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Jeffrey Roberts

2 years ago

Dr.Mays is excellent in everything she does! She will be taking care of all my animals from now on!

Amanda Ellis

2 years ago

The staff is wonderfull! We didn't personally use their vet services. But I think im going to bring my dog here and will update my review then. There was a bad wreck on Pellesipi. We had been stuck in traffic for half an hour already, gotten rerouted, and were sitting in more traffic. My 6 year old really had to pee so we stopped here in hopes they would let her use the bathroom. She unfortunately didn't quite make it in time. The people here not only let her use the restroom but also gave us a towel for her to sit on in the car and found a pair of shorts for her to change into so she didn't have to sit in wet clothes the rest of the trip. I can only imagine that with this level of kindness, they also take great care of the animals they see.

Bill Cetta

2 years ago

I have a puppy Aussie. They cleaned his ears and gave me a ear drop for mites. He got to garlic and got very very sick. They gave him fluids and meds. His ear mites and fleas are gone. His GI problem resolved. His behavior is also more active now. He's doing tremendously better. By seeing how happy the employees are. It seems like a very well managed clinic. I will also return for 14 week vaccines and check ups more often.

Kacie Vickery

2 years ago

I highly recommend this place. They did an amazing job taking care of my dog today. I will be returning here anytime my dog needs a check up. Thank you so much.

Justin Kenney

2 years ago

5 star experience as always, great staff. Still a bit sad that they don't let you go inside still, but that's COVID for ya. Edit: Was able to go back inside for a visit in July 21!!!

Tara Lynn

2 years ago

The Vets and Veterinary staff are wonderful and considerate of your concerns. They take the time to really talk to you and get to know your animals during appointments. The groomer on staff is also amazing albiet often hard to schedule (because she's so good!). However, when the front end staff is busy they can get rude. Ive been hung up while waiting on hold before and when asking questions or scheduling appointments they've made me feel as if I was burdening them. I understand that it can be very busy there, but I believe its unfair to take it out on the customers themselves. Otherwise there is definitely a reason they are often busy: there are awesome people there! I definitely won't be let a couple of rude encounters fade my love for the service I have been recieving here the last 2 years.


2 years ago

Friendly staff. Wish the dog owners would pick up after their dogs though outside. Hard to avoid all the dog waste on the ground!

Mary Ellen Bradley

2 years ago

I saw Dr. Mays for a geriatric consult for my 13 yo old pup. His arthritis had gotten so bad that he had a very noticeable personality shift that was not for the better. Dr. Mays examined him thoroughly, and even massaged out a knot in his back. My pup was putty in her hands after that! The treatment plan and toe grips she recommended have done wonders for him! The front desk staff and vet techs were very patient, friendly, and kind. I very highly recommend them, especially if you have questions about caring for your geriatric pups.

Ashley Mentzer

2 years ago

Dr. Mays & Dr. Hall are angels on this earth. They gave my sweet boy the absolute best care in his final days & were just as devastated as I was when they helped him cross over. The groomer there is phenomenal & I’ll never trust another practice with my babies. I’ll be a repeat customer for life.


2 years ago

Wonderful vet staff and Excellent Dr's. They genuinely care about your pet.

Selene Mayorga-Gutierrez

2 years ago

Our Riley boy had been a patient here since he was a puppy, under the care of Dr. Jennifer way back when she was at this Hospital. We had to put him to rest yesterday. He was our first family dog and was very special to us. The front desk personnel was quick, helpful. and gentle while getting the paperwork signed and services paid for prior to us laying our old boy down so that we wouldn't be bothered with it afterwards. She was gentle in speaking to us and even asked me if I was okay. She must has seen the look in my eyes of pain. I didn't notice what her name was but thank you to her. Dr. Ashley Mays and the assistance were beyond understanding and just excellent through the process of it all. I know they deal with this often but they were so compassionate and empathetic. They were patient with us as we said our goodbyes and showed our emotions. Dr. Mays spoke sweet words to our Riley as she did everything. It just meant the world to us. Thank you for always caring for him up until his last day.

Andy Contescu

2 years ago

They need to turn the water ON!!!#dogsneed????

Blake Gilley

2 years ago

They always treat my pupper like their own and doc is amazing!

Melanie Laverdiere

2 years ago

Incredibly friendly staff and the veterinarians are knowledgeable and compassionate. Dr. Mays cares for all 5 of our pets and she does tremendous!

Paula Morrison

2 years ago

My feline and canine furbabies have been seeing the vets at Pellissippi Veterinary Hospital for many years. We had to let Murran, our 15 years old baby, Maltese-WH Terrier cross the ???? ???? last April, perhaps the scariest time of the pandemic. The staff at PVH were compassionate and kind.

Hannah Siefken

2 years ago

I brought my pets here for many years, but, once I wanted to provide my pet with the most natural diet available (well researched!), I was met with a lot of resistance, fear mongering, and propaganda. It’s obvious at least one vet at this clinic is in the pocket of certain dry food companies. Some of the claims and papers given to me had completely false information and allegations on them that have since PROVEN to be untrue in a valid, scientific study. Using theories as facts before the research is completed is dangerous! A year later, my pet is healthy and thriving and there have been no issues to them or my family based on their chosen diet. This is also one of the more expensive vets in the area- I was charged 2x less for similar services elsewhere. The only reason I’m not changing my rating to one star is because other vets here have truly been amazing over the years and provided great services to our family. Sadly, I will no longer be bringing any pets here nor recommending them since they cannot respect pet parents well researched decisions for their pets in a respectful manner. If you want someone to shame you into what they believe is the only way, and to be treated with a bias if you don’t blindly follow everything they say, then, this is the place for you.


2 years ago

I wouldn’t trust any other place to take care of my dog and I’m more picky about my vet than my own doctor!

mike shorter

2 years ago

Was a little didappointed this visit in the past always a 5. I had left instruction on my cats cut of which was not done. The older lady carrying her out had her titled all the way back in the carryer. I ask not to do that the lady informed me to have her coller cut closer i would have to come back after lunch i said i live on the other side of town im not doing that. My thought was if time was that close why did you call and futher more if my request was honor we would not be doing this. Sorry it is what it is Customer Service Matters.

Ash Selby

3 years ago

Today I brought in Hippo, my 10 yr old turtle, to be seen by Dr. Mays and I couldn’t be happier with my experience! Having someone be knowledgeable about your pet is one thing, but having them love your pet like their own is even better! If Hippo ever needs anything we will definitely be coming back here!!!

Brittney Carpenter

3 years ago

Very friendly staff, affordable. Great communication regarding my pets health

Denise Rayder

3 years ago

They took great care of my dog in his last few days

Devon E

3 years ago

Great experience with the exotic/reptile vet!! Highly recommend if you have reptiles! VERY different experience than the UT Vet. They clearly are much more attentive to their patients ♡

laura harvey

3 years ago

They are very caring and thoughtful. They really take care of your pet and are emotionally involved. Also, very good prices.

Melissa Moore

3 years ago

Great place! Great groomer, Belva! She treated my dog like a prince!

Michael Crouse

3 years ago

Our Yorkie needed annual vaccines. These folks are always friendly and provide top notch care for your furry family members.

Missy Shorter

3 years ago

Ok, we have 25pnd tuxedo cat her name is Lucy B. She is quit uppity you; might say if you met her, but she's not, she can be very sweet. She is 12 years old ,never had a bath or been to the groomers, so her first visit needless to say, We were very concerned for her and the groomer???? long story short, she loved it, did great, loves her bathes and being cut like a lion???? will not take her any where else, this place is very special to us. Thank you for all you do Peellissippi Vet .

Robbie Van Nortwick

3 years ago

Dr. Mayes, Dr. Hall and the entire staff are the best. They really care about your pets and your family! We have been using their services for many years for dogs, cats and even a parrot. Very knowledgeable and helpful with all types of issues. They really care about helping your pet become a great family member ❤️

Russell Williams

3 years ago

Excellent care from a very compassionate, caring staff, with very reasonable prices. Highly recommended.

Victoria Halnon

3 years ago

We had just moved from out of state and found this vet for our dog, we liked them as they offered vet services as well as grooming. Unfortunately, we met these amazing people at the worst time. We had received false information from our last vet back in the state we moved from, and found our dog much sicker than we thought he was. They went over every option with us and ultimately we made the tough decision to put our dog down, so he wouldn’t have to continue suffering as we found out he was. They were beyond sweet and so helpful with us. They were so patient and accommodating, and found a way for our three family members to say goodbye to our best friend outside, amidst the pandemic. When the time does come for us to open our hearts back up for another dog, we know where we are going. We recommend the same for you.

Jeannnine Jones

4 years ago

My family started going to Dr Hackett at Pellissippi Vet back in the late '80s. I moved away for a few years, but went right back once I came back to Knoxville and have taken all my pets there since. Dr Hackett, Dr Hall, Dr Mays and the staff are great!

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