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Keke Maier

2 years ago

Great care, communicative staff, make you and your pet feel welcome and cared for.

Blair Brown

2 years ago

City Pets is the absolute best. We were so fortunate to find them when we moved to Nashville 2 years ago. Bridget is a cat whisperer and is always so good with our "Spicy Meatball" cat Smokey. Everyone is always so kind and pleasant.


2 years ago

Great, Caring service for our pet, Thanks!

Lauren Wellborn

2 years ago

Great experience. Super friendly staff. Prices were great compared to some other vets nearby. In sketchy area but there is private fenced parking. Beware of surroundings


2 years ago

WoW! This place is great! My little buddy had developed a cough since I moved down here and I tried to get him in to several vet offices within a week and I was able to get him in the next morning here (might have been luck, but wait, there's more). He "saw" Dr. Anderson on Friday morning and I was so worried, they took x-rays [didn't have to sedate him 'cause he's a good boy :)] Before I agreed to any tests/procedures, they ran the prices by me and why they recommended it. They've followed up with me in a very quick manner- both Dr. Anderson and Dr. Evans since Dr. Anderson was out of the office. I truly can't believe how responsive they all are! I received my radiology report on Tuesday- only a couple days after the scan which helped put my ver y anxious mind at ease. As a team, they've answered all my questions, they are all so patient, pleasant to talk to, and helpful! I'm not sure how the pricing is compared to other vets around the area, but if it is a bit more I think it is totally worth it!! HIGHLY recommend.

Jessi Peck

2 years ago

They were so kind and attentive and patient and understanding. My pup has pretty bad anxiety at the vet due to a lot of poking and prodding when he was a sick little baby and a few other unfortunate circumstances throughout the years but they were very calm and professional and let him gain their trust slowly by head rubs and treats and were very gentle with him even while he was jumpy. I got in and out of there with everything we need in good time and they were very quick to respond when I first emailed them. It is a very pleasant atmosphere as soon as you walk in the door. They helped me prioritize and I made it out not spending a fortune. I am extremely grateful for this facility and the staff for helping me take care of my puppy and for welcoming us with, literally, open arms. Thank you all! Highly recommend.

Jake Van Vranken

2 years ago

Dr Evans was through and professional. She provided the best care for my puppy and will be my vet moving forward

Tyler Wood

2 years ago

Great care for my Siberian husky. He can be a handful but the staff loves him. They never try to oversell me, and I honestly like the curb side. While I love other dogs, I typically work from my phone as I drop off during business hours. Makes me not have to take time out of the office and gets my main dude the best care.

Anna Sharp

2 years ago

Now that I have read all the negative reviews about money- I understand and should have looked into this vet further. My dog Macy, had a double ear infection and had to get all her annual shots. With everything it costs 800. I have never paid that much for a vet, but paid it anyway. After taking her medication, she violently threw up all through the night and all this morning. I took her back to the vet, thinking they would fix the problem (maybe charge a visit fee). after giving my dog medication that made her sick, they charged me 300 to give her shots to make her not sick. (Again she was sick from the medication the vet suggested) So I paid 1100 dollars in 3 days. That was half my savings account and all of my stimulus money. I cried on the phone to the nurse in the parking lot. How is that fair? I think they should have fixed the problem they created. I called friends and family and they said I was robbed of my money and to never go there again. The staff was so sweet but to charge that is stealing money from people. They should have fixed the problem. Not charged another 300 to make her better from what they recommended and gave her. I was bawling in my car.

Emily Loewen

2 years ago

City Pets has taken such amazing care of my dog since day 1. Highly recommend them!

Kendall S.

2 years ago

I’ve known Dr. Evans for many years (even before she was a Dr!) and I have been bringing my 4 year old pup here for almost her entire life and have never once been disappointed! Her staff has been nothing but kind and have taken care of my baby so well. I would trust Dr. Evans and her staff without any hesitation and know that she is professional and believes in taking care of animals because they deserve love and attention, not because they bring in a paycheck. Juno loves her vet!

Lauren Miller

2 years ago

We love all the people here. They are so sweet and caring!

Amanda Choate

2 years ago

City Pets is designed to keep people and pets comfortable the entire visit, I don't think my dog even realized she was at the vet! The entire staff showered her with love, the techs and vet got on ground level with my pup instead of making her get on an anxiety inducing exam table, and they explained everything thoroughly before asking me to make any decisions. So grateful to have the peace of mind that my dog is so well cared for now that I've found this vet :)

Audrey Becker

2 years ago

Dr. Evans, Dr. Anderson and their team are incredible. We love our 3 dogs beyond words and we trust the team at City Pets implicitly. Dr. Evans and Dr. Anderson are so patient, provide fantastic care and are wicked smart. Their team to include Savannah, Cameron, Bridget, Charolette, Audrey and Maggie have always demonstrated such positivity and professionalism. Everything for the way they answer questions over the phone, to how they handle our pups during an office visit is above and beyond. That is not the experience we have had everywhere. We have been to several vet clinics in the Nashville area, but this is by far the best in every aspect. We took on a precious stray pup recently and the team here is the reason she has been able to succeed. Do your furry babies a favor and make an appointment at City Pets Animal Care. It was the best decision we made for the ours.

Alisha Tummins

2 years ago

I adopted a kitten that came home with a respiratory infection. He started to get worse, and I really needed to get him to a vet. I called my regular vet two days in a row, and they refused to see him stating they were too busy. I started calling around to other places, and City Pets was the only place that made an effort to try and work him in. They were able to work him in first thing the next morning. Every staff member I dealt with was so nice. They all said how cute and sweet my kitten is and explained everything they needed to do and why. They even called to check on him the next day. They will be my new vet moving forward!

Lisa King

2 years ago

City Pets is by far a blessing to every pet owner in Nashville. Never have I felt such relief and trust in a vet who provided the BEST comprehensive care ever. My cats were not getting anywhere near the care elsewhere that they receive at City Pets. Affordable prices, constant and clear communication from the vet techs and the Dr’s., immediate improvement to my cats to any issue that may arise. Their office staff is kind and friendly; answering any questions, giving you advice and tips even over the phone. Calling back twice to follow up on your pet and you to make sure your pet is okay and you are ok with any aftercare treatment. I cannot believe I ever considered another veterinarian before City Pets. Found our ‘fur-ever’ vet and we are grateful. ????

Will Cooper

2 years ago

Couldn’t have had a better experience!

Jenny Surratt

2 years ago

Dr. Evans and her staff helped me navigate the last three years of my sweet 16 year old Australian Shepherd's life. Having a senior dog was difficult at times, but Dr. Evans always spent time explaining everything to me even when the list was long. I am quite cost conscious, and she always explained the fees and let me choose what action to take. Last week, when it was time to let Simka go, I was confident with Dr. Evans helping me make the right decision. She knew Simka. I had to leave Simka for two hours while I went to get my family so we could all say goodbye. Her staff sat right beside my pup loving on her while I was gone. Dr. Evans hires incredible people who were just the help we needed that hard day. I am so appreciative to Savannah especially. Thank you all.

Kelly Chastain

3 years ago

Highly recommend City Pets. Dr. Evans and staff at City Pets were with us, step by step, as we cared for our sweet dog, Roo, battling renal failure. We fulfilled our commitment to Roo in January of 2021 and I can honestly say that it was Dr. Evans and her care that allowed us to enjoy days, weeks, months, and possibly years with Roo that we otherwise would not have had. Dr. Evans was with us until the very last moment and we our forever grateful to City Pets.

Lauren Drake

3 years ago

I am so beyond grateful that I chose to bring my cats to City Pets! I adopted a hospice cat (I was told he had bone cancer) but thanks to Dr. Evans' and Dr. Anderson's diligence, we discovered that he has a rare infection that they are doing their best to treat. They always respond right away if I have questions & fit my cat into the schedule immediately if there is an emergency. Everyone here is very committed to excellent care, and they are all so supportive of my little man! I know he is a difficult case, but he is in the best of hands.

Hayden Shafer

3 years ago

Great care from Dr. Evans! Very friendly staff. Have made great necessary changes for the pandemic.

Taylor Bogart

3 years ago

*UPDATE: Because I left a negative review, Dr. Evans called me to let me know she would in fact be charging me a cancellation fee (after previously telling me she would waive the fee). That is COMPLETELY unprofessional and a petty thing for a business to do! It is very apparent that City Pets Animal Care only cares about its profit margin. Their main focus should be on providing the best care they can, but instead they will nickle and dime you for every single service they provide with no transparency upfront. I took my pup in for his annual office visit 2 weeks ago. As part of this visit, the vet tech asked if I would like them to administer the influenza vaccine. I asked them if they would recommend that my pup receive it, and they stated that it was optional but they would recommend it so I opted to get my pup the vaccine. I was informed that after my pup received the influenza vaccine, he would need a booster shot in 2 weeks. When I arrived 2 weeks later for my pup's booster shot, the vet tech started asking basic questions, including what my pup eats and if he has any existing medical conditions. I was appalled that the vet tech was asking these questions when my pup had JUST been there 2 weeks prior for his annual office visit. It was as if they had no idea who my pup was and had no record of his most recent visit. Given this was a simple visit to receive a follow-up booster shot for his influenza vaccine, I would have expected the visit to be quick and easy. After going through my pup's medical history with the vet tech, I was then informed that in addition to the price for the booster shot, they would also charge an additional $52 for ANOTHER check-up even though he had just been in for an office visit 2 weeks ago. I was told that a different vet was seeing my pup this time around, so they would need to re-examine him before giving him the booster. I was never informed upfront that I would be charged for a 2nd visit simply to receive the booster shot. If I had been informed upfront, I never would have opted in for the influenza vaccine as it is a "lifestyle" vaccine that is not recommended for all dogs. However, there was zero transparency with regards to these costs at my pup's annual office visit! I explained to the vet tech that I was not informed there would be an additional $52 charge for a 2nd office visit and did not want to proceed with getting the booster. They then told me that they would charge me a cancellation fee, even though I was backing out of the appointment due to lack of communication on their end. Afterwards, they put me on the phone with the practice manager who told me that they could not waive the cancellation fee so I asked to speak to the practice owner. I also let the practice manager know that I had seen quite a few reviews online about them 'nickle and diming' customers and lack of transparency from their practice and would happily write a poor review if they were unable to waive the cancellation fee given the circumstances (keep in mind, this is the 1st time I have ever 'backed out' of a vet appointment for my pup and requested that I not be charged a cancellation fee). When I spoke to the practice owner, I had to re-explain the situation and finally was able to get the cancellation fee waived. If the vet tech had waived this upfront given it was my first time ever 'backing out' of an appointment, I would have happily overlooked their lack of transparency in this situation. However, it took three conversations with three different people and a mention of a negative online review on my end to get the practice to do anything. AND at the end of it all, Dr. Evans told me they would be unable to retain me as a client and that I would need to find another vet to go to as we now have an "ethical conflict of interest" because I mentioned potentially giving them a negative review online. All this practice cares about is their online reputation and money in their pocket. They are extremely unprofessional and I would highly recommend taking your pet elsewhere!

Rochelle Madison

3 years ago

City pets took such great care of our eight year old male cat Princeton. He is very nervous and with getting older had some issues pop up. The kindest staff I have ever had the pleasure of meeting made us feel so much more comfortable and at ease with his procedures, and I can’t thank them enough! Communication on pricing, his issues, and just overall friendliness was so helpful in this uncertain scary situation. Thank you all so much for taking such great care of our baby! We are so happy to have a wonderful, safe place to take Princeton.

Robin Rhodes

3 years ago

Charged $510 for 4 shots and a pill, not a problem. To charge $18 for a CHEAP dog cone?? YOU HAVE LOST MY BUSINESS.

Melissa Powell

3 years ago

I absolutely LOVE City Pets Animal Care. The office staff answers all of my questions without rushing me off the phone like other places have in the past. Dr. Evans is always so polite and explains the best options for both my dogs and what would be the best for them. They ALWAYS explain pricing BEFORE any services/vaccinations/surgeries! There is a $52 office visit cost (that is clearly explained online and explained over the phone when booking the appointment as well) and they email you an estimate of how much each individual vaccine costs before you decide to move forward with getting everything done. (I’ve seen so many reviews on here of people upset over pricing— but I don’t understand because it’s all explained before you sign and agree to anything) Anyways, great job City Pets! Apollo & Bunkie will be patients for life!

Meg Wilmer

3 years ago

I worked/took all if my dogs to a corporate pet hospital for the better part of a decade. I left that company and stopped taking our babies there because of the lack of time, care and education behind their care (and other pets) was horrid. I originally picked City Pets because they were in walking distance of us and they had great reviews. We have stayed because we (and our little loves) feel like family. They know myself, my husband and all three pups by name and make you feel so at home. They take a low stress approach which with 3, crazy chihuahuas makes me feel so at ease. We love Dr. Evans and the entire staff here. We will be lifetime clients ❤️ Love , Meg,Brett, Oinky, Gus Gus and Frankie Wilmer

Madeline Vanderhider

3 years ago

Don't write reviews often but just had to for the excellent care I received today from City Pets Animal Care for my sweet kitty cat. First, I was so happy they were able see my cat so quickly for a non-urgent issue (3 days after reaching out to them/ the day I requested). Second, Nurse Savannah and Dr. Evans were very patient, helpful, and kind for my appointment and even after when I called a few hours later with a medication question. I felt like my cat was in great hands with them and I'm glad to have found a reliable vet here in Nashville! We will be back next time.

Kim Malone

3 years ago

Poor customer service. Do your self and your pet a favor and find a different vet. They only care about money not your pet. City Pets can respond how they want. You lack customer service and communication. I am fully aware my husband was 8 min late but he did call for reason out of his control however you want to deny that call and without further communication you charge $60 when the person who called me said she could probably waive it and would get back to me - However no response just a charge. Hope you enjoy t he $60 - maybe you should take your staff to lunch and discuss customer service.

Kalli Hartman

3 years ago

I originally had some miscommunications with Dr. Evans and left a negative review. She reached out twice and was eager to discuss my pet’s visit and talk about how we could move forward. After learning more about my visit and the original confusion as to why my pet was treated by Dr. Anderson rather than Dr. Evans she very kindly offered a complimentary visit if we felt it was necessary. I now understand why there is a charge for prescriptions and she even offered a solution to the reason I was using Chewy, which sells black market products?! In the end I am very happy in how everything worked out!

Ash Wright

3 years ago

The customer service blows the competition away.

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