great atmosphere for them and for visiting them

Scully Sins

2 years ago

One of the best cat cafes I have visited! They have a lovely array of chilled drinks and the staff is welcoming. The space is bright, open and well maintained. All the cats seem relaxed and happy. It was a pleasant place to spend an afternoon and get some computer work done while traveling. I plan to make this a local haunt on my trips through Nashville.

Kayd xoxox

2 years ago

Walked in to play with kitties, left with a cat. Had so much fun playing with all The kitties

Katie Doyon

2 years ago

Wonderful cause. Great staff. Kitties are all taken care of and LOVED!

James James (Newdlez)

2 years ago

The cats there were so cute! Friendly workers, and good prises

Dimitri Mariutto

2 years ago

Awesome place if you like cats!

julie overton

2 years ago

It was fantastic. Went to the cat bingo with my family. Had so much fun that I am going back this Saturday. Would definitely recommend this place.

Richard Martin

2 years ago

Fantastic rescue, fantastic rescuers, fantastic kittens (but aren't they all really?) Go and hang out, relax with some fur friends, and maybe give one a well deserved forever home.

Polaroid Fox

2 years ago

I do not review places, but I decided to make an exception for this wonderful cafe. I went here last March for my sixteenth birthday. This place is amazing! Would definitely recommend. The cats are all treated incredibly well, and the staff member that I interacted with was very friendly and eager to answer questions about the kitties! I managed to snap this one photo of two of the babies sleeping ????????


2 years ago

Adopted a kitten from the catio after visiting a few times. Great environment, they have multiple volunteers if you have any questions, and everyone is so friendly. Easy process to adopt and we couldn’t be more happy with our fur baby!

Matt A

2 years ago

This was such an amazing experience to check this place out. Highly suggest you stop in speak with the knowledgeable, caring staff and so meany sweet cats ready to find a forever home.

Cat Carpenter

2 years ago

Love this spot. You can always get lovin' from felines :) It would be awesome to have some soft jazz or just ambient sounds in the background. It may help keep some of the fuzzy friends more relaxed ...and customers as well :) a couple of the kitties were a bit stressed about the crowd.

A Google User

2 years ago

I love what they do for cats lives!

Anthony Fajardo

2 years ago

This cat cafe/adoption site is really clean and is very spacious. The cats are great and playing with them was fun. The gentleman at the front, with blonde hair and tattoos, was very welcoming and friendly. Unfortunately, there are some employees that have issues with children. There was also this young man that made my wife very uncomfortable and I also felt weirded out about him. The young lady with glasses and black hair shouted at my baby girl (3 yrs old) about not running. This rule was not articulated to myself and family. The rules are not very clear and the man in the front and the girl in the back gave conflicting instructions. I’d go back for the cats, but some of the employees will prevent our return. Go to this place without kids and you’ll be fine. Adopt, don’t shop!

Jeremy Crantek

2 years ago

A sweet, little shop featuring all things cats: tshirts, tank tops, art work and more. Most importantly they are giving a comfortable and playful space to lots of kitties that need a new home. It's a small fee to head the 'back room' where a majority of the cats and toys live. Well worth it to spend some quality time with all types of cats, young and old.

Katherine Stephens

2 years ago

So fun to visit, very clean, very organized, and the kittens will break your heart. The -1 star is because a lot of the older cats seemed really stressed and overwhelmed and I felt bad for them. I wish there was a better separation from the kittens so they could have more quiet interactions.

Candice Fry

2 years ago

It was fun playing with the cats!

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