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James Latham

2 years ago

This Vet provides the best care for my boy.

Darrius Robinson

2 years ago

I’m only giving two stars because the veterinarians are very clear as to what they are doing or going to do with your pet. Other than that, anything having to do with the front desk is horrible. Most of the times I call, they ask if they can place me on a “brief hold?” The brief hold most of the time is 5-15 mins. One time it was so long I just hung up. When I picked my dog up from his neuter appt it took them an hour just for them to bring him due to them only having one doctor working. The check in process is slow as well. I would go to a more structured vet.

Jesse Wolfe

2 years ago

This Banfield here in Clarksville is the best yet, and I've been to several around the country. The Vets are very knowledgeable with great advise, and actually talk with you and not at you. It's easy to get a quick appointment if need be for both of my "puppies", one being an 80lb 7 year old American Bully and the other a 24lb brindle chibox. She's a bit older, and still runs laps around my pitt and belive was scouting for someone at Chickamauga...

Dan Greco

2 years ago

VERY disorganized place. Poor communication skills with the customer and even with other staff. They were overpriced, do not answer the phone, and were late for drop off. Will absolutely not go back.

Christina Davis

2 years ago

The check in process was over 20 minutes because only one person was doing it all. The vet didn't address all of my concerns. I never went into a room even though I had to push the appointment out to get that type of appointment, per their request.

Brittany Amos

2 years ago

First time dealing with this vet and I can't say I've been having a good time of it. First visit was a 10am drop off and for some reason my dog wasn't attended to until 4pm, or I am assuming as much. When I would call to check I would get 'he'll be ready in a couple hours', 'after the current patient he's next so maybe an hour', and so on. He wasn't ready to go home until 6:20pm. When I commented on hoping the next appointment did not take 8 hours, the receptionist got snippy with me. Now I'm waiting on his prescription to get approved, told them the 4th they should have a message. Nothing happening. Called today and sat on hold for 20+ minutes to be told it's still on the board and his vet won't be back till Thursday. If they don't improve, I will be considering a new vet at this rate.

Beatrice Campbell

2 years ago

Honestly I would not even give them one star. I had to take my baby to them to get cremated. It took almost 3 weeks. And every time I called to see what was taking so long, I got the runarounds. When I ask to speak to management they where busy. And then when I finally got her ashes back, what I was told that I would receive with the package I did not. Then when I ask about it, the where checking on it. No one came to the front and told me anything until I had to ask again. Then the manager was gone home. I ask to speak to someone. With rolling eyes the receptionist went and got someone. And she promised to call me and let me know what she finds out. And she did. She called me on her day off, and told me she will know more hopefully by Monday. All in all there is absolutely no professionalism. That goes from the front receptionist to management sad to say. The only good thing is I got my baby home.

Jamie Shelton

2 years ago

Very sweet. Very caring. Very professional. Also very pricey. Tell them what you want or they will do more than that and charge for it all.

Jamie Lienberger

2 years ago

Have some difficulty following directions. Love to try to up sell you.

Ashlyn Griner

2 years ago

I'm not one to write reviews but I have had nothing but bad experiences with this office. To start, their check-in process is very unorganized and chaotic. I got the Wellness Plan after being told it would cover most things only to have to pay almost $300 for a unilateral fungal ear infection. (My other dog had a bilateral fungal ear infection before I switched to Banfield and was charged $75 for the appointment and treatment. So Banfield is extremely overpriced.) Essentially I'm paying for the Wellness Plan for nothing. I also had to wait over a week to get my dog seen, so by the time he was seen his ear infection was extremely worse than when I originally called to schedule. I have also had him scheduled twice to be neutered but have been canceled on both time by the clinic the day before the procedure. The first time I was rescheduled for a month and a half later. I am understanding of being booked out and that things happen but then I was canceled on for a second time. I wasn't even giving a date as to when he will be rescheduled as they are "working on figuring that out." I will be switching to a different vet office as soon as the Wellness Plan contract is up.

Dashraya Slayden

2 years ago

These people made me so upset, do not go if you want to know what’s wrong with your animal, they will never know. And after this I will be finding a new vet. If I could put no stars... I would !

Haleigh Kostansek

2 years ago

We've had a really good experience with them so far, but the last two visits for our puppy were horrible. These are her last few vaccines, and they've been non communicative and extremely busy. If you don't have the time, don't schedule! The only good thing consistently is the vet phone calls. We've always spoken with the same one, and she's been the best. Really hope they can get things under control.

Rachel Duckett

2 years ago

The people are nice but I called and asked for an appointment on a specific day and was scheduled for the wrong day which lead to a few hot hours for my kitty man in the car.

Danielle Sevigny

2 years ago

Wouldn’t waste my time. Refused to take payment over the phone. Also didn’t say this and had to drive over an extra hour to go get cash back home. Different people saying different things every time. Get on the same page people.

Kendra Thorn

2 years ago

Good service but I didn’t feel the doctor listened when I stated our issues so we got meds for everything but what I asked

Krystin Law

2 years ago

Long wait times, otherwise overall great service!

Karen Vakinov

2 years ago

Banfield is the worst choice I just got off the phone to them my dog Peanut is real sick I begged them to see her because I can't afford to go to the emergency clinic they are triple what other vets cost I told them how sick she is and they didn't care we don't have time they said they are cold and all they think about is healthy animals in fact I don't think they see sick animals I can only hope she holds on till tomorrow

mike pierce

2 years ago

Absolutely the worst place to take your pet. Wish we had never moved to Clarksville Tn just for the care of our dogs. This place has no customer care and no Communication. After this last episode we will be filling a Formal complaint with Corporate and start seeking better health care for our babys. Part 2 and once again they didn't do what they said

G Kidder

2 years ago

We wouldn't take our dog anywhere else!

Casey Henize

3 years ago

I’ve been taking my dog here since he was a puppy and got the wellness plan. The vet said my dog had a heart murmur and suggested we see the cardiologist. We took our dog to THREE vets to get a second opinion. Every vet said he sounded great and there was no murmur. They called the night before his neuter to say they couldn’t do the neuter do to his job non existent heart murmur. When I tried to cancel the wellness plan, they will not let me cancel without paying the remainder of the year. I deeply regret doing business with this shady company and have already filed a complaint with the BBB. Do not trust this company with your pet. They are all about the money and will try to scam you any way they can.

Carolyn Davis

3 years ago

Great staff, everyone very compassionate about you and your pets

Skylar Henson

3 years ago

Ridiculously slow, and over priced. Always have problems with this place .


3 years ago

Good service. Use them regularly for shots and they helped a lot when our pup suddenly got sick. They fixed him right up and got us on our way.

Danielle Ramsey

3 years ago

Wonderful staff and very informative!

Mary Lawien

3 years ago

Very good care for my 13 year old cat.

Katie Hansen

3 years ago

Besides a chaotic waiting room, the staff mixing up my pets charts, the staff advised me they adminstered a vaccine that i did not authorized, and they refused to confirm my pets shots were up to date without another exam, I'd say go anywhere else but here. This place is all about the money and the theblove and care for your pets.

Emily Foster

3 years ago

Did an amazing job comforting my mom with the sudden loss of her dog and options for cremation. They even delivered the ashes and a paw print to her house about 3 days later. Definitely recommend them for any animal care. They are kind and professional.

Danielle Sanchez

3 years ago

They take amazing care of my dogs everytime!

Ammon Haffly

3 years ago

Kind, caring, and courteous staff.

Angelia Barbary

3 years ago

They take good care of my pet

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