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Jason Fishpaw

2 years ago

My wife and I used to use another vet in the area until both of our dogs developed problems that our previous vet couldn't resolve and chalked up to them being lazy. Our dogs, as most healthy animals, are not inherently lazy and so we started our search for another, more competent practice and have most certainly found that in Dr. Marc. In one visit he determined that our Lab had torn her knee and needed surgery and was able to preform it without a hitch. After seeing that I decided to take in my 7 year old Shepard mix to get his opinion and he immediately determined that she must have a Thyroid problem and started blood work and the medication. It has been a little over 2 months and she is back to her old self. Dr. Marc was able to take her from a dog that couldn't make it through a quarter mile walk without resting to a dog that actually plays with other dogs at the park. I honestly didn't know she was capable of still playing and now I have my best friend back and in pristine condition. He was a miracle worker for our dogs and we will never trust anyone else with their health again.

Elizabeth Schrader

2 years ago

I thought that I had found a Veterinary Clinic where the Doctor and Staff were caring, reliable, and compatible due to holistic options. I am left disappointed and frustrated. I traveled with one of my animals 3 times, 7 hours round trip, twice for tumor removal over a 2 month period totaling $5,500.00. 4 weeks have passed as I wait for Dr. to follow-up on possible treatments available. During that time, I have made 2 calls to the clinic for answers. I am told each time that either Dr. Smith will call me back or a receptionist will call me back. I have received no return calls. In the mean time my cats tumor(3rd one) has grown from nickel to golf ball size and the other two tumors are growing back. Sadly, Another unreliable vet who either doesn't care or doesn't have 10 minutes to follow-up, again leading me to assume Apathy. Last resort, I have asked for a referral to local pet oncologist.

grue seg

2 years ago

By far the best vet I've been to and most willing to work with you. Dr. Smith is a really good guy and him and his staff do all they can to help every pet.

Katherine Manola

3 years ago

From my first impression, this clinic has been by far the best clinic I have ever been to. Dr. Smith worked with me to get to the root of my dog's digestive issues and so far, my dog, Stosh, has been doing great. His staff is responsive and very helpful. I truly can not say enough good things about him and his wonderful staff. Keep doing what y'all have been doing. It works and it works great. I am truly grateful for all of your help and compassion. Thank you!

Lisa Powers

3 years ago

Tremendous customer service! I called an hour before closing time for an emergency visit, after my vet refused, and they agreed to see my pet. I have found a new doctor. Thank you!

Julia Nentwig

3 years ago

Dr. Smith is one of the kindest, most knowledgeable vets I’ve met. He and his staff have helped care for so many of our animals and they are always there for us when we need them. Vets like Dr. Smith are few and far between. I cannot recommend him enough!

Sacha Bontrager

3 years ago

Very happy I found this place! The staff are wonderful, and the care my dog is receiving is top notch. Highly recommend!

Heather Edwards

3 years ago

I can't even begin to say how grateful I am for Natchez Trace Veterinary Services. They have been so helpful and kind. My dog needed a huge surgery done, so I took him to Natchez Trace for a 2nd opinion. They looked at my dog for that 2nd opinion and weren't pushy at all. The Dr. even said since he isn't board certified on that type of surgery (but he does it all the time) he could refer me to someone else if I wasn't comfortable with him performing it. They saved me over $1000 by taking him to see them instead of the 1st Dr. I went to who was pretty insistent that I absolutely had to have their board certified surgeon. The staff is very friendly and has answered my numerous e-mails and calls thoroughly and without acting like I am a bother (believe me, I have a lot of questions and can usually only communicate through e-mail since I work during the day and can't make personal calls at there's been A LOT of e-mail communication.) They're located about an hour away from where we live and they were even kind enough to mail me a prescription instead of me having to drive all the way to them just to pick it up. 5 stars is not enough for them- they deserve 10 stars out of 5. I would very easily and highly recommend them to anyone who asks. All 3 of my pups have been to them now. I just wish they were a little closer, but I'm very grateful and thankful to have found them for my Loki's surgery. Thank you Natchez Trace Veterinary Services!

Deborah D Sisk

3 years ago

My husband & I attended a Free Pet First Aid class on Apr. 16, 2014 at NTV. It was taught by Becky Dan & we both very much appreciated the way the class was taught, the location & everyone of the staff there were very friendly. Thank You so …

Brian Smith

3 years ago

Went here today based on reviews in hopes of curing an issue that recently took the life of my Shepherds brother. I was thoroughly impressed. My normal vet is 2 minutes from me. I believe I’ll be taking all my dogs here now even though it’s an hour drive. Well worth it. If I’d known of this place sooner. We probably would still have our boy.

Barbara Dunn

3 years ago

Words cannot express my gratitude to Dr. Marc Smith and his outstanding staff. Because of Dr. Smith's extensive knowledge and expertise, he successfully performed an extremely difficult and complex surgery, on my 12 year old cat, Tuxey, who had a paralyzed larynx, which is very rare in Cats. It was just heartbreaking, to see him struggling, to breathe. Just being able to perform this kind of intricate surgery, is a tribute to Dr. Smith's extensive knowledge, talent and expertise. Dr. Smith has given me hope, for my fur baby, to be with me longer. For this, I am eternally grateful. It is very evident, that Dr. Smith has so much compassion, sincerity and genuinely cares about pets and their pet parents.I truly believe this is his true calling, to help others. After surgery, Tuxey was hospitalized 5 days and continued receiving outstanding care, from the Veterinary Assistants, Margaret, Taylor and Alex, who cared for Tuxey, with much love and compassion. They called me every day, to let me know, how Tuxey was doing, which I greatly appreciated. A sincere thanks to Katie, the office manager, who is so kind and communicated regularly with me. She does an outstanding job. Thanks to Alley, at the front desk, who is always so kind and helpful. There are only 5 stars to give, but I give Dr. Smith and his outstanding staff a 10. A sincere and heartfelt thanks to Dr. Smith, the Veterinary Assts. and office staff for EVERYTHING!!! NTVS is outstanding!!!

Amanda Rose Tallon

3 years ago

Truly overwhelmed by this entire staff. The balance of professionalism and genuine care for me and my pet was incredible. My husband and I had a very heartbreaking situation with our cat and I’m so grateful this was the vet we chose to walk through the last few months of her battle with health issues, behavioral issues and having to get her put down. We are so grateful we made the switch even if it was only for the last 4 months of her little life. Thank you Natchez Trace Vet! We are forever grateful.

Tim Shean

3 years ago

Dr. Marc gives Franklin, my 13 yo Border Collie Chiropractic Adjustments and Neoplasene for Franklin's Cyst. Keeping Franklin walking....Thanks to the Awesome Staff as well....

Marie Bowman

3 years ago

We live in Lubbock Texas and have our beagle with cancer, we have had two phone consults with Dr Smith now at this point. He is helping us tremendously with not just our dog who we are bringing to him for treatment (yes we will travel 1000 miles for him, we trust him that much), as he goes above and beyond in his recommendations and seems to be the only vet we have spoken with willing to try non conventional treatments, seeing as the alternative is she dies very soon according to the oncologist. He has helped us with supplemental treatments that can be mailed for her. Speaking with him you get this vibe that he genuinely truly cares about you and your dog, and that he is confident in what he knows and believes will help your pet, but he will not push anything on you that you are not comfortable with! I have never spoken with or met a vet that we trust to this level, and we have had vets that we like before. We just cannot recommend him enough, we credit his current protocol with keeping our cancer stricken baby as happy as she is now and she seems to be improving compared to a month ago! Like others have mentioned, just wish he was closer to us, lol! Thank you to Dr Smith and your recommendations and help!

Allie Gutermuth

4 years ago

Dr. Smith is the best vet in Nashville. I've seen 3 different vets, and no one compares to him and his staff. He puts the wellbeing of the animal above everything else. He called me on Christmas Eve to discuss my kitten's illness. He is invested in every animal he sees- he's intelligent, thorough, and always addresses all of my concerns. Highly recommend.

Tami Torres

4 years ago

Two pets have had melanoma. Dr Smith took care of both of them. Our first pet had advanced stages that had already spread to his lungs. He was almost 17 so surgery and anesthesia was not an ideal option. Richie should have only lived for …

Nathan Pastore

4 years ago

I highly recommend. Their whole staff is knowledgeable, prompt, and most importantly they all love the animals they treat. Also, hospital is clean and welcoming!

L Powell

4 years ago

WOW!!! Was a 1.5 hr drive to see this Dr....I was so impressed I would do it all over again if it was a 3 hour drive!

Kimberly Boggess

4 years ago

I absolutely love bringing my cat to Dr. Smith and his team. He really takes time to listen to all of my concerns and issues with Lady. He spends time carefully examining her (even when she doesn't quite want to be there). Betsy and the other girls there are wonderful. They are beyond professional and also take that extra time to really give Lady the best quality of care. I know my pets (now and in the future) are in safe hands.

Kelly Fugate

4 years ago

We drive 4.5 hours to see Dr. Smith and would drive longer. He is fantastic at holistically treating your pet while still making rational decisions. Excellent vet!!

Gary Earl

5 years ago

Great service from a staff and vet that obviously love animals. Wish all medical and veterinarians were like this.

Ramona Fox

5 years ago

We started seeing Dr. Smith when we couldn't get good answers or out of the box suggestions from our current vet. I wanted someone who was willing to look at alternative solutions rather than just doping my dog up. I have to say, as long as Dr. Smith is in practice, I will never go to another vet! He and his staff were a joy to work with, my girl loved going there, and he gave her some of the best overall weeks she had left in her life. He takes his practice as a true calling and I just don't know of any other vet that would go to the lengths he does to treat his patients.

Lee Anne Mitchell

6 years ago

I just moved into town and was recommended Dr. Smith by a friend who had a great experience with her dog. I find his staff to always be warm and patient with my millions of questions, and Dr. Smith to be thorough and very knowledgeable. My …

Chuck Young

6 years ago

My experience with Dr. Smith and his staff restored my faith in taking my dog to the vet. In fact, it was the caring attitude of one of his staff over the phone that first hooked us when we called their clinic. I became increasingly less …

Brettan Hawkins

6 years ago

A friend recommended Dr. Smith, who helped treat her dog with cancer. She said he was the kind of vet who would really look at your pet and tell you what HE would do for his own animal if it were him, not just recommend another test and another test. That was what I needed. My dog had stopped eating and lost 20% of her bodyweight. I had tried everything, nothing was working, and she was wasting away. I had done several tests that showed nothing, and my old vet was recommending more expensive tests. I hoped that Dr. Smith would be honest in his assessment, and I was willing to follow whatever was best. He poked around, looked at her teeth, and listened closely to her history, then recommended a simple shot, a $5 OTC medication, and a few courses of action I could take at home, rather than $1100 in dental work or an expensive ultrasound. He put me at ease that I didn't have to panic, and we could always do those tests later if this didn't work. But it did. She went home and ate for the first time in months, and has eaten every day since. Once again, he didn't recommend I come back in again and again for expensive follow-ups, he just said to call if anything changed and we would keep working at it. So far so good. I can't thank Dr. Smith and his team enough for being kind, straightforward and honest,. which is what I needed! Cheers to progress and peace of mind.

Karen Mundy

6 years ago

Dr Smith is amazing as well as all his staff. He has done amazing things for my old aging dogs.

Bob Parkison

6 years ago

Took my english bulldog boozer to this vet. Found out he ha pnuemonia. They were very helpful and told me my options, and even told me that i didnt need to spend the extra money on getting xrays. With other vets its the other way around. Will be taking boozer back here from now on, im very satisfied with the service we recieved.

Ashley Gutierrez

6 years ago

I will not be going to another vet as long as we’re in Nashville! Dr. Smith does what is best for each individual animal which means to me, he provides the best care possible. It’s refreshing to have a vet who provides holistic care! You won’t regret going to Dr. Smith!

Alyssa Davis

6 years ago

Our dog was attacked by an off-leash dog at the park around 4:30 pm yesterday. In total crisis mode, we found the only vet in the area that was open on a snow day - Natchez Trace. We called in a panic, and Dr. Smith and the staff at Natchez …

Jenny-Marie Greenough

7 years ago

Dr. Marc has done wonders to help my dog! It is difficult to find a doctor who is well-trained in Prolotherapy much less a veterinarian who uses this wonderful treatment modality. I saw firsthand how much Prolotherapy was able to help my human patients with damaged joints, stubborn arthritis, and ligament tears. When my dog tore his ACL I knew I didn't want to subject him to the reconstructive surgery for a second time. He had surgery to reconstruct his other knee 2 years ago and the results were okay but he still has pain. The recovery period for reconstructive surgery is quite lengthy and there is a significant risk of injuries to both the repaired knee and the other knee during the rehab process. I felt that Prolotherapy would give him a much less invasive procedure that would support his body's healing process especially in combination with the acupuncture. We have just completed the fourth series of injections but I saw improvements from the very first round. There is now stability in his joint and he is able to walk and stand on it without significant pain. He spends much of his time in my office and even my patients remarked on how much happier he looked and how much easier he got around after that first session and he has just continued to improve each time. I am thrilled with his results. He had such good results with the newly injured knee that we also did a round of injections for his surgically-repaired knee to see if that will help reduce his pain there as well. I had already seen how acupuncture in combination with Prolotherapy worked in people and my experience with my dog has showed me that it works just as well in combination in animals as well. As a licensed acupuncturist I was impressed with Dr. Marc's knowledge of Acupuncture & Eastern Medical Theory. His staff is wonderful and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend him and his clinic for anyone seeking an alternative to traditional treatments that can be very hard on an animal's body. The Nashville Community is lucky to have him, we drive 2 hours just to come see him.

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