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Shanna Johns

2 years ago

I had to put my Midnight down last Thursday and just received her ashes today. Thank you for taking care of her and the urn you guys put her in is lovely. What you guys do must be very hard but I’m thankful for everything y’all do❤️

Marshall Fletcher

3 years ago

The person who came to our house and helped our girl, Stella, was so kind. Very grateful for this service.

Brenda Evans

3 years ago

2010 my sweet girl, Candi passed. A friend suggest this company. This company is very respectful and professional & caring. My senior Lab today is ill and I will be calling this company again.

T Munson

3 years ago

I have used Faithful Friends 8 times for past cats over several years. They are always kind, caring, respectful and professional to deal with. I appreciate that they do the cremations per individual pet. The wood urns with the engraved names are beautiful and high quality. I will never hesitate to use this service for my pets whenever it's needed. I have always been completely satisfied with them every time. Thank you Faithful Friends for providing this excellent local service to pet owners for so many years.

Kim S

4 years ago

I have used faithful friends and have had excellent services. They have always been amazing. Respectful, caring and compassionate. I cannot imagine this is an easy business to be in. I have never been disappointed in them. I used a different vet at one point. They went with a company with a fairly similar name. The other company was horrible. I read some of the reviews that are negative and wonder if they are talkinf about the other company. Faithful friends will always be my first choice. Thank you for the wonderful way you handle our losses.

Greyson Miles

4 years ago

Hard to rate it 5 stars as "loved it" because its a terrible place to have to visit but they took the best care of my pup. No complaints with their services. Would recommend to anyone who has lost their fur baby.

Terry Webb

4 years ago

We met the owners of Faithful Friends with broken hearts, when we entrusted them with our beloved pet rabbit who had hopped across the Rainbow Bridge several hours earlier. We were inconsolable when we went in, but left with a sense of peace that our fur baby was in the best of hands. They called us 3 days later and said, "Clover is ready to come home." What a caring way to express it. We are most grateful for the service they performed for us, and especially for the manner in which it was done.

Hans Kestler

4 years ago

Absolutely appalling treatment of our beloved pet while dropping off after a sudden death at our home. Eric, the husband of Abby (daughter of owner Chuck Gifford) “greeted” me with not one ounce of sympathy, only creating the paperwork for the transaction. Then, while removing my dog’s remains Eric proceeds to drop him on the ground from my truck’s tailgate leaving him in a heap, his neck and leg appearing to be broken then picking him up and slamming him on the cart. No apology. No condolences. Nothing but the behavior of a sociopath. If this is how they treat animals in front of the client - how are our pets remains treated after drop off or pick up at the vet? To make matters worse, Abby called to offer an apology, telling me that employee Eric has a corrective action plan in place - only to find out he’s her husband. There are many other options locally for these services. Please consider anyone else and tell your vet you would prefer another service provider. These are awful people.

Brandy Freeman

5 years ago

The staff was very helpful and accommodating. They do everything they can to help you through a difficult time.

Teresa Kerr

5 years ago

I was very happy with the service, albeit, I wish I didn't have to use them. They will come pick your pet up and drop the remains back off, if you need. Very friendly, family owned business. They do not charge extra for individual cremation. I had looked into another place that did that.


5 years ago

I had to put my dog of 11 years down not even 2 weeks ago and my vet uses faithful friends though my $50 vet bill turned into $200 vet bill my baby is worth it. I was looking into a nice metal urn for her because I expected to get her ashes back in a cardboard shoe box like box but instead I received a very nice wooden box (worth the extra $150) with a card for verification of her cremation. It was even given to us in a nice “gift bag” with sweet gesture and good presentation. The vet said it would take like 3 weeks and it hasn’t even been 2 yet, very great on time. I just want to thank faithful friends, this is my first loss and it has been excruciating but faithful friends made it easier.

maryann fricko

5 years ago

I took my cat there when she died. They were caring and helpful.

Lisa Guyton

5 years ago

My brother had to have his fur baby, Franklin put down today. We wanted to cremate him but the cost was OUTRAGEOUS..!! The cremation at $60 wasn't so bad. What was so bad was the added cost of this tiny, plastic "temporary" urn at $150..!! The vet said we couldn't even bring our own urn to them, that we had to buy this overly expensive tiny plastic urn that was the size of a large perfume box as he was only a 10 lb cat. The unexpected cost of an expensive euthanasia ($140) was bad enough and then to, for lack of a better way of putting it, get raped while grieving the loss of family member was horrible. I had my fur baby, Millie (a 34 lb Dachshund) put down last year. Euthanasia plus cremation (single, not cremated with ANY other animal) with her own metal paw print urn and plaster paw print was only $180 TOTAL. I don't know what crematory my vet uses but I am sure glad it wasn't Faithful Friends..!! Unfortunately, my vet couldn't see Franklin today so because of the cremation cost my brother had to bring his baby home, dig a hole in the back yard while crying and bury him. SO SAD..!!

Jeremy Blount

5 years ago

From reading the reviews, it looks like your experience can vary wildly, from great care shown to bordering on disrespect. Our experience is of the latter. We were referred to Faithful Friends by our vet, who we love, but this experience has left us questioning who they choose to partner with. Our ten year old doberman passed in December, and we chose to spend the money to have her cremated and her remains returned to us. I didn't receive an exact invoice, but I believe we paid about $150 for this service. Four days after she passed, we received a call from our vet that her remains had come back. We picked them up promptly, expecting an urn, a nice box, a card, at least some sort of indicator of the service they give. What we received was a plain white plastic box that looks like what you would keep index cards in, with our baby's name written on it in black sharpie. We thought this was poor presentation, but we had purchased our own urn, so we were able to overlook it. However, when we opened the "temporary urn" to move her remains over to its permanent home, what we found was absolutely horrifying Our baby's remains were left in a ziploc sandwich bag, with colored tabs at the top and "ziploc" branded boldly across the front. The remains weren't properly ground, were still blackish grey and chunky. We were distraught. We were horrified that people in this line of work would choose to disrespect pet owners so blatantly by putting forth so little effort. We were lucky enough to be able to reach Jeff at Cedar Hills in Columbia, and he was gracious enough to see us within an hour to correct what Faithful Friends couldn't care to. He processed her remains to a finer point so that her ashes could be spread in her favorite spots if we wanted, and took his time to carefully move her remains into a SEALED plastic bag wrapped in an outer velvet bag. He offered us one of his own urns for free, even offered to come to our home so we didn't have to leave ours during such a time of distress. Jeff at Cedar Hills displayed the care and attention that such a position calls for. Faithful Friends took neither the time nor the care necessary for such a delicate procedure, and it honestly felt like they spit in our faces. People put their faith in a company like this during some of their most difficult times, and to have that faith disrespected so blatantly is disgusting, and I will openly let everyone I know how horrible the people who work for this company are. A human touch is the most important factor concerning the loss of a loved one, and that's something Faithful Friends clearly does not care to put into their work. First we were devastated by the loss of our friend, then we were heartbroken at the disrespect she was shown by these pieces of garbage. We will be recommending to our vet that they discontinue their partnership with Faithful Friends and I encourage all those reading this to do the same. Please do not trust them with your fur family's afterlife care, as they will only destroy that trust in a truly disrespectful and demeaning fashion.

James Faulkner

5 years ago

Very timely and professional. They acted like the pet was their own. Great service

hayley willard

5 years ago

Abby and staff were amazing and helped out so much. They did everything in a timely manner and have great customer service skills. Highly recommended this place and there services.

Alan Binkley

6 years ago

Very accommodating and kind people.

Lynn Trapp

6 years ago

Faithful Friends is an amazing service for your beloved fur babies! They are kind, caring, compassionate - I could go on and on. The owner is a very respectful human being and everyone who works there is also. I wouldn't let another cremation service touch my four legged family members. Thank you for all that you do!

Rebecca Keller

6 years ago

While I cannot honestly comment on these folks personally as my vet handled the exchange (and I trust that my babies were handled with respect), I have only one complaint. Because I lost both of my girls nearly back to back after 14 years together, I could not afford the expense of the high end services. I got my babies back only to find their ashes in a ziplock bag (the kind with the green tabs). 1. For the money I paid at $155 each, I would have expected at the least, a dark bag with the ashes inside so they could not be seen. It was hard enough and very emotional to get my babies back just 2 weeks apart, but when I saw the bags, I was flat out disgusted. 2. I will NEVER be able to use that brand of bag again. My babies were not sandwiches or a snack. I am sorry if this seems petty, but would you put human remains in a sandwich bag? These were my kids. I was very upset by this and moreover, a little disturbed. I hope this message reaches the folks there and that they reflect on this method of returning furbabies in such a manner.

tommy jackson

6 years ago

Took our cat Lucy in on dec 12th got her back and today is the 16th of january still haven't got her name plate for her box called. We have called and left messages about it. When they returned my call, abby kept referring to my cat Ruby....her name is Lucy! She promised she mailed the name plate but should it have taken a month to go across town. We loved this cat and there her nameless ashes sit. This is awful considering how many animals they have cremated for me and all of the referrals I have sent to them. My friend tried to warn me about them but I just didnt believe they would be so uncaring about our beloved cat. This has been a very disappointing experience.

Carole Uhrig

7 years ago

Mr. Chuck Gifford and Faithful Friends Pet Memorial Services made my unique situation as good as it could be. I drove to Nashville from IL on a Thursday evening with my faithful 12yo olde english bulldogge, Harley, and had to head straight to the vet... long, horrible story short, I had to make the tough decision to have my sweet boy put to sleep. The kind receptionist at the vet provided me with Chuck's contact information since I'd need to get Harley's ashes sooner than normal since I needed to drive back to IL on Saturday. Chuck was so kind and understanding and accommodated my needs. While no one wants to go through this painful event in life, Chuck and his staff (a kind gentleman that brought Harley's ashes out to me at my car because I didn't want to go in) were wonderful. Thank you.

Matt Collins

7 years ago

Absolutely wonderful service here when we needed them. Very thoughtful, and the staff made sure that losing a pet wasn't any more stressful than it needed to be. Kind folks.

Trisha Collins

7 years ago

This is the second time we have used their services for our beloved dogs. They are so very kind and thoughtful from beginning to end. I can not begin to describe how much we appreciate all they do. I highly recommend.

Wesley Barnhart

7 years ago

Very helpful in our time of need, caring and thoughtful. Thank you.

Macy Carter

10 years ago

It is clear you are in the right business. Big hearts - completely compassionate for animals and their owners. Thank you so much for taking such care of Maggie Mae during such a difficult time. Jennifer Carter

Scott Kenyon

10 years ago

Chuck was amazing. We had to put down our dog on short notice and he was flexible, sympathetic, and as my wife said... A gentle soul... I highly recommend their services..

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