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C Bonfiglio

2 years ago

Hillsboro Animal Hospital came through, once again. Yall always provide the highest level of service, kindness and care for my pup whether it is a last minute sick appointment or a yearly checkup. Additionally, you were the only vet willing to see a friends farm dog who was injured. You provided excellent care for him and support for the puppy mom. Thank you for always going the extra step to care for your clients.

Cynthia Hicks

2 years ago

Dr. Ladd and the staff at Hillsboro Animal Hospital are simply the best. Dr. Ladd has been our veterinarian for literally decades. He's been with all of our fluffers from babies to elders. He has helped them give birth and cross over. I appreciate Dr. Ladd's candid discussions and his innate ability to understand our furry family members. His patience and guidance has seen us through good days and not so good days. I am very thankful to know the team at Hillsboro Animal Hospital is in our corner.

Carly Saunders

2 years ago

Best experience I've ever had at a vet! Brought my kitties in for a checkup and it was so smooth. Even though short-notice appointments are hard to come by during covid because everyone has new pets, its worth waiting the extra week for the excellent care :) Even when I needed an appointment ASAP but none were available for same/next day, they recommended a wonderful local animal hospital in place of an appointment with them

Ashley George

2 years ago

I have been taking my dogs there since 2013. Emma, my first wheaton had cancer. It broke my heart. Dr.Chip Rogers was so good to Emma and my family through the whole process and when we had to put her down, he stayed after hours to make sure we could say goodbye. Then I got Bosco, another Wheaton. He is a nervous nelly and high energy. I have seen several doctors for his yearly visit/shot/allergies etc along the way and all have been great. Bosco is hot mess when going to vet but they are always so good to him Mostl recently, I almost lost Bosco to pancreatic. I met Dr. Amy Bonavita and Abra, vet assistant. Bosco doesn't bond w anyone at the vet except he did with Abra and a little w the doctor. I was so surprised! And Dr.Bonavita made the comment that you just have to take your time with Bosco to build trust. She is correct and she followed up with me after hours to make sure Bosco was still ok. I will not take my dog anywhere else.

hamilton proctor

2 years ago

My cat Maggie had an problem with her ear that could not be identified I took her to a specialist and 2 other vets got a big bill and no help. A friend of mine one the board of Nashville Humane Association recommend Dr. Ladd. I called him and he called back with suggestions on what to do he spent at least 20 minutes on the phone with me and Maggie was not his patient he just wanted to help. Finally, after a trip to the so-called specialist that never identified the problem because Maggie would not let her look in her ear. I took her to Dr Ladd and he along the help of his vet tech examined her and now she is improving and on the mend. Since my visit I received a follow up call to see about her progress. These people are the best!

Julia Napoli

2 years ago

EDIT: have to add another positive contribution for Dr. Reeves, she’s new to the practice and has been absolutely amazing. Can’t say enough good things, between her fast response time to any questions I’ve had and even reaching out to specialists for recommendations to prevent extra cost on my end. It’s apparent she’s passionate about what she does and truly cares. Seriously amazing! So grateful for this place. Thank you thank you thank you. When I moved to nashville last year I was dreading the idea of finding a new vet, having some bad experiences in the past brought a lot of hesitation..but Hillsboro Animal Hospital might be my favorite vet clinic of all time(which says a lot!) my dog has been seen by Dr. Wall and Dr. Hendrix, both of them willingly spent extended periods of time with me on the phone discussing various options for diagnostic tests and treatments and listening openly to my concerns. They also never seem to pressure you in getting extra unnecessary tests - quite the opposite actually, they have always given a financially conservative option along with the more “standard” route of care without me even asking, which is very appreciated. My dog has pretty severe anxiety and fear based aggression and is muzzled during her visits for safety. The vet techs are always accommodating and understanding with her and after some time warming up Dr. Hendrix was even able to take off her muzzle to look in her mouth, something that’s NEVER been possible for any vet. They are also extremely responsive outside of actual appointments as well...my dog had routine lab work and the results came back normal, other places I’ve been to you only hear back if lab work is abnormal...however I received a voicemail and two separate text messages notifying me of the results, I was very impressed. 110% recommend Hillsboro Animal Hospital

Mike Severson

2 years ago

Hillsboro Animal Hospital is by far the favorite vet we've ever had for our dogs. Glad we made the switch 20 years ago. All the doctors there are top-notch.

Misty Jenkins

2 years ago

Dr. Mark Givens was Awesome the only man in town to see with a bunny but does an awesome job. Staff friendly and attentive. I am very grateful that they fixed up Omar the bunny for us!

Abby Barajas

2 years ago

I would like to thank Hillsboro Animal Hospital, especially our vet Ashley, for the great service we have received for both my pets. I am very thankful to find a staff who truly cares about my dogs. I highly recommend this team of experts for all of your pet’s needs from immunizations to serious health issues. Thank you again Ashley and Jessica for making us feel like family. Hillsboro Animal Hospital is the BEST!

Jennie McCabe

2 years ago

Dr. Bonavita and Dr. Ladd have been the best vets to guide us through our dog breed’s hereditary health issues. They go above and beyond especially knowing how much our pets mean to us.

Nikki Sanders

2 years ago

Hillsboro Animal Hospital has always provided the very BEST care to my puppy. We have seen 3 different vets at the clinic and ALL of them have been over the top responsive along with a knowledgeable staff !! I love this clinic & would highly recommend it to others. Thank you for making us feel like family.

Meg Darke

2 years ago

Appreciate care and concern for my cat. Loved COVID setup with me staying in my car. Trust that they are doing exactly what needed - will continue to use. Thank you!

Kim Holbrook

2 years ago

This is probably the most qualified review you will read here because I have been a "patient" at Hillsboro Animal Hospital for 32 years. Over the years, Dr. Ladd (and his partners) have provided the best of care to one cat, five dogs, and one Lop rabbit. We have been through puppyhood, acute illnesses, and end-of-life services with Hillsboro and are so grateful for the wonderful lifetime partner they have been in the health and quality of life for our beloved pets. I am sure there are many qualified clinics in the Nashville area, but Hillsboro Animal Hospital is a sure thing. Look no further.


2 years ago

Brought my dog here for his EU health check prior to flying to Europe. Was in town for 2 weeks for work on the way over, and my vet back west recommended Hillsboro for the EU check. Excellent care, the doctor and tech took the time to ask questions, give me options, and I never felt rushed. They did a thorough health check and the paperwork was done in 24 hours and ready to be picked up. If I lived in Nashville this would be my regular vet!

Kyle Sanders

2 years ago

Dr. Bonavita is the best Vet in Nashville. I've taken my cats to a few offices here and was never quite pleased with the service or care my cats received. A friend recommended Dr. Bonavita to me and I can't thank them enough for that recommendation. Even my cats love Dr. Bonavita! She's very knowledgable, professional, and friendly. If you are in search of a provider or aren't happy with your current one, believe when I say Dr. Bonavita is the BEST!

Tori Hickinbotham

2 years ago

I wish I could give more stars. The level of care here is top-notch! My dog Lulu got to see Dr. Bonavita and her awesome technician Lilith. She’s terrified of the vet but they were able to still perform her exam and vaccines without escalating Lulu. All my concerns were addressed and everyone here is so polite and kind! I love Hillsboro and my dogs will always receive care here until the day I move. Oh! And Lilith being the awesome tech she is made sure Lulu had extra cookies to go in her medications bag. They truly care for our pets here ????

Joyce Vise

2 years ago

Professional doctors and staff Warm and kindness Reliable opinions , There when needed Fair prices Love First rate quality Accessible to all tests and outside resources when necessary ‼️


2 years ago

We gave this office a second chance after a very lackluster first visit because the initial vet we saw didn't seem very confident in his "diagnosis" of our dog's issues. We saw a second vet hoping for a more knowledgeable doctor. Ha! We were so wrong. It seems the common theme among the vets of this office are "Don't care, don't be thorough" This has been by far the worst vet's office I have ever been to in my decades of having pets. The second visit was worse than the first in the fact that the vet was not interested in finding out what was actually wrong with our dog and just generalized what may or may not be wrong without running tests or actually doing what we asked. We asked for treatment of his actual problem, not the symptoms but nothing was done to determine what was wrong and then the vet wouldn't even come out to the car and speak to me face to face. I got talked at over the phone instead of an actual conversation about my dogs health and when I finally got a chance to ask a question or voice a concern it was dismissed immediately. PLEASE DO NOT EVER TAKE YOUR PETS HERE. They could not care less about them. Also I informed the tech that came out to get my dog that he was a rescue and is still a little scared around new people and we made small talk for a little while about him and I mentioned in passing he's terrified of crates. Well guess what, she told me when she brought him back out that they caged him while waiting for the vet. Why are they taking animals in when the vet isn't ready to see them? What's the point of waiting in the car with until the vet is ready if they're just going to cage them?? Beyond furious at the lack of care this office shows for it's patients and the lack of knowledge and thoroughness the vets demonstrate. They also prescribe unnecessary meds to get that $$$ We took our dog to a different vet and of course they managed to diagnose him with what we thought was the problem that these vets didn't bother testing and said it wasn't the problem even when I asked on the second visit.

Kendall Bard

2 years ago

I can not explain how incredible this Vet is!!! If your fur baby is family to you. Then go here! You’ll feel like you’ve come home, and so will your little one! I came from San Diego in 2003. That’s how long I’ve been with Dr. Ladd. Seriously one of the best humans I’ve ever met!!

Christina Downey

2 years ago

Dr Bonavita has been the Veterinarian for my cats for several years. She is very thorough and makes me and my cats feel comfortable in her care. I would recommend her and Hillsboro Animal Hospital to all of my friends and family!

Vantasner Danger Meridian

2 years ago

We have a Bearded Dragon and this is our first pet. We noticed he was feeling well and had the hardest time finding a place for him to be examined. When I call Hillsboro Animal Hospital the person on the phone had so much knowledge about Bearded Dragons I felt comfortable immediately! She was able to get me in for a sooner appointment. When I arrived they handled things so professionally and quickly I was able to make my doctors appointment before time lol. The doctor came out to explain what the possibilities that could be going on with my Bearded Dragon. I absolutely love this place! We have found our forever animal hospital and the 45 minute drive is WORTH IT!

Steve Harder

2 years ago

Hillsboro Animal Hospital has always been there for us when we needed them. Front desk is always nice. Dr. Wall is great.

Kristina Steinberg

2 years ago

We have 5 pets and have been very disappointed with this vet clinic. It is impossible to get a same day appointment. They charge you again with a measly 10 dollars off if they see you within a week for the same problem they didn't treat adequately the first time. Their prices are outrageous and service totally lack luster. Go somewhere else!

Jonah Lumerman

2 years ago

We took our 8 week old puppy Ollie here and he instantly fell into loving hands! Dr. Ladd stood out in the rain and talked with us and was super professional, warm, and friendly. Very thorough in giving us the right information that is best for our Ollie. I highly recommend Green Hills Animal Hospital and Dr. Ladd!

Brenna Goethel

3 years ago

I’ve been taking my dog Jed here since the day I adopted him. He is now 7 years old and we’ve been very fortunate, that thus far, his vet visits are only his yearly visits. That being said, Dr. Wall never misses a beat. She remembers my concerns from the last visit, addresses each of my concerns from the current visit, she wants to know everything in between, and she is just so caring and patient. I recently adopted a second dog and you better believe she is now a new patient of Hillsboro Animal Hospital as well! It can be nerve-racking to take your animals to the vet. I have a fear that while we are there they might uncover something I don’t know. Because my dogs are my world, I tend to get a little anxious before each visit. Then, like clockwork, I am put at ease. All of the staff from the receptionists like Morgan, to the technicians like Christine M., and the veterinarians like Dr. Wall are truly incredible. I’m so grateful to have a trusted resource in them! I highly recommend checking them out for yourself!

Elizabeth Allen

3 years ago

Dr. Rogers has been taking care of my dogs, with the support of the delightful and professional team at Hillsboro Animal Hospital for at least 18 years. Could not ask for a kinder and more caring team!

Candace Fox

3 years ago

Dr. Eric Fold is the most incredible vet. Your animals will be in safe hands!

Caroline Terranova

3 years ago

Always the best. A little pricey but "you get what you pay for usually". June 5, 2020 This is now another visit with another fellow resident, my old dog Pogo. He has been okay but suddenly had multi issues so we came in to see Dr. Rogers. Dr. Rogers found kidney failure and a spleen cancer. He gave Pogo a shot to make him feel better so I took him home. He is near the end but still happy. Hillsboro Animal Hospital is thorough and excellent. I was offered more treatments if I chose but I didn't. We'll go as long as we can without misery.

deborah eller

3 years ago

I’ve been going to Hillsboro Animal Hospital for a very long time DR Givens and the staff are wonderful my Kasey and Frankie love going to see everyone Thank you for taking great care my Fur babies!!’

Dr. Brittany Adamiak

3 years ago

We have been taking my pug and boston terrier to Hillsboro Animal Hospital for almost 10 years now and I can not say enough wonderful things about the entire staff. Dr. Given has taken amazing care of our fur babies and I trust the entire team. I think Veterinarians have such a hard job because their patients can't tell them what is hurting and I am so thankful to have found such a competent and compassionate vet that has been able to get to the bottom of any problems my dogs have encountered. I would not take my dogs anywhere else.

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