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2 years ago

Great place to buy pet food and supplies. I buy a holistic dog food for my German Shepherd and he loves it. Great staff and friendly service!

Courtney Bisig

2 years ago

Great experience with the groomers

Zachary Gureasko

2 years ago

I have to say that I'm surprised by some of the other reviews I've read. My husband and I have been getting our dog food from here for years, and we have always been treated kindly and respectfully. We have brought in our dogs and they have been treated the same way. The staff is absolutely wonderful, and they are extremely helpful when they are out of a particular formula, to point us in the direction of a comparable one. We love supporting our local businesses and this one will continue to get our support! Thanks for loving on us and our furry family!

Brooke Small

2 years ago

Very upsetting experience! I have brought my two toy poodles there for years now. We have given them plenty of business. Today they accidentally cut my puppy’s tongue with the scissors. I am very understanding of accidents but my expectations of what needed to follow was apparently too high. I would expect for an owner to not charge me at all and not half off. I would expect the owner to call with their sincerest apologies. Instead I received a text. No emotion at all. Even after I call him out on it, still no call! I will not be returning to Holistic Pet and my puppy’s tongue will not be the same according to our vet.

Sarah Smist

2 years ago

Took my dog here to get groomed and I'm stunned by the experience we had. Within minutes of dropping our dog off, he was loose in the store. Anyone could have walked in and he could have run out! Instead of just apologizing, the woman tried to justify this happening, saying it happens at other stores and that it is because someone walked into the grooming area while they were taking my dog's collar off. She even tried to blame it on my dog being energetic. It doesn't matter - any scenario where my dog is loose in the store because they don't have the appropriate barriers or locks on doors between the grooming area and the rest of the store is unacceptable. If she had just apologized, I wouldn't have written this review, because I understand that accidents happen. But her focus on justifying the situation shows me that she isn't concerned with preventing this scenario in the future and I wouldn't feel safe leaving my dog here.

Martin Valles

2 years ago

They did great with my two huskies! One of them is kind of a hassle to bathe, but they had no complaints and took care of her. Also, I wasn’t wearing a mask due to being fully vaccinated and they politely informed me that I needed to wear one due to other employees not being able to get vaxxed! Totally understand and appreciated their professionalism!

Hannah Kearns

2 years ago

Super helpful and friendly staff! My boyfriend and I just got a puppy and we came in inquiring about their grooming services and the two girls up front were so patient with our millions of questions. We wanted to get our puppy on a good healthy diet and they were very informative and confident about their foods and we were able to find one that suited our puppies needs. The only reason I took off a star was because there wasn’t a good selection on harnesses or grooming tools so we will have to order online. We will definitely be back though!

Kate Dobler

2 years ago

Staff was super rude. I just moved here and this was my first time in the store. Now that the mask mandate is over most stores no longer require them. Since I’m vaccinated I haven’t been wearing one when shopping and haven’t had an issues. When I walked into the store two employees jumped down my throat about not having one. I went to my car and got my mask, I don’t mind wearing one and I’m happy to if it makes others feel more comfortable. But there is no reason to be nasty about it. When I went back they acted like I was bothering them and seemed disgusted that I brought my dog in. The employee behind the desk stared at me the whole time and made me feel really unwelcome. I finally just left without buy my dog food. I won’t be back. I went down the street to the Pet People. They were super nice, gave my dog a treat and pet too!

Breanna Pettit

2 years ago

Edit: I spoke with a manager yesterday and received a response to my review today. I appreciate the communication about what happened. I don’t think that you would work at a pet store if you didn’t already love working with animals or showed compassion towards them. I know the job can be stressful, and I’m sorry that it resulted in such an outburst. I hope that groomer has better days from now on. They are necessary and important to the livelihood and well being of pets!! Original review: I can’t believe what I just overheard. I was casually browsing the collar section at this store, which just so happens to be right next to the grooming area. I overheard the groomer complaining and cussing about not making any money that day. She was loudly venting to her coworker. A minute or two passes, and she says “you better sit still or I will f* you up!” to the dog she was grooming. I just can’t believe it!! I waited to hear if the dog was alright. I am shaking but I’m super non confrontational so I didn’t address her personally but I’m thinking about calling the store later. ???? I did make sure to tell another customer that left their with her dog what I overheard. Awful.


3 years ago

Annette is a fantastic groomer. I have a very large black standard poodle and had a hard time finding someone that truly knew how to groom him properly. A friend recommended Annette and I have been going to her now for 3 years. He always looks great! Shorter cut in the summer, longer cut in the winter. And the best part for me is he is not kenneled all day and is always happy when I drop him off and pick him up. And he is so well behaved for her. You can tell she genuinely cares about him and all the dogs she grooms. She is like the “grooming whisperer”. ????.

Angela Wilson

3 years ago

For grooming if you have a calm/chill dog who isn’t a puppy then this place may work well for you. I had a good experience with Gray as the first grooming appointment for my dog and he was so patient and nice but unfortunately he apparently doesn’t work here anymore and everyone else I’ve interacted with since I was very surprised at how disappointing those interactions were. Maybe chalk it up to it’s the holiday season and crazy Covid 2020 but ????????‍♀️

Josh Castle

4 years ago

If you're looking for dog grooming, look elsewhere. I took my 25 lb. dog in for a full grooming package, which their website states starts at $55. After a whole two and a half hours I get a text from the groomer saying my dog is too scared. This was puzzling, as every other groomer he has visited has said that he is nothing short of excellent. I'm also not sure why it took 2.5 hours for them to let me know he was too scared. The groomer said she was just going to do face, feet, and fanny, which I stated I did not want when I dropped him off. Regardless, when I picked him up ten minutes later, they had done it. There was only one groomer working and my dog was in the grooming room with another dog and a cat (no wonder he was distracted). The total for his "partial trim" came out to $65.59 before tip (the website states that face, feet, and fanny packages start at $40). So after two and a half hours of waiting and out $65 plus tip, I have to go find another groomer to pay that will actually cut his hair. PetSmart may have a stigma for being the big bad dog chain, but I can say with complete sincerity that he was treated far better at PetSmart. UPDATE: The very next day I took my dog to the West Nashville PetSmart where he was groomed without any issue. His groomer (Andrea, who is excellent) said he wasn’t remotely frightened by anything, further proving my point that Nashville Holistic Pet was the issue, not my dog.

Amanda Staggs

4 years ago

Such nice, helpful staff and a great selection of food, treats, and toys for my fur baby. Thanks so much for existing!

Artraviuous Henley

4 years ago

The people here are beyond helpful! They have a ton of amazing food options, I promise you can tell these people really do care for pets. I have yet to ask a question that they dont have atleast two answers for. It's been a small journey to find food for my dogs. They have been patient amazing people every step of the way.

Brian Schulz

4 years ago

Great store, my dog loved every treat we got from there.

Campbell C

4 years ago

Employees are always helpful. I enjoy supporting a local store while getting all the supplies my dog needs.

Casey Sleigh

4 years ago

Nashville Holistix Pet has taken the best care of my dog Nash. I highly recommend to go there for your pets needs. They are so flexible with working dog parents and the hours. My dog has never received any ill treatment and has always had a great groom. They do such a great job of making sure you’re pet is clean all over after the groom. I first went to another pet grooming company and my dog wound up with an ear infection due to cut hair down his ears. Thank you Nashville Holidtic Pet for taking care of our fur babies.

Cindy Jenkins

4 years ago

Loved my dogs soft fur and the cute cute!!

Jillain Pigg Realtor

4 years ago

Super helpful staff, a hidden gem for your pets!

LaRae Huffman

4 years ago

I'm charged $60 for a basic cut (no specific breed cut required) on my 14 lb dog, and the last 2 times he's come out with patches that they didn't trim. Luckily I remembered to check on my most recent visit and had them fix it before I left. They are very nice people and kind to my dog, but he's tolerant of the process so I'm sure that helps. I just think it's too much to charge for a job not very well done. I also don't like that it takes so long (over 3 hours) between drop off and being ready for pick up.

Melanie Harsha

4 years ago

Holistic Pet is wonderful! I definitely think that it is important to check with the groomer beforehand to get a quoted price, that seems to be the issue some of the other reviewers were having. My dog, Radley, is a mutt and I think it was difficult for them to quote a price over the phone because she's hard to explain unless she is seen in person. I was quoted a price over the phone but when I got there it ended up being $30 less once they saw her. My dog is a 30lb husky beagle mix with very thick hair and it was $71 with tax and an extra deshedding. Radley is usually shaking scared when I pick her up from the groomer, but today when I picked her up she was wagging her tail and happy. The groomer told me that she could tell Radley was very uncomfortable up on the table, so she brought her down on the ground, separated her from the other dogs and groomed her that way. I was very pleased to hear that the groomer made my dog feel as comfortable as possible. She's a clean, happy pup now and when I picked her up she had a cute little pink bandana.

Emilee Ketron

4 years ago

I highly recommend this establishment. They were very quick and helpful. They took excellent care of my dog, as well!

ellen nelson

4 years ago

Excellent groomers and smart staff who know their stuff!

Gabrielle Blair

5 years ago

My pups love this place. Would definitely recommend!

Betty Butts

5 years ago

Did a great job grooming Copper and Buttons they look wonderful!

Rachel Leonard

5 years ago

I’m all for a small business and a holistic pup store. But my experience was definitely lacking. Called and booked an appointment for grooming. I was informed it would be $50 based on her weight and breed. It also states on the site that a bandana or bow would accompany her when she left. When I picked her up the base was $65 (plus tax) and she came without being totally dried (she is a little timid around the blow drier) but it seemed that there were driers that could be attached to a kennel cage door which she would likely have been more tolerant of and also without the accessory of preference. The groomers were sweet but the overall experience and the price really soured me. Not sure I would recommend and certainly don’t plan on returning personally. I don’t mind paying for quality service but I prefer a little more transparency and receiving exactly what was discussed.

Peyton Scott

5 years ago

Love this place! Very sweet staff. I go here to have my puppy groomer. She loves it here. They have some pretty awesome products as well.

Melissa Danner

5 years ago

They did an awesome job groomy my 3 dog as.

Mac Alexander

5 years ago

They have some more obscure medicinal pet products, which makes this place pretty cool. The only thing to really complain about is the pricing- many simple toys and brand foods are very overpriced. That said, they have to stay open somehow, and I'm fine paying a few extra bucks here if it means this place sticks around.

Josh Moquin

5 years ago

They did great grooming my dog. Great selection in the store.

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