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Kero Basalos

2 years ago

Literally had to pay $250 for a $5 medicine from chewy, I was shocked and speechless at the front office and they didn’t even mention it. That’s what I call proper use of capitalism, rob everybody professionally and it’s not robbery anymore, rather “premium service” of giving a puppy a dewormer “prescription” for $250, yes that’s right, they didn’t even give us the pills just a prescription. I have always admired vets for their passion but I have literally never hated any professional more and not for the price, I don’t even care it’s for the way they did it. Thieves hiding in plain sight.

Ann Marie Rowe

2 years ago

LOVE each of the Vets here! Warm, welcoming to me and my dogs! Fast, efficient with good communication and explanations. I’ve never felt rushed. We’re treated like we are an important part of the Hendersonville Animal Hospital family! A shout out to DJ!! He’s a tech that works out front! Great knowledge! Easy going and obviously loves his job! Appreciate the consistency of seeing him to check us in and out each time! Allie, another tech, answered all my questions about my dog that vomits every car ride. She helped me find solutions! Highly recommend this group of people caring for our animals!

Olga Treadway

2 years ago

Amazing place, loved them. They were so sweet and caring with my baby.

Jim Leininger

2 years ago

Great staff. Super friendly. Been going here for years.

Mark Barrett

2 years ago

Be wise and get quotes for all services up-front! $$615 to neuter a 9 month old healthy puppy. Wow!! Then when the sutures opened a bit a few days after, I went back to get a prophylactic run of antiobiotics and was also given more pain/anti-inflammatory pills. Another $$ 81.00 The office staff tried charging for the original pain pills which I left with the day of surgery. They told me they "forgot" to charge for them.I did get $20 dollars back for their mistake. Sooo... a routine neutering at HAH ended up costing $$ 676.00. Beware of this office, unless money is no concern to you!!!!

Victoria Stevens

2 years ago

They are always ready and available to help with any animal emergency. So grateful for them. They have saved my friend's dog from dying and helped my dog when really sick. They also have affordable and reasonable prices.

Eugene Shaw

2 years ago

Great experience from start to finish. Welcomed in, seen very fast, and pup is on the road to recovery.

Jake Holder

2 years ago

Will be my regular vet from now on! Dr. Read did a great job and Ms. Allie was sooooo good with Bella! I won't won't look anywhere else from now on... both of my dogs will be heading there! Thanks for such good work!

Kristy Johnson

2 years ago

Excellent care and patience with my dog. She needs ALOT of patience.

Zellena Johnson

2 years ago

I called 5 different locations, finally got someone to answer the phone, take my call, scheduled me a same day appointment, saw my cat, was finished within a hour....unbelievable amazing!! Thank you Dr. Reed for your swift response, and your entire office staff was amazing.

Barbara Butler

2 years ago

Professional and caring experience here! The staff and Vet were great????????

Ryan Palmer

2 years ago

Fast and friendly service. The vet and techs had a good natural rapport with my cat.

D Shank

3 years ago

Been going for years, that always take great care of our pets!

Amy Erb

3 years ago

love the place and even more importantly my Lacey loves it. wouldnt want anyone else caring for her

Dawn DeMayo

3 years ago

First time there and I was very pleased. Didn't have wait and it was super clean, two things I appreciate!

chelsea gaedke

3 years ago

Amazing staff that is very caring and helpful. Our dog got bit by another dog and they were quick, safe, and so friendly to us as we were very shaken up. This will be our primary vet clinic going forward. Highly recommend.


3 years ago

Top notch staff and pet care

Ashley Hile

3 years ago

I’ve never written a google review for anything but for anyone looking to blow a grand for 6 months of medicine be my guest. I still have no idea why it cost 600 dollars for my dog to just get flea/tick guard and heart worm protection medication. The exact brand is on chewy for only 40 dollars. Staff was friendly, but the prices were so incredibly unreasonable for no reason I could possibly imagine. My puppies first round of vaccinations and dewormer was a good 300 dollars on top of that for our first visit (I swear I’m a good dog mom, we had rescued him from a barn and he had worms when we got him ☹️). But what’s really funny is that I’ve bought dewormer in the past for my mother’s dog and it was 7 dollars at a clinic in Portland. Absolutely ridiculous, but I guess people in this area have that kind of money to blow anyway.

Chris Pieri

3 years ago

Kinda pricey, but the location is convenient and as far as I can tell they do good work.

Jeffrey Erb

3 years ago

If you are looking for a vet that will allow you to go in with your pet go here. Also, they are very concerned about the comfort of your pet. They answer every question you have and look at every health issue.

Matthew Cook

3 years ago

Our cat was seen by Dr. Aine Corridon in late July and prescribed Baytril for a UTI. After a few days of Baytril we noticed her pupils were extremely dilated. We looked into this on our own and discovered that pupil dilation is a sign of retinal damage, which is the most severe side effect of Baytril and can result in retinal toxicity. We discovered this information directly from Bayer, the manufacturer of Baytril. Under the description there is a CAUTION “In rare instances, use of this product in cats has been associated with retinal toxicity. Do not exceed 2.27mg/lb. of body weight per day in cats.” Our cat weighed 17 lbs so she should have been given a maximum dosage of ~38.6 mg/day. She was prescribed 22.7mg tablets, twice/day which is 45.4 mg/day, clearly an overdose. Upon discovering this we called the vet to report the dilated pupils. Dr. Corridon wasn’t available so we spoke to a receptionist and she relayed our message back to Dr. Corridon. About an hour later we received a call back from a different receptionist who told us Dr. Corridon wasn’t concerned with the pupil dilation and we were not advised in any way to stop giving our cat the drug. We were quite taken aback by this as we were able to research and discover on our own in about 5 minutes that pupil dilation is the most severe side effect of Baytril and a sign of retinal damage and potential blindness. Later that evening we observed our cat having difficulty seeing in low light. She wasn’t jumping up or down on familiar surfaces like usual and roaming around very cautiously/hesitantly. It was very clear that her vision had been impaired. Thankfully we decided to discontinue the Baytril. An email was then sent to the vet expressing our concerns about the side effects of Baytril and how dangerous it is to exceed the recommended maximum dosage of 2.27mg/lb. of body weight. There was no reply and no phone call from the vet. We decided to take her to a different vet where it was confirmed she is visually impaired and that her vision loss and pupil dilation are permanent. We understand that mistakes happen and perhaps Dr. Corridon simply wasn’t aware of this severe issue with Baytril and cats, but not calling us back and not replying to our email was unacceptable. What was also very frustrating was that there was no mention of any side effects when we were given the drug. No discussion at all about the drug and what to be aware of. We were resigned to simply reading the label which only stated the dosage and dosing schedule. There was a complete lack of concern shown for our cat. Not only was there no warning about severe (albeit rare) side effects of Baytril, no call back from the vet after we expressed our concern, they didn’t even reach out after an email was sent. We called again after confirming our cat has vision impairment and it wasn’t until then when Dr. Corridon called us back. There was no admission that a mistake had been made or an apology. Just an “I appreciate the call and wish Gertie the best”. We want cat owners to be aware of Baytril and if ever prescribed look out for dilated pupils because that is a sign of retinal toxicity and will eventually lead to vision impairment. We wish we were informed of this and then perhaps we could have caught this sooner. On a positive note we are giving 2 stars instead of 1 because we did not have any issues with their grooming services as the groomer always gave our other cat cute lion cuts.

Nanci Thompson

3 years ago

Best Vet in the country!

PR Harbin

3 years ago

Best care for your pets and for you, even in the rough moments - 5 stars isn't close to enough for the quality and kindness you will receive


3 years ago

Although my first visit with my 14 year old cat was a sad one, Dr. Corridon could not have been nicer to me and Phoebe.

Yanireth Espinales

3 years ago

Really nice staff, super friendly. Ours firts visit and Dr Aine was so nice. Our family love it and we will come back ;)

- C0nfus1ng ! -

4 years ago

At first I was incredibly excited thinking I had found a new home for my animals medical care, the experience with the doctor was phenomenal- however at checkout I realized I was charged $46 for one single drop of an eye drop that was put into my cats eye. During the visit the vet said “I’m just going to put a drop of this to make sure the eye doesn’t have a scratch” okay cool. I was not told that single drop was going to cost almost 50 dollars or I would of said no- the doctor was sure it wasn’t scratched anyway. So my frustration is not only with the price but the fact that I was not given the opportunity to know the cost of it and decline. For that reason I will not be returning.

Amy Tessin

4 years ago

Everyone was so nice here! Dr. thoroughly explained all the charges before they did anything. Totally found out new vet

Candie Seratt

4 years ago

We adopted a sick puppy and the great folks here took us right in and got her on the road to recovery. Very friendly and professional. Thank you so much to these kind hearts.

Chris Marks

4 years ago

My dad is a veterinarian and so when I moved to Hendersonville, I was very picky about where my wife and I would take our dogs. After trying a few other places, we finally found Hendersonville Animal Hospital. The facility was clean and attractive and the staff courteous and professional. The owner, Dr. Aine Corridon was friendly, helpful and seemed to genuinely care about our pets' needs. Recently, I took my 3 year old dog, Roxy, in for a dental cleaning. I got a call an hour later from Hendersonville Animal Hospital saying that Roxy's teeth were already very clean and that they didn't want to do the procedure because it could actually do more harm than good (because her teeth were so clean). Wow! Thanks for your honesty Hendersonville Animal Clinic! I bet there are a lot of other places that would have put my dog under anesthesia, done the procedure and taken our money. Don't take your pets anywhere else! The staff at Hendersonville Animal Hospital are professional, courteous, honest, knowledgeable and offer competitive prices. I'm thankful to have found them!

Ealouise Luke

4 years ago

We eat here at least three times a month. Really good food. Never had a problem when under cook chicken... But aghast make sure your items are all there. Their have been missing items on more then one occasion. Others then that there'd staff is always kind.

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