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Jeremy Redmond

2 years ago

The availability at this place is just awful when your pet needs help.

Patrick Pruett

2 years ago

I’ve been taking my Labrador ‘Cookie’ here for 7 years. Always a good experience.

Colette Miller

2 years ago

Sweet staff- but was trying to get out of town and get my puppies nails trimmed. As a new dog owner I was not aware that he needed certain documentation. They had me wait 40 minutes in the store, only to tell me after that wait that they couldn’t take him. They should’ve asked when I first arrived and they had pulled up his page whether I had the documents or not. I understand being busy, but when you are asking a customer to wait in store for that long, make sure you aren’t wasting their time.

Amanda Churchill

2 years ago

Its definitely not the place it used to be and the staff don't seem as happy and attentive as before. Also my dog hurt for 2 months after getting her shots. I hate to place blame but it's never happened any other time. I'm very hesitant when going back but I'm on a plan that I pay monthly so I'm kind of stuck

Dan Adams

2 years ago

Very disorganized! They quoted me 300-400 dollars for a procedure if I signed up for a specific plan. I signed up for the plan and then the procedure costed 800. When they gave me my dog back his face was covered in blood. They pulled a tooth of his earlier in the day, and apparently never cleaned up. So he had blood all of his face for several hours, and didn’t clean it until I pointed it out. The instructions for how long to keep my dog in a cone, how long to give him medicine, and how long to feed him soft food were all over the place. Several people told us different things.

Palmer Coleman

2 years ago

Do not go here or any other Banfield location. They couldn’t care less about your concerns or pets. Find an actual vet that you can make a relationship with and see over and over in person. This is just a large corporation that is trying to sell their wellness plan. We were cancelled on the night before our appointment (after hours so of course I couldn’t call back) for our dog that has a fractured paw and puncture wound that needs to be rechecked immediately. He cannot be left in a crate all day as a drop off which is the only available option I was given and there was no care to fit him in except for 2 weeks from now. Absolutely unacceptable. I am never returning to Banfield.


2 years ago

My work schedule is hectic and I am organized with my work and personal schedules, I have to be because of my job. They messed up my dogs appointment and did nothing about it. Asked me to come in two weeks later. Not acceptable. They are unprofessional and don’t care about the pets they service. All they want is your money and I have yet to meet my dogs doctor (who does that, covid or not, introduce and show your face). Honestly, I would go somewhere else but I paid a lot of money, in full, to have him on there health plan for one year. This is Thompson location.

Jennifer Cabral

2 years ago

The vets here are great!!

La'Shell Duncan

2 years ago

Really care for my pet, Wellness check should include everything the pet needs. Very friendly and welcoming.

Alicia Cottrell

2 years ago

Love this place. My dog was suffering a terrible kennel cough. They got her in on an emergency basis and provided great care.

Paige Cantrell

2 years ago

This is the second time they have left me without an appointment. The first time, I drive all the way out to the vet for our appointment and they inform me that they didn't have a vet in and would not be able to see my pup. This was a scheduled appointment, not a walk in. I decided to try and give them another try thinking maybe their vet had just been out sick and it was just a fluke. I made an appointment online for Thursday at 2:30pm. Printed the paperwork off, completed it. I tried to call all day Wednesday and never got through. I even called the Banfield in Smyrna, Tn to ask them if I had to drop off my pup and wait outside at 100 Oaks or if I could go back into the room with them. I told them that I couldn'they through to the Vets. Office and I was trying to confirm I had an appointment. They answered my questions the best they could. I take my pup to the appointment and once again they can't see him. They say he isn't in the system. I explained the entire situation and they just was like oh well. I should have never wasted my time with the second appointment. I left messages for someone to call me back about this matter and they have never even attempted to reach out. It is sad that you think you can take your pup to a clinic so you waste time waiting for an appointment just to never get seen. I would give zero stars but it's not an option.

Alix Hicks

2 years ago

Can never get an Appointment when needed. It is fine for routine visits you can plan out. However, if something serious pops up they never have appointments. When going to Appointments have confused me with other people and very concerning when I am not able to go into the appointment with my dog for what is actually being done. It does not seem as though they have pets well being at heart. Recommend charlotte pike or Brentwood worth the drive!

Tara Russell

2 years ago

Always love coming here if and when we need to. Staff is very pleasant and they take great care of our babies. I love that their Dr calls when she is done with what she is doing and updates us and sees if we have any questions or concerns. This is our 3rd year with them & we highly recommend!!

Shelby Bruce

2 years ago

I wish 0 stars was an option. Terrible experiences. Yes. Plural. They’ll send you away doing a pretty poor job, and the customer service is really frustrating. Try the Brentwood or cool springs location instead, they’re great!

Karmin Kapri

2 years ago

Always kind, talked me through my dog’s birth !

alissa ramirez

2 years ago

My dog is on the puppy plan and appears to have kennel cough with eye discharge. They can’t squeeze him in for an appointment for one week.

Micayla Jennings

2 years ago

Very nice place, everyone on staff was sweet and informative. Will gladly return here!

Cassandra Giles

2 years ago

Today June 1st, 2021 is the third time I’ve taken my cats to this location at music city and every time has been frustrating. The staff that work here are terrible at customer service and ignore you at the desk unless you say something to let them know you’re right in front of them and exist and also take forever to come outside when you have a scheduled appointment unless you come in when they open. I was so angry today waiting forever to get my cat back and the lady that brought her out was rude, the girl at the desk completely ignored my husband and I and I will never come back to this location. We used to go to the one in hermitage and they were great but we moved.

Patrick Mckanna

2 years ago

Banfield has been my go too vet for over 20 years and will continue to be. The vets and staff really care and have a great demeanor with each pet. I have the wellness plan which really helps with some of the expenses that can and will occur with you fur babies. I go to the 100 Oaks location. Dr.Durant is awsome.

Tim Conley

3 years ago

Charlotte, NC office was great. Transfered here when we moved to Nashville. Really bad experience 3x in a row. Leaving Banfield as a result.

Elizabeth Newman

3 years ago

We adopted a kitten from Petsmart in November and almost immediately she started showing signs of illness. It took some time but we learned she had FIP. The staff at Banfield treated us with respect and compassion and helped us lay our little Matilda to rest. We only knew her a short time, but she was part of the family and a very difficult loss to bear. We just received the most precious gift in the mail today - a sympathy card with her paw print and condolences written by each staff member. I know that she was in the best hands when we were trying to find out what was wrong with her, and I know she was in the best care to the very end and I deeply appreciate everything they did for us and our kitty.


3 years ago

I'll never take my pup here again. Awful experience.

Christine Thomas

3 years ago

Sad reason to go here, the staff was all very professional during such a hard time. Thank you for your compassion.

Christian Ramirez

3 years ago

Showed up early in the morning and because someone messed up the order of arrivals my pet had to sit there all day AND SHE WASNT SEEN by a vet. The person behind the desk was very friendly though. Wish I remembered her name.

Peyton Turner

3 years ago

Nice, helpful staff! I've gone to the 100 Oaks location in Nashville and also the Palm Lake Centers location in West Palm Beach.

Sam Moran

3 years ago

Will not be returning to this location. When I first brought him there two years ago they were great with my cat. Seemingly once I renewed my care plan the attitude changed. They are understaffed and overbooked to a point my cat was left sitting stressed out for over 5 hrs without being treated and would have been longer had I not called multiple times. They are also outdated and do not have separate rooms for cats and dogs. I had to wait 45 min to pick him up even though they knew I was on my way and when I did finally get him back they had broken his flea collar which tells me he was being pulled on at the neck. When I finally got him back in my care he was hissing at the vet and nurses and he never hisses. They tried to blame him and say he is aggressive. Honestly I would be too when this was the treatment he received and they brushed off my frustrations. The excuse was that they were so busy they weren’t able to stop and call. He went in flea free and now I’ve spent two months trying to get rid of them.

Samer Saleh

3 years ago

These people could careless about you or your pet. I literally had to beg the rude lady at the disk to bring a doctor or a nurse to look at the video to tell me if the issue my cat is having is serious or not. They even made fun of me as I was leaving her and the other lady.

shana hernandez

3 years ago

Took our dog there due to her not eating! Everyone was professional.

Yvonne Maxwell

3 years ago

Great place for furry family members.

Leo Leotard

3 years ago

Good God this is the absolute worst vet. My dogs eye was bleeding and they refused to even look at her unless I paid some fee which I don't care about I would've paid anything but they also wanted me to get her checked in before we could even begin anything. My problem is they refused to even look at my dogs bleeding eye unless I jumped through all these hoops, I just needed them to tell me if it was bad or not. All I'm saying is if someones dogs eye is bleeding out someone should check on the dog to make sure its not urgent and the dog is okay. Not their first time turning a hurt dog away btw.

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